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  2. thanks @kynnngsoonim wahhh...goshhh...yejin soooooo beautiful..
  3. I was wondering if anyone who can read Chinese can confirm something from the article whose link I posted above? I saw someone said that the article also mentions that when asked if he's single, HB answered: Today I'm single. I don't know how accurate that person was, because I suspect that they used Google Translate. Here is the link again, just in case: https://ipop.sina.com.tw/posts/393330
  4. https://n.news.naver.com/article/277/0004454316 https://m.upinews.kr/news/newsview.php?ncode=1065600388729071
  5. here is new york~~ nanananananananana~ suddenly it’s city 127
  6. Strongly Agree! or during the Cosmo Event where they try to ninja since it was a private event.. but the heavens are so good to us that cameras were still able to catch their "private moments" unintentionally.
  7. I agree. It's also rather insulting and disrespectful to PMY to suggest that she's fickle, or that she's so immature that she'd just fall in love with any co-star who shows gentlemanly care and respect for her. People forget that actors have private lives that they return to at the end of each work day. Even if filming at a distant location, they don't spend 24/7 with their co-stars in character.
  8. LOL! anyway, I guess we should just respect each other's opinion here.. but yeah.. Im gonna stand my ground that PMY and PSJ being stable on where they are now. wow, I could only imagine once PSJ starts his new drama.. that would be a whole new chapter of fainted hearts!
  9. Sorry for being Shameless. Very very Shameless me. This is my very first Fanfic in my entire life. Hope it is not badly written. Please give me some feedback so that I can improve on it. Will try to translate later. 草原重逢相拥,策马浪迹天涯 – 忌敏完结篇 – Fanfic by LaurenPanna “我以为你不会来了。“ 靠在无忌肩上的敏敏终于抬起头,开口说话了。 “敏敏,我说过无论天涯海角,我都会回到你身边的。。。。。。这几年,你是怎么过的? 我无时无刻不挂念着你,恨不得尽快完成对天下苍生的承诺,飞奔来找你。一路上,我不放过任何线索,无论艰辛万苦,就算是丢了性命,也要找到你。“ 无忌眼中满满的爱意让敏敏甚是感动。 “安葬了爹爹后,我便寄宿于外婆家。外婆非常疼我,我留下来陪她, 她甚是欢喜。从此而后,我便过着自己一直很向往的生活,放马牧羊。。。。但不知怎么地,始终快乐不起来。“ “因为你惦记着我,为我担心,对吗?“ 说到这儿,无忌不禁露出了幸福的微笑。 敏敏没答,还反问道: “无忌,你有没有想过,若是我死了,或是爱上了别人,又或是我根本不在蒙古,而你永远也找不着我,到时,你又当如何?“ 听敏敏这么一问,无忌顿时幸福的表情转为苦涩。他不是没有想过这些问题,只是没有勇气去面对。 “若你真的死了,我就到黄泉路上与你相会。当日,我以为你已被处死,曾在你坟前承诺,完成我该办的事之后,不会再让你孤单一人。。。” “若你爱上了他人,那我便会留在你周遭守护着你,不会让任何人欺负你。“ 说到这里,无忌已哽咽并眼含泪光。 但敏敏却噗嗤笑了一声,“怎么?除了你,还会有谁会欺负我呢?“ 说完,看着无忌痛苦的表情,又忍不住留露出怜惜之意,问道, “那若是一辈子都找不着我呢?“ “我不知道,我不敢想,我只知道我会一直不停地寻着你,直至天涯海角,直到我死的那一天。“ 敏敏终于释怀,扑进无忌怀抱。平安归来的无忌,仍是当年那个她深深爱着的青涩少年。 她已无所求,因为她知道草原重逢相拥之后,两人将永远携手策马浪迹天涯。
  10. Woah it's D-5 !!! Love love their offscreen moments from their jakiya bts When wookie gets all shy shy hahaha
  11. If you have been following PSJ for a long time. You will know that he is not the person who likes skin ship when having on camera. No one knows what's going on between PPC when off camera.
  12. as a fan of rm, the latest episode was quite fun. It had the running and chasing game, the guests seemed to have fun and were there for the whole episode, and it wasn't centered on a particular person (I think these are the 3 things viewers complain about the most and they were addressed this ep). Plus, I like having mongdol in the same team. As a SA shipper, there were almost zero moments but it's still fine. Those complaining about the LL have no reason to complain in this one, and those of us who ship them can still find our moments. Too bad even with all those elements, the episode still had a dip in the ratings.
