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  2. 190419 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update "After falling asleep before 9 yesterday, this morning I woke up remembering that we were on @GMA and @StrahanAndSara What a crazy day yesterday was, and I cant wait to debut our new album. -Johnny"
  3. @Lawyerh That was a night to remember Poor honey But nothing can top woof woof episode for me , even the guys couldn’t keep straight face
  4. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4292561788943393
  5. Funny enough. I think he will. Bobby already started his cleansing process. I bet sooner or later, Hwang will wash his sins too. By removing Kang. Because Hwang & Bobby isn’t really that bad. At lease their morales are still there.
  6. CEO Lee Moon Ho of the Seoul club Burning Sun, who is suspected of drug use and dealing, has been arrested. On April 19, a warrant for Lee Moon Ho’s arrest was issued by Lim Min Sung, the head judge in charge of warrants at the the Seoul Central District Court. Lee Moon Ho is suspected of a […] The post Arrest Warrant Issued For Burning Sun CEO Lee Moon Ho On Drug-Related Suspicions; Warrant Request Dismissed For Employee Anna appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. Very interesting that this drama turned out to be about: salvation, redemption, and believing in the inherent goodness of people. And, Father Lee was a perfect example of a person who lived by those beliefs. Very appropriate, and rather brilliant, that the drama ends on Easter weekend when Christ died and rose again. Metaphorically, it is possible for anyone to do the same. We've seen Hwang reporting to someone higher up with details of what was happening. Any bets on whether or not Hwang will, ultimately, "see the light" and "spill the beans" on the higher up?
  8. PSJ with Simba all the time, PMY with Leon all the time when at home.. he's cute when he said he " I do a mask pack"... sooo. who helps you with you mask pack PSJ?? because we know someone who does it too.. like maybe 3 times a day!
  9. LOL I've always been obsessed with good dramas/characters or dramas/characters since I was really young... and I am 36 now ahaha! You're not alone!
  10. @mrsj3n at one point I was the wannabe chow Yun fat too! I messed up my own gif. Well... forgot to cut away the last part lolll
  11. 181007 Shinhwa 20th Anniversary Concert, Heart Tour in Seoul - Dongwan fancam/fanpic. Link: shinhwarm
  12. I was about to say don’t be too negative before it airs but then again I just remembered I tend to do the same. Sometimes you get sense out of the teasers and you don’t feel like watching ... Though I loved the first teaser that’s why I’m kinda nervous about the second.
  13. I'm glad we are normal too. I'm half chinese/viet i can understand both mandarin/cantonese but I found the dub isn't as good as mandarin. But i'll watch the cantonese also just to see if there any uncut scene that i can pick up. Love all your post Lauren. I still can't find a way to download this on youtube.
  14. Even if they are not 100% accurate ... you still get a sense out of it. You get to know about their personality. Their fun side. If there’s any. (Say for an example ... Dam Bi & SH during the sit/up quiz in Village Survival ... they used to get really quiet during personal questions but you would get answers even out of that ...made you curious like hell. You can chose to be mum but it’s impossible to avoid.) In the end it’s all for fun though. .And it’s not just that ... I feel it’s time for Hae Sun to socialize more with other actors/colleagues ... widen her circle ... somebody needs to push her to be more active on Insta as well!
  15. @mrsj3n lol me plastic bag and bushman. Triplem also become fatty guy for a while muahahaha. Ameera also become yellow dog.. iconic scene. I laugh the loudest on that part in the whole FP series
  16. Four episodes only and 25 pages already! The last time I noticed something like this was Hwarang. There were a dozen or so young good looking faces. Well this guy is good looking too but I saw him as a priest in The guest. I cannot get that picture out of my mind. This actress is so lucky, she was in secretary Kim with a great looking guy too. I have to leave and get that priest image out of my head. Meanwhile anyone who feels like recapping gets my eternal gratitude.
  17. Article in Weibo about low ratings for TYH and HPL. https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/66830933.html?weibo_id=4362921901840262 As discussed here recently, HPL has limited audience - for the young fangirls who prefer watching online so, it will not count as ratings. Love story drama itself is limited mostly for female audience and having sub genre romcom - fangirling topic makes the drama audience more limited. Family dramas that are relatable to all ages are the ones which usually become blockbuster. While WWWSK is a romcom lovestory, it has family drama story too. I still remember the discussion here in this thread before when WWWSK ratings dropped after the kidnapping issue has been resolved. Probably because the male viewers interested only on the suspense part had stopped watching.
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