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  2. He receives another awesome honor - His fan club arranged a coffee truck in his honor on the set of his new drama, New Work. It’s estimated to air in June.
  3. What happened to Milpoong? The love story of Dal Moon and Yoon Young is way more developed than the YeoYeo. To think they have much much lesser interaction and appearances. Maybe heartbreaking romance is always the most effective love story. Everything is calm again but we know Haechi never stays calm. So I want to know what surprise they have for us in the final week. AND thanks to pd and writer for letting The story of rebellion is the highlight of PMS in history so I don't think Go Ara's role has changed because of her injury. KY is supposed to be in the palace since he is now the king, and the battle is really the task for PMS, based in history. So, YJ is also supposed to be in the palace because our king needs someone who can calm him by his side while the battle (where his friends are involved) is ongoing. One more week to go, chingus. Thanks for all your posts here!
  4. So I was doing some Internet stalking on Dong Wook oppa and he seems to have had quite a number of exes, and most of them his partners in dramas (Kim Hyun Joo, Jessica of SNSD, Lee Da Hae, with the only exception of Bae Suzy whom he didn't do a drama with) Can't blame the ladies - I mean how could you not fall for this guy. So because of this, it kind of gave me more reason to believe that it was YIN who was hesitant to commit post-Goblin. I can't blame her, I would be cautious about having feelings for a very handsome guy like LDW as well, who is quite notorious for his charisma and making beautiful ladies fall for him. In TYH though - I wonder if YIN was still able to control herself. Their chemistry onscreen is explosive, they are obviously smitten with each other in real life. In the first few BTSs you could see she was trying, but in the latter BTSs she seems to have loosened up - which makes me wonder: did she finally give in?
  5. @Ameera Ali I am listening to this song now xixixixix
  6. *** SKETCH Japanese Version DVD Set 1 is coming out on May 9 Price : ¥ 15,200 + tax GNBF-3973 Episode 1-Episode 8 (4 piece set) ● With outer case ・ Leaflet (4P) ● Video bonus ・ Production presentation DVD-SET 2 will be released on June 4, 2019 Price : ¥ 15,200 + tax GNBF-3974 Episode 9-Episode 16 (4 piece set) ● With outer case ・ Leaflet (4P) ● Video bonus ・ Cast interview credit : Rain Cloud Taiwan
  7. it was a nice 40 eps to watch and see them all 'grow', the B Boy one was nice cos after that they all looked so cool, especially when YIN was only known to flip hair...her B boy dance wasnt to be trifled with
  8. C-JeS Entertainment has decided to part ways with Park Yoochun. The following is the official statement from C-JeS Entertainment: Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment. While trusting Park Yoochun’s statement that he is not guilty [of taking drugs] and observing the investigation process, we found out through news articles yesterday that [Park Yoochun] tested positive for a […] The post Park Yoochun’s Agency Terminates His Contract + Says He Will Retire appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. Choi Taek want to act as lee min, but end up being choi Taek again... Look at his smile and Hyeri kept laughing at him! Aww I like them! Now I understand why my friend ship them so hard in the past Cr on tag *need translation for the caption*
  10. Hi Lauren, when you have time can you translate the "After rain scene" & their son. thank you I don't remember in other version that MinMin tease WJ like this version. WJ look too cute when MinMin tease him as he don't know how to respond.
  11. Actually, realised that even as he listens to YIN well, and YIn always so comfortably touching his arms always...realised that YIN also does listen to LDW well and will act out how he suggests to her in alot of the scenes...goblin and TYH
  12. if they use hair extensions for hair cf purposes, then who would buy that as people are smart enough knowing her hair condition at the moment (though usually hair commercial use computer graphic for making model's hair looks amazing). what a lame excuse they give. if i could give examples, Kim Hye soo, kim sun ah, and even park shin hye can rock some dresses with their short hair. sometimes I feel that many korean actors/actresses way too insecure about themselves, they already pretty as they are, no need tools to make them look prettier. what a good idea @tok-soompi! hear hear! Come on han ji min's stylist do your thing and bring the best of her!! @cathmar If it could come true, I think their chemistry can be dorky as son ho jun and han ji min in The Light in your eyes.
  13. I think Ji Min just leave it to her team. As her own style is always very casual and simple. She also doesnt seem to have many clothings of her own as we can always spot simillar clothings. Maybe her team adore her too much and always wanted to doll her up. To me she can wear any of the dresses shown in the vancleef cf for any ceremony. Haha no need to think too much. credit to author
  14. I read one of the caption on top for the scene. It read, Horse: 'I did it because I want you (MM) to remember me for ever.' I was laughing to death.
