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  2. Man his smile during the wedding scene looks so real, It wasn't Lee Young Joon but it was Park Seo Joon!!! And for PMY I can't tell because she's always good at making that deeply in love expression...
  3. Show, didn't I tell you that all I ever wanted was to see Ji Soo safe?! But whyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyy do you have to do that? WHYYYYYY?
  4. Talking about the bite mark. He told MinMin even she don't bite him, he still remember her. MinMin turn around with a smile on her face. He already in BIG trouble fallen for our princess.
  5. Quoted the captions - "And just like that, we're now down to D-3 ! 2 years have passed and still this ship sails. Thanks to our captain and co-captain who never gave us any reason to abandon this ship right from the start of this journey(BTS and d-cut alone filled up our fuel tank) and of course to us shippers whose faith and love for our OTP is unwavering. May the force be with us always! Here are glimpses of namji these past 21 months " credit to the owner
  6. I found another good WJ-MM mv. I love the BGM sound sad and heart breaking, though. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av50172800?from=search&seid=1357471975799772470
  7. You r not alone This is such a distraction, I can't concentrated on my daily life anymore. Every nights I have to re watched WJ-MM scenes and MVs. I even dreamed about the drama. I really don't know how long it's going to take for me to let go and move on to another drama. This is bad, really reallllyyyy bad. Edited: Oh yeah, for TMPB, I was able to moved on after about 1 week. But I was not addicted to the point to stalking a forum like HSDS 19.
  8. Premiere Watch: Nokdu Flower by stroopwafel Nokdu Flower Time slot: Friday & Saturday Broadcaster: SBS Genre: Sageuk Episode count: 48 episodes (35 minute episodes) Reasons to watch: Jo Jung-seok, Yoon Shi-yoon, and Han Ye-ri star in this sageuk that takes place during a turbulent point in Korean history. Set against the real-life 1894 Donghak Rebellion, which was a peasant uprising, the drama tells the story of two brothers who fight on opposite sides of history. Jo and Yoon are half brothers whose fates are defined–and circumscribed–by the circumstances of the births. While both are the children of a nobleman, Jo Jung-seok was born a bastard to a local peasant woman, while Yoon Shi-yoon was born to a noblewoman. When growing tensions and political instability explodes into a full-fledged armed rebellion, Jo takes up arms as a rebellion leader while his younger brother Yoon Shi-yoon’s allegiance lies with the establishment. While the brothers dream of revolution, Han Ye-ri is a local merchant and a steely pragmatist who (seems to) be unwilling to stray outside her lane. An epic story deserves an epic cast, and Nokdu Flower definitely has both. http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/04/premiere-watch-nokdu-flower/
  9. Agreed on everything you said about the OTP, WJ can be himself when he's around MM. She's the only one who can challenged him to the point where he threaten to kill her, (love and hate) definitely not the other three ladies. On WJ-ZR pair, I believe WJ can accept her as a wife, he had developed infatuation with her for 10 years. If he marry her he will try his best to love and protect her for a righteous gentleman he is, keeping his promised. Of course only if she still the same ZR before the GMD and Snake Island incidents. But ZM is still his true love and occasionally he'll look at the bite mark and be miserable.
