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  2. Clip: CJ Entertainment May 22, 2019 ‘Parasite’ has its Cannes premiere Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily Director Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” held its world premiere on Tuesday evening at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. The screening took place at the famous Grand Theatre Lumiere. “Parasite” followed the premiere of another International Competition entry, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” directed by Quentin Tarantino. Before the film began, Bong and the cast of the film - including Choi Woo-shik, Cho Yeo-jeong, Jang Hye-jin, Park So-dam, Lee Sun-kyun and Song Kang-ho - walked the red carpet. Lee Mi-kyung, vice president of entertainment conglomerate CJ E&M and executive producer of the film, was also in attendance. Lee last visited Cannes in 2009 to support “Thirst” by director Park Chan-wook and “Mother” by Bong. “Parasite” is about two different families from opposite social classes coming together when a brother and a sister from a poor family deceive a rich family and start working as private tutors for their kids. By Lee Jae-lim
  3. Probably no one will die yet since it's only half episodes this time. It's safe to say not Cha Jung Im, Hiroshi, or Nam OK. Not till much later.
  4. I'm baaaaack with translation issues, LOL. It was mainly the subs in Episode 21 that drove me batty today. There might have been a few places where I flinched in Episode 22, but they were good enough that I didn't find them offensive enough to want to correct. As for Episode 21, in order of the scenes in which they appeared: When Guan Chao and Yan Mo are tag team interrogating Qiao Yi, Yan Mo finally gets to the point and asks, "Are you pregnant?" According to the subs, she responds, "Nonsense! I'm not pregnant!" but what she really said was, "Are you crazy? You're the one who's pregnant!" LOL. After they "settle" the matter of Qiao Yi (not) being pregnant, Yan Mo and Guan Chao take their leave. The subs have Yan Mo saying to Guan Chao, "Keep your nose out of it and just mind your own business," when he really says, "Instead of worrying about other people's business, take care of your own business." When Qiao Yi discusses Wu Yi's pregnancy with Yan Mo later, she asks how he'd react if she were to become pregnant. He shoots her a look and the subs say, "How dare you?" This one makes me bang my head on the desk because it ruins an amazing moment; namely, Yan Mo's top level skill of being able to say so much with as little words possible. At the same time, I can't blame the translators either because it is a difficult phrase to translate and still capture the essence of the moment. If I had to describe the main point of Yan Mo's reaction, he's issuing a threat to her and basically saying, "Just try have one," kind of along the lines of, "Try it and let's see what happens." (Literal translation: Ni huai yi ge shi shi. Ni = you, huai = have a child; yi go = one; shi shi = try.) At the Jay Chou concert, Qiao Yi asks Yan Mo how he could take money from the boy in exchange for concert tickets. As part of his explanation of how a boy becomes a man when he discovers he has someone to protect, the subs have him saying, "At that moment he feels like a man while he may still look like a teenage boy," but what he really says to Qiao Yi is, "You may feel he's still a boy, but he already thinks of himself as a man." When they're at the hot pot restaurant, Yan Mo asks Qiao Yi if she's still in contact with her boyfriend from college. She denies having had a boyfriend in college, and the subs have Yan Mo responding, "It's up to you to talk about it," but what he really says is, "If you don't want to talk about it, just forget about it." Qiao Yi responds, "I wasn't in a relationship," per the subs, but what she really says is, "I really didn't." That has Yan Mo responding, according to the subs, "I don't want to know about it," but what he really says is, "I don't particularly want to know about it either." I know for the last two, especially, there's not much of difference between the subs and true translation, but there's just so much of Yan Mo in the way he uses those particular words that I wanted to bring out. When they're on their business trip and Qiao Yi is being all jealous over Yan Mo having helped some German woman back at the airport, she remarks on how he's always had a thing for foreign women, like Sophie Marceau. According to the subs, Yan Mo responds, "Mmm... you remind me of something. She's a bit like Sophie Marceau..." I'd have translated that as, "Mmm... if you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have made the connection but she really does look a bit like Sophie Marceau..." Before I sign off for the night, I wanted to share the MV/lyrics for the Jay Chou that Qiao Yi mentioned when she was hanging out with Wu Yi. It's a really pretty song and there are a few lines that, I think, will remind us of Qiao Yi and Yan Mo (e.g., The fragrance of first love was found once again by us . . . The fallen leaves in the courtyard, just like my longing for you, is thickly piled . . . You are the only person whom I want to understand . . .). Very fitting. https://veldays.wordpress.com/2016/06/01/the-meaning-of/
