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  2. Hi @briseis, thank you so much for your info. I've read many articles about this rating survey but still curious because it's true that the cable requires subscription and it's was always used as an explanation of fewer rating. But we also see the cable drama that got very high rating in one time slot and then the next day's drama on another time slot got low rating again, so I just want to know in detail of how is it possible that the subscriber can increase or decrease suddenly over the night. Is it because audience can subscribe and cancel at anytime ? Is the process of subscribe/cancle can be done easily ? Because in my country if you subscibe for a cable then it take time to install boxset and it requires to subscribe at least 3 months. It's not like Netflix streaming that you can subscribe and cancel at any time. Because for me I think if some cable drama can actually have 20% rating the it should mean that this amount of audiences shouldn't have problem to subscribe and the cable have potential to have this level of audience , and if a drama got low rating then should it be considered that those same amount of existing subscriber are just not interested to watch this drama ? rather than the reason that they just can't subscribe (which made me curious). Anyway, sorry for bring this distracted subject, I think this thread is about ALML drama, so I should post Dan-Yeon couple pics.
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  4. THE REBELLIOUS ANGEL Dan serves as a nice counterbalance to Yeon Seo, some would even go as far as to say that he is her direct opposite and decribe him as pure and innocent; however, that is not really true. He’s been a huge mystery and not only his past but his entire personality. From the very beginning, he’s been portrayed as somewhat of a rebel and troublemaker, being admonished by his superior for constantly meddling with human life. He definitely isn’t a tranquil, even-tempered celestial being as one would expect of an angel, instead he has trouble following rules and is unable to stand and watch when injustice takes place. Through his actions, though seemingly insignificant, Dan keeps changing the fate of humans. He has the need to help people and change their fate and that’s something inherently human as humankind has always struggled to fight the inevitability of fate as seen in the Greek mythology, for example. He keeps finding ways how to punish people which is definitely very unangelic-like. There is also the fact that he’s actually attached to Earth judging from his tearful goodbye on the rooftop. What I found extremely poignant is that fact that Dan doesn’t start to follow Yeon Seo because of their past connections or because his heart reacts to her, but because HE IS CURIOUS ABOUT HER. He is attracted to her without knowing anything about her. This new fate between them is his own choice. If he weren’t curious about her and didn’t follow her, he would never have needed to save her on that night. And have can you care about someone without being curious about that person first? Curiosity is purely human emotions - it’s what got Adam and Eve banished from paradise and, in the end, it’s also the reason why the doors to paradise closed to Dan which is another incredible visual symbolism. He might rant about YS’s rudeness and coldness, but the truth is that when he first saw her he saw the real her beyond the facade of steel and ice - he saw her fighting spirit as she stood up to the bullies in the park just as he saw her sadness and tragedy while she was contemplating another suicide attempt on the bridge. He was ready to meddle with human fate once again and help her against those men. He spent his last day on Earth following this woman who caught his attention and fascinated him. He risked his existence to save that woman. I think he even could relate to her and saw a part of himself as she fought those men in the park. Dan and YS are much more similar than it first seemed. Even when they clash it’s fire meeting fire, not ice.
  5. KBS 2TV’s “Mother of Mine” enjoyed a significant ratings boost for its latest episode! According to Nielsen Korea, the May 26 broadcast of the popular weekend drama scored average ratings of 25.9 percent and 32.5 percent nationwide, marking a considerable increase in viewership from the night before. Spoiler On the latest installment of the drama, […] The post Hong Jong Hyun And Kim So Yeon’s Romance Overcomes Hurdle On “Mother Of Mine,” Boosting Ratings appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. Sigh... i’m still hoping for some bts. Even in my holiday i’m still refresh tvn drama utube page hopinh for a new clips of our OTP
  7. It's crazy but have been replaying the bts...but it's really funny how they bounce ideas off each other and create such a lovely work atmosphere. And that laugh.... I really hope they get paired together in another drama... both are notoriously private so when they disappear off the screen ... they realty go offgrid...
  8. will they break up at next episode? I hope MR remember TJ has something to tell after her return and demand the explaination. And I hope MR tell clearly why they should break up. It is not because TJ is a heir (or got promoted higher than her) but because IS is her mother. on the preview, TJ will leave the officetel? where MR will go? I can't wait for the next episode. I can't guess what will happen next. IS is sly to make announcement when MR away, so TJ can't reach her. How far will she make her daughter suffer . the chairman is just opportunist.
  9. 974 @LawyerhMine too, finally a drama that is up my alley. I can also see a few similarities to SLA. The OST is not on YouTube yet, but I will buy the OST like I did with Fairy and Signal. Good OST deserve it. The couple is cute, but honestly I loved the spirit among the sisters. It could be my final resting drama, like Mother. That said, this will be my last post on this thread.
