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  2. @triplem I kinda expected something is wrong lol. Cause I’m a psychometric too. Jk. I just have a feeling that you are upset. Cause typically you are not emo lol. but it’s okay. You can do this you love this drama. This drama will love you back. It’s a setback. But! I believe it will lead to a good ending trust the writers lol. 920
  3. Thank you so much! I can hardly find any English news on them nor can I read Korean. I'm sad a lot got edited out on RM. I think there was a scene where JSM actually fed KJS (shown in trailer but not in the epside - if my memory serves me right). The fact that KJS came out on a variety for her is so sweet of him although they could have texted. He did mentioned he keep telling them he wanted to go on RM. Also, im not sure if JSM mentioned that he didn't reply her messages during or after filming (its likely after) but remember how KJS went miaed for almost a month that even his stylist was worried? I think perhaps he disappeared into seclusion and didn't respond to anyone. I could be wrong though.. If anything, RM made people ship them harder than rather deflecting any dating rumours. Maybe he's really interested in JSM and wanted to respond to her publicly (else itd be weird if they seriously date later). On the kissing part, i think KJS and JSM just love making their friends feel uncomfortable I'll be sure to watch the next ep of ugly duckling~ I'll be sad if they are both platonic. I think its because KJS assumed Somin likes Sang Yeob so he didn't try to 'go further' into trying to be a couple. He also mentioned his heart fluttered for her with the small things she did but thought she 'pushed him away' cause she plays it cool. I really hope KJS will get married soon and have one of those lil chubs hes so sweet with. But even couples usually are like best friends and he even had a lot of head patting moments and contact moments so I won't rule that out for them xD.. I have hopes because JSM mentioned a fortune teller said she might get married within this 3 years. She described the man to be - earns $ by talking, family is well-off but he's down to earth and doesn't show it (who else fits this other than KJS in her life now?) And RS need time to 'build' before they can get married too.. so JSM better be snagging a guy within a year to a year and a half! I'm lowkey expecting them to pull out a SongSong couple tbh.
  4. OMg they're so cute! My babies! They seriously need to be in another drama.
  5. Loving the new trailer! The plot looks so fun and like @lightbringer06 said PBY and AHS chemistry is looking delicious
  6. I am ultra sad ....so disappointed with TVN tonight spoiler for PsychoM 918
  7. Misa sauce 33 11 minutes ago from iPhone client  Lee Jong-suk Chung Shuo coffee shop - on the second floor coffee ~ put a meal on the first floor of the songs are quite nice ~L Misa sauce microblogging video 33
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  9. If ppc truly real couple off course nothing happen..because pmy really loyal to her lover..once she being in love she will give her everything..i didn't say kjw will married or fall in love pmy..just interested..having interested in someone it normal..and it doesn't mean love..i know pmy not like someone will fall in love easily..it take time to her..she will observe for along time..that why i have some believe ppc are real cause they know each other for along time event before psj famous..so maybe they are observe each for along time already..got close 2017 and get more more close in 2018
  10. Suk_Jacky 今天 19:16 from Android  Lee Jong-suk  Lee Jong-suk we wait for you # Lee Jong-suk homemade cell phone wallpaper # little slightly ™ wallpaper update a few days but there is little miss ™ wallpaper you today with the first view of the way I do want to have like a small witch and support
  11. @Ameera Ali wait till you see big buns in wonderful ghost and you go ohhhhh NASA Big Buns @triplem I saw him! He is a judo trainer or trainee I think then afterwards I watched my television to see Kang...That bad guy...*grunts*. Hate him lol. Then like I said before I see scar face on Shameless lol. Like every drama I watched FP members are there. FP doesn’t want me to let go lol 916
  12. I interpreted it as SM's father seeing himself as the little prince and the mother as his rose as she is the only person he has feelings for. So he is now punishing SM (who he blames for taking away and hiding his "rose") by destroying/killing all people SM cares for aka SM's three flowers (like he told JI when he tried to drown her).
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  14. https://twitter.com/GJWiJu/status/1117082876963479552 https://twitter.com/pcy_berry/status/1086981120913137664
  15. .. why every thing reminds me of FP even stalk my next door and take picture at theirs - lucky them theirs is pink -2 * thanks @nohamahamoud2002 For sharing good news
  16. Heard that it’s suppperrrr violent....as you know...I’m super clean when it comes to violence PG sushi in the house 916
  17. WAIT WHAT?? SM burned down the apartment complex? Okay I definitely need subs NOW but remember it's not about what the eyes see but what the heart sees.....so maybe they are tricking us somehow ???