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ros_wHjgdE&list=PLuyfcUjDE--TshpquRKPFbLXr0mTBazWy
  6. How was your first impression of one another?? SHS: Didn't think we'd be close at all but in less than 30 min we were like neighborhood noona and lil bro KMS: The first impression is just like now - bright, open and so friendly (nudges her again!) SHS: Seems he totally didn't get it (what she's really like) Today's episode? SHS: Yeon-Seo quits ballet Yeon-Seo is not happy/bright/cheerful. Because Dan is, she's 'dark'. Host: must've not been easy in your careers, ever wanted to quit like LYS did? KMS: No, so much feedback from fans, etc., kept it fun and motivated.... Challenge from people even when wanted to avoid them. SHS: If I can avoid it (or people) i do avoid. But me, too, never thought once about quitting. Thru Positive energy and mindset? No, rather, for me, thru Negative energy - Said, "I can't do it, I'm not going to make it..." KMS: but if you do that, you hit the bottom, if you have any positive results, then you get really motivated to keep going, right? SHS: not quite KMS:(pushes her again) FAN text: you two are so adorable together SHS is into word play 명언 - 띵언?? 머방 머방 댕댕이 멍멍이 KMS : SHS shows off her knowledge of these hip words and contractions. SHS: At first he bragged about it and made me feel old so I get back at him more now. Commercial break.... To SHS: fan asks, what is the secret to good acting?? SHS: Thanks so much for saying, but really what is it? I don't know.... really To KMS: you are so strong mentally... To KMS: Don't you ever get tired acting such a positive role? KMS: I like, but Dan is not me, so When I come home, I become quiet because so many ups and downs... tired. Final words: SHS: We did work hard, but not sure how well it'll be received. Please watch us! KMS: It's a fantastic drama I really want to show you. Please love us much. Thank you! Was fun, will come back next time too... Last song - SHS's request - 끝이아니기를 "Hoping it's not the End"....
  7. What caused WY hair to turn white as well? If anyone knows.
  8. Someone around YJ must be her assistant and know she's Bluebird. So far I know only the current housekeeper and the other one in Shanghai which passed away already. Is there anyone else that she contacted with which I missed? BTW, after she arrived from Manchuria, she went to this place I believe it's not her home. Wondering what is that place, her secret meeting with someone?
  9. ZWJ various angry face if you dare to hurt his waifu To the Persian To the grandpa, it was quite quick, he pretty much stoned his face once he thinks the worst happened To ZR, he grits actually grit his teeth and harden his face once he realised ZR is seriously wants to kill ZM This one I'm actually surprised, I realised it only when I was making a gif, apparently WJ hit ZR pretty hard I guess To his martial brother, how dare this little s*** even think of touching ZM This one, after rewatching it many times, I feels like ZM is actually surprise that WJ hit the soldiers that hard, that's why I think she was worried WJ will actually hurt her brother, you can see his face looks quite angry, that's why she immediately hit WJ and hurt herself, so that he got distracted. I wonder, if WJ got angry because he remembered that ZM's family actually let her be executed rather than helping her run away or his adrenaline just run high and he just tried to scared WBB to letting them go? Because it was always pretty weird for ZM to hit WJ since she knows WJ is an extremely nice person that would never hurt a person unnecessarily and after saving her rather than running away he actually try to capture WBB instead, was probably why she was worried. He even still throw one last glare to WBB before taking ZM away to a safer place
  10. lol! i dont think he ever would.. they will not do it publicly.. especially on her romantic drama.. that wont be good publicity. i just bet on that he would (before HPL started) send a coffe truck just for fun.. but cmon guys.. we all know its not gonna happen.. whatever coffee or food he would give her, he can do it personally, like anytime! he might have been able to do it already on PMYs own "coffee shop" in her house..