  13. On April 22, TWICE held a press showcase for the release of their new mini album “FANCY YOU.” When asked about their first comeback of the year, Jihyo shared, “We have only shown bright concepts until now, but we also wanted to show some of our maturity. However, we also worked to not let go […] The post TWICE Talks About Image Transformation For “FANCY” And Goals For Comeback appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. yes he is caring to PMY, but not in a romantic way.. but more like a big brother.. even PMY keeps calling him "oppa". and no.. i dont think that KJW has any intention to date PMY in real life.. lol! get married?? lol! he has his own private life.. since you mentioned YooJiTae.. he was already happily married during Healer.. so if he is caring with PMY, clearly like a sister. YooJiTae's wife is also part of Namoo. with JCW, yes they were flirty and playful to each other.. but everyone knows by now, there was nothing there. and PSJ is not threatened with anyone PMY is partnered with. it's a little over the top to think that KJW will just make a move to PMy.. lol!
  15. Yes dear!!! I hope so too according to the Soompi article! YAYY!!!! Finally something very sweet from Daniel! I really needed this!! Oh and how is it if we have a cute little Daniel in eye-glasses with them...??! Hah haaah haaaaaaa..... It is my naughty mind!!!! If you know what I mean though!!
  16. Hi..i'm new fan of jongjoo couple.. well, it'd been almost 3 years , but deep in my heart, just hope that our couple would be as happy ending same as in W (eventhough for the appa part, its quite sad) I've been k-drama fan since 2005, and the only couple that i do think, that have "something" while even watching their drama was Songsong couple and this Jongjoo couple. Yeah, it did end well, for Songsong, and i always pray it goes the same to Jongjoo couple too. I've search on any news, related to them, or at least any news deny on their relationship, but couldn't found about it, so it keeps me wonder, why is it with so many BTS that shows about it, media didn't capture it well. But, it give hopes to me, to keep on praying for their happiness, and well, at least keep me keep on thinking, with the cruelty of KNetz, they need to keep on silence mode, up to when they ready to breaks the news. Thank you, for created this forum, and really hope that we can keep on praying for the happiness of our Jongjoo couple.
  17. hihi.. i havent watched ep6 (sat’s) to-date, Seon Ho’s mom cries and loses control too often. yes, i uds that her son is in coma laying in the hospital but, there is no need to stomp down to the police station at every little finding or suspicion screaming and biting off the policeman’s head. Seon Ho’s dad is too weak.. he is a teacher himself, but lacks the confidence. sorry to say, he portrays too much as a loser the policeman is trying his best to help though, even though he got scolded so often. and i’m quite glad he doesnt give false hope to Seon Ho’s mom. he is investigating it secretly. Joon Seok’s mom frightens me.. she is like, realising how much a monster her son has become.. yet still continue to cover up and condone his behavior.. there were a few scenes where Joon Seok did a 180 degree change from crying in tears and then grinning sinisterly.. split personality?? i must salute to Seo Dong Hyun’s acting, he can really cry huge tears.. that few scenes from human to devil give me the shivers! Im waiting to see more from Soo Ho.. Kim Hwan Hee and Seo Dong Hyun recently acted together in MTWM too!
  18. can u give the link.. found hb pic but didnt found yejin..
  19. We don't need to worry with kjw. And PMY is not a type a woman who easy falling in love with her co partner i guess. And i disagree with you, is kjw wants to find a wife from his project?? It doesn't make sense. And how do u know psj didn't take care of her as much kjw or jcw? Don't believe with what we see "Kjw really into pmy"..I can't feel the vibe
  20. Kdrama Oppa is an app you can download on your phone will give you every episode right now. With subtitles
  21. I just got involved in this drama and I'm just so irritated waiting for someone to see Ms Hong's true colors. I wish Everyone would get a damn backbone and do something about this family. Seo Yu should have sued when the Chairman Slapped her, then she would have gotten that money for sure. So Dam needs to stop being a dummy and start recording her conversations with these Wackos. Seo Jun is smarter than he looks. I think he is going to show that eventually. Ms Hong needs to stop messing around before she lose her son for real. Somebody is gonna wise up and catch her in the act like Seo Jun did when she got Seo Yu Fired from the Design Team.
  22. Jung Joon Young will be attending his first hearing soon. The preparatory hearing for his charges of illegally filming and sharing footage of sexual acts will reportedly take place on May 10 at 11 a.m. KST. At a preparatory hearing, the court determines the course that will be taken to prove whether the defendant is guilty or not, […] The post Jung Joon Young’s 1st Hearing To Take Place Next Month + Investigations Ongoing For Sexual Assault Allegations appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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