  10. TWICE visited “Idol Room” for the show’s first anniversary! On the April 23 episode of the variety show, the girl group made a guest appearance after releasing their new song “FANCY.” TWICE opened up the show by performing their hit songs “Cheer Up,” “TT,” and “YES Or YES.” After the performance, MC Jung Hyung Don explained how […] The post Watch: TWICE Celebrates One Year Anniversary Of “Idol Room” With Dance Party appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. It's funny she mentions wanting to be a global endorser now that LSG has become Gong Cha's global endorser lol. And another song recommendation, about lost love. This is definitely being done on purpose lol. 你說藍色是你最愛的顏色 Nǐ shuō lán sè shì nǐ zuì ài de yán sè You say that blue is your favorite color. (Question #1: What is Seung Gi’s favorite color? Blue) LOL! 你說如果沒有愛那又如何 Nǐ shuō rú guǒ méi yǒu ài nà yòu rú hé You say so what if there’s no love. 怎麼了 你怎麼了 Zěn me le nǐ zěn me le What’s wrong? What’s wrong with you? 看過你曾經最燦爛的笑容 Kàn guò nǐ céng jīng zuì càn làn de xiào róng I’ve seen your most dazzling smile before. 看過你緊緊擁抱愛的面孔 Kàn guò nǐ jǐn jǐn yōng bào ài de miàn kǒng I’ve seen your face when you embraced love tightly. 怎麼了 你消失了 Zěn me le nǐ xiāo shī le What’s wrong? You’ve disappeared. 是不是我錯了 搞錯了 Shì bù shì wǒ cuò le gǎo cuò le Did I mess up? Did I make a mistake? 天灰了 雨下著 Tiān huī le yǔ xià zhe The sky has turned grey. Rain is falling. 凝望著 你走了 Níng wàng zhe nǐ zǒu le I’m staring as you leave. 都回不去了 像從前快樂 Dōu huí bù qù le xiàng cóng qián kuài lè We can’t go back to being happy like we were in the past. 怎麼能輕易說要結束 Zěn me néng qīng yì shuō yào jié shù How can we say it’s over so easily? 怎麼會讓你抱著我哭 Zěn me huì ràng nǐ bào zhe wǒ kū How can I let you cry as you embrace me? 太努力的我們最後用力給祝福 Tài nǔ lì de wǒ men zuì hòu yòng lì gěi zhù fú In the end, we, who put in too much effort, are putting in the effort to wish each other well. 怎麼看你笑著 我卻心如刀割 Zěn me kàn nǐ xiào zhe wǒ què xīn rú dāo gē Why does it feel like my heart is being cut out when I see you smile? 原來我們都一樣頑固 Yuán lái wǒ men dōu yī yàng wán gù It turns out that we are both equally stubborn. 怎麼會誰都絕口不提要幸福 Zěn me huì shéi dōu jué kǒu bù tí yào xìng fú How come neither of us is telling the other to be happy? 再也不能牽著你走未來每一步 Zài yě bù néng qiān zhe nǐ zǒu wèi lái měi yī bù I can no longer hold your hand and walk every future step with you. 我們懷念什麼 失去愛那一刻 才曉得 Wǒ men huái niàn shén me shī qù ài nà yī kè cái xiǎo de We only knew what we missed at the moment when we lost love. Repeat 越愛著 越痛著 Yuè ài zhe yuè tòng zhe The more we loved, the more it hurt. 苦笑著 你走了 Kǔ xiào zhe nǐ zǒu le Forcing a smile, you’ve left. 我們約好了 要比我快樂 Wǒ men yuē hǎo le yào bǐ wǒ kuài lè We’ve made a promise. You must be happier than I am. 祝福我最愛的 遇見更愛你的 飛翔著 Zhù fú wǒ zuì ài de yù jiàn gèng ài nǐ de fēi xiáng zhe I wish that the one I love most will meet and soar with someone who loves you even more. 我不想說 你不會懂 Wǒ bù xiǎng shuō nǐ bù huì dǒng I don’t want to say that you wouldn’t understand. 請別可憐我 Qǐng bié kě lián wǒ Please don’t pity me. 受傷的我 究竟需要 一個人 多少年 去度過 Shòu shāng de wǒ jiū jìng xū yào yī gè rén duō shào nián qù dù guò How many years do I, who have been hurt, need to spend alone? 誰說我 一定要 永遠笑著 Shéi shuō wǒ yī dìng yào yǒng yuǎn xiào zhe Who says I need to smile forever? 我不想 Wǒ bù xiǎng I don’t want to. 怎麼能輕易說要結束 Zěn me néng qīng yì shuō yào jié shù How can we say it’s over so easily? 怎麼會讓你抱著我哭 Zěn me huì ràng nǐ bào zhe wǒ kū How can I let you cry as you embrace me? 太努力的我們最後用力給祝福 Tài nǔ lì de wǒ men zuì hòu yòng lì gěi zhù fú In the end, we, who put in too much effort, are putting in the effort to wish each other well. 祝福我最愛的 能永遠飛翔著 Zhù fú wǒ zuì ài de néng yǒng yuǎn fēi xiáng zhe I wish that the one I love most can soar forever. 原來我們都一樣頑固 Yuán lái wǒ men dōu yī yàng wán gù It turns out that we are both equally stubborn. 怎麼會誰都絕口不提要幸福 Zěn me huì shéi dōu jué kǒu bù tí yào xìng fú How come neither of us is telling the other to be happy? 再也不能牽著你走未來每一步 Zài yě bù néng qiān zhe nǐ zǒu wèi lái měi yī bù I can no longer hold your hand and walk every future step with you. 我們懷念什麼 失去愛那一刻 才曉得 Wǒ men huái niàn shén me shī qù ài nà yī kè cái xiǎo de We only knew what we missed at the moment when we lost love. If I were to give them both a message, this would be it: Grow up, stop wasting time, and embrace yourselves. Why are they acting like kids lol.
