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  2. Why are the Wednesday episodes like the best of the week? Mother and son's faces at the end was priceless lmao NJ all confident he already signed the agreement smh So they have a loan shark as the third largest shareholder lol I think they called him the Godfather of loan sharks. WTF? But mmkay. The second one is a foreign company. VC finally became useful, but I'm still mad at him. He knew how evil she was. She got rid of a baby so he didnt think she could physically hurt his parents?? Esther might die of a heart attack before Aera or NJ even get the chance to kill her. She was always on the edge. And the fact they are all pretty much telling her to do whatever possible whether she dies or not cracks me up lmao That's the least she can do after all the horrible things she's done. SH cracked me up the way she charged at her outside the kindergarten and straight up asked her if the grandparents were locked up. Then proceeded to drag her literally to her house lmao If by now, they don't know that Esther is the spy lol I did enjoy the evil duo being kicked in the butt so much. Aera's confidence did her in. Well deserved. Now, you just lost $1.2 millions. I guess they are busy with the grandparents and company rescue, but is LSH not asking questions about his parents? At least, how did his mom die? Lol I guess they are leaving it to the grandma cause she was about to tell NJ about LSH dad at least till SH came to claim the necklace lol
  3. 190417 ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant’ Heads to the United States Cable network tvN’s reality cooking program “4 Wheeled Restaurant” heads to the United States for its third season, which premieres on Friday at 11 p.m. The cast of the season features chef Lee Yeon-bok, members of the boy band Shinhwa Eric and Lee Min-woo, entertainer Heo Kyeong-hwan and singer John Park. Eric and Park are new additions to the cast. “We chose the cast based on certain standards,” said producer Lee Woo-hyong. “We wanted them to speak fluent English, have a knack for cooking and work well with others.” Lee briefly mentioned the absence of singer Jung Joon-young, who was cast to be a part of the program. He left while the show was being filmed after he was summoned for questioning by police when he was charged with illegally shooting videos of himself having sex with women without their consent and sharing the files. “There were some edits necessary and it took longer than expected, but despite the inconvenience, we did our best, and we are confident that viewers will enjoy the program.” Luckily for them, Lee Min-woo was able to fill the vacancy without any problem. “Actually, [my appearance] was scheduled a month before the actual shooting,” he said. “Eric texted me so many times to come to the United States and help out, but I really couldn’t reply back because I was already on the plane.” This season, the cast traveled to the United States for two weeks to serve “Korean Soul food” from their food truck under the guidance of chef Lee. “I wonder how jajangmyeon will sell in the West,” the chef says in a clip shown at a press conference held on Tuesday, talking about the favorite black bean noodle dish. “Can jajangmyeon become globally popular?” The chef considers the dish to be just as Korean as it is Chinese. After spending the second season of the show in China, Lee learned that jajangmyeon is seen as a Korean novelty dish there. Although the main menu items on the food truck are Chinese, the group spontaneously added Korean snacks and dishes to draw more customers. For the chef, selling his food in a totally different culture was a new challenge that he was glad to take on. “To see Americans enjoy our food boosted my confidence that the world is ready for Korean-style jajangmyeon,” Lee said. “As viewers will find out, our group’s chemistry and teamwork turned out to be flawless for the job.” Source: Korea Joongang Daily Article by The Korea Times: For the show’s third season, Chinese cuisine chef Lee Yeon-bok, Shinhwa’s Eric, Lee Min-woo, singer John Park and comedian Heo Kyung-hwan headed to Los Angeles and San Francisco to run a food truck that offered “Korean soul foods.” “Many people may wonder why we did not sell Western dishes in the U.S,” Yeon-bok said. “But I wanted to know how Americans would react to so-called ‘Koreanized’ Chinese cuisine that I cook.” He used the term “Koreanized,” since many of his “Chinese” dishes are different from original dishes found in China. He also offered several Korean dishes including “Korean-style hot dogs.” “You might be able to see how Americans enjoy Korean food on our program,” Eric said. “My cooking ability also improved after working with Lee Yeon-bok.” Heo said: “I will appear in the fourth season, too, if the viewership rating hits 7.32 percent.” He was in the second season that featured a food truck in China. “4 Wheeled Restaurant” will premiere at 11 p.m. on Thursday. Source: The Korea Times
  4. Omg so hot , I can feel electricity flying every where ..oh touching hand again , our lion don’t like holding hand isn’t @Lawyerh @Sejabin me & you need to appreciate this long strong slim hands of his
  5. it seems like we are missing pieces in this HSDS and need the fanfics to complete our thirst. This is ever my first time that I have this kind of feeling watching a C-drama.
