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  2. Someone did a short piano cover of “You Are My Angel” OST! I think, this OST will go down in the list of ALL TIME KDrama OSTs, if there’s such a list. I was doubtful when I heard the first time in the teaser but now I know why KBS was so excited that they released the OST in the Promo itself! Hell, I don’t think I barely come across a show where all the OSTs were released in its premiere. I don’t remember. What I love about this OST is the lyrics (Thanks to Viki for subbing the lyrics as well) and the fact that it’s kind of the song you want to listen when it’s raining. It’s a typical rainy song.
  3. I follow this drama. But I don't get it why most of people is saying Daejoo is bad person. He is trying to kill Do min ikk or he knows that person who is trying to kill Do min ik. But I saw he requested veronika to help his friend which he consider as wife. In epi 2 he gave his favourite toy to Do min ik. I think there is strong cause why Daejoo is behaving like this or someone is blackmailing him something. He has no money no parents that's why when people say you are a minion of Do min ikk. He feels bad for it. So watch this drama and quickly don't reach any conclusion.
  4. @ellelyana88 I've had similar thought about KJ fate. I do think she'll get kidnapped and trapped and maybe Wire Shun might try to get KW to kill KJ when Kousuke resurfaces. Pure torture for my faint heart. Also this "I think LJW hinted in an interview segment before this: this season would start and end with KKJ hearing. " makes me so very nervous.
  5. Even just thinking about it makes me super sad already. By the way, since there are 2 masked person as shown in the preview, I think maybe around episode 12-14 they caught the second guy first, thinking that he is the real deal. But, I think the main villain had something plan in action to get his hands to KKJ. I predict that KKJ woud be kidnapped and hang with wire just as Yukiko.. and there would be long talk between them. By this time, KKJ might be very struggle with her hearing ability.. and the situation would get us all anxious with her difficulty to tell what's the indistinct voices talking about in the recording. I think LJW hinted in an interview segment before this: this season would start and end with KKJ hearing. Meanwhile the police force may have no idea how and where to find her, then I think they would turn to KW for help (maybe he will be in cells, or in hiding or in indefinite break for treatments by the time this event occur). Hahahahahaha.. I am writing my own fiction here. lol! Hmmmm... I am worried for what's going to happen to KJ. Hmmm... Btw.. I'm still trying to get use to this new director's way of making cuts and camera angle. It seems to me I dont feel the tense, the excitement, the anxiety when they are dealing with the case.. this seems have to do with the way he pace in between cuts.. and perhaps with no suitable bgm to raise the tension (?). I find the flow a bit lacking this season. Is it just me? Hmmmm..
  6. Hong Jong Hyun was mentioned in Running Man (Ep. 453). Kim Jong Kook said, “Song Ji Hyo will often send people around her coffee trucks to their projects to show her support. However, Kwang Soo has done so many projects but Song Ji Hyo has never sent him one.” Lee Kwang Soo added more fuel to the fire as he said, “She gifted Hong Jong Hyun and 2PM’s Junho with coffee trucks.” Song Ji Hyo replied by saying, “It’s because I have a back story with them.” Credits: https://www.soompi.com/article/1327505wpp/lee-kwang-soo-and-song-ji-hyo-bring-the-laughs-as-they-bicker-over-coffee-trucks-on-running-man
  7. BTS has hit the half-billion mark on YouTube for the fourth time! On May 27 at approximately 2:26 a.m. KST, BTS’s music video for “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)” surpassed 500 million views on YouTube, making it the group’s fourth music video to do so after “DNA,” “Fire,” and “Fake Love.” The music video for […] The post BTS’s “MIC Drop” Remix Becomes Their 4th MV To Hit 500 Million Views appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. I saw some welfare shoutouts for KJW’s body parts. There were gazes, cheekbones, kisses, jawline and shoulders so far...By the pattern it’s seems to be descending....Let’s see who will hit the right spot...eerrr, I meant jackpot....
