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  2. 3 mins preview for EP5 https://tv.kakao.com/channel/3278084/cliplink/398599453
  3. Another clip from fan-sharing on twitter. They're guessing who was calling them.. Source: 도미 @RedCarpet_b
  4. Oh no the comments so it’s confirmed.. Let’s see if KES will still deliver.
  5. Since it's been mentioned here that prosecutor Seo and HJ could be siblings and possibly the children of YC, do you think the photo of the two children that SY found in the murder victim's home in episode 1 could be of them two? I've been wondering why SY's friend from law school would be a target of the murder case. Maybe he was also a prosecutor and found some leads to the cold case (such as the photo); therefore, YC and/or Seo had the need to kill him off? Based on episode 4, it seems like HJ's mother is very well connected to YC. Did it also seem like her mother was in YC's hands and that's why she's been following YC's orders? So this then made me think of Seo getting a call from "J" with a frantic woman saying to let her out. Someone here had pointed out that the woman was unlikely HJ because she sounded older. Could YC also have Seo's mother and that's why Seo is helping him? Just some wild/random thoughts while I'm anxiously waiting for Monday's episode .
  6. @pad-hari Yes, let's give this one a try for the male leads and then there's always a FF button we can use on the 'side-stories' .
  7. 'Goblin's Kim Go Eun confirmed to star alongside Lee Min Ho in new drama series 'The King: The Eternal Monarch' Kim Go Eun from the hit 2017 drama series, 'Goblin' has been confirmed as the lead actress in a new fantasy-romance series, 'The King: The Eternal Monarch'. She will be working alongside actor Lee Min Ho, who was announced as the male lead of the drama earlier this month. The writer of the series, Kim Eun Sook, also wrote the the 2013 drama series, 'Heirs', which also starred Lee Min Ho as the lead male actor, as well as worked on other popular shows such as 'Mr. Sunshine', 'Goblin', and 'Secret Garden'. 'The King' takes place in two parallel worlds and tells the story of the emperor of the Korean empire, Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho), who lives in one of these worlds. A modern-day police detective, Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) lives in the other. The door between these worlds is one day opened by a demon that is unleashed into the human world. Kim Go Eun will take on two roles in this drama, a detective and a criminal; and although the actress admits that playing two drastically different roles will be a challenge, the writers are confident that her diverse acting portfolio will help her succeed in playing this role. 'The King: The Eternal Monarch' will air sometime in the later half of 2020. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/05/goblins-kim-go-eun-confirmed-to-star-alongside-lee-min-ho-in-new-drama-series-the-king-the-eternal-monarch
  8. I do really happy she have comeback drama,but i dont wanna jinx it. Kim Eun sook is briliant writer.you name id secret garden,dots,the heirs,and goblin. they all big hit drama,but something that worried me about the lack development character of kim eun sook female leads. but i hope im wrong about this .
  9. Both posted their IG almost the same time His IG said it's before full moon (which was on Sat May 18th) I think Myung Soo and Shin Hye Sun are in Seoul now.Tomorrow there will be the press conference.
  10. How was the weekend? Have a good day? Is that message for us, JCW? Or for a wonderful girl who is working really hard right now! Waiting for your new drama too! You both have our love and support!
  11. *** It was a 2-day event but RAIN performed on the 2nd day, which was May 17............... with Swings & Noel Band. ****************************************************************** May 17, 2017 - Rain @ The 28th Gumi University Festival
  12. 536. @Sejabin send my regards to Ira. I also heartbroken muahahaha. But no worry i still got other single oppa stock. Btw lee min ho new drama is it fusion joseon and modern too?
  13. I hate him he is too handsome :bawling:



  14. Kim Ah Joong will be hosting a new variety program! On May 18, it was reported that Kim Ah Joong was cast as the MC for JTBC’s upcoming variety show “Secret Planning Group” (tentative title) along with HaHa and Yoo Se Yoon. Her agency King Entertainment confirmed the news, stating, “Kim Ah Joong will appear as […] The post Kim Ah Joong Confirmed To MC New JTBC Variety Show appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. I also think she does understand his true nature, like when she got released from the interrogation back then she knows what she has to do by leaving to Shanghai for things settle down before she could come back. I’ve been wondering what makes Hiroshi seems like genuinely caring/loving YJ so much, unlike to what Oda describing about Hiroshi before. And if he actually knows what YJ has been doing all along like you guys said, then why he still wants to protect her if his real nationality as is now. It would be a nice twist if your theory is correct. However, from what I've observed from behind the scenes images, that is probably not the case. It feels like they would have a tragic ending. In any case, it’s interesting to see what’s more on his story. I don’t think adopted father of Miki is Japanese. He is just a pro-Japanese activist. He has a Korean name and it’s most likely that’s his origin. There’s a big contrast between YJ’s adoptive father and Miki’s. Yes, the preview suggesting Miki is abused by her father. She got whipped. He’s a powerful man, even Hiroshi showing him respect. Wondering if Noda has any intention by the way he looks at YJ when she coming in. The background music making the scene a bit spooky feel.
  16. 534 so here's the reaction in my office after they knew that Lee Minho will be paired with Kim Go Eun in Kim Eun Sok new drama. ME, and my friends: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! my boss: ehem.. Dinni: Lee Minho must be very handsome after military service ME: I will watch it until the end because it's Kim Go Eun Ira: I try to be rigid since I knew So Ji Sub is officially dating someone this news console my broken heart Alief: please nah. back to the real world everyone." WKWKWKWKWKWK
  17. Say it again. Accusing rape falsely is no small crime. Innocent boys have been gaoled and their lives ruined in the old days without DNA tests. I wonder how the writer is going to deal with this. Will there be forgiving and crying all round? I am not too sure if I like the using of this 'lie' to begin to expose school bullying. If SH did not fall of the roof, the parents and teachers would not know about it. At the rate JS has been manipulating his classmates, the teachers would at least have some suspicion. This is a scene which is a bit hard to swallow even for KD. Wouldn't the mother at least want to see physical evidence? Or she would be dishevelled? Take her to hospital to prevent pregnancy? The parents seemed to be well to do so assuming they are educated, no way will they not do anything. At the very least a mother would seek out IH and do some hair pulling. DH's reactions were most likely from a guilty conscience. But if she were raped, by whom? Must be one of the students or to be more convoluted one of the adults. No, I don't think so.
  18. GOT7 is returning to “Idol Room”! Ahead of the group’s appearance on the variety show, JTBC revealed preview images of the upcoming episode. The GOT7 members watch Jinyoung’s “nose kiss” scene with Shin Ye Eun from “He is Psychometric” and show diverse reactions, with some of the members in awe while the others being appalled. […] The post GOT7’s Jinyoung Reenacts Romantic Scene From “He Is Psychometric” With Jackson appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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