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  2. How could i forgot the outfit in the park? it's the second pic posted by @immorethant in her fashion summary I totally agree it was very nice: one of her best outfit! Simple almost minimalist but striking! He other outfits have too much patterns for my taste and mix opposite colors sometimes, that maybe why they look mature because the design despite all seemed to fit her age and her character. By the way, how could a basic pair of slippers cost 90$?
  3. Miss these two being together in public, When will it happen again? #Kyollen #throwback Ctto
  4. Not that I have seen Tamra Island but I thought he was the lead in there? Poor him for losing the girl. So much competitions in the entertainment industry for actors/actresses. I think the actor Fukuda has the looks and is tall, he just doesn't have a break to get a girl in dramas anymore. Wish him luck in the future.
  5. Just about his sister, I have the impression that if she continues to provoke shady mom, she may die, maybe that's the reason why her brother will finally help his boss to catch this woman.?! If not clearly shady mom does not like jenny, it was obvious that she had kidnapped her, she uses jenny to live well and she is abusive even leaves to mistreat without jenny without making final count as and when the truth is liberated, jenny will suffer a great deal, especially as she is a public figure;... the ex husband of Song Ah is really cute and sexy, it's a shame that the actor plays a role in this drama I'm shocked to see that Song Ah takes all the blame for the death of their daughter,
  6. @immorethant This 3rd gif is EVERYTHING! When I saw it on twitter it took my breath away! I was going to include it to my review in the ALML thread but all considered my comment is more about her and her career than the drama! For me, it's a throwback to secret Forest and a sort of unintentional (from this writer) reparation for what happened to her character at the end of the drama. Not the fact that Eun Soo died (though i'm still mad about it): plot wise it couldn't have stayed a zero sum game, someone had to take the fall for being too close of Hwang Shi Mok but more the offensive way she's been treated after her death: as a prop intended to move his story arc forward, to wake him up to his feelings and break up the wall that prevented him to have a sociable attitude. The death of Mr Jo reversed completely this plot device used usually only to "frigde" women: he died without a proper development. We knew nothing about him. He didn't seem to have his own family, but seems to have spent most of his life working for Yeon Seo and her parents before her. And most importantly, his death wasn't about him: he died to give her his eyes, but also to allow her to recover her life and mental health. That's where the parallel with Shi Mok seems to me vibrant: we had this spectacular sequence focused on her reaction from the moment where she woke up in shock in the hospital, realized her sight was working perfectly again and understood the sacrifice that was made for her; including the long and painful walk to the funerals to see him one last time (just like Shi Mok followed the ambulance with Eun Soo's body while losing slowly control over his car and his emotions) and her mad reaction in front of everybody, making her seem so out of her mind, so ungrateful (a parallel to Shi Mok's cold reaction in front of the cops and the doctors just before the autopsy, pretending he will be ok to watch it). To her return to home and her frenetic search of a way to bring him back, to feel his presence again through the family vids (just like the pullover EunSoo lent from Shi Mok and returned misshapen triggered the memories shared with her) and finally her collapse, giving in the pure torture that was the guilt to have not only survived the accident but to have too benefit from it, while the memory of their horrible last conversation in the car and her monstruous words started to haunt her like a nightmare. Her screams and anger at Mr Jo: how dare he took the decision to give his eyes and leave her forever alone after doing it,with no other solution than to accept it and live her life and no one to support her as if she would not feel responsible for his death? was a direct call to Shi Mok shouting at Eunsoo's father for blaming others instead of recognizing his own part in her daughter's death. The only difference between both parts but it's a major one is that i ended up hating Shi Mok's for giving in self pity while i felt devastated for our tragic ballerina. SHS' acting was outstanding here, perfect mirror to CSW's acting in ep 14 of secret forest and gave me chills: she instantly reignited my interest for the drama when i was started to be lead away by the pace and the plot. I would so love that the writer would keep giving her challenging scenes like this one all along the drama but i fear that it would stay an exception in a ocean of ordinary fluffy and warm scenes. She deserves so much better!
  7. Thoughts on Ep14: - I remember someone on this thread got disappointed at DM for not rushing to RG’s side after getting a call from an earlier ep. Well you got your wish here. She just needed to install the gps . Poor Ryan, he’s starting to get beaten up by DM a lot of times now..lol. Love seeing Ryan’s fussy hair. He looks so damned fine! - happy to see SJ & SM being able to fix their relationship. They deserve another chance. SM realizing how he fell in love with SJ’s smile is a good start. - I’ve really warmed up to SA’s character for the last couple of ep. His desire to help his mom was touching. He wanted his mom to open up to him and realize that he’s now a grown man whom she can rely on. - glad to see RG confronting his mom for the truth and that he didn’t fully believed her at first. That’s a realistic reaction for him. He needed time to process everything & get another insight (which is of course from DM). It’s really hard to forgive the mom even if she didn’t intentionally abandon him. - I know EG is not a fav character in here but as I’ve said before I’m all good with him so I was happy when he decided to ‘return’ as DM’s friend. He really just needed the time to accept and move forward. Their relationship will always be special and it’s nice to see their banter again. DM needed her old ‘punching bag’ again so she won’t have to use her lion Sidenote: PMY looks so youthful in her get-up. - Oh My Gosh! This phrase when uttered by our resident crazy Dir Eom was just hilarious. Can’t stop myself from laughing so I had to repeat again & again. A good break from the emotional scenes. I just love to hate her - i was in awe at how the little boy in the painting was slowly revealed! At first it seems like all bubbles again but as the mom turned around, there he was... YJ, her beloved son. Those happy memories finally came back to Ryan. He can now believe that he was loved. Great scene! - the scene between DM and SA is so cute! I want more of this esp now that they may be family soon! How lucky can she get?! It’ll be fun seeing their interactions in the future. I do wonder if SA knows her other identity. I’m hoping for a scene where they’ll celebrate DM’s bday and SA will be invited as Ryan’s brother. The guests of course will be her family - her parents, bff-SJ, EG and HJ (she’s kind of semi-adopted now right?)! I’ll bet each guests’ reaction will be hilarious. Three fansite masters plus their idol in a close setting will be fun! - Lol at the face of DM when she said no to the makgeolli place because Ryan was heavy when drunk. She really seems dominant in their relationship Glad that HJ is now part of the office staff. She brings life to the party with her frank remarks! I love her now (actually 2 ep ago)! Lol - last scene - this was my wish after the hand tracing session last week so I was excited when I saw the prev stills. I’ll gush again at PMY’s beautiful silhouette! That messy bun was just perfect for her And I was so mesmerised seeing Ryan concentrating on his tracing. I mean how hot can he get?! I wished this scene has gone much longer. Isn’t it a great coincidence that KJW is a lefty doing this scene w/ PMY. Him being on the left side allowed PMY to show her left-side angle as she always favors this side of hers. A right-handed man can still draw the silhouette but it’ll slightly be a bit awkward from that position or he would’ve blocked the shadow (not sure if I’m making any sense...lol). Anyway, that declaration of love between our two lovers is . DM shedding a single tear shows how great the emotion she’s feeling at that moment. What a great scene!