  9. @Sarang21 God bless the water @Sejabin your oppa @triplem
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  11. @turtlegirl it wasn't ever mentioned that way... only the fact that he'll be in love with "two" women. It was only a fan speculation because some couldn't read how and why he was behaving that way (e.g hiding the umbrella and the call in the office, and the dr's explanation of who he could see) towards her after their first rendezvous. But it's clear that he hasn't found out (tho he's noticed abt the similarities of the "two" women, from their voices but hasnt made any conclusion). Though, the English title might also be a clue(??) or this is only a speculation too but "The Secret Life of My Secretary", linguistically this considers her secret life mostly from his own perspective. So he will most definitely find out of her double life and its possible that he might still pretend not to know and even investigate her further... since we don't know at what juncture he would!! wh0 knows what writers have written for this @byeodol yay!! welcome back to kdramas! this drama also put me from a romcom meh feelin to a yay this romcom is finally worth the stay I'm also very much obsessed with their chemy hehe
  12. Hi everyone! New in this thread! I have been a fan of Shin Hye-sun since my golden life days, I love her acting ability! She portrays her character well, her acting in 30but17 seal the deal for me! In regards to acting she is my top 1, I like few actresses but she is one of a kind in terms in acting if you know what I mean. Anyway I’m watching this series because of her and, I’m loving the synopsis of the story even my sister said same old plot angel Cupid become in love with his charge bla... bla..bla.. but you know what even drama brings old same plot like rich fall in love with the poor, or childhood sweethearts we still into it because that’s what’s make us happy, it’s like you are eating your fave dessert, I will never ever trade my fave dessert for the world! Hehehe! Anyway I love the first two episode and I saw a hurt, yes a spoiled angry ballerina who hates the world but I can see the her character is very redeemable, and the cute and adorable angel! I didn’t know that he is the angels for animals, which I find it endearing. I just wanted to dig in his background especially the last scene of episode 4. The director is quite mysterious but I want him to fall to our beautiful ballerina, I want to see the progress of the love triangle here although I have a hunch that he is the true villain here like the prince who propose to princess Ana in frozen who just wanted the kingdom for himself, anyway I will stick to this story till the end.
  13. They are still sweet they forgot there is a camera . But i really love to see this because before they look awkward and distance but now they are close again or maybe they forgot the camera Credit to owner in the instagram.
  14. True to reality kind of drama which means in reality there really are people like the Shaman Mother Bang; Murderer Sister Ji-Na; Conniving VP Seo; Cuckoo Aunt Jae-Ran; Brainless Cousin Gwi-Nyeo...somehow as I watch this series i group these 5 as a batch as the way they handle things, talk are lots to do with self self self... Despite these 5, I enjoy this series as I find another group who are kind-hearted despite what they have or may have done but willing to account for their own action and these people are Poong-Do, Chung-Yi, Hak-Kyu, Chairman Ma Young-In, Manager Ko and Ryan... As i continue with this series, I am wondering who will be the winning team... Stress out at the same time as I want the ending soonest possible... Fighting to the couple team Poong and Chung; the parental team Chairman Ma Young-In and Father Sim Hai-Kyu; and lastly the loving supporting team Manager Ko and Ryan
  15. @sushilicious Houston, we have a problem On a serious note, we still don't know who that old guy was at the end of season 2, he might as well be KW dad otherwise why so much interest in KW? But yea, Wire Shun must be young to be able to kill his victims the way he does. BTW, I'm sad that KW won't be a part of the Golden Time team in the end. Since they established him as a psychopath, he definitely won't be working as a police officer any longer. I think KJ will end up actually shooting that gun at KW. Actually, I think you might be right and his right ear does look like YAI's (well at least the upper part)
  16. Yes, she had loving parents but they did die really early which means that she had to grow up earlier than others and was on her own. So she had to deal with Fantazia very early, while she wanted to dance ballet. So she had a lot on her shoulders. Let us not forget that there must have been jealousy, fight among the different directors, moreover LYS was quite young. The aunt only started managing Fantazia the moment LYS got hurt. Notice that for three years her closest family never visited her. That's why I said that her world was quite cold. As for her behavior after the accident, she feels guilty and she is missing Mr. Jo, her surrogate father. When she smiled, she actually wanted to grant him his wish (to shine as an angel) but no one around knew the meaning behind her smile and thought, she was crazy. She even went to his funeral, although she was herself not healthy. People should have acknowledged her gesture but preferred gossiping about LYS.
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