  11. Since I'm bored and there is only 1 ep to be air this week (ep 13-14) link, let's do a "scary" game. Who you think will die next in this drama among remarkable characters from KWB & LYJ's side? I don't care abt their enemy's side. So far, Esther and Tae-joon. Who you think who will die next? I fear for Cha Jung Im. I also doubt abt Hiroshi and Nam Ok's survival in the end of this drama. For the leads, I'm most worried abt LYJ. KWB is almost safe because this drama is abt his journey. Fukuda and Miki are not involved in any life-danger activities so far.
  12. Kim Jae Wook in that suit is If I were Deok Mi, I probably will drag him to my house instead gallery And Deok Mi outfit looking great too
  13. LOL Reminded me of this: Still gives me a chuckle every time.
  14. Your appearance brightens my eyes; your smile warms my mood! Happy Wednesday! Choose to smile, choose to be happy
  15. Parasite Red Carpet LSK is sooo handsome Eight minutes standing ovation!
  16. @turtlegirl As usual, thanks for outlining all those great questions and @raziela @greezlybee thanks for the answers! They were very helpful! This drama definitely makes the impossible seem possible ! Even with CM trying to explain to SY that her situation is far different from his as her parents saw her dead and buried her, she still seemed determined to try . They did find her body missing from her coffin so we'll see if they go back later and address that part. I agree with CM though, that it would hard for her parents to accept it. (This reminded of poor Dong Cheol. He clearly saw a dead CM, but now alive again. I would put up a cross and faint too LOL.) Sigh...because HJ is selfish/dumb and as @raziela mentioned above, nothing but trouble . It's a good thing CM has seen her true colors and won't fall for her shenanigans again. However, if she was abused by evil YC, I do feel bad for her though.
  17. You're welcome Unicaunnisansu That ranking for this week. Every week Baidu update the ranking list
  18. Awww.. Just a friendly reminder that it's against soompi policy to quote images, including Instagram posts
  19. Has anyone wondered why they are in the lift at Ryan's home in the same outfit (ending of episode 12)? Wasn't it late at work already then?? They didnt go home? Heh
  20. Fan text messages being read. 1. SHS fan came to signing, has also succeeded in her tests??? 2. I'm a woman; but can I live with KMS face for a while? 3. SHS, my husband likes. (fan gripes) 4. KMS Aegyo request SHS - 'please watch DOL' KMS - 'please watch DOL' (both Aegyo fail, if you asked mee) Questions about what ratings you'd like to see? KMS - said last night's number was a bit high SHS - .... if it's over 5% for tonight she'd be happy KMS starts asking for more viewers (since SHS low-balled it) Host asks about the two of them tit-for-tat romance? SHS - it's the kind of romance not in real life, so there's vicarious gratification thru on-screen romance. Frankly, it's not tit-for-tat but all out violent hitting, so she's 'free of stress' lately KMS - Yes, she hasn't a worry in the world from letting go of all stress (beating him up) KMS: went to Chung-San-Do (Island), a distance away from even Wan-Do (Island) To eat Champ-Pong (spicy noodles) with so much sea food in it. KMS - keeps touching her with his left hand (observation) What do you like to eat? SHS - 떡볶기 , ramen, etc., very spicy hot noodles, but due to drama, have to avoid salty and flour items so lately even a bit makes her unable to tolerate. KMS requested a Infinite Team's song, Nam Hoo-Yeon's song ??? "Hold on Me" Playing now SHS checks her make up and drinks water....
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