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  2. he looks so dashing! And the movie looks really interesting. I already can feel his emotions from this movie. Cant wait!
  3. My Prettiest Daughter In The World" team with the coffee truck to support actress Choi Myung Gil and drama team.
  4. +2 I know this is so you. My brave chingu if you were here I am sure you will go
  5. Bite Me!! Please Episode 4 Recap: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/her-private-life-episode-4-recap/
  6. Wookie has been offered the role from upcoming adaptation of super popular thriller webtoon "Strangers from hell" which has already courted Im Si Wan to play young guy who moves from province to Seoul and shares dormitory with very strange people. Some sources says that if Wookie will accept, he will play the role of mysterious man leaving in room number 203 (from description he might be even villainous) but OCN said in reports that since drama is in early production stage Lee Dong Wook's character hasn't been materialized yet. On the other hand KingKong says that if Wookie will accept, this will be totally new acting challenge for Wookie never seen before (for me it's hint on villain's role). In any case looks like Wookie has been excited to play new genre and new unusual character for him. So I bet this is something special and the project will be co-lead or even ensemble of leading actors. The drama will be directed by the award winning movie director Lee Chang Hee which means the quality should be movie-like. And I bet it will be pre-produced. If Wookie will accept this will be his first OCN drama and first thriller drama.
  7. @stroppyse is the cast of jugglers doing a cameo ? With thanks to @gm4queen for this update . The PD of Jugglers is directing this show as well . Those of us who are watching Fiery Priest will be happy to see Sister Kim here
  8. The actor Heo Jun-seok continues his relationship with director Lee Byung-hun. On August 19, his agency Magnum Entertainment said, "Huh Jun-seok will appear as a motive for JTBC's new JTBC mini-series 'melodrama' (drama Lee Byung-hun, Kim Young-young, director Lee Byung-heon) Magnum said, "Huh Jun-seok has a solid foundation in the theater stage for many years, and his role in digging any role into his own, revealing his indispensable presence on the screen . http://www.edaily.co.kr/news/read?newsId=01551446622457760&mediaCodeNo=258
  9. Woo Jin goes to Sun Ja`s restaurant to find Mi Hye. New stills Kang Mi-hye (Kim Hae-kyung) was frustrated with his own situation in which he worked as a café part-time worker instead of a publishing contract. He was deeply depressed when he heard criticism from his manuscript " After she was tired, she declared that she would stop working part-time with tears. In this photo, there is a picture of Kim Woo-jin (Kita Tae-young) who came directly to the Seolgang-tang shop of Park Sun-ja to meet Kang Mi-hye. http://www.slist.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=77841#09Pr
  10. Korean article via SportsSeoul Expert Korean Wave Analysis Lee Byung Hun, Park Chan Wook, Bong Joon-ho leading the Korean Movie wave English gist by ePhoenix.13 @BillyRocks_13
  11. Omg @joonminfan it’s a very strong cast .i’m not a big fan of GHJ to be honest .But if Kang Ha Neul in the picture, think the male lead will likely go to him . His fan club send food truck in support of his fan meet & birthday
  12. @Lawyerh that shipping is something @Sejabin , go go girl , love avengers, think about all these heroes and go , don’t let fear win -2
  13. Please keep the videos and photos coming! It put a smile on my face just looking at this picture... and I think you might be right Apple about the throw and catch or maybe it's Yukee who's holding herself up by clutching at his waist? One thing for sure, at least the actors had some fun on the set while filming this which is always cute to see and know! Finally some cute fanservice... I'm with everyone who thinks they're stingy with their fanservice. C'mon guys, give us fans a break! Will it really kill you to have a few pictures of you guys hugging for a fan photo or even just having dinner in each other's proximity? We're so starved we'll take ANYTHING! Hahaha @Graceedwardmom, you nailed it. I'm so giddy, I feel like my own teenager self again watching HSDS 86! But yes, overall MORE! MORE VIDEOS! MORE PICTURES! MORE!
  14. Yes the aftershocks actually still happened until this afternoon .. you are so logic. My soul too 70% is not wanting to go this is really like a game. Truth or dare hahahaha.. the theater even challenge us with playing the movie at 3 AM? Or 1 AM? and my friend said after watch the movie then we will go working HA HA HA HA HA <~~~~ they are really enjoying their lives +2
  15. @Sarang21 & @Lawyerh lets be a guitar , it’s lucky enough to touch his skin , we wouldn’t be greedy like towel @Lawyerh I think a movie Pygmalion ‘s love , I will double check , maybe i am wrong , I watch it when I start my journey to fabulous body part
  16. Hahaha... I love it that fans counted! We are so addicted it isn't even funny (ok, it IS sort of funny!)
  17. 532. Im not fans of avenger or any other western superhero. So vote for u not going. Plus sounds a bit dangerous due to possible earthquake? Stay safe dear @Sejabin.