  8. Aaaa!! Why didn’t I think of that? Maybe too much excitement! Makes sense now! Thanks!! I’ll check it out if you say so.
  9. Life full of coinsidences ... this tweet just reminded me back than LSG cooperated with the Indie band Epitone Project (Cha Sejung) for his album “Return” (songs like: Return, Forest, Words of love and Invite) :-)
  10. Could be. It sounds weird but it came at the moment when he was questioning about the fact if there’s anything that can make her fall in love. In order to find out he needs to get closer to her. What sounds weird is for a second I thought Deity is playing matchmaking!
  11. It's not bad at all! It's actually probably one of the best dramas I've watched. The leads also have THE BEST chemistry ever~ Thanks for the welcome lol
  12. Hoping, that the story line for AURA management take over will be resolved in the next ep. I am really tired of looking at HY's adoptive Dad, a total scumbag. AR give your shares to the Park family and take NJ with you, go to the end of the earth Yes, we need episodes where PSH/OSH/Gun are happy before this drama ends. Enjoy and have a safe weekend
  13. Fanarts @J13 Yes,that's the one we talked about,that's filming since April 29th but maybe it's just add in MyDramaList recently. His character looks mysterious here,in synopsis he just ordinary guy,but yesterday filming add luxury sports car and I think it's for his char. Btw @nuttyz do you read something about new works rumor? I think there's acc post about he get other new project and than delete the post again
  14. Me too! I like her in the little black dress! I wish she could wear like that in the drama. I only like that long black star dress and the outfit in the park. I feel the rest of the dresses looks too mature for her, I thought she should wear something younger.
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  16. The cast of “Running Man” came out to support HaHa! On May 25, Ji Suk Jin posted selfies of himself with Song Ji Hyo and Jun So Min at the opening of HaHa’s newest store. He wrote, “Good luck CaliphAsh!” and added hashtags, “Awesome glasses,” “HaHa you’re great,” “It’s really pretty,” “Really amazing,” and “CaliphAsh.” View this post on […] The post Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, Jun So Min, And Ji Suk Jin Show Their Love At HaHa’s Store Opening appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. @larrysouth I was thinking (and hoping!) the exact thing that you wrote about. Good luck on your exams. Remember to have a good night's sleep and a good meal before the test--that can actually be just as important as last minute studying.
  18. ..........Articulated legs, consisting of six segments, have a role in locomotion....Lee's anatomy....
  19. It's because YS stops breathing in that moment, it's a breath of life really because Dan makes her breathe again (I suppose she noticed it as a slight tingling feeling). YS remembers the time she tried to kill herself, thinking that a ballerina dies twice - once when she stops dancing and once when she stops breathing. You can noticed that she takes a deep breath with an open mouth and then her whole face becomes contorted, because she is holding her breath. And then comes Dan, does the gesture near her mouth/nose and immediately admonishes her that people die when they stop breathing, meaning that he made her breathe again. Even before that, when he is only observing YS he says: "You already died here once." - he can feel she is contemplating death again.
  20. ...for good night...https://forursmiles.tumblr.com/post/184907779704/lovelydeck-greglestrade-interesting-that-im ............the bird is all better.....
  21. Yes I love all of those moments !@Yongyoon Also some of my favourites: 1. When eric chased solar in the chestnut farm pretending to have a worm 2. THE proposal 3. When solar kissed Eric's cheek in the photobooth In solar's livestream today on youtube (check out her channel solarsido!), she said she a year she wanted to go back to the most was 2016. I also want to go back to 2016, solar!
  22. The child is so adorable, I loved him with the adoptive mother. The father is cold towards the child, I was watching an old episode on TV. The child calls her mom for the first time in a very beautiful scene. I almost cried
  23. Just finished rewatching episode 4. As I watch the final scene, I wonder if perchance Kim Dan's wings coming out might be an early warning signal that LYS is in danger and that is role changes to that of being a guardian angel. It could be that in general, he is human but when LYS is facing a life-threatening situation, Kim Dan is given some of his angelic powers back to protect her. This would be the Deity's way of making sure Kim Dan is capable of completing his assignment, I think I am babbling. I have semester final exams tomorrow and should be studying but I just had to take a quick break. I love the OST that is playing at the end of episode 4. I hope it gets released soon.
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