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  2. wonder why soompi didnt post it yet.. . i seriously expected that they will release the confirmation news after his last fm on 11th May.. Since they have confirmed this drama,hope they can attend Baeksang together..
  3. You can put some of the pictures in spoiler tags to avoid the mods coming down on the thread. Just highlight the pictures you want hidden and select the "spoiler" eye button in the task bar. Thanks for all the pictures. I'm so excited for Abyss!
  4. I am addicted to watching the MVs. I can't help rewatching all the episodes with them. I can't wait for minmin appearance in TVB versions, hoping for all cut scenes to appear. I keep waiting for emails notification for someone to post something on this thread and immediately report in here. I can't stop thinking about the husband and wife in my daily life. I even dreamt of them at night. I can't function as a human being. I am poisoned. I am crazy. Save me.
  5. THE INCRIMINATED MOMENTS! After Soo-geun's remark, Yuri hesitantly tried to ask "why why" hahaha. Her expression and overall body language betraying the fact that she already knows the answer to that. As if she wouldn't know, she who was the last person to say his name. Let's turn to Hyoyeon now. #*@&#!*@&#&@* They're totally shi**ing themselves LOL! So tense and anxious. That was nothing short of perfect. It was a sorry not so sorry moment. Utterly destroyed.
  6. Honestly this show has been such a disappointment. All my early optimism when I first heard about it and I feel like zero expectations have been met. I feel like even if my expectations weren't as high as they were I'd still have been disappointment with the execution of the story. Not surprised the ratings even dropped below 1% for some episodes. The plot is just a mess so I can't be bothered to nitpick all the issues but baffled with the main lead. Doesn't want to kill anymore so seems to be letting his client live despite him trying (threatening) to kill the FL, bugging them and also threatening SG, but, he concurrently lets that same two person gang blackmail him into killing anyway. In the preview for the last two eps the client threatens him again with it and I just don't get it. He also knows metal finger guy was heavily involved but completely forgot about him after beating him up that one time. When he killed that Russian guy straight up for hurting SG I thought we'd get a ruthless, vindictive assassin, at least for a while before the change. But we barely got any of it. Really thought this would be the drama to get me out of my drama rut - this is maybe the 6th show I've watched live that has ended up being a disappointment over the last few months. Tempted to wait for shows to finish before I start watching.
  7. EXO’s Suho teamed up with Singles Magazine for a beautiful photo shoot in Paris and an interview where he opened up about his affection for his fellow EXO members and his aspirations as an actor. EXO is currently in their eighth year since making their debut in April 2012. When asked about the group, Suho […] The post Suho Shares His Love For EXO And Opens Up About Acting Aspirations appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. Congratulations to our captain JCW on the curtain call of your show and five days to go before becoming a civilian once again! Really looking forward to what the future brings to us from you! Will continue to cheer you on, our most dependable and kind actor
  9. prob they went to 'some confined space, where only 2 of them are together' - rehearse!
  10. I totally agree with it! I'd like to add that quitting smoking is crucial when it comes to skin. I had to quit after I read an article on how smoking effects skin (it was on VapingDaily, as I remember). It's not only about acne - it's about blood clots, infections, cancer.
  11. wow! love your analysis! through some of shows that i get to watch and listen to her, especially the 1st 2 eps of Sundabang (thanks ro sinamoles' translations!), she really analyses well..she very spot on about body language and to me, this means she observes and thinks alot...therefore...you are right to say she could have hesitated initially, even for now...the couple could be together, but she hesitates to reveal..for whatever reason its actually mutually, for the alley (reunion, get back together kiss), YIN moved a step forward..oh my oh my! im getting more delulu
  12. HB- SG; SYJ-PT i'm also looking forward to their filming locations in the U.S. i'm sure they will have lots of fun. <3
  13. I am so happy seeing her updating so much lately, even more than once a day!!! In her last IG post, she mentioned that she opened an account on and uploaded a couple of unseen pictures from her agency photoshoot there, I searched on the website and seems it is more of a e-commerce app/website so I wonder if she will be updating on some brands there or something I tried to install the app to follow her but it is all in Chinese so didn't know how to deal with it https://www.xiaohongshu.com/user/profile/5cbc1072000000001201ffe5
  14. U mean his left right? kinda had to 'slide' the hand off...seriously their body language is just too close for a oppa-dongsaeng relationship or buddy/friends..for korean, they are quite mindful of mannerism, unless you are known to be abit more exaggerated with your body language, or well known to be close to girls like him heechul (no offence to khc fans, i like him too, just as a reference)
  15. erm im not sure bout this, but i can imagine how richard simmons powerful it would be for bts, exo and got7 to attend the billboards this year lol
  16. Our Sky with CHimon and Pluem Come see tonight!!! Our Skyy I want to see the sky as well that day | 22.25 AT GMM25
  17. if you wanna help build up hype, click the smiley faces on the articles below (login required). leave a comment if possible (no login required, just click the twitter or fb symbol on the comment box) https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003155857 https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003994745 https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0001100497
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