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  2. aaaaa i wish I'm in korea to witness them filming..... I'll probably starstruck if I can see PMY in person >__<
  3. Tearing so much with joy at the beginning of episode 15, along with the characters as they found out about SH regaining consciousness... However, there are some adults who aren't too happy... seriously?? What kind of people are they?? Well, at least we get to see that EJ is sincerely relieved and happy that SH is finally awake. We also finally get to see whether what happened that night to SH was accident or intentional. There is a twist at the end of the episode... JS finally couldn't take it anymore and decided to do things his way. All I can say is that the poor boy is forced to take that route due to the lacking of trust/belief from the adults around him.
  4. Look ! Kwang mong .. I like how close jihyo to kwangsoo and haha ..i know that they are the one who knows that spartace has somethin. Because of how they react when spartace are in one group. Both of them are the closest one to joongkook also. Credit to Owner
  5. Dramabeans finally write the last two episodes and they are beautifully recap. Check out the link below: http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/the-light-in-your-eyes-episodes-11-12-final/ I love their theory about Hye Ja reflecting her own emotions (eyes of a living person) on the imaginary Joon Ha.
  6. I was rather excited to see the live action Aladdin... but I guess not anymore Ventosa ~ learned a new word .... I too always know it as cupping... 804
  7. @kimdaehwi part seven of the blog. https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-seven.html
  8. https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-seven.html @Ameera Ali I changed the layout of the blog, so you can see all the previous six parts easier this is part seven, after you finish it, just close the pop up window, you will be able to see the other six I hope you like it -2
  9. An amazing talented Actor Every time I re-watch a JG's drama/movie, I can't stop myself wondering how good he is....and he was right from the beginning of his career
  10. May 25 is SHINee’s 11th anniversary, and their fans Shawols are showing all their love! SHINee made their debut on May 25 when they performed their now classic song “Replay” on “Inkigayo.” On that date 11 years laters, fans quickly brought “#SHINee11thAnniversary” into the top worldwide trending topics on Twitter as they celebrated. SHINee’s Twitter account also shared a video […] The post SHINee’s Fans Celebrate 11 Incredible Years On Their Debut Anniversary appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. I liked that scene. I think the writer used the jacket as a substitute for touch. You could see that PSH was conflicted. While he felt sorry for AR who was shaking, he was understandably hesitant to go near her because of all her sins. So the jacket was PSH's innate kindness still showing through. That was a good move on the writer's part.
  12. Yes agreed! roughly translated Early this year’s dating rumor… with an acting project on top of it. Actors Hyun Bin (37) and Son Ye Jin both are in the same age who will be acting together after the dating rumors. On May 22, they confirmed to act in “The crash landing of love”, a new series written by writer Park Ji Eun, which will be broadcast in November. With the background of South and North Korea, “The crash landing of love” will draw a love story of a North Korean military officer (Hyun Bin) who falls in love while guarding a chaebol’s heiress (Son Ye Jin). This is the second time they work together after the movie “Negotiation” in 2018. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were caught in the heat of dating rumors twice in January. As they confirmed to participate in the new project, this had become suspicious by many. Both sides denied it. Hyun Bin’s agency said “the actor has thoroughly reviewed and carefully decided to join the drama due to many aspects.” Son Ye Jin, who received the proposal before Hyun Bin, said “the decision to appear in the drama was not affected by the dating rumors.” She further explained “the decision was made based on the attractively fresh and brilliant role and the drama was written by the acclaimed writer.” After the movie “Confidential Assignment” in 2017, actor Hyun Bin once again plays North Korean military officer. It is expected that he will continue to show masculine side through tough actions from “Confidential Assignment” to “The crash landing of love”. The character is expected to be “attractive and skillful.” For Son Ye Jin, this will be the most dazzling role she ever had since her debut. As an heiress of the chaebol family, she will be glamorous from head to toe.
  13. Sorry if this been posted but this thread is super speeding lol! For those interested in the OST full album it will be released 30th May with 20 tracks. It also includes a photo Polaroid and signatures of the artists participating in the album Track List: 01. (여자)아이들 - Help Me02. 홍대광 – 둥둥03. IN2IT (인투잇) – Shining Star04. 이해리 - Maybe05. 1415 - Happy06. 하성운 – Think of You07. 러니 (RUNY) – Smile Again08. U-mb5 - I Wanna Be (Feat. 클랑 (KLANG))09. Mr. Wolf10. 뚜뚜11. U, Who?12. 덕통사고13. Hello! 금사자14. 덕밍아웃 15. Photo Zone16. 홈마스터17. 덕후의 로맨스18. Story of Us19. I Like You20. Water Drop Preorder link - https://www.ktown4u.com/iteminfo?grp_no=231312&goods_no=38320
  14. when saw the first picture I literally screamed ... ( whatever the real reason can be she wore those letters) ;-)
  15. Try to watch "It's Okay That's Love." I love his acting here. Don't worry it's not all about romance I love the psychological genre of this drama. Aside from spy, detective, mystery genres, I love psychological genre, too.
  16. Get off your a$$es and work or I will tell my MOM!!! Episode 13-14 Recap: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/her-private-life-episode-13-14-recap/
  17. Princess Jasmine is real broke, @Lmangla That's explain.... +2
  18. Until next week, finale ep. I hope DM and Ryan will hold onto to each other no matter what cr. jiamongmong
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