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  4. That was, um... SUPER-Daebak! Never seen anything like it. I cried early, then for some reason just bawled at the 20minute mark at the park when she picks up the handkerchief. This drama has it ALL, folks. Get yourself a subbed stream and get ready to be floored! It wasn't hyped enough if you asked me. My favorite part was her 'speech' at the performance-gala, fundraiser. Wow, what venom, what completely utterly spiteful speech! Real life calls me back, but shall return for more. Thanks for all the links, Chingoos!
  5. She is really lovely while eating. She has tremendous screen presences in either serious scenes or cutie parts. Love her aura very much. I enjoy her eating scenes in ASC and 49 Days a lot too. So adorable. Our Queen can exude different vibes in recent magazines. You can see the difference.
  6. really NJ is going crazy. I feel sorry for him I know he is evil but he is also mad, and obsessed, and I still think that he really loved SH in his own crazy way. He is even tender when he looks at her. I can't guess how he will end. But it seems he will lose his mind gradually. I tried to hate him but I just couldn't. forgive me friends I know most of you hate him because he separated the OTP, but apart from that, when I think of it, if he was in love with SH and she wasn't married, would you still hate him? I mean apart from his endless crimes, still whenever I think of him, I find two clues to his character: First: his love-hate relationship with his mother Second: his obsession with Sanha. There is a good reason why he wanted to have her: she is the only one who treated him kindly and thought he was a good person in the first episodes. She took care of him when he was drunk and nursed him. She prepared food for his father's memorial. She refused to dump him when Jo Aera asked her to. Since he never was never treated that way before, he just loved Sanha, because with her he felt almost human. He tried to steal her from her husband for a very simple reason, he doesn't believe her to be married. He was ready to change her to another person "Gemma" and believe she is really Gemma. He hoped she choose him and leave Suho. This is part of his madness. When you think of it, you will understand why he is acting like that.
  7. <‘NEO CITY : JAPAN – The Origin’> Memories#36 in Hokkaido
  8. But there is more to it. We heard in the last episode that it was the grandfather who got rid of the paintings. I am now wondering if DM's mother was the one who abandoned him, as she had been asked by the grandfather. We heard that LS got hurt in an accident. Maybe while she was in a coma, the grandfather decided to get rid of her son as she was a single mother. I can imagine that RG's mother had an argument with her father because of her son and her career. He didn't want her to pursue her career as painter and be a single mother as well hence she moved to that rooftop apartment. She had no much money, while she came from a higher social background. This would explain why DM's mother stopped EG's mother from abandoning her son because she had done it before and knew that the mother would regret it her whole life as she regretted.
  9. I really love the extended fighting scene between WJ and FY but disappointed that they cut out WJ looking at the golden box. Why they choose to cut out that scene when they can cut out other scene? So frustrating! Oh well, we just have to combined both versions together. I'm still happy to find the TVB version added those tiny itsy bitsy scenes so we can keep looking forward to it.
  10. Agree it seems to be her saying "i am not your mother". in the flashback from todays episode the woman seems to be in a hurry... witch maybe explain why she was so hard on the kid. But lett see how this play out. From so far in the story writer have been good not making thing out to be the way we think it gonna be so I guess there is some surprise left for us
  11. At this point, they should want Soo Ho cause he seems to be the one making money for that company lol They were saying Aura Bio was their cash flow but wasn't he the one who revived Aura Bio? In between that, he has to play Superman to his wife and father in law. This show really can't give anybody a break lol So HY's adoptive dad is asking the guy who failed twice to get Aura to get it again for him. Even NJ looked done with this lmao And did I hear wrong? Did HY said that her dad didn't know they had SH impersonating Jemma? How the heck is that possible? So SH never met the adoptive parents and just believed the Jemma bit??? She was supposedly a director so didn't she go into the company? I'm just shaking my head. Esther should be thankful that she is still being fed. She should have done what she did because it was the right thing to do and not because she believes in give and take. She has some balls to get mad at them for bringing the past. They should always bring it up to her till she dies. That's her punishment. The only thing I agree on with her is Dori. Right now, the kids are tight, but when they grow up, Dori might become resentful. They are clearly playing favorites. I'm still cracking up at PSH basically laughing at her. He's really enjoying it. Even her Hyungnim forgot about her lolol
  12. six days ago Naeun went to Japan and 2 days ago Taemin went to Japan. is there any chance they've met in Japan then the next day Naeun went to Vietnam in order to people will not think they met in Japan. hmm... okey it's just my delulu wish cause I miss their "code" and "coincidence" so much
  13. ok... been silent for a while... but this last episode just made me a little anxious... has anyone read the webtoon all the way to the end or at least all the way till the revelation of RG's childhood? can someone pls pm me the link...or share here under spoiler? i really hope they REALLY WILL NOT go the sister-brother story...! that will totally and completely be wrong IMO! i am on the verge of not watching this episode tonight... i dont know if my heart can take the pain RG is feeling... i wanna be like DM at this very moment... you just hug and smile and assure that you are there for him whatever happens. their visuals is just super stunning!!! just reposting! ctto
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  15. AB6IX shared how their experiences as members of Wanna One and MXM helped prepare them to stand on stage as a new group! On May 22, AB6IX celebrated the release of their debut mini album “B:COMPLETE” with a showcase held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. AB6IX is a five-member group that includes former “Produce 101 […] The post AB6IX Explains How Promoting As Wanna One And MXM Helped Them appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. AB6IX shared how their experiences as members of Wanna One and MXM helped prepare them to stand on stage as a new group! On May 22, AB6IX celebrated the release of their debut mini album “B:COMPLETE” with a showcase held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. AB6IX is a five-member group that includes former “Produce 101 […] The post AB6IX Explains How Promoting As Wanna One And MXM Helped Them appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. Great ep! Confrontation scene was intense. I hope everything will be resolved at tonight's ep and not leave us hanging for another week. We've been pampered so much with kisses hugs and cutesy scenes in the past eps that it's not a complete ep without it . Anyway, when can we get these lovebirds say their I Love You's?! Been waiting since forever LOL
  18. Sometimes I just have this urge to talk to the writer and scold her for what she's doing lol.
  19. That’s my one beef with this show. All other versions had Xie Xun figure out ZZR was behind the crimes on the island and they nearly had an altercation before the beggar clan came to capture them. That’s why ZZR is so hellbent on winning the fights at Shaolin so she could kill XX. All this got skipped. When ZR told WJ what happened before they got captured “your godfather suddenly went crazy and didn’t recognize me and nearly attacked me, then suddenly I felt dizzy and came to at beggar clan’s place” (something like that), I really thought they were going there... but then nothing. This plot would also make XX’s sacrifice for ZR make sense, but since they didn’t do this his death has no impact I find because I don’t understand it. I wonder if this was one of the plot points they cut.
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