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  2. I finally realised which drama you talking about. It's LUTYN! Hahahaha. I am here like 2 minutes in trying to process and guess thennn bling! Found it lol 894
  3. Mediheal is too quick to catch up with the trend! It’s so good to see them attend the same event.
  4. Same here, I don't think I mind WJ-ZZR interactions as much in the other version. I guess I got invested so much in '19 WJ-ZM pairing.
  5. 892. Finally knock off. Excited to continue my accupuncture dating Put aside modern doctor on backburner. Sorry nam gong min!
  6. Fanpics today Fancams https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4363900335583035 https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4363920808328301 https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4363935299979168 I think he recording for this show https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4363863426078749 https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4363935500723276 Sr.weibo
  7. tvN’s “He Is Psychometric” has released new stills previewing this week’s episode, which will reveal the mystery of the abandoned station. Spoilers begin In the previous broadcast, Yoon Jae In (Shin Ye Eun) and Yi Ahn (GOT7’s Jinyoung) tracked down the identity of Kang Geun Taek (Lee Seung Joon) as well as the area they believed to be […] The post GOT7’s Jinyoung And Shin Ye Eun Are Close To Solving A Major Mystery In “He Is Psychometric” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. From the new trailer... I can already feel the oozing chemistry @adqu What do you mean you spy So Min and In Guk? Oh wait, nevermind..haha..I watched the trailer again. I didn't recognize them at first ..my two favorite couple makes a cameo..yatta!
  9. [Wookie will have closed fan club at VLIVE] On April, 23 Wookie will launch V-Live fanship, which is new type of paid activity at V-live. He's one of first several celebs to be signed to this new project. Here is more information in English: https://m.vlive.tv/promotion/fanship and you can check screen shots in my post. Let's join! Hopefully through this sort of fan club oppa will be closer to us. And there are some benefits of joining. repost @leedongwook_official 19.04.19 Wookie attending "Again go east" event at Seoul Station to support Gangwondo as it's Tourist Ambassador.
  10. @syahirannsyakirann I don't know, most suits look the same to me lmao. Yes. HB, Yejin and Kim Jiwon are all models of the brands that belong to the L&P company. ETA: Wonder if SH will attend the Philanthropy award. What do you guys think?
  11. I still watch this drama but I'll be honest I'm not much into it as I thought I would be. I thought It would be something similar in a way to Solomon's Perjury which I love and one of my fav youth drama. However this one, It's emotional but it's very hard type emotional kind. I guess I'm looking for poignancy and soft sentimentallity of characters, of the youth just like in the Solomons Perjury drama. But it's really different. This is sad and heartbreaking for parents. This drama deals more with parent's struggle and justice for what happened to their son rather that centering on youth and friendship. This is more like the aftermath of what a family goes through after son falls from a school rooftop and the cover the school official does 6 episodes into this drama, The parents and thre quest to bring justice to each of the youngster wether it's the victim or the bully. If they file the rebutt is it demoralize and demotivates the youngsters in the school and they may not even graduate ( and we have the flashback) And for the victim SH there should be justice for whhat he suffered and still suffering. He is lying in coma, almost dead. Lifeless, how can parwnts just stand there and not do anything so I understand that and I want the perpetrators to be punished.
  12. On April 22, TWICE held a press conference for the release of their seventh mini album “FANCY YOU” at the YES24 Live Hall in Seoul. TWICE, who successfully concluded their Japanese Dome Tour earlier this year, recently announced a world tour. After kicking off the tour in Seoul on May 25 and 26, the group will […] The post TWICE Shares Thoughts On Japanese Dome Tour And Upcoming World Tour appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. When my younger sister went to college she was very hard. I was very worried about her, because I understood that the modern educational system is not perfect and is not always useful. That is why, when she needed a difficult dissertation, I advised her dissertation writing services reviews that could help her to distract herself from the endless study and get some rest while receiving good grades.
  14. Highlight’s Son Dongwoon has released his first mini album “Act 1 : The Orchestra”! On April 22, he dropped the new album and a music video for the title track “In the Silence.” Son Dongwoon personally wrote the melody and lyrics for “In the Silence,” which deals with the decision to let go of a relationship […] The post Watch: Highlight’s Son Dongwoon Touches Hearts In MV For Solo Track “In The Silence” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. Lol. Listening to the special collection FP osts on the bus. When that english song comes up. I totally forgot that I'm listening to FP osts because that english song just doesn't fit the vibe of all FP's osts lollll Girls if you want all of the songs. Go find the special collection on youtube. They fuse everything together. 19 minutes. @ktcjdrama you want to jam to all of it right lol for exercise haha 890
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