  12. I thought I was annoying but if you do these you would worse than I thought
  13. 190423 NCT DREAM VLIVE https://www.vlive.tv/video/125157 190423 NCTsmtown_DREAM Twitter Update
  14. it bad if you don't watch so you can be here with all of us who in the same situation. But I would still watch it even I know the outcome. The waiting of each week for Wednesday for our couple to appear and come here to chat with great Fans of WJ-MinMin lover. Now we just hope that we can watch again with TVB's version with uncut scenes.
  15. The boys exclaiming WHOA!! So impressed by YIN’s coolness!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BwmvxE7nMRXKNIywU1N7mxE7ZT57_xFVXN7R0c0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=7ocvvq42l55v Still giving off KJR vibes!! Even the office setting!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BwleEwuHlXZ/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=184agmqb8d2fz
  16. Han Ji Hye And Lee Sang Woo In Talks To Reunite For Weekend Drama by C. Hong Han Ji Hye and Lee Sang Woo might be reuniting for another weekend drama! On April 23, a source reported that Lee Sang Woo had received a casting offer for the upcoming MBC weekend drama “Golden Garden” (literal translation). He was reportedly cast in the lead role, Cha Pil Seung, a police detective with a traumatic past. At the same time, Han Ji Hye’s name had been floated for the role of the female lead, Eun Dong Joo. Lee Sang Woo and Han Ji Hye had previously worked together on the KBS weekend drama “Marry Me Now,” which wrapped up last September. Later on April 23, a source from MBC stated that Han Ji Hye and Lee Sang Woo were both positively reviewing their offers. “Golden Garden” tells the story of four people who have lived totally different lives from one another but get involved in each other’s lives due to an incident. Written by Park Hyun Joo and directed by Lee Dae Young, it is expected to premiere sometime in July. https://www.soompi.com/article/1319629wpp/han-ji-hye-and-lee-sang-woo-in-talks-to-reunite-for-weekend-drama
  17. Is it bad that sometime I wish I hadn’t watch this as to not be in this situation now? Go go to bed thinking about it and wake up thinking about it. None of the other versions ever did me like this. Even my favorite ten miles peach blossom or nirvana in fire didn’t make me react like this.
  18. Today
  19. They should've brought the new girl and guy to vie for NJ's and SJ's affections earlier. They were wasting their time with fluff anyways, might as well try making that into a plot point.
