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  2. @Ameera Ali in case you haven't found the link, here is part five of the blog. I am really feeling more and more sorry for the character now but they got very upset at me in the thread for defending him https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-five.html 762
  3. Wanna buy smth cool for my girlfriend. Maybe bracelet or earrings. Do you buy jewerly online? What would you recommend?
  4. I think he's drunk and he will probably fall asleep onto her instead. Don't think he's trying to kiss her yet. Those misleading angles and previews
  5. I have watched several documentaries about korean adoptee, such as Aka Dan, Aka Seoul and Twinster, also read some articles. Real life story can be more tragic than drama plot. Compared to other adoptee, in my opinion, Ryan can be considered lucky. He was adopted by loving parent and his adopted mother is korean so he was not completely detach from his root (can speak korean and read hangul). Most adoptee struggle with language barrier. Growing up in NY where asian community is exist also an advantage, RG has few korean diaspora as friends. But having this advantages do not eliminate psychological issues as an adoptee. In my mind, what RG going through growing up was similar to this story https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/nicolechung/being-korean-and-adopted-by-white-parents-nicole-chung. Watching those real stories make me appreciate KJW potrayals of RG. I think as a method actor he is done his homework: delivering sadness, longing, fear, anger, faced by an adoptee. Also hats of to PMY, Dok Mi is a caring woman with a compasionate empathy and passionate woman, she is not afraid to take the lead (and her imagination is wild, while Kim mi so of WWWSK is more innocent and dense). Childhood story arc don't bother me. It's K drama afterall. In HPL the childhood connection just a chance encounter, they met briefly at age 7. Less makjang compared to previous PMY drama, Healer and WWWSK, where the childhood story arc involving murder and kidnap. My take is, DM parents was forced to leave RG at the orphanage because at that time something happen to DM younger brother (sick?accident?). There is a few story arcs that can be tackled in the last two episodes: 1. Can i hope for a rewind? Let's rewind studio kiss and add the missing scene between studio/galery and the bed. Maybe adding sexy cute scene after wake up? 2. How RG end up in orphanage (childhood story arc). 3. Sian find out that noona curator is sinagil nim. I think it will happen at the launch of his new solo album. 4. The celebrity exhibition and it's success. 5. EG's dad (I have suspicion that EG may be Dir Eom's husband love child, which makes him Cindy's half brother. Maybe it is to makjang, i dunno). 6. The resolution of RG painting block. I kinda hope DM will paint potrait of RG. 7. For the happy ending I really wan't DM has a chance to pursue her passion in art, may be as a photographer? I also kinda want them to comeback and adopt the sweet little girl from the orphanage.
  6. However, if they have preserved their secret romance, then, those photos must be from someone who knows their secret. I.e., his team members or CEO of the company. That guy seems slippery to me.
  7. Hello @dondon binay, interesting that you are a guy. I rarely see a male visitor here. Welcome aboard. If I may ask, is this your first time watching the lead actress?
  8. Your comment made me laugh. To me, the mystery is not really solved because we don't know who ordered the hit on YS (the car accident). I just wrote a theory based on clues but nothing has been confirmed. Besides, it would be interesting to see if the aunt's husband is more involved. Sure, we can assume that YS's tragedies were created by humans... Furthermore this drama has caught my attention because the script and cinematography are rich. The writer and director use metaphors and the ballet making it possible to analyze deeper. Notice the contrast in the following scene: - YS dances in front of a huge window in the sun with no one looking at her (except the angel but she is not aware of his presence), while NN is dancing in front of the audience in a dark room. NN shines under an artificial light, so her fame seems to be artificial. This contrast (sun-artificial light; public - no one; in a bright and open area - the stage, closed room) underlines the difference between the two personalities: - YS never danced in order to be famous, she loved dancing... she was naturally talented - NN seems to dance in order to feel confident, she is definitely seeking fame, she had to work really hard in order to remain close to YS. I even think that NN without her family wouldn't have been able to become the "shadow" of YS and later the new star.
  9. I feel it’s not about showing skin per se, but to show more intimacy. In WWWSK, the consummation scene was much more elaborate. I’m not saying that it has to be equally elaborate, but when actors like PMY and KJW are involved, the audience expects more than this, especially when it’s on TVN. It’s possible that PMY/KJW were not comfortable with such intimate gestures, but the kissing scene in episode 9-10 made me believe otherwise.
  10. I'm a little surprised that there isn't more about Man Soo and his family, and that shady Mom isn't trying to concoct a reason to start communications with his family. There isn't anything on the relationship chart about his associations, so I'm wondering if this Man Soo/shady Mom plan is going to be short-lived and Jenny makes a quick decision and elopes with Eun Suk. I don't see any reason for Man Soo to be hanging around very long, because the drama seems to be centered around shady Mom and her past which involves the Oh family. Super dangerous for Dong Joo's sister to be messing with shady Mom and Jenny, disguised as the driver. Yikes.
