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  2. I get to really want to know more about Ji Min after watching Rooftop Prince... sadly 2 of the very talented cast may not be able to come back to the industry. Credit to author
  3. It is so nice to read about all your observations and conclusions about our Pichi Couple This is how a ship sail by before the most awaited revelation. I salute those who can watch either LDW or YIN coupled with other actresses/actors because I'm such a coward towards those kind of things. Though at times, I can't help myself to research a little bit of their pasts but I don't want to dig deeper. For me, Pichi Couple is just incomparable. LDW for me, has the most gentle vibe when he's with YIN. The difference of his actions towards other actresses and towards YIN, I just can't describe it but I feel there were certain differences. Currently, I am rewatching TYH, and yes it still gives off the same feeling like when I watched it for the first time. I have watched numerous dramas and varieties of South Korea and all I can say is that TYH's romance is somewhere near the line of being erotic (pardon for the word ). If only the writers and the production did not limit themselves then we would have witnessed LDW-YIN acting in a naughty matured erotic way (pardon again ).
  4. Found this Dior Video on Baidu https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4365149252091168/4365149307978134
  6. they denied the rumors but we still here, believe that they are real and hoping them to be real , Don't ever lose your hope!
  7. Took me 3-4 episodes to be sure about this drama... AND... I’m in. As in 1) Watch raw version 2) Read recap 3) Check forum (2/3 are interchangeable) 4) Watch subbed version later kinda in PMY is truly one of my faves. Not really familiar with KJW that’s why it took me awhile. They sure are cute together.
  8. I love watching dramas, and I also love to write fan fiction and just little stories. When I entered My favorite university in Canada, I became very interested in writing an essay after watching each drama. I also love to help others and that's why to keep my blog in which I post my work over here so there is a lot of other interesting and useful information. My friends often order small written works from me, but in general, there is a very populous service for students where do their assignments online and at the same time all the works are of very high quality and at a reasonable price.
  9. [N'-89] 재민이의 화보 촬영장ㅣJAEMIN's Photoshoot Behind
  10. This makes it even better. If you and the entire audience is star struck it makes it even easier for Hyunnie to move around unnoticed....lol! I really need to be like Elsa in Frozen and let this sh!t go! Hahahaha!
  11. Chef Baek Jong Won will be joined by APRIL’s Naeun, SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji Won, and comedian Moon Se Yoon for a new tvN variety show. “High School Meal King” (literal translation) is a program in which high school students interested in cooking directly suggest school meal recipes and compete. With Baek Jong Won’s knowledge and experience and the […] The post APRIL’s Naeun, SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji Won, And Moon Se Yoon Join Baek Jong Won’s New Variety Show appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. @epinklyn I don't know how to thank you anymore, for your perseverance and consistence in bringing in all the great pictures of CFY's events, photos and videos! Love you, girl! Arthur is getting more and more handsome, especially in My Best Summer press conference! He looks great in white shirts and that hairstyle really really suits him. Much, much better than those bangs that he seems to like, lol. The rather loose shirt tucked into his skinny jeans accentuates his broad shoulder, and he's a lot taller than the rest of the cast it's too obvious hahahaha! i also LOVE My Best Summer trailer! The vibe is cheerful -- I keep smiling watching it. Arthur is lively in it and his chemistry with He Landou is fantastic! I haven't seen With You, nor read the novel (I hardly read Chinese novels), so I can't tell whose performance is closer to the book. But since many directors take the liberty in interpreting characters. Plus the author was there during the shooting and she seemed quite satisfied, so we'll see. (Does she say anything in her weibo, though?) I can't remember when MBS started shooting -- was it before or after EN? Arthur's acting in MBS (at least judged from the trailer) shows significant progress from Secret Fruit. And I can see the difference between Yu Huai and Ning Que, from the attitude to the way he speaks, and so forth. I'm now convinced that despite his limited training and experience, Arthur has the talent to portray more diverse characters. He does need to improve his line reading, and I'm glad he's getting professional training. His live singing is good too. He seems more confident, less moving LOL. Putting his hands in the pockets is likely his new favorite pose when in public :)))). If I may have one complain, it'll be his interaction with He Landou during the press con. He barely has eye contact with her, it's like they just met before the press con. Could it be because he hadn't seen or been in contact with her and the other cast long before the press con? IIRC he finished shooting MBS ... maybe early last year? Or even in 2017? With Nana and Yiren, he was way more at ease.
  13. I really don't mind the emotional crying scenes, especially angst scenes from WJ mourning for MM. Love seeing him being tortured, that crying scenes when holding the hair pin are beautifully done. I want more..evil smile...
  14. After the drama, Kim Hye Ja still hold close friendship with Han Ji Min. She sent her a food truck to support her current drama. Credit to author Below from https://www.hellokpop.com/fashion/han-ji-min-high-cut-magazine/ ((Skip)) Han Ji Min also opened up about working with her senior, Kim Hye Ja. “She always lived like an actor even when the camera wasn’t on her,” the actress notes. “After the work is done, I like to talk to her as my friend. Talking to her is fun, and there are many things to learn.” (image via High Cut Magazine) ((Full article and click above link))
  15. What's the contact info for the production team? How do we even begin to petition? Because if we have all the concrete information, I'm all for it. Heck, I'm over here holding out my money like, "Here! Take my money!"
  16. We raised a glass in celebration of Park Shinhye, a daughter, entertainer, advocate honored for the impact you have in moving our society forward. Cheers! I cannot wait cheer on what you do next. cr: as tagged
  17. Gong Yoo for Terra. Watch this video till the very end. Gong Yoo for Kanu. He has got the moves! If I lived in Korea, I would drink coffee! Gong Yoo for Bon. It seems like he likes cooking.
  18. We raised a glass in celebration of Park Shinhye, a daughter, entertainer, advocate honored for the impact you have in moving our society forward. Cheers! I cannot wait cheer on what you do next. cr: as tagged
  19. @bLaZe2 Hi (hand-wave)! My personal interpretation is that an open-ended story line for XiaoChun says that she doesn't have "emotional closures" with BZ, mainly, because she doesn't need it and has moved passed the situation with BZ.
  20. On the April 26 episode of “Happy Together,” Yulhee appeared as a guest and talked about her married life with FTISLAND’s Minhwan. The couple has shown their daily lives through the variety show “Mr. House Husband.” Yulhee mentioned living in the same building with her in-laws and shared, “When we were dating, I told Minhwan that if […] The post Yulhee Opens Up About Married Life, First Time She Met Minhwan, And More appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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