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  2. I only hope that no matter what just don't let me see the cut scene that WJ tried to kiss ZZR face. I refused to see it, because it going to shatter the WJ's image in my heart. I find Joseph acting as WJ is very very handsome in the whole drama. To me he's the best looking and age appropriate WJ.
  3. Omg...thanks for pointing out the meaning of the green hat! I wouldn't have known the reason for Fu Pei wearing the green fruit basket on his head if you all didn't mention it. He was such a dramatic little baby there. I'm glad MoMo fired back and questioned him what is their relationship. Ummm...yeah buddy.
  4. didn't have the patience for bad guy or shark and so dropped both. but queen seon deok is actually a really cool sageuk if you have the time and patience to get through it. found it such a hoot because it is a drama where the vilains are super dynamic and are all sorts of grey. in fact, the drama is known for two characters -- mishil and bidam (played by kim nam gil) and neither are the heroes. but their tactics and choices are fascinating to watch. bidam was his break out role for good reason. 878
  5. ya i was so looking forward to the Crown prince But none at all. if DVD include all cut scenes, i don't mind buying But if not, then ....... forget it
  6. Anyone have any advise to get rid of or minimise the dark circles and puffiness under the eyes? Home remedies or shop bought. Thanks.
  7. Here is the article from soompi on the Jugglers cameo. Baek Jin Hee And Choi Daniel To Make Special Appearance In “My Fellow Citizens” https://www.soompi.com/article/1319313wpp/baek-jin-hee-and-choi-daniel-to-make-special-appearance-in-my-fellow-citizens It looks as if it will be a fun cameo.
  8. I really wish we can get more bts snippets between our main couple. It seems like the bts released were mainly from the earlier, pre-ZM episodes. There are clips of him with YL, ZR, XZ, but so little between him and ZM. (are they hiding something? ) More Yukee please as I really enjoyed her ZM I thought the part where Joseph tried to kiss ZR was just him goofing around? I am a bit skeptical on the 20 episodes of cut scenes since it seem quite a lot of condensation to fit to 50 episodes there. But i have got no complaints if it true so long that it gives even better experience with this version (really want to see the crown prince storyline being explored more. Even better if he and WJ can somehow meet, making WJ jealous lol ).
  9. Towards the end of this MV (at 5:22-23ish) there’s a scene that I don’t remember. It’s where zm is sitting down and wj held his hand out to her. Is that a cut scene? I don’t remember that ever happening.
  10. On April 22, “My Fellow Citizens” released special stills of Baek Jin Hee and Choi Daniel from the upcoming episode. The two actors willingly agreed to make a special appearance in the drama for their friendship with producing director (PD) Kim Jung Hyun, with whom they worked together on the 2017 drama “Jugglers.” In the stills, Baek […] The post Baek Jin Hee And Choi Daniel To Make Special Appearance In “My Fellow Citizens” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. Song Ha Yoon has found a new agency. On April 22, the actress signed with King Kong by Starship, the acting division of Starship Entertainment. She joins a roster of talented actors including Kim Bum, Kim Ji Won, Park Hee Soon, Song Seung Heon, Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Mi […] The post Song Ha Yoon Signs With King Kong By Starship, Joining Lee Dong Wook, Lee Kwang Soo, And More appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Korean vocab learning...for a boring day. So L will sing an OST for this drama? I hope all OSTs will be good and got million views too. (like 'Just Stay' which has 2 million views). But now, can someone help me ? I can't get 'Dark Paradise' out of my head, I keep hearing this song all day. Probably I watched the teaser too much.
  13. This will be great. Fans globally can watch it right after each episode airs. I guess english subtitle wil be available early after each episode. The cast are all veterans. We just need a good story. Please be good writernim. I am sure the cast and director will deliver. Can't wait for May 22
  14. I read weibo. apparently, one C-fan wrote email to the production company to request them to release the cut Scenes. But no one response. And Someone revealed that there is actually 20 Episodes of Cut Scenes. really so many??? also, i saw that there is an NG -shot that WJ tried to kiss ZZR's face... and someone commented that in one of the cut scene, WJ did tried to kiss ZZR face Does anyone find that WJ is very very handsome in a few scenes? Example, 1. When he is fighting with SQS and ZZR. 2. at the last part when he see ZZR off at Shaolin (the moment he called ZhiRuo meimei) - i really like this part, Not only that he is handsome, but he also make it a point to call her Zhiruo mei mei, to bring them back to their childhood friendship, as well as the purpose to emphasize to her that, "We are impossible. I only Love minmin and no one else, even if she is dead"
  15. YAYY!!! They are already in!! I think they will be there in tonight's eps of My Dear Citizens!!! And Oh God! Daniel looks so handsome here!! Can't wait to see you!!! Tagging my @triplem @Heidi Seow @averia @kaedechan & of course @Lawyerh &v @phoenix24 chingus here!!!!
  16. Finally! Finalllyyyyyyyy!!!! After so many days, weeks, maybe months. JKH graced his IG with a selca. Haha. This hairstyle reminds me of his character in One More Happy Ending~
  17. Thank you @tok-soompi. That's a good start and a good sign. I always wish for ji min to have a drama that international fans will love. I hope this drama is the one. Can't wait for May 22. I hope subtitles will be available very soon too after each episode airs
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