  6. Are you going to change to Mrs. Gold soon ? :joy: @Sejabin

  7. 190417 Chef Lee Yeon Bok’s IG Update: With Shinhwa’s Eric, Heo Kyung Hwan, John Park Finally Thursday night at 11PM, please expect season 3 of “Will The Locals Eat It?” Source: Fuxtom Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  8. I don't know why I am curious about NJ. There is something attracting me to the villains in dramas these days. They are smart and complicated too. I was watching on KBS WORLD an old episode. When Chan fainted from appendicitis, NJ screamed at Tiffany saying : what did you do to him? Did you threaten that you will kill yourself as you usually did to me in the past? NJ is so strange, he felt sorry for the boy as he reminded him of his childhood. Human nature is so complicated.
  9. Sure. I'll let you know. I'm waiting for the drama with an eagle eye. Haha. I'm glad to be the rep for K-Wing of HSDS fans.
  10. Ahh if only I can read chinese. I feel like i'm waiting all over again. First, it was waiting for the episodes each week and now waiting for possible cut scenes. Gahh
  11. 190417 Shinhwa’s Eric & Minwoo and the cast of #4WheeledRestaurant with a Production Staff Source: dragon_u
  12. @oceluna @akhenaten , oh dear, i share the same fear. After episode 44, i was thinking maybe Lee Tan will make a last effort to kill the King and YJ will die saving him. Hope i was just over-thinking and that they will live happily every after in Ep 43, it was so refreshing to see the King's smiling and happy contented face when YJ was helping him with his robe. Otherwise in this series, he was frowning, crying, worried etc most of the time
  13. I usually read about actors in Wikipedia, what caught my attention about Choi siwoon (My fellow citizens) is the link below. I really respected him very much. He seems a good guy. https://www.christiandaily.com/article/k-pop-band-super-juniors-christian-members-not-ashamed-to-share-their-faith/59552.htm 608
  14. Lee Hyun Jin gave some insight into his character and co-star on “SKY Castle.” On the April 24 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Lee Hyun Jin appeared as a guest and discussed the potential love line between Secretary Jo and Kim Joo Young (played by Kim Seo Hyung). “I think Kim Joo Young and I were the loneliest […] The post “SKY Castle” Actor Lee Hyun Jin Reveals His Thoughts On A Romantic Relationship Between Secretary Jo And Kim Joo Young appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. No worries. I'll read the long fan fic soon enough. I'm always reading it at night... Scenes that I think should be filled - or maybe they were filmed and got cut?? Who knows... 1) After rain scene 2) After departure from Ming Sect right before wedding/after Zhirou attempted fake suicide 3) Kinda feel there should be a scene between Wuji/XX/MinMin 4) After Zhirou's forced confession 5) After Min Min found the captured Shaolin monk 6) Before lantern - dude should really be mourning his wife more. He he. If they don't give us scenes, fan fic to the rescue.
  16. No problem But they added the sub only for about the first 20 minutes Hopefully they will added the rest soon... At least I kind of understand about the "small part" that LSK and SKH joked about. It seemed they were teasing Choi Woo Sik, who said that in Parasite he played a "major role", even Park So Dam teased him too... But I don't know if they were a bit harsh, they were giving him a lesson on humility Although it seemed like an honest mistake, because he was nervous...
  17. I like the drama very much. I am not interested in the romance, I prefer the comedy. I hope it goes on like this. @stroppyse did you see the daughters watching "My only one", while their dad wanted to watch the son in the elections? It was so hilarious I do have a problem these days, I am more curious about the villains . The loan shark is very remarkable. Her acting is exaggerated, so I find myself laughing instead of feeling sorry for the good guys
  18. If you understand Chinese then you can watch the latest raw episode google maplestage and the episodes are there sorry for posting direct links i dont think i am suppose to put links here that are not official
  19. Glad so many fans for HSDS 2019 and welcome everyone a board and share your thought about WJ-MinMin in this version of HSDS. I waiting for that Rain fan fics that missing out. thank you and appreciate your work.
