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  2. 2019.05.25 #Mamonde China Weibo #마몽드 #梦妆 #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ
  3. May 26, 2019 Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” Becomes 1st Korean Film Ever To Win Palme D’Or At Cannes Film Festival Source: Soompi by E. Cha Director Bong Joon Ho’s new movie “Parasite” has just made Korean film history! On May 25 local time, “Parasite” won the prestigious Palme d’Or at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, making it the first Korean film ever to snag the historic film festival’s top prize. According to Cannes jury president Alejandro Inarritu, the nine-person jury’s decision to award “Parasite” the Palme d’Or was “unanimous.” The film, which marks Bong Joon Ho’s second film ever to be featured In Competition at Cannes (his first was the critically-acclaimed 2017 film “Okja”), tells the story of Gi Taek (played by Song Kang Ho) and his family, who are all unemployed. When his eldest son Gi Woo (played by Choi Woo Shik) begins tutoring the daughter of a wealthy man named Park (played by Lee Sun Gyun) and his wife (Jo Yeo Jeong), the two families start to interact in unexpected ways. While accepting the award, Bong Joon Ho remarked, “The film ‘Parasite’ was a surprising risk. The reason that I was able to make this movie was the artists that worked together with me.” He added, “Above all else, I would not have been able to film a single scene without these great actors. Thank you to the actors.” Jury president Alejandro Inarritu later commented, “Cinema must try to raise the global social conscience. We shared the mystery of the unexpected way this film took us through different genres, speaking in a funny, humorous, and tender way of no judgment of something so relevant and urgent and so global.” Congratulations to the film’s cast and crew! Source (1) (2) (3) Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews
  4. Sharing this fan-made clip combining their recent magazine video shoots (separate ones). They really should do another drama together, a modern theme one. U can switch off the on-screen comments by toggling the blue round button just under the video window. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av53521515
  5. Hi @meechuttso and thank you for translation of nail salon IG (too difficult for me ) Seeing the photo that she walked on stage reminds me of this one Sometimes I have a feeling that the height that she told everyone (171.8) is shorter than her real height because she always did stooping. But in this ALML drama, she looks so tall. About the comments, I also found (with delighted) that the rating of this drama in Mydramalist is so high and almost 100% comments praised her acting (and also the drama which I haven't seen much of this all-positive comments from this website) All twitter, facebook, IG are the same, praised her acting that she nailed it just only 4 episodes started. Have a nice SUNday everyone !! If the weather is nice, why don't go out sitting in the park ?, probably you might find angel of yours
  6. seems like all the seats were occupied.. other visitors, Bora, PSJ, Gummy and maybe YSJ.. since he's the MC, he is seated at the corner table. If you would look at the other pictures, all the seats are occupied by other guests. pretty sure PMY would attend if she could but given her schedule, and HPL finale almost here.. she's really busy.. Maybe they would have another reunion dinner to celebrate?
  7. Ok So the show is done, all the loose ends got tied up pretty neatly. Da Hee's case remains the only thing that stood out badly. First, it doesn't make sense for Oh Jin Pyo's character to do something like that. He's all about staying out of unnecessary trouble, and if he really were such a person, then he would have committed other such vile acts before. But the locker of evidence only had this one thing which showed him to be a sexual predator. All his other acts of villainity were related to the school, which is basically all he cares about. I think the writers just wanted to show how parents deal with the possibility that their child might be a rapist, and it was very beautifully portrayed. But I feel that it would have made a lot more sense, if the other three involved in the bullying had somehow scared Da Hee(not actually assaulted her) for making fissures in the friendship between Joon Seok and Seon Ho. They just wanted to finish it up quickly and neatly, by making Oh Jin Pyo out to be the evil incarnate. I'm not saying that he isn't evil, because yes he is(he murdered a living, breathing person). But he's also someone who makes completely business oriented decisions. It doesn't make sense for him to forget all that upon seeing Da Hee. Another thing I didn't like was how Eun Joo gets off scot free. Joon Seok was a kid, he made a mistake. But Eun Joo,...she made an informed, calculated decision in not calling for an ambulance, and instead staging the scene to make it appear like a suicide. She is directly responsible for Seon Ho staying in a coma. It's a drama, so he woke up. But in reality, it is very likely that he would have stayed in the coma forever. She might live in guilt for the rest of her life, and lost all her former standing in society. But she doesn't really get punished, nor does she actually repent. Aside from all that, and being the eternal romantic that I am, I have a feeling that if these characters were real, then there is a very strong possibility for Joon Seok and Soo Ha to end up together, (after they've adults). He needs a no nonsense person like Soo Ha. (I loved the way she'd kneed him) If this were a story, that is. And I think that would be lovely and complicated. Anyone up for writing a fanfic?
