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  2. Thanks ildiz, are you our rep for the Korean wing of HSDS fans here? That's awesome! So just to count, we have Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, US and Korea so far- I imagine maybe Malaysia too, perhaps Japan or India? Anyone else want to share? No pressure, just fun fan statistic! I'm guessing mostly Asian, primarily-non-Chinese-language countries since the Taiwan/China fans would be hanging out at tieba instead!
  3. Thanks PutriSing, very kind of you! I love sad and funny as a combination for fanfic. In case you haven't seen it, here is my "long" fanfic (essentially a rework of the full ZM/ZWJ story) "Zhaomin-centric exploration of what I think would should have happened in a universe where the story allows Zhaomin's cleverness, boldness and vision to fully develop. Unabashedly Zhaomin-Wuji (slow burn), with a twist on the usual Soul Marks trope." https://archiveofourown.org/works/18294353 I have to belatedly acknowledge my (anonymous) beta and friend, who keeps me honest to the ideas in the work and keeps my writing coherent, so she's nearly a co-author! I know you mentioned the rain scene before and I'm working on a short one around that! Which "missing scenes" stick out to you? I'm also working on one which includes the Mongolian crown prince although that one is mostly Wuji torture!
  4. Catching up ...our Park Min Young is looking totally gorgeous and by ep 5 she is my smiling Goddess . Enjoyed seeing poor guy swallow couple of times before untangling the scarf .....and what gave her away - how did he find out ? I missed seeing this LOL.....i am quite curious too ...I will go with C
  5. Finally, finally! Thanks to the Korean fans' highlight on twitter ~ CHIEFS OF NAMSAN: Lee Byung Hun as Kim Gyu Pyung
  6. Finally! Thanks to the Korean fans' highlight ~ CHIEFS OF NAMSAN: Lee Byung Hun as Kim Gyu Pyung
  7. He was asked a series of questions and to choose between two personalities and he chose those people he had worked with abd of course IU https://www.allkpop.com/article/2011/10/lee-dong-wooks-ideal-type-is-singer-iu
  8. How did he find out her identity? A. Drawing style B. Penmanship C. Photo editing D. She sleep talked
  9. I'm in Seoul. I've never heard that they will dub the HSDS 2019 in Korean. I also doubt they will do since Korean viewers prefer a drama with subtitles to dubbed one. And yes. Finally!! The HSDS 2019 will be aired TONIGHT in Korea with subtitles. I'm so excited to see this drama with Korean subtitles. I also hope they include the cut scenes but it's very unlikely. I think they will release the same version as it was aired in China. As you can see in the preview below, they just put Korean subtitles on the same preview. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av50313583?from=search&seid=7752793625256258453 BUT, if they include any cut scenes, I'll let you guys know for sure.
  10. +2 Nothing much, last two episodes will air this weekend and finally it's actually a bit interesting. But it tells you quite a lot if you have to wait until the last two episodes air to finally get something interesting. Until now it was mediocre at best, I love the second lead though and I think Nana is quite aswell, so I am also watching it for a bit eye candy. Storywise it's really weak though, definitely not a drama I would recommend, but I will give my final rating her after the weekend.
  11. Pls vote for Goddess Song Hye Kyo she is now on the 2rd place let us help her to win this....Please vote 'V LIVE Favorite Artist' of the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards! (Female) 5,348 votes Please vote 'V LIVE Favorite Artist' of the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards!....https://m.vlive.tv/vote/129
  12. Different version of “小淫贼” https://www.bilibili.com/video/av47345619 Different version of “好姐姐” https://www.bilibili.com/video/av47516102/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.24 Apologies if somebody already posted this
  13. She updated today with a cut from the FN Entertainment photo-shoot BTS video and also some pictures from ANYA last photo shoot and their interview with her in March last year. Although we saw some pictures before we actually didn't see that interview till now. https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5cc08671000000000f022be9 I think she is saying that in cooperation with ANYA she will be updating with some beauty tips and will post more content in future
  14. When i'm watching this gifs all i can see is smiling director.
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  16. Ohhh where are you seeing the newest episode? Do you have a link? Really loving this drama!!! I think it’ll top my favorite Chinese drama “A love so beautiful” I know they’re sister dramas, but been liking Chinese dramas a lot. Been a long time k drama watcher too....any other Chinese dramas like this anyone can recommend? The wait is so hard!!!
  17. This is what the supposed person who worked on HSDS says: "Firstly thank you for liking our work, regarding your question, parts that were edited out whether they will be out I'm also not sure, because this is decided by the production company. About number of episode, this is because of broadcasting limit, on internet some said it's because of all the slow motion, that's actually not true. The original cut was 70 episodes, however because of request from broadcaster to limit the number, we can only do 50 episodes, that is why there are a lot of secondary plot that has to be edited out, which resulted in a few places where the plot is not coherent." I don't know whether he actually worked on it or not we can only depend on c-netizen already verified this person actually is part of the production Yanxi Palace in TVB cut a lot of episodes though I heard to make Charmaine looked like the main character lol. So it's not improbable
  18. 190424 HENDERY’s Weibo update “Summery, refreshing and cool WayV, let’s adorn lighter clothes together. " Translated by PeachyDelights - SM_NCT
  19. BartonC


    Dying Light is awesome. Are you playing it on steam? PM me your nickname if so. I used to play League of Legends a lot, but now I only watch and bet on LoL matches here. Seems like a nice hobby to me. I also picked new Mortal Kombat 11 yesterday and... it's sooooo great.
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