  11. Hi Rachel, welcome to the forum ( I shouldnt be the one welcoming you here since I myself am not a regular member lol I merely dropped in yesterday and before that I wasnt able continue My Strange Hero to be able to provide input but welcome anyway ) . Thankyou so much for taking time out to write this insightful post. Since you are part Korean and understand the language fully, we are lucky to have you here Your post does clarifies a lot of things for us cuz we were curious about the webtoon and the whole deal about it. Now I see why Koreans arent very happy about it. Noone would be. Afterall who likes the kind of guys who treat women like objects? No wonder everyone is against this project. The writer no doubt can do anything, he is the master of the story afterall, he can tone everything down but he'd have to be extremely cautious because one step outta the line and its gonna create a wave of fury. You are right, I have seen this with many Koreans, they see actors for what they are onscreen and if Yoo seung Ho chooses this project then based on what you have said above we can all guess what kind of an image he'd be creating for himself. From what I have seen subtlety, good manners, purity, strength and goodness of characters mean a lot to Koreans otherwise they usually flip. Far too many of my favourite 2nd leads, leads, grey characters have been shoved to the grinder cuz of their moral compass to make me say that and if YSH chooses this then all his fangirls there are gonna flip for sure. I understand he wants to show he is nothing like old Yoo Seung Ho anymore but since he already did two romcoms so imo it was enough to break his old image but continuing the streak and choosing projects based on characters like you described in your post? No its so not done
  12. Wow, this is so nice that we are communicating very well here! @andra3, @icyphoenix And finding it very hard to choose the least fave character so far, it just shows how effective Jiwon is as an actress. @SR20DET yeah, ive watched her drama ‘secret’ she’s a villain in there a very evil character. Aha! If I have to choose a least fave character, if it includes the movie, I dont like her in Life Risking Romance ( @drakelaw peace sis! ) I find Jane quite annoying, i am not impress with Jiwon’s acting in there too comical hahahaha I think I am just not into Jiwon acting aegyo and cheesy. Her variety show is enough for me, for her aegyo! HAHAHAHAHA
  13. There's Chinese subtitles to the travel show that Tao filmed in Taiwan. Around 06:06. Tao said she is someone who likes to drink a lot of wine and she also explained why she likes it so much. Am I the only one who think she seemed happy while talking about it, especially during 07:05-07:10 when she was smiling sweetly? I think she started to like wine because of someone . Q What do you like more? A. Drinking tea relaxingly at a café. B. Drinking wine lively. Tao: B. Drinking wine lively. I like drinking wine. It has this feeling that although you have to get up early tomorrow and you don't get to drink much however wine is very lovely. It is easy to match with different food. I would feel very blissful. I'm someone who likes drinking wine. I like looking at them while drinking and listening to them while drinking so that's also why I also like to drink wine. Haha. That's about it. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4374710235998632
  14. From the preview it doesn`t seam that they are succesful. I will watch the episode but I still don`t like the format. I really can`t imagine going to people`s door and ask if they dine with me. I will "die" of emberasment. **** Kdrama fashion
  15. Byul captured beautiful moments with her husband HaHa and shared them on Instagram. On May 23, Byul posted photos of her and HaHa’s day together. She wrote, “Us yesterday… To be honest, we came out to work (we had the same scheduled event) and had some time in between, hehe. We somehow got to spend all day together eating, drinking coffee, […] The post Byul Shares Lovely Photos Of Her Day With HaHa And Adds Sweet Message About Their Relationship appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. Wow . Thank you for telling us this. I read the big debate about IANAR and that famous battery scene on YSH DC. I wondered why they fought so much. As @debbiechan said this is a killer move for his career. I really hope the pleas work because I cant watch a drama in which the character is trash and mistreats women. These news leaked in the context of the on going BS scandal and molka epidemic and last year few actors got involved in the me too movement and had to stop working in the dramas they were filming. Does YSH want to be cursed at like those actors and be seen as a sleazy actor ?? In Korea, women mistreatment and their rights haven't been the talk of the town as much as nowadays. And Im really going to flip tables if I see any fanservice scenes such as bed scenes and endless shirtless scenes. Those scenes, while they make international fans happy, have no other purpose than using actors' body to raise ratings. YSH had the chance to go shirtless in Ruler but he didn't, and the scenes were contextualized and essential for the plot. Now, I am really curious to know why he suddenly agrees doing such scenes in a shallow romcom with a trash character. He doesn't have to go such extra lengths, going against his principles,to prove he is a man now. This is totally the wrong way to show viewers he has grown up. If he wants to prove his growth, he should think better and should choose more mature dramas.
  17. Re bed scene... Ok so would have loved something a bit steamier but it wouldn't have suited the build up which was more about love than passion... I'd have preferred a bit more... umm. skin-skinship for the aftermath but it really depends on what the actors/actresses feel comfortable with... I don't think that in ANY of her previous dramas that her bed scenes have had much skin showing (certainly not Healer or WWWSK). So there is a good chance that PMY said that she wasn't comfortable with lots of skin showing.
  18. SPARTACE MOMENTS OVER THE YEARS. I happened to find this channel and honestly it shows every moment of spartace even the moments we sometimes miss. http://www.bilibili.com/video/av53027933?share_medium=android&share_source=copy_link&bbid=XY7839C7474B4E4AC8C4D67F0C03C9E69556A&ts=1558634462427 Fighting everyone!!
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