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  2. I think it is because ZM is the Princess of Monglia and since two sides are enemies...they can't accept her. That's the main reason...Indeed, they are too stubborn to accept her when they known she wanted to go against her father. If she is not the Princess from the beginning...maybe it would be different. I have to say they are too stubborn too.
  3. Agree , he was so handsome , Also I like him in casual look , hoodies on him was wow @triplem , @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @Sejabin @katakwasabi He dark , sexy , mysterious ..
  4. @gm4queen I was away for a few days hence I could only watch the latest episodes today. In my opinion, NYJ is not just targeting LJJ. Yes, the latter is responsible for the death of the mute couple and their unborn child therefore he knows the true personality of LJJ. But I have the impression that there is more to it because if his true enemy was just LJJ, why didn't he side with MYR and LJI from the start? Notice that he uses their support but he doesn't rely on them entirely. He uses LJH as tool for a bargain, yet he never asked for their support in order to protect Bit Na. No, he lets them in the dark... Furthermore he knows about the future meeting and the importance of the shares. Notice that Seon signed a contract selling his shares from Haeun Hospital and so did the other relatives. Then he asked Oh Jung Hee to change the hospital's legacy: create a just world. That's why in my opinion, his true purpose is to change Taekang Group and Taekang Hospital so that neither LJJ nor LJH nor his mother get the inheritance, especially the hospital. If he gets the shares, then he can become the next CEO. Moreover, if he owns Haeun Hospital... this can change the vote in his favor. Since they are all focused on their own interests and believe that he wants to get revenge, they don't think that NJY has a different purpose. What do you think about this?
  5. Do you guys think all the Wudong's uncles are a bunch of useless hypocrite? Maybe hypocrite is a little harsh to described them. They all acted so ungraceful to WJ after all the things he did for them and Wudong Sect. I know they have there right to be mad at ZM for locking them up at Wan An Temple and also trying to terminated Wudong Sect. But I'm pretty sure ZM didn't mistreated them at Wan An Temple due to WJ and WJ was also able to save Wudong misfortune caused by ZM. Especially the 6th uncle, WJ not only heals his crippled limps and also his young wife live saver. He should be graceful and show a little respect and accept MM cup of tea when WJ ask her to serve tea to them. This is just my opinon.
  6. NCT 127 Japan 1st Full Album ‘Awaken’ Jacket Making #DOYOUNG
  7. GRATI TUESDAY Earlier today, Shinhye posted Kew Garden in her IG. Out of curiosity, I've researched it in youtube and behold...how majestic it is! I felt jealous of Shinhye because she gets to visit this World Heritage but above all, I am grateful. Today I learned this paradise's royal existence. These are the times when I realized...how Shinhye unselfishly share some of her life's best moment to her fans. Her positive, inspiring IG contents had touches millions of hearts and lives more than she could ever imagine. Every single picture, with or without words/ caption, Shinhye spreads love, hope, joy, beauty and wisdom vids credit to owners
  8. Im in the U.S too and still think about WJ and ZM at work...even during break and lunch....
  9. BTS gave fans a look behind-the-scenes of their latest album’s jacket photos! The group released their album “Map of the Soul: Persona” on April 12, and it is now the group’s third album to top the Billboard 200, which ranks the most popular albums in the United States. It also set an all-time sales record on […] The post Watch: BTS Shows How They Created “Map Of The Soul: Persona” Album Photos appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. Shin Ha Kyun shared his thoughts on working with Lee Kwang Soo in the upcoming film “Inseparable Bros.” “Inseparable Bros” is a film based on a true story about two brothers who are not related by blood but grew up together and stayed by each other’s side for 20 years. It tells the story Se […] The post Shin Ha Kyun Expresses Love And Respect For Co-Star Lee Kwang Soo appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. Oh do you mean beside playing basket, he also wearing legging to cover his leg from his ripped jeans? Dont know whether this Amiri Jeans has a built in clothes or he wore a legging inside his jeans. Credit as tagged. Hello sisters
  12. +2 @kokodusYeah, something happened "to" her.
  13. I was thinking the same thing as I was watching this drama. She was fortunate to work with Lee Min Ho, Park So Joon and now Kim Jae-Wook. Park Min Young is a good actress and she is able to bring her A game regardless of the drama or lead actor.
  14. you r not alone, I live in the US too and re watched HSDS every nights and I can't stop thinking about the OTP.
  15. Just dropped here .. I hope everyone is doing well I love shinhye so much that I pray to Lord Jesus to give all the happiness to her. I want her grow tremendously, the whole world should turn to know her. But I want her to focus more on herself , I want her to rest well, there are people who takes advantage of her popularity. She deserves more.. She shines in everything. I hope she will take a long solid break, refreshes herself, yes I badly want her to comeback again. But I want her comeback to be a strong one.. Something huge!!! I don't mind if there is no lead hero..i just want her to be the main role.. Something different!!! I pray that she will grab the right project which will be her biggest comeback till now.. Just love her so much. - from a crazy PSH fan everyone be well until next time
  16. i'm in the US and I'm still think about WJ-MinMin even when I'm at work. hahaha how crazy it is.
  17. There was so much foreshadowing I feared JS was going to die. I’ve also feared since the beginning that SM was responsible for the apartment fire which we’ll see, but the pieces are coming together.
  18. After I got informed that DD will be in EN2, I watched the first season and dang I am so excited for season 2. I fell in love with Arthur, but I can't wait to see DD in this one. I'm so glad it's finished. New to Chinese drama, so how long does it take to film a drama of over 30+ episodes?
  19. that is the usual case as in My Only one and Love till the end But still there are some good elements in the drama, I like the relation between the brothers, and the comic elements are good too.
  20. Episode 9 was tragic, you just CAN'T have a boring 9th episode when there are only 12. Thanks god episode 10 was intense and interesting but I can't believe that next week is the drama finale when there are still a lot of unanswered stuff. Seulgi still doesn't know about KSH, are you serious writers ??? Like I said previously, DHJ should have find out about KSH in episode 5-7, then fight against him for a moment with the police team and then team up (secretly, without the police team knowing) with him to kill or arrest DJH ceo to revenge the killed children. Well that's how I wanted it. Don't want to be the perv one but I really wanted a hot scene(s) between the leads. Both are gorgeous and obviously attracted to each other and we only get that "call when you need me" common bs while cutely grabbing the coat, just no. Come on you're OCN, give me sexual tension. /perv mode off I would give this show a 5/10, maybe 6 if the finale is great. OCN should thanks the leads charisma and acting cause they basically save the whole show. The plot really is interesting but too confusing and most importantly too SLOW. 12 episodes felt really looong, I don't understand people who are begging for 16 episodes on OCN ig and facebook ??
  21. Also..rewatching TYH makes me realise that aside from LDW..YIN also had her influences into the show..having pink everywhere..wardrobe to lappy..and having her ttalgis and flowers...in picnics to cushions..PD nim really allow their influences to be that obvious
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