  10. Berry Good’s Taeha has announced that she will be leaving the group and the agency. Taeha took to her personal Instagram account on May 27 to make the announcement which reads as follows: Dear fans. This is leader Taeha from Berry Good and I would like to share some news with you. First, Berry Good […] The post Berry Good’s Leader Taeha Announces Departure From Group And Agency appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. I hate weekdays but i need my wed and thurs come fast lol. Nice smiles Han Ji Min And Jung Hae In’s Smiles And Dedication Bring Warmth To Set Of “One Spring Night” May 26, 2019 by J. Lim MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “One Spring Night” has released new behind-the-scenes moments of Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In. “Spring Night” is a romantic drama that tells the story of Lee Jung In (played by Han Ji Min), who is faltering in front of reality as she faces a sense of weariness with her long-time relationship, and Yoo Ji Ho (played by Jung Hae In), who enters her life unexpectedly and is direct with his emotions. The photos show Han Ji Min with a warm smile on her face, exuding her lovely charms as she holds a flower in her hand and gazes at the camera with warmth in her eyes. Even when she’s not staring at the camera, her smile doesn’t fail to light up the space she’s in. Other photos show Jung Hae In also smiling brightly, once on the basketball court and another time as he poses with child actor Ha Yi Ahn, who plays Yoo Eun Woo in the drama. Both Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In are said to be bringing more energy to the set of the drama with their dedication towards creating the best versions of their characters. “One Spring Night” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. KST.
  12. Sorry Sunnies,, I saw an epreview of Koo's new novel and tried to, at least, translate some of it,,, but could not continue. It was in yes24 sorry, I could not continue...
  13. this song chorus fit perfectly for our Sominie <3 '' Beautiful, crazy, she can't help but amaze me The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances And wears her heart on her sleeve Yeah, she's crazy but her crazy's beautiful to me She's unpredictable, unforgettable It's unusual, unbelievable How I'm such a fool, yeah I'm such a fool for her '' can make it from KJK to JSM because why not? we love crazy side of somin the unpredictable <3 imagine if kjk singing this maigaddd
  14. Welcome @payal patel!! Welcome. New born or old....you've come to the right place. Regarding that life size standee, I wish I could have one, too. Gotta save up for that.. But I WILL GET ONE! Trying to keep a healthy savings fund just for WookStuff, and I know that there will be some DVDs of something soon, right? Is Amazon where you are? And have you checked to see if they have this wonderful toy? I hope you are successful finding it. Other internet sellers may have something like this, too. I haven't checked EBay; there are probably many other sites out there..... I'm still reeling from all the good things coming out of Ji Chang Wook Land, but I did take some time to play with a new format for a GIF. Things are slow-going so I am sticking with the VLive scenes for now. Please enjoy:
  15. Reading this article below about jk hyung makes me so touched and sad for him. Really hope he finds that special someone soon. Hoping that special someone could be jihyo noona. Kim Jong Kook Opens Up About A Former Girlfriend He Wanted To Marry On the latest episode of “My Ugly Duckling,” Kim Jong Kook spoke nostalgically about a past romance. During the May 26 broadcast of the SBS reality show, Kim Jong Kook ended up chatting with one of his friends about relationships while taking a drive together. “What I remember from my breakups… I think I’ve always worked out after breaking up,” the singer said with a laugh. “One time, I went through a breakup late at night, and while listening to the music that I was preparing for my album at the time, I ran up and down the stairs like crazy. I kept running up and down the stairs. After the breakup came the stairs.” Kim Jong Kook went on to muse, “In love, it’s always the person who’s more in love that suffers.” The singer then opened up about a past girlfriend whom he had hoped to marry, revealing that he hadn’t been able to find another woman that made him feel the same way since. “With the woman that I wanted to marry,” recalled Kim Jong Kook, “I had the thought: ‘If I get to marry this woman, I think I’d be so moved that I’d shed tears.’ But since then, no matter whom I imagine myself marrying, I find myself thinking, ‘Would I be that moved by marrying [this person]?’ There hasn’t been anyone like that since.” With a heavy sigh, he added, “I need to meet a good person.” Cr soompi
  16. 972. @Dhakra the drama will be on top of my list now. The OST is gorgeous i agree. But i think not in youtube yet. Surprisingly i like it better than any other popular romance drama that running now. I love the couple too.
  17. It's strange why Miki sticking to him and getting spanked in every 3 days. It can’t be that she likes being whipped. Maybe she loves being spoiled by him and enjoying the power for staying with him at the same time. She might have something under her sleeves. We shall see…
  18. Lee Sang Yeob ended up suffering some unexpected collateral damage on the latest episode of “Running Man”! The frequent “Running Man” guest appeared together with actress Im Soo Hyang on the May 26 broadcast of the SBS variety show, where they faced off against each other on separate teams. The eight cast members also split […] The post Jun So Min And Im Soo Hyang Inadvertently Hurt Lee Sang Yeob’s Feelings On “Running Man” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. Wow she turned on Fengjiu real quick hahaha She's so ridiculously cute Makes me wonder even more what voice they're using for Fengjiu's voice-over Also if this is her cute voice I wonder what FJ's serious/more mature voice will sound like
  20. I'm just rewatching episode 6 and I love Cha Min's relationship with his Nanny/Auntie (not sure what the correct translation is). It's so cute and she is so adorable especially when they had their little fist bump and then he gave her a big hug because he was so excited to be eating yummy homemade food again
  21. 【Interview 】2019.05.26 #Mamonde Event in Shanghai China #마몽드 #梦妆 #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ (cr : Ariusuevi https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4375846930261714 …) https://m.iqiyi.com/v_19rsk2khz8.html …
  22. Sonia Rykiel organic wool belted jacket – 1,520 USD @ODJ2016 I highly doubt he could do it. He couldn't even kill the guy that went to see his future wife.
  23. I am not very familiar with Lee Tae Ri... will he be a strong enough actor to be the villain? When did DKW choked him? I don't remember... unless it is in V2 which I haven't watched all... Gosh we're being obsessed with ears now, just like Kousuke
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