  18. CTFU at NJ hightailing out of there when the results were out lol And grandma has the audacity to now look for LSH? No, ma'am, why don't you keep Nam Joonah with you since you were ready to move in with him? Flip flopping grandparents he doesn't need. And in the preview, NJ is in the house. What lies are they gonna try to pull again? Smh The mole was the dude with the glasses, not the other guy it seems. He's cancelled for life. He always looked like a weasel.
  19. jongsuk-push 4月8日 10:59 from Lee Jong-suk Original Android  Lee Jong-suk in this life is very short must be brave run to you like people @ Lee Jong-suk L jongsuk the Push-video microblogging
  20. 914 @triplemYou missed a great series then.
  21. The Fact Music Awards (TMA) has unveiled the list of celebrities who will be acting as award presenters. On April 22, the organizing committee for TMA stated, “Park Hae Jin, Han Chae Young, Lee Young Ja, Kim Joon Hyun, Kim Hyung Suk, Kim Yi Na, Tony Ahn, Bae Yoon Jung, Park So Hyun, Park Ki Woong, […] The post The Fact Music Awards Confirms Diverse Lineup Of Award Presenters appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  22. @triplem so I came to a conclusion as to why I love male bangs....the bangs look so soft. (Like I can just violently rub the hair kind of soft and then it would go all messy) Anyways. Anyone watched this? I see food I click lol 912
  23. ANYWAY.. I think more people loves PMY! and since they are already adults.. if she and PSJ ever decided to admit publicly, fans would be more accepting (i hope).. and it depends on how the man will handle the hate (if ever there's any). because lets be honest.. PmY's ex.. was not able to handle it and protect her from those. PSJ have said repeatedly on interviews.. that he would always protect the person he loves in any way he can.
  24. JI and An meet Nam at the station. Fill him in on whatever it is that is going on with SM and his mother and the bad guy and all that.... Okay, finally JI goes into the interrogation room with his mother. Mom looks nervous and afraid. JI pushes some files in front of her. An watches her hands which are shaking (mom's hands, that is). Mom starts talking. JI is very calm and collected while asking questions. Mom appears to be telling a story, I wish I could understand what it is! Appears mom got a call from bad guy while she was at home and he was at the nursing home place. Sorry I have no idea....she must be explaining what happened the night he committed those murders and set fire to the nursing home place....An seems to be putting the pieces together too. Now JI is asking about Kim Gab guy. She's explaining about him too. Flashback to her in a car with the Gab guy. He dropped her off at the nursing home place that night....She goes to check on her patients but sees blood dripping --- they're already dead. So bad guy lured her there but he had already killed them. Then bad guy came to take her and set fire to the building. Bad guy grabs her and drugs her so she passes out. But what happened with this KIm Gab guy later on?? Oops I zoned out trying to think what could've happened. Quick cut to bad guy who has escaped somewhere, trying to clean off his wound. Back to mom leaving the interrogation room. She slips and An catches her fall and sees a flashback of her and the bad guy again at the nursing home I think. Lots of flashbacks. An starts frantically questioning the mom who is startled and pulls away. Cut back to bad guy, entering his lair, and there is SM standing there again. What now? Face off round 2. OMO!!! SM has set a trap --- he catches the bad guy in ankle shackles! Is he gonna torture the bad guy??? Episode ends. When are they gonna release this other OST by the way? I need it in my life. Preview --- More investigating, searching for answers --- just An and JI left now --- no more JS!!!! <cries> So was JS kind of like the rose in the story of the little prince? I mean since she carried around the flower necklace and bad guy placed a flower on the railroad tracks to symbolize her? I think I missed the greek mythology reference to the flower.... I still feel like SM is going to die too, or just "disappear into thin air" / vanish....I feel this even more so now that JS is gone. <sigh>
  25. I just wanna post this reel to real couple just to compare things happen to pichi couple.. do u find their similarities? And i really really happy if pichi couple can be as sweet as this couple after married.. P.s: when this couple attend award show (i forgot what tv station), ajh unconciously want to hold ghs's hand.. but she refuse his hand and held his arm instead.. she was more cautios than him bcoz that time they announce their relationship yet.. I think "live" event like tyh kakao live chat can give more real evidence between them rather than bts..
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