  8. Just a random fleeting thought... What if the drama ends not with a wedding but a double art exhibit for Ryan and Deok Mi? And Deok Mi earning herself her own fans? That would be nice.
  9. 886. @sushilicious Haha ya im going to watch with my lunch lol... Surprisingly I still have appetite
  10. Yes, you mean like almost 100% of the comments here http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/angels-last-mission-love-episodes-1-2/ thanks to @immorethant for pointing that one out. Changing topic a bit, look at the noticeable improvement in her physique, too. thru ballet and training. Look at the definition on her back and shoulders! One of the things mentioned in the radio hour that wasn't translated is how she always walked with her shoulders sloped forward to look a bit shorter from self consciousness about her height, then thru ballet she started walking like a dancer (as well she should) and that is clearly what we and everyone notice! But I guess she's not spending as much time doing now (possible plot clue?) and she started stooping again, she noticed. But she said she'll continue doing pilate although not sure about ballet itself becoz it's so darn hard.
  11. Apologies for the anxiety and confusion caused. Just ignore whatever I wrote . I myself not in a sound mind.
  12. @Lawyerh once you reached EP 5 you tell me. Hahahaha. Would love to see your take on this episode 884
  13. Warning: discussion of suicide. Goo Hara was rescued after an alleged suicide attempt. On May 26, YTN reported that Goo Hara attempted suicide in a room on the second floor of her house in Cheongdam neighborhood, Seoul. On the previous night, she posted an image with the word “Goodbye” on her Instagram, leading her manager to […] The post Goo Hara Reported To Be Safe After Alleged Suicide Attempt appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. It seems that he will play only one role - the King, but I'm wondering why he will be still the king in 2020 since the female lead has two different roles in 1995 and 2020. And the King's image will be very perfect on various aspects, that's so LMH. Can't wait !!!!
  15. Wow... where are all the ATEEZ fans at?! This is such a wonderful group. They have debuted now and are very busy. They're having a comeback on June 10th!
  16. speaking in korean to korean visitors winwin: “what would you like to order? just order anything!” visitors: “(laughs) order anything? does everything taste good?” winwin: “everything tastes good!”
  17. the question: who's the person with most narcissism taeyong: i used to not have that sort of thing. in the past i couldn't even look at myself in the mirror at the practice room. but from then on i made efforts and i think i became to love myself step by step
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  19. Actually I'm confused wheres this 'Lee Sol was in coma/amnesia' coming from... She just told him time has passed for some time when she could start finding him. She clearly remembered him before losing consciousness so it couldn't be an amnesia... Not sure about coma..but time is such a flexible concept. She could only be hospitalized for 1 month and went to find him after that.. 1 month is long enough for a missing kid to disappear... (tho yeah, I agree on why didn't she report to police...Maybe she did but it wasn't told in the drama). Just like assumptions that DM was adopted...where does this come from.... Maybe I didn't watch properly
  20. @sushilicious Actually I always laughed too everytime DKW start lecturing the bad guy. I meant we also don't know u chopped ppl or not @Ameera Ali saw u popped up at Angel thread. Cutie right he... Call me.. i will love ur angel gif. I alrd moved on from lion lol. 882
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