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  2. Oh ya! I also heard it when i rewatched goblin...interesting..fate
  3. I laugh all the time, but judging objectively, the first season was much better! And yes, I looked 8 ep. Now I can say with confidence that this season I love most of all Nuna and KB. The most touching couple. And KB has such a wave of tenderness in me, all the time I want to hug him and press him to my chest.
  4. No offense to this drama and its supporters..but im biased already whether the drunken state falling scene' or the 'trip and OJS falls into KJR's embrace along the alley'...they are to me the most natural..again..my own bias
  5. It may even be. The headmistress was freaking out that her daughter was a fan ... So it turns out later that Cindy became so because mother spent little time with her.
  6. The April 20 episode of KBS’s “Immortal Songs” was set in Japan as part of the show’s 400th episode special. Covering the songs of Kim Yeon Ja, singers BEN, PENTAGON, Min Woo Hyuk, Jung Dong Ha, IZ*ONE, and Son Seung Yeon appeared as guest performers. IZ*ONE covered the well-known song “Amor Fati,” combining the genres of […] The post Watch: IZ*ONE Performs “Amor Fati” In Special “Immortal Songs” Episode Set In Japan appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. They should tell us their T Shirts group , I wouldn’t mind spend £ 2 on cheap one * for everyone one
  8. 7 K-Dramas About North And South Korea To Binge-Watch Now City Hunter (2011) Betrayal, politics, spies, and a forbidden romance. City Hunter checks all of these with its complicated but thrilling plot that will keep you hooked until the last episode. Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) is a Blue House employee secretly trained by his foster father to exact revenge on high-ranking soldiers who betrayed him during a mission in North Korea. Despite Yoon Sung being set on his goal, he gets tested a couple of times after he falls for Kim Nana (Park Min Young), a loyal bodyguard who is also working for the Blue House. Kilig moments and thrilling scenes aside, City Hunter also does a good job in reversing the usual narrative between North and South Korea by showing that sometimes, the real enemies are the ones we least expect to be. FYI: Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young ended up dating for some time after the drama! https://www.cosmo.ph/entertainment/k-dramas-north-south-korea-a989-20190420-lfrm *skipped unrelated
  9. @larusThank you for sharing, I must say even the BTS are hot and show sizzle chemistry. I love how KJW takes care of PMY putting the coat on her. Even though I said the priming of DM by RG at the wall before the kiss scenes were hotter than the kiss itself, after watching the private life making video and their chemistry on and off cameras, now I can't wait to see both the priming and the kiss scene. Guess have to have my fan ready ohhhh la la la
  10. Join the shallow sisters club ! My gosh .. why are using this trigger word ? I was planning to watch much later but now I need to rearrange my drama watching time table . 648
  11. @triplem hahah cooollll~ his clothing gives me the LUTYN vibe. His clothing looks a bit too big on him lol
  12. @triplem im starting bcos its first love now. Im a bit tired with psycho, action, crime today lol. Just couple mins, ur Ji Soo already on shower lol 646
  13. I don't understand any thing of what he said ! I just saw this a while ago.....Hope that every body can relate to this. Happy 8 years APINK!!!
  14. Never understand NJ having all this money & gold yesterday ,he go and buy more share , isn’t better if he use it to build his own company * circle of madness, buying, destroying
  15. Father Han!! @sushilicious sexy or not ? With the glasses hmm? More of the cast This one has sis Kim my eggy nun It’s cute we’re all camping here
  16. @ktcjdrama @bebebisous33 or anyone, i forgot the details. Reporter Ha has 2 appts on his calendars: meeting with No on Feb 23 and another meeting with someone else. Do you remember the name? In regard to reporter Ha, he was fairly ill in the hospital when DH and Yuri met. Makes me think whether he was healthy at all when he did all these investigations or his heart gave up on him just all of sudden. With a full calendar, I would think he collapsed suddenly. Was it foul play? When did DSC know he was on to them to want to kill him and also, how did they find out? Was it from the contents in prosecutor No’s briefcase or from his conversation with prosecutor Yang before his death? I think Yang may have told his superior about No’s case thus why DSC killed him and was able to expose/kill all the whistleblowers. DSC prearranged the Hwaye meeting with both Cha and Choi. Yang’s guilt toward Madame Jin could stem from the fact that he suspected their last phone convo lead to his death, not that he was directly involved. Don’t you think Choi Pil Soo is pretty smart to confess to the crime. Prison is the safest place for him to be in. Otherwise, he would be killed by DSC, esp when all eyewitnesses or people who knew about the crime have all been eliminated. DH is his father’s son, intelligent man.
  17. Hahaha it's literally so dark till i can't see it clearly on my phone lolll. Cause my brightness is low. Hahaha but it's niceeeeee. Eee Yeah..Sometimes i no oppa no watch too. 644
  18. I'm sure she doesn't go the movie premier. Not mean that she doesn't want to support him, but because she doesn't want the media to be interested to their relationship more than his movie.
  19. Trouble technology , why stand there let him go to his favorite spot or the top of fridge I hope not, or get ready we gonna start our revenge team
  20. What cry ? I would throw a fit ! That would be world war 3. Should I hv a talk with @kokodus mom? @sushilicious wah your profile pic is so dark !! I like ! @Lawyerh same as you ..if no hot oppa that I can latch onto, the drama will be a no go. Shallowness has consumed us sister !! @Ameera Ali morning mrs hwang . I heard mr hwang redeemed himself last night , no time to watch yet . 642
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