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  2. @ktcjdrama hahahaha his sexual appeals too high I hate him @triplem hong jong hyun? Hahahah me too can not get the feel betwen him and min ah. Perhapa because they both are friends. A long time friends. Min ah first kiss in real is in front of the camera and it was HjH. She said HjH is like brother to her. HJH is too innocent lol. We can see What’s inside his thoughts. Acting is a bit difficult for him perhaps because of this. He said he is a person who needs acting to be able to express himself because he is an introvert person. But in the king loves with yoona I can tell you he really adores her hahahaha who is not btw btw even if you have big crush on him I don’t blame you hahaha. HJH is not a type of a hot namja. He is a cool namja instead and a very shy person. I love him too much @sushilicious I only know this song I hate you then I love you then I love you then I hate you then I love you I love you more wkwkwkwkwk @Ameera Ali he is the first actor who made me imagining of kissing him. Other actors I only admire them or I will be happy if they paired with my favo actress. But this guy is different. He makes girls fantasize. I hate him. 756
  3. Hey, I do recognise the 3017 gang. Together again. LOL. The plot is intriguing and it was time to try another rom-com...I still have yet to continue from Ep 2 for a rom com which I have said I am watching... hehehe
  4. The apron scene happened... so hilarious, because when DD asked him to leave her room and he turned, she was shocked he is totally naked under the apron The last scene of the episode was sad for me. Clearly the two still have feelings for each other... I think I'm on Team WJ-DD too... but whenever 0.9 flashed his smile, I just melted... maybe I'm on Team 0.9-DD.... ??? Arrghhh...... I'm scared at the thought of 0.9 going to be delivered to that psycho chaebol girl... Hyung, please protect 0.9 at all cost... Although I'm guessing he would definitely get delivered there somehow. That girl is scary!! She is obviously a lunatic....
  5. @tlireal sadly, the playground is not a playground anymore but a parking lot. The stamp coffee is ep 14, before the bookstore date. if you will go there... take subway line 2, get off at hongik university station exit 1 or 2. Cross the street and there is a street there, donggyo-ro?(?). The bus stop on the right side of that street is for bus #5, (left side for bus 6, which i took going back to hongik univ station) get off at the 6th stop... stamp coffee is 1 min walk. Address is 240-4 yeonamdong. Google map is always giving a route which is confusing and longer walk. This is the best one. bus stops at the corner of the street of stamp coffee. The youngpoong bookstore.... take subway line 1 take jonggak station exit 6 and as u exit there is the bookstore. Going there is easy. its near everywhere, just walking distance. Can't remember the name of the stream near that.
  6. Ta Gon and Taeilha are the characters I'm the most curious about but I'm sure they're all interesting in their own ways. I need to watch the drama to know if my first impression was the right one ^^. And you, which are the characters you're the most interested in?
  7. Me too! So nice to see you again! I haven't watched yet coz I'm waiting for subs and to watch ep 1 and 2 together. But I can't resist and keep watching those clips Nice to see you again too!! I'll be very honest too to say I'm watching it for Hyesun. But probably I would grow to love the show. Keep coming back ok!
  8. I love the word "rekindled" chingu it made my delulu mind active. I have read the article before too about Kyung Ho starring for TYH. I am just so happy that LDW & YIN were settled as leads of the drama. Speaking of the word "rekindled" with their meet-up gathering for Goblin, I personally thought (with my delulu mind being active), LDW & YIN maybe have this feelings for each other during Goblin days but tried to repress it and fought with destiny. However, fate brought them back together for TYH and realised they need not to separate themselves from each other. Though trying to hide their true emotions from the camera, they did not succeed as the idiom says, "action speaks louder than words" and as ninja shippers of the Pichi Couple we noticed their body language- sweet & lovely hidden ninja moves thinking they are really together and fated for each other.. I'm sorry for this delusional opinion about how they tried to agree in starring with TYH. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 최숭합니다 내 친구들..
