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  2. The director really good. He captured the non verbal exchange of glances, heart flutter moments of the relationship. And thank you for creating strong female lead.
  3. Hm... I'd not trust him... He's just afraid that watching blood makes him crazy... and...
  4. Does that mean romance between our Ballerina and Dan is what attracting audience? I hope KBS keeps this in mind. I wonder how many episodes they have shot so far? In case they have to make any adjustments for ratings.
  5. @Auntie Mame i dun think so.. cos he did mention to IS about letting TJ and MR get married towards the end.. but that stare must have been v uncomfortable for MR.. she was reporting details to him and he was there just staring.. did this old fart have a bad record of sexual harassment?? haha IS did warn him about his off topic conversation with MR in the meeting with the Directors and General Managers when he popped in to the company..
  6. I was kind of worried that this show might be like ‘something in the rain’ but that part when their eyes lock during the basketball match gave me hope. I feel the child is a bit old. Makes JH look like his elder brother. Maybe because he had the kid when he was 28-29 (as per his friends story)
  7. Yeah did you know what happened to the confrontation scene? Haha. Anyways, I find it funny how Kousuke only comes out on sundays, apparently he kidnapped a man? Drowned him and almost kills him with a knife? But in the teaser and other previous cases, they stop him in time. I saw him smiling so creepy and evil Kousuke is getting stronger for sure. 882
  8. Lawyerh

    drama tropes 2019

    Ameera lol... i also have love event with that stuff... very helpful for lazy potato like me ... This kind of love is more realistic lol
  9. Oh I hope Ms Park is fine. I noticed too that she was also not accompanying Hyungsik anymore too.
  10. O gosh... I was so tensed watching the first 15 minutes... The gist in spoiler
  11. @Lawyerh @lu09 #28 digital romance
  12. 880 Haha I'm watching as shallow fan girl.. just to admire dimples and L Infinite... I also need to see more first... @sushilicious he snap at another bad guy? Haha so he always snap at even number episode 2,4,6 lol.
  13. I think I'd prefer just putting KJW and PMY on a reality show and letting them do silly things together. It will have the same effect as a rom com, but without the questionable "plots" and unnecessary drama.
  14. Be strong like me for month they keep winning & I never cry for once -2
  15. @2handsintertwined hahaha at one point I jumped ship, because I want to restart so bad then I return back to my own ship haha. But I don’t take this game seriously. I’m just here to talk and have fun hahahaha @Lawyerh ep 6. Kousuke is back. Like I said. He only come on Sunday hahaha. But the confrontation scene is cool! Love it! 880
  16. Wheesung spoke about his recent controversy with Amy in a new interview. On April 16, Amy revealed on Instagram that a close celebrity friend allegedly took drugs with her, begged her to take the blame, and planned to blackmail her with sexual footage. Netizens suspected Wheesung to be this friend, and his agency denied all allegations. Wheesung then […] The post Wheesung Opens Up About His Controversy With Amy In New Interview appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. Ewww ... Will that sleezy old man offer the CEO position, along with a marriage proposal, to MR? Except that the proposal is to marry him, not TJ. He seems machiavellian enough to do that. In that way, he gets to keep MR's talent, and keep TJ from marrying her. Most importantly, he will prove to TJ that MR is all about ambition because she chooses the position over love. Ewwwww ... Ugh, horrible if this really happens.
  18. @Lawyerh Thanks for fixing the numbers! I'm so dumb. Well, Team Add is about to Win...My heart aches 878
  19. Did you advice us to watch it , my lion gonna finish next week -2
  20. May 25, 2019 Sung Yu Bin is nominated to do the 37th Korean Theater Festival cheering relay by actress Oh Na Ra. Oh Na Ra joined the cheering relay after being tagged by comedian Jung Jong Chul. She chose actor Jo Jae Yun and a friend too.
  21. First comment on this episode (haven’t watch it fully or with subs yet) but I just wanna get this out of me. Honestly, I can see a pattern with the episode here. Kousuke tends to ‘come out’ whenever we reach the later parts of the cases. It’s good to show that something is boiling in him, but I do feel like if this keeps on, it might be a little repetitive. At the same time, they did show that Kousuke is getting more and more violent, which is a plus on my scoreboard BJS Wire San KJ dreams Honestly, today’s episode up until the new case, the vibe feels different. It feels darker than the past few episodes which to me is great, so that it doesn’t bore the audience. I’m feeling very excited about what will happen to Kang center and Kang Woo at the end.. Ah, I noticed they had some skinship. Haha nice. Deep down KW is that small little cat who would purr when you touch him. But outside he is a big big tiger haha.
  22. Please forgive me GY oppa. I feel like I have been cheating on you with Kim Jae Wook oppa. He's so beautiful! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh He's so handsome. He's perfect.' GY oppa I'm sorry. And I miss you. Please forgive me. You will always be my #1.
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