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  2. That’s what the broohaha of The Salt Tribe... They can’t see sexy when served in front of their nose... +2
  3. I hope there's livestream on Wednesday. I tried looking during Pilot episode but haven't seen one. I just love Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min happens to be one of my favorite Korean actresses.
  4. LOL. Understood. And also to be clear, I wasn’t rebuking you in anyway. My comment was general in nature and frankly directed more toward antis and trolls than anyone here, hence my “Note.” As for being teased on HP, I don’t know about that since I don’t keep up with that show, but seeing as RM did refer to FF very early on, it’s very possible. IIRC, the members played a guessing game at a stadium, but they had to shout the clues through the noise made by “fans.” FF came up as one of the guesses and SJK immediately pointed to SJH, with no visible signs of discomfort from anyone.
  5. Well. Indirect kissing at it’s finest hahahahaha. 510
  6. GH gets scissors to cut them off him. Aww she cut her finger in the process. They're now in the car with the driver. Dom puts a bandaid on her finger. Now they are talking about something that must have to do with the driver cuz danger music is playing and driver getting all anxious. Driver looking really anxious now. Ooh maybe they're talking about how GH backed up the usb on her computer. If driver knows this, GH could be in trouble .... For some reason GH and Dom get out and walk. It starts raining. Per preview he pulls her under the construction vehicle. Omo his heart started beating and he saw her face without her red cardigan on! He keeps her close. Time seems to stop or slow down for a moment. Dom is all smiles. GH runs to another building and hides under the covering while Dom stays where he is. Then he picks up the phone and calls Veronica. GH picks up just a few feet away but of course he doesn't see her pick up or anything . Guess they're talking about their meeting. DJ is playing video games and his secretary is there and she asks about Veronica and hands him some contract or something from her. Not sure what it says but it makes him chuckle.
  7. People should be thankful he is gracing their screens! Pffff what is there is cringe! 508
  8. I think what KJK refers to SJH’s past was the Song Ji Yok/teenage Cheon Seong Im yearbook image. Remember the side-swept hairstyle that was brought up in the earlier episodes? Where the members tease her by calling her Seong Im. As far as I know, our ship is still sailing smoothly
  9. Next day, Dom is in the toilet, putting on the compression stocking, he was making some funny noises trying to put it on, until a cleaning lady came inside to check what noise is that. He jumped out of the stall half wearing the stocking. but he managed to pull it up. Cleaning lady didn't recognize him and started to hit him with the broom. Until he went out of the rest room with the stocking. LOLOL... Uncle and another director walked by. He covered himself with a cushion. GH saw him and quickly took off her cardigan to cover his butt, and they half-hopped back to his office. Uncle went into the toilet and saw the packaging of stocking and wondered if he is sick? Then he saw the note in his pocket and took picture of it. GH was outside wanting to go in to retrieve the pants and shoes, but he stalled her so he could finish taking the doctor's note. GH went back to Dom's office with his pants and shoes. He was trying to take off the stocking, but having difficulties. GH even trying to teach him how to do it, but he kept asking her to turn around. In the end, GH suggested cutting it with scissors. But she hurt her finger doing it because Dom moved a bit. Later on, in the car, Dom putting on a band-aid on her finger. They talked about having an appointment later. GH talked about the content in USB again, the driver listening in. GH said there is a weird excel file inside. Dom wondered because it's supposed to be video of dogs and wondered whether that's not his USB but DJ's. Driver was not attentive to road that he slammed on the brake at traffic light. Then he said something wrong with the car, so GH and Dom ended up walking. Suddenly it rained, but GH cannot find the yellow umbrella. Dom get her to take shelter in front of the crane, as in preview. GH took off her cardigan to cover him, but he pulled her more inside to avoid the rain. Got some dugun-dugun moment here, while Dom saw her face clearly even though she isn't wearing her red cardigan. He wondered aloud why... GH decided to leave because she has appointment. She ran in the rain and got to another shelter nearby. Just then Dom called her VP phone and change the venue of their meeting, which is by the crane?
  10. but not like a serious hate on her.. LOL! just like a playful hate on that girl JCW is flirting with.. But yeah, I love PMY now more than JCW!
  11. According to the Korean spelling, if people were to pronounce, it will be 'Dok Mi'. It's actually up to individual for Koreans to pronounce, so sometimes you will get confuse with them pronouncing 2 different names. There are many Korean words that will be pronounce slightly different. I wouldn't say it's kind of unwritten rule in Korean Language, it's only for certain words that are meant to be pronounce like this so that it doesn't sound unnatural.
  12. 510 @sushilicious that ending of ep.6 omg... lol.. what Jinlicious doing? Super sleepy today and that scene wake me up @Ameera Ali how u know he didnt shave chest?
  13. Let’s check if he’s wearing a trousers... @staygold How about Lion kind of sexiness??? +2
  14. wow i was gone for a few hours and so much posts already?? me likeyy... anyhow i started shipping them the second after soompi published their dating news hahahah.. i really love them in wwwsk but lets be honest i wasnt gonna ship any actors based on their chemistry on dramas alone.. after the dating news, i searched high and low and stalked here and there and went all detective conan on PPC and luckily i found this paradise hahaha.. guess what im still here so im pretty confident about PPC..
  15. I am sick of the dead fish kissing the wall kind of sexiness that asian dramas are famous for! It is the kind of hot I cannot watch! 506
  16. She wants join cannot ah! Today I release her! She tries to thank you, you also never reply, she sad sia she requested me to lock her up, cause she wants to hide in embarrassment ah. 506
  17. Your Sugarlicious only appears once in a blue moon....So you aren’t part of Sexy Brethren... 500
  18. Hello there Oppa! Long time no see. Glad to see you here, finally joining the discussions (and perhaps the rising cult too. Hahahah ) Btw, thanks for pointing out about the naming of those different masks. I am not well-versed with the associated name in Japanese for these masks, nor the culture unique to Japanese, so, I just named it based on each feature - plain white mask (Noh mask), vampire mask (Hannya mask) and black mask (BJS's Tarantula mask). I guess, we can settle for Noh and Hannya when discussing about those killers henceforth. The speculation is just to hype up the fun of anticipating for the next episode. Doesn't matter if the guess will be correct or wrong. Starting a poll seems fun to me. But, how to do that? hahahahahah The moment this happens, it will be the death of my shipper's heart.
  19. kim sea jun styles hong jong hyun cool for arena homme… styles yoona too for special album May 27, 2019 Hong Jong Hyun is playful and sexy for Arena Homme Korea, styled by his long-time stylist, Kim Sea Jun. Coincidentally, Kim Sea Jun promoted Yoona’s special album on his Instagram so I assume he styled her too this time. This is the only reason I can think of as to why he is giving a shout-out. If he didn’t style her… then he is doing it for friendship and we all know who is their mutual friend. I know he also works with other SM artists but I couldn’t help but squeeeeeed. He never styled her before she became friends with HJH so I’m thinking they only connected because of HJH. Omo… https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2019/05/27/kim-sea-jun-styles-hong-jong-hyun-cool-for-arena-homme-styles-yoona-too-for-special-album/comment-page-1/#comment-22555 Oh My Shippy heart burning again
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