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  2. Hence I like YX in this version the most of all the Ming members. I have to admit that I have my suspicions when I watched the series, as it's kinda hard to read his motives but he seems to understand WJ and ZM the most among the members. FY might also understand but he is clouded with ulterior motives too much that I am dissapointed at how he could agree to the planning by ZYZ to undermine WJ authority and plotted behind WJ's back. Perhaps they felt it's justified but it's disappointing to come from FY who had known ZM the longest. Thank you so much Lauren for liking the fic. I am brewing some ideas at this moment haha. Although I planned to post the next part of the chronicles of WJ-MM after their reunion in the grassland soon. Also big thanks to all others who had contributed to fanfic, GIFs, pics, tidbits, pics/screenshots. You all rock!! Peace all
  3. Starting... Dom drove home by himself, but he is pouting and saying why not go back together, that would be better. GH seated by the beach, talking to her mom. Her mom appeared and talked to her. She apologize for making her mom worry even though she is dead. GH told her mom actually she likes it a lot, and she remembered the times with Dom as VP. She confessed to her mom that it's not JGH though, it's the daughter of Park. Mom told her to go home. GH continue sitting by the beach. At police station, DJ is being questioned by the police, and they're asking about the statement by Sec.Lee. They showed him CCTV with Sec.Lee walking by an alley. DJ started to give his statement, that he got the call, and quickly got a cab. Police is doubting him and DJ suggested to ask the cab driver. Then he left. As he was leaving the station, he got a call, which he didn't want to pick up, looking annoyed.
  4. @richelle @greezlybee you guys are most welcome (thanks to the uploaders)my heart fluttered so many times while watching the episode hahaha and i forgot to mention that for me there was not a single dull moment in these 2 episodes and i like the pace.Hope the team will keep this momentum till the end and give us a meaningful and satisfactory ending.Heartbreaks is guaranteed lol considering the background of story and this drama really makes you curious cause you don't know how things will turn out.The excitement is killing me
  5. @LSGLMH_88 Condolences to your family. I’m sorry for your lost. Didn’t notice you posted 978
  6. Agree with what you said. "at past" I bet 1000% that not refer to there (that's not for jokes & KJK really polite man). But I still curious about this sentence . LOL . This isn't important but ... hahaha can't stop thinking . Rawr I wish I became shaman.
  7. Dominique is driving back alone, talking to himself, probably worried about GH. Why he leave her? I know she was insistent, but stilll GH is sitting on the beach, it's real pretty. Her mom's apparition shows up and sits next to her and comforts her. She's telling her mom about Dominique and her fake Veronica. Think she's sad cause she thinking Dominique likes Veronica even though it's herself playing Veronica. Oh Gal Hee what are we gonna do with you. No crying girl.
  8. Miniso MBS promo campaign. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4376645289852650/4376645315848885
  9. thanks! this is pretty accurate! LOL So, the 3 years dating rumors was a shock then? I mean I was surprised about the 3 years.. LOL! I just thought when I googled it, it would be like HHJ and LJS kind of rumor (btw, I just hoped they were because of how they were on and off screen). I did not really expect the 3 years thing.. that's why I dug deeper about them.. and the things unfolded kinda surprised me..
  10. Also just a guess, but I frankly doubt KJK would joke about FF. He knows she suffered a lot from being in that movie. Next to getting fired by RM, the aftermath of FF was perhaps one of the most traumatic things that happened to her. While JIS and others were lauded or largely left alone, SJH was ridiculed, called names, and antis and judgmental pricks still predictably shame her to this day. No way would KJK play around with that. Go anywhere on SNS right now, and I guarantee you’ll find snickering remarks about FF. If anything, maybe KJK was joking about SJH’s “thug” and Angry Birds personas as developed on RM? Idols are supposed to be near perfect and being a “thug” or having a temper are far from perfection. Sorry for being MIA for a while, guys. I really appreciate everyone’s efforts to keep our ship afloat. @Regita M. P, salute! Note: I’m not using “antis” and “pricks” to refer to anyone on this thread.
  11. WayV will attend Reebok’s event on June 8, at Reebok Huaihai Road in Shanghai
  12. New MV OST tomorrow! https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4376656253785790/4376656678739356
  13. Kimnamgillicious voicelicious But sadly you miss out on lionlicious 976 @LSGLMH_88 My condolences , sorry for your lost .
  14. i think you didn't watch healer dvd bts. in healer dvd bts, she touched jcw's stomach, back hugging with him even in a rehearsal, holding hands under the blanket, playing and joking with him in the bed. so what happened between pmy and jcw? and do you know?
  15. Thanks you. New development! I was so wrong as I guessed the real Mi Do was dead If we could figure out when she started filming then we would know how far ahead they are with the schedule.
  16. I can also tolerate the characters in other dramas except EOG too. I can forgive him a bit too. But its more of he actually doesnt have any choice in the end. If he supported Seo-yoon in the beginning things wont be that difficult for both of them ( Sorry I think I’m too emotional when it comes to EOG)
  17. You understand me hahaha I don't have the rights to do polls here lol hahaha
  18. @LSGLMH_88 I am so sorry. I know how hard it has been for you. I wish I could give you a hug. Take care. 984
  19. ok.. that's good then.. becasue recently people here are pretty honest about feelings. LOL! some get worried sometimes that they think we are fighting here. But personally, I think it's good.. we can't always be rainbows and butterflies all the time. I mean that doesnt mean were taking shipping seriously, its just that in everything there are differences of opinions. Now that those "differences" and " common ground" are mentioned. I think it would be fair for everyone, and since this is a PPC ship, that they are what we believe in. Don't get me wrong , we still talk about HPL, their previous skinships, their previous dramas, just anything that involves them really... BUT, at the end of the day, it's still about PArkPArk! You might read some delulus or fantasies here about them recently, but yeah, you can clearly tell what those are anyway...
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