  20. Possible. But I really don't think SM would kill his dad. Writer has been pushing that envelope and seeding the thought into the viewer's mind far too blatantly. I feel like this writer prefers foreshadowing and holds her cards close. Like JiSoo's death. The whole drama has been playing out like a psychometric read...we get pieces of the puzzle and writer Nim is the puppeteer pulling the strings. If SM kills his dad, he would 'become' the monster that everyone (including himself) has attempted to prevent him from becoming. Just like how his mom was devastated (and attempted suicide) when she 'thought' it was SM who ordered the 2 ladies killed. She may well die as well in the final battle. My initial thought was maybe she gets to live but perhaps death would be kinder for her option for her should SM die (and I believe he will pay the ultimate sacrifice - too much foreshadowing for it not to happen). JS's death was the proverbial 'nail in his coffin' (literally). Yes. As LA descends into the abyss and turns into a 'monster' himself, JI has been his anchor. I love the sticky notes scene outside the Police station. Star sticky notes (Little Prince again). How you rearrange the pieces can determine what the word is. She's the one with the level head and mind. Sifting through the evidence (psychometry is non admissible as evidence), actually formulating a case from tangible facts and witness statements so that it can stand in the court of law (Lady Justice is blindfolded for a reason). JI (Scully) steadies LA (Mulder). Bingo. Yes to the dad. Currently it looks like the blood on the jacket was what pinned the arson/murder on JI's dad. To throw reasonable doubt that he was not in possession of it at all when he was in the building could potentially be enough to acquit him. Initially I thought perhaps stalker dad conveniently dropped the jacket outside the apartment after killing the women. The scenes where he headed down the stairs after were of him sans bloody jacket. If you had wanted to pin the arson/murder on someone else (remember the little smile when he walked past a sleeping JI and then he took the jacket and put it on to kill the ladies so he had premeditated the whole framing), would you leave the jacket where it could potentially be burnt to a crisp or waterlogged from fire saving efforts? Probably not. You would want it out of the burning inferno so that Police could use it as evidence. What better way than to hand it to a fleeing resident? With all that smoke it would've been hard to make out who was who and the person would infer logically that the jacket was proffered from the original owner (JI's dad) rather than some random stranger you had never seen before.
  21. April 24, Moon So Ri and Park Hyung Sik, stars of the upcoming film “Juror 8,” appeared on SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.” On the radio show, Moon So Ri talked about her surprising first impression of Park Hyung Sik: “From the first day of filming, he called me noona (what a […] The post Moon So Ri Talks About How Park Hyung Sik Made A Surprising First Impression On Her appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  22. ^^ I’m Thai living in Europe. I saw a friend posted about this show and decided to give it a shot since it’s been forever since I watch Chinese drama. So glad I decided to do so.
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  24. Thanks ildiz, are you our rep for the Korean wing of HSDS fans here? That's awesome! So just to count, we have Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, US and Korea so far- I imagine maybe Malaysia too, perhaps Japan or India? Anyone else want to share? No pressure, just fun fan statistic! I'm guessing mostly Asian, primarily-non-Chinese-language countries since the Taiwan/China fans would be hanging out at tieba instead!
  25. Thanks PutriSing, very kind of you! I love sad and funny as a combination for fanfic. In case you haven't seen it, here is my "long" fanfic (essentially a rework of the full ZM/ZWJ story) "Zhaomin-centric exploration of what I think would should have happened in a universe where the story allows Zhaomin's cleverness, boldness and vision to fully develop. Unabashedly Zhaomin-Wuji (slow burn), with a twist on the usual Soul Marks trope." https://archiveofourown.org/works/18294353 I have to belatedly acknowledge my (anonymous) beta and friend, who keeps me honest to the ideas in the work and keeps my writing coherent, so she's nearly a co-author! I know you mentioned the rain scene before and I'm working on a short one around that! Which "missing scenes" stick out to you? I'm also working on one which includes the Mongolian crown prince although that one is mostly Wuji torture!
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