  15. MustB’s agency MustM Entertainment will be taking legal action against malicious commenters. On April 21, MustB’s van hit a guard rail next to the road while they were on their way home after a performance in Daegu. As a result of the accident, MustB’s manager passed away, and four members of the group and a […] The post MustB’s Agency To Take Legal Action Against People Posting Malicious Comments About Car Accident appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. I just recently caught up to all my countdowns! Sharing some with u guys here! Sorry guys been soooo busy with work and school, namji had to take a backseat for a while. 3 freakinggggg days! Can you believe it? Hahah. Fellow comrades we are almost there!
  17. Syne Bonnie and Muse Song Hye-kyo's Synergy Talk, Summer Season, The women's shoes brand 'Schumma Bonnie' is maximizing the effect of the model Song Hye Kyo. Schumma Bonnie, who introduced Song Hye Kyo as a new museum from this Spring / Summer season, subdivides strategic products into weekly sections and releases pictorial figures accordingly. It is a strategy to imprint new muses to customers and to communicate the brand continuously. At the same time, Early Bird Promotion is also cruising. Each time the amount of initials is exhausted three to five weeks faster than expected. In the spring and summer photos, Song Hye Kyo's Full Moon sneakers (Pink) is currently undergoing a fifth-order reorder, while Diary sneakers (White) continued to the fourth-order reorder. Photo courtesy = Schumma Bonnie This time, before the sale of full-fledged summer sandals, the third picture will be released on the 22nd and promotions will be offered together with gifts. 8 styles, including sandals, will be presented at the Kolon Mall, and a bucket bag will be presented as a gift for a spring / summer picnic. In this picture, Song Hye-kyo made the concept of "My Little Sunshine", which emphasizes the beauty of women, in the elegant atmosphere of the actress. An official of Shukma Bonnie said, "Song Hye-kyo is a model that makes us feel calm but hard, and I think that this is shared with customers. Schumma Bonnie will continue to work with Song Hye-kyo to create a variety of content and to show customers a new look every time. " Photo courtesy = Schumma Bonnie...source credit @http://digitalchosun.dizzo.com/m/article.amp.html?contid=2019042380186&__twitter_impression=true
  18. Rain is coming to Taiwan! Invited by jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. & will appear in Taipei on May 3 South Korea's popular Korean dad Rain, who is known as the Asian king, will visit Taiwan in early May. This time he is invited by the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co., which will have the brand's high-end jewellery fair on May 3rd. Four Seasons of Tiffany will be presented in the event. Known for his dance and singing skills, he has twice been selected as one of The Most Influential figures in the magazine "Time" in the United States. He has won in the Korean KBS Acting Awards in his debut drama, and he has also entered Hollywood and played a leading role in the movie "Ninja Assassin". Behind these noticeable achievements, it is accumulated by so much efforts & hardwork. This kind of trait makes Tiffany & Co. invites him to participate in Tiffany & Co. "The Four Seasons” high-end jewellery exhibition. And also look forward to his presence on this event. The concept of brand color, design aesthetics, gem technology, etc. can be more recognized by the public. credit : marie claire https://www.marieclaire.com.tw/luxury/update/41930?atcr=71b052 ___________________________________________________________________________ 男神歐爸Rain即將來台!受珠寶品牌Tiffany & Co.之邀將於5月3日現身台北 (2019.04.23更新) 擁有亞洲天王之稱的韓國人氣歐爸Rain將於5月初訪台,他這次是受珠寶品牌Tiffany & Co.之邀,將為5月3日 (五) 的品牌高級珠寶展《四季之彩 The Four Seasons of Tiffany》擔任活動嘉賓。以舞蹈與歌唱實力聞名,還曾兩度獲選為美國《時代》雜誌最具影響力百大人物,知名度不說,轉戰戲劇拿下韓國KBS演技大賞,更進軍好萊塢,擔綱《忍者刺客》等多部電影主角,被譽為韓國天王級巨星,真的不是隨便說說而已。而這些亮眼成績的背後,勢必由許多努力累積而來,這樣的特質讓Tiffany & Co.相中邀請參與Tiffany & Co.《四季之彩》高級珠寶展,也期待透過他的影響力,讓品牌揉合色彩學、設計美學、寶石技術等理念,能更為被大眾認識。
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