  20. I just knew that you`ll love the scenes. The writer did a good job. She knows when to make cute scenes and when they had to be serious. From someone who doesn`t like noona romance much, It is a big compliment. I didn`t worry much because Soyeon made a succesful couple with Sung Joon, who was ten years younger as well. For the bigger part, the writer can make a couple to work on screen. I love more how this writer constructed the characters in this drama. Hope she will continue to give them a proper story till the end. Tae Joo is a good man and he will have to pass the maturity test when he will face hardship. I will feel sorry for him when Mi ri will reject him because of her own feelings but I wish he will give her the time to process all, to give her time to heal. So far he proved that he is very perceptive, he feels empathy. He can be torn between his feelings (family vs love) but he should take the right decision. He should be patience and be a strong support for Mi Ri. I expect Mi ri to think about Tae Joo`s situation as well, to want to leave quickly the vicious circle of self-pity. I want her to have compasion for herself too, to open up to others. If she will want to break away from him compleatly, I will support her decision but I doubt it is going to happen. I don`t know what the writer prepared for us. But I want something mature, a gradual healing for both of them. I am a little nervious and asked myself if the writer is capable to give me what I want. I want to trust her compleatly. We`ll see. This was what everyone thought about it but we still don`t know for sure. Korean honorifics are complicated. I heard the younger brother of Sun ja using "hyung nim" as well a few times. No matter her reasons , she did abandon her daughter and never looked back after so many years. I want to know more about her past. Even if it was just a selfish decision (to do something for herself, for her career, for her life), Mi Ri needs this conversation. She has to know the whole truth. In Sook said that Sun ja and Seung yeon must remain the way they are now (to not appear in her life) because it is the best for all. Why? I don`t see right now why it is best for Mi ri and Sun ja. No matter what happened in the past, In sook has to protect her daughter for now on if she will find out the truth about her identity. She could redeem herself in my eyes if she will do everything in her power to make Mi Ri`s life better, even from afar. She should be her top priority.
  21. Chapter 894 Fortunately, he saw Sangsang’s face at the critical moment. The young and familiar face placed some genuine peace in him. He kissed and thus survived the romantic yet brutal nightmare. He woke up to find himself still lying on the freezing rock bed, soaked with sweat. He realized that the dream was actually a battle between their consciousnesses. He panicked at the thought that he had almost surrendered. By holding his fists tightly and stretching the muscles on his arms, he felt another wave of fierce pain and discomfort. It confirmed his dream. He was again tortured by slow slicing. Poor NQ he can only survive on the thought of his SS. He Mingchi disagreed. “That’s your perception, not mine. I am indeed jealous because I don’t understand why Haotian didn’t kill you.” Ning Que found the disappointment and devoutness deep down his gentle eyes and caught some subtle sentiment. “You are way too inferior to understand this.” He Mingchi continued, “I followed Haotian’s shadow everywhere in Chang’an and destroyed the God-Stunning Array upon her call. I am the closest human being to her in this world.” Ning Que disapproved. “No one is closer to her than I am.” He Mingchi consented. “Yes. And that’s why I’m jealous of you.” NQ is so cocky but he is right no one is closer to her than him. CHAPTER 896 Is that Sangsang? Xiaocao stood up and stared at that figure. She wanted to call her but did not dare to. It did not matter if she was the master of the Divine Hall of Light or some other high-ranking figure in the Divine Halls of West Hill because she was no long her former friend who was of no significance. “I grant you immortality.” An awe-inspiring voice resounded in the Divine Hall of Light....... In her original plan, Chen Pipi, Tang Xiaotang, and Xiaocao would have been burnt in the holy flame. Then most of her connections to the human world would have been severed. However, Ning Que showed up and he proved to her through the Tianqi that it would be impossible to cut her connections to the human world. Then she decided to use a different approach. Her connections to the human world was affection, so she wanted pay them back with life. She granted Xiaocao with immortality and spared Chen Pipi and Tang Xiaotang’s life. She thought she could have severed her bond to the human world this way. So Haotian still thinks she can cut her bond to the human world. Their battle in his dreams continued. He could not tell how long he had stayed in the cell. Outside the rock window, there were fewer autumn leaves falling. When he saw several snowflakes, he knew that winter had come. Neither of them surrendered or won. Ning Que watched the falling snowflakes outside the rock window and realized that he was tortured less frequently these days. He frowned and wondered why..... What troubled him most or made him vigilant was that Sangsang could not find a way to cut her bond to the human world yet she still seemed so calm and confident in his dreams. Why was that?... However, Sangsang did not punish them. Instead, she looked at the hidden moon and asked, “People call it a lunar period. Do you find it interesting or annoying?” Light snowflakes fell on the terrace. She frowned to somewhere down the cliff, and put her hand slowly on her under abdomen Why did she do that is she already pregnant? So did she get pregnant as SS or as Haotian SS? Do you guys know? @UnniSarah @Snow Guardian ?
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