  18. But have you know. I alighted already. Loll so im shipless now lol 532
  19. It sure would be interesting, I guess And not even gays but lesbians. Recently I tried this test https://psycho-tests.com/test/kinsey-scale-gay-test to check my sexuality and it said I'm 20% lesbian Don't know how to feel about this!
  20. we're only 6 days away!! I haven't seen any plan from korean minoz in DC for his discharge so I think he'll be discharged quietly, but since March they've been planning together for his 13th debut anniversary. They had a poll to decide what should be their main gift and almost everyone voted to put on advertisements(like billboards or digital signboards in subways.. etc). They also conducted a survey which had questions like "your congratulatory message and how did you spend the last 2 years waiting for him?" and to upload pics if possible of their way of waiting xD "What LMH scene have you watched the most during those 2yrs? and the reason?" and "What kind of role would you like him to take in the future?" I think they'll collect Minoz's answers and give it to him, there's no better gift than the fans' warm messages and thoughts my trip was short but beautiful, it was my first time seeing cherry blossoms ever! with Minho being the flower I loved the most Thank you!! ahh I'm happy that my tag is working and finally receiving notifications again I almost forgot how it feels like xD I'm used to coincidently seeing my name in the posts I go through that's why I try to read everything without missing anything
  21. 530 @Lawyerh ok ^_* .. seems only us who are pure romantic in here WKWKWKWKWKWKKWWK because we watch PMY in rom com btw if think again I am more a realist so it is difficult to dream hahahah but once I dream it will be too crazy ok I will tell you about the drama ^_* @Ameera Ali Btw why are you can not feel the chemistry in HPL? I know you.. this is because the beginning eps feel too slow right? .. you want mmm.. ‘what is it called if 2 stars meet in the galaxy and hit each other?’ .. btw you want that kind of explosion since the first start right? No wonder you like fiery priest wkwkwkw ATTENTION: Guys I need you to vote for me, go or not to go hahahaha so, our mall in palu, located to the beach which was hit by the tsunami will re opening again on April 24th and of course the movie theater too. XXI cinema. They will play avengers movie. My friends asked me to go to watch movie together and our flirtatious friend mr B even already bought the tickets HAHAHAHAHHA.. sounds interesting, but the fact, at the day when the earthquakes and tsunami happened, we were there too before that tragedy and we were watch mr been movie. I still worried a bit and a kind of de javu hahahahaha.. plus the tsunami horror, basement floor of the mall was swapped by the tsunami, even though the building is still okay. Still stands firmly and fine. Only the windows and the doors at the basement floor were breaks because they were made by glassware. We can consider that the building is very strong since my friend who works in BMKG Indonesia said the earthquakes power actually stronger than Tsunami tragedy in Aceh. It was just in Aceh the earthquakes happened in the ocean. In Palu it was about 9.1 Ritcher scales, it was just the president didn’t want it to be released and make it a national disaster scale because he didn’t want foreigners came in here without his control. I mean if this was a national disaster, foreigners can came and help without need to use some domestic documents. He didn’t want what happened in Aceh, also happened in Palu. (This is illegal gossip from my friend^_*) SO the point is that building is strong. And the movie theater is at the 4th floor. I mean if tsunami happened (and we don’t want it happened ever again) we can be considered safe at the 4th floor.. SO MUST I GO OR NOT? WKWKKWWKKW still scary to be honest xixixix...plus you know when the movie is playing the theater will be dark and you know.. there were more than 2000 corpses founded near the beach area around the mall and etc and more than 5000 people are lost and can. Not be found until today.. how if the movie were playing and suddenly who is sitting next to you in the theater actually a ghost? (I can imagine me and my friends dinni alief and bramanda will be noisy about who are going to sit in the middle seats) HAHAHAHAHA so GO OR NOT?
  22. @Ameera Ali from what drama is that scene? Actually im not that familiar with KJW except in Voice & Temperature of Love.. @sushilicious chingu he also well *cough* got chemistry with statue
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