  9. @Ameera Ali it seems. You and I we have similar taste. I don’t mind KW turning into Kousuke. I would loveeee my ML to go from good boy to bad boy. *cough cough*...got to keep...my positive vibe going *cough cough cough*cannot too negative...*cough cough* but of cause. Dramas ain’t like that, so gonna take it with a grain of salt and savor it when this scene comes 754
  10. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/leftywife/pc/ preview: they operate on the father (I think without NJ's cornea ) Jo Aera learns about her son's condition
  11. I'm curious about how the role of the second male lead will play out. When Kim Joon Han played second male lead last year in the drama Time, he was I am hoping that there will be a lot of dimensions to the role but I have to admit that my immediate reaction to him was worry.
  12. @Sejabin is me or his redness reduced in this episode maybe because he didn’t get enough kiss so please stop dreaming about kissing him is not good for his health and yours @triplem I love two expression he make last episode , I will make it and show you @sushilicious I am shipping them together But love when good turn to dark side -2
  13. Lee El is still following KJW's IG so I think both of them are still friends or maybe not as close as they used to be. Perhaps they don't send foodtruck to avoid rumors. I just found out that Lee El is one year older (37) than KJW. I always thought she's in early 30's. Wow
  14. @Ni Wen - Thanks lovely And I have already moved on from this and looking forward to today's episode. I need to get some snacks as I have finished it all last night after rewatching the first ep 3 times and the radio interview. Fighting my lovely chingus!!!!
  15. Not random image this time yeah Arthur? Looks so good, but surely better with your face visible...
  16. This was so good ! I screamed ...his conclusion about her after researching what she likes ...mine too Tonight’s preview: @RPM hello dear !! I am actually hoping for good redemption for MWJ . I enjoy ogling at our robot no doubt , but he ain’t human . There’s really a lot of potential here for a WJ - DD reconciliation!
  17. I watched the first ep because I already like the lead actors. But I'm gonna be honest and say that there was nothing that really took my breath away; it was just okay. I'll keep watching though.
  18. I love this song too! It’s so soulful and it hits your chest! 754
  19. My favourite actor (hjh) and actress (Beautiful gong shim)back again , so I'm very happy. I can see Team RinSan here . Finally he's back with interesting character again . Ma Wang joon I'm falling for him more and more and love him so much . Only Hoping for same ending as in real story . Watching yeo jin goo in this drama feel like watching Reunited worlds again . TEAM WJ ❤ DD
  20. I love that song sushi olivia and gnash 752
  21. No, haven't read it but adaptations can be very different. Love your blog by the way and agree that fantasy can work well in a rom com---the cliche elements like people have mentioned and the very fact that Ruler's shadow is over this script makes me frown. I know I'll end up watching this because I end up watching a lot of shows because of cast and deciding after a few episodes if I'm staying. Who knows. oh @WoozyPrincess don't even get me started about Yeo Woon. I could write a book. My fave. YSH shone in that role---the script was wobbly and the end was terrible, but unlike Ruler Master of the Mask, where the script was flawed from the beginning, WBDS had some high moments and good characterizations and went to hell with plotholes all over the place--and like too many dramas, ended hurriedly with no proper resolution. I was fed up with Ruler from the get-go because the mask concept, while interesting, was so poorly executed---I mean, the super tall bodyguard wore it and wasn't recognized as a different person? This could work onstage, has worked as a device in Shakespeare, but even as a sageuk fantasy--I was just not buying any of it in Ruler. No amount of pretty scenery or good casting could make up for the script. Sometimes I wonder how many good scripts there really are out there, how many of them are ruined by directors during production, and if we can really blame actors and agencies for their choices. in this case with YSH though, I definitely want to support his life choices and with him happiness, I definitely want to see his talents onscreen again, but it seemed a no-brainer for me to go with a THIRD rom com? WHY PICK A ROM COM SCRIPT WITH SO MANY CLICHES? Does he really want to establish himself as a romantic lead? I don't know. Is being in the body of a girl and playing girly (I'm already wincing at sexist stereotypes) really going to do that? There are so many red flags about this choice.
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