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  2. Concert VCR. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4292192271458567
  3. HE IS TOO HANDSOME!!!!! 2019.04.16 4 Wheeled Restaurant Press Conference - Photos by Top Media Source: Top Media Press Conference video
  4. I don't want him to be a priest anyway ...he is too good of a man to waste on celibacy That scene at @14 min Before was a request , now its an order - he looks so beautiful to me , with all his pain and scars , his light and darkness . In every episode i wished that i was present and helping the team beat the current social rot that is permeating our Gaia and reading the above posting from KNG in our own way we all fought with them in this drama , and supported them , and cried and laughed with them ...and can we really forgive those two ugly reptiles since their bosses seem to be our highest leaders as well .
  5. So Wookie volunteered for yesterday event. Gangwon is always in his heart bc he shoot many drama over there. http://m.kado.net/?mod=news&act=articleView&idxno=963757#Redyho http://m.kwnews.co.kr/nview.asp?AID=219041900036&nv=1
  6. So Ryota is filming this time. I think it takes 2 or 3 months for a movie. Maybe they filmed many scenes before the announcement, about 1 month ago, like Anikoma. I hope RyoTao will drop some hints for us, the latest hint is a song "Layla".
  7. The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for individual boy group members! The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness indexes of 521 boy group members, using big data collected from March 18 to April 19. BTS dominated this month’s list, […] The post April Boy Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings Announced appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. @RPM I’m going down with you on this ship Thanks to @ktcjdrama for the recommendation. I have completed up to episode 9. Story is interesting & the characters are those you can warm up to & root for easily . I think drama has a good balance of romance & mystery, though I’m a bit more emotionally invested in the Ji Soo - Seung Mo one sided , potentially tragic love line . Kim Kwon , whom I have seen in other supporting roles is one hot fella ( always appreciative of brooding shower scenes @Lawyerh) & Seung Mo is a character that is emotionally wrecked inside despite the cool calm facade he displays on the outside. Ji Soo is my favourite here in this drama. Love that she’s straightforward & just says things as they are. While the other 3 have very tragic past , her story is going to break my heart because she’ll have to confront her dad very soon ( yes , itchy fingers , I went and read spoilers online ) Lee An & Jae In are cute together and they complement each other . I know a lot has been said about the love triangle btwn LA-JI-SM especially when the drama practically shoves it in your face . But when characters in mystery thrillers have to make something so obvious, it often is a red herring to distract you from the real deal . Lee An sees only pieces of a puzzle - the pieces sometimes can end up becoming important clues to solving the mystery or it can lead you further away from the truth . That’s why JI is a good & smart cop as she knows the importance of doing a background check & seeing the big picture. In the same line of thought - JS thinking that SM has a thing for JI is also swayed by her own feelings for SM & the stalker too is just seeing a small piece of the puzzle . Both are not aware that SM’s possible affections or soft spot for JI could be linked to the fact that JI’s dad had shown him kindness & warmth in his darkest times and that he’s feeling very sorry that JI’s dad is in jail because of him . Regardless of the love triangle, JS & SM’s love line is independent of JI. There were many moments I caught SM opening up to JS ( he even lowers his speech form ) but I know from spoilers I read online , that he keeps a barrier because her Father is a possible cause to why this whole case is so messed up & that JI’s dad is wrongly put in jail. I don’t even know if a romance is even possible ( so I’m prepared to crash & burn with it ) , but I do hope these two will find peace & closure by the end of this drama .
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  10. Yeah that part was when he woke up. The scene I'm talking about, it was when he was in the dark alone. They didnt show his dream/memory yet. He was first calling out his brother then he said his sister in law's name. Even the subs translated both names.
  11. I evaded the forum last nite haha. Currently I'm watching ep 19 with subs. I don't think these screenshots are spoilerish... But most importantly..... Yay for Han! I hope he survives till the end. And here's a reminder not to take a photo in a photobooth Okayyy..I'm gonna continue watching~ @Auntie Mame i thought Kang looked like a slightly bigger Lee Beom Soo
  12. Brake up in the ancient time. haha WJ must be very sad. I feel sad on eps 42 when MinMin left and cried by the river.
  13. @lu09 Yes, granny is so annoying today. She gets so emo and totally buys into the trick & loses all sense of judgement. @chrissydiva I am also thinking along that line that LSH dad is alive but living in a mental asylum. But if so, nobody has ever mentioned about it or visited him, perhaps assuming he is the one who killed his wife & to keep the dark secret for the Parks & for Aura's sake. VC shouted 'hyung' in his dream. I don't hear her calling 'yun ah' or did I miss out?
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