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  2. Hah haaaaa chingu!!! We all know that he is yours! He he he.... Just joking here!!!! By the way, I think you changed your pro pic at least thrice today!! You are seriously done!!!! And we two are all the same, darling!!!
  3. 190418 Good Morning America Twitter Update with NCT 127
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to not only create an account to comment, but to also encourage all of us to give up on the SA ship. Because you say so, we MUST absolutely do that. After all, the evidence you laid out is indeed very compelling. Based on your astute observation, it is very clear that SJH has moved on from the RM family. She’s no longer LKS’s precious Noona, JSJ’s on-screen daughter, YJS’s Ms. Mong and Candy Alliance partner, or HH’s Mapo-gu sister. YSC is fairly new but we must have been wrong to note that he’s gotten close to SJH. Same with JSM. Our bad for misreading SJH’s support for the two new members and their appreciation of her good heart. But, the most important and IMO heartbreaking part is that SJH is no longer close with KJK. That, I agree, is the kill-shot for our ship. Again, thank you so very much for pointing that out to us. We’ve been so lost in our delusions that it took a generous person like you to set us straight. Almost a decade of the members working together and forming relationships has ended with your words of wisdom. Personally, I’m now free to go on with my own life. It’s time to celebrate. Have a wonderful day. Byeee.
  5. More later when subs come out, but CSH holds it together to address the board after NJ's coaching, and by the end of her presentation has the board members nodding in agreement. The big Italian merger is on the line, so it would be foolish to change leadership and risk the cancellation of that contract. Not sure if it's lawyer Heo who hands in a resignation, but I doubt he will be leaving. Looks like NJ is going off to fight for his woman, so he's not giving up. Not sure how the last 6 episodes will be filled, but there are 2 weddings and babies to be born.
  6. Wait till the boy sees his new grandma yelling at blind grandpa for the tiniest thing and beating up his aunt for filming herself eating pizza which is also his favourite video. And yes! That Oh family house belongs to NJ. Writer has forgotten about it.
  7. Imagine if they end up together in the future, they get married, going to honeymoon, have babies.. hahaha also update photos of simba n leon together on their Instagram. OMG I’m screaming Another rumor? With who?
  8. @newyee @Ameera Ali @chrissydiva You would think with the amount of debts they got over the years, they would be living on the streets. But NO, kdrama rules states you are rich even when you are dirty poor. You never question the logic behind it chingu, NEVER. @marrez1 They shipped her back to the states. We need subs to know WTH is going on. But to be honest with you chingu, sorry to say this but I don't give a damn about her redemption. It would be better if she stays away from Chan forever. If Chan wants to meet up with his adoptive mom in the future when he is all grown up, that will be his choice.
  9. Im done i got a dp meltdown. Not easy to get perfect one to fit that small size soompie allowance. @gm4queen have Daniel head turn left, i have mine turn right I hope you all enjoy it, cos u all always see me anyway muahahaha
  10. Ryota and Kanna Hashimoto will be a couple in live action "Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight"
  11. when ppc dating rumor, there was another rumor that in relationship, psj is very very nice to pmy, and treats pmy like a princess, even enough to be envied by acquaintances. but idk if it's true or not. bcoz it's only rumor.
  12. PSJ is flying back to Korea, Usually when he has job overseas he always stayed for at least a week, I wonder why he is leaving Bali so fast? Me: he is busy , a lot of work awaits him in korea also me : it’s because of the squeezing waist scene in HPL..... hahaha
  14. once PSJs back to Korea.. he'll go straight to PMY and show her a real kiss! but I think.. PSJ is kind the kind of boyfriend who will do everything for PMY... both of them has that "in love" aura on them.. but you know.. PMY seemed to have a stronger personality. I can only imagine.. PMY talking all day and PSJ just listening with a look of love to her..
  15. hahahahahahahahaha My husband woke me up from my dream. And told me to cook for my daughter Ok, I should wake up from my dream.
  16. Wait, the MV was posted by or made by Joseph?!! It's awesome- it is very ZWJ/ZM centric, and it would be TOTALLY EPIC if Joseph is also a ZWJ/ZM shipper! Please someone ask Joseph on his weibo if that's true??! (He did say that he really liked ZWJ as a character and has been a fan for many years before he took on this project) Edit: IF Joseph is a ZWJ/ZM shipper, then I'd request 3 things from him *hahaha.. just like ZM had 3 request for ZWJ!* 1. For him to shoot a fan-made (him-made) MV with Yukee as ZWJ/ZM to celebrate them (I'm sure any number of pepole in China will offer to be their camera(wo)men and make-up artists etc.) 2. That he offer to voice over some of the online MV's made by other fans with cute things that ZWJ could be saying 3. That he and Yukee shoot some fanservice pictures in modern clothing for fans Who amongst us has weibo and can make the requests to him directly??! Edit 2: Can you imagine? If you were an actor/actress and had always loved an OTP from a book, and one day you were offered the chance to act as one of the OTP in a huge production? A dream come true! (The ultimate fan fantasy!)
  17. Park Shin-hye and Hyun Bin Play Jenga - No Cut [ENG SUB CC] LINK. https://youtu.be/powZIsx2o88 @YouTube
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