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  2. [MV] Keep Running S3 theme song 造亿万吨光芒 (Making Billion Tons of Light) featuring LUCAS
  3. Me too, I don't know why MinMin show up so late at eps 23. We want more scenes from MinMin.
  4. How long have you started posting on this thread? By the way the term is a THREAD and all threads with different ships is called a FORUM. I am a Soompier since 2008. I seldom post but I am a long time lurker in this thread and if you read backpages the pics were posted on this thread and confirmed by long time PMY fans that it is her in the first set. So i think it is unfair for you to dictate @parkparkloveu to delete what has been discussed and posted already here before. What is there to hide? All these photos can be googled.
  5. jesus christ, that's embarrassing. sorry!!! @raziela THANK YOU! sorry for being dumb lol anyway move along folks, nothing to see here. NOTHING HAPPENED.
  6. agreed.. and most of the pictures sent are not her... yeah.. Ibthink its better to delete it @parkparkloveu because immature haters might use it to spread more hate
  7. Seriously? She's going to appear earlier? That's one thing I don't like about this version - have to wait so long for MinMin to appear.
  8. With love and respect I think this photo should be deleted,please. We should not bring this matter to another point. I love PMY and I don't want anyone to criticize PMY about it again.
  9. i might be one of those few who never followed the series nope, I never watched it either and I don't think we are the only one. one of the channels had a series of funny ads where they tried to get people to watch game of thrones before new season. the ads were funny but not even curious to check out the series... 940
  10. netflix will air abyss! https://www.netflix.com/title/81087762 new still of hyo seop released by netflix:
  11. Not sure of what is happening, but lawyer Heo looks to be moving out of the office. Mean uncle and Mr. Jo try to "move in", but the board meeting picks SW as acting management director(?). Have to wait for subs, but NJ and CSH have subdued smiles on their faces.
  12. Example Wolf game hunt her "ending""Mission 5 worth 10 million baht" what to exchange with?
  13. someone died?.... Okay, going to sleep now so I can hopefully wake up early to watch subs before going for my meeting. Or... should I wait after meeting? then the wait for new episode will be shorter too?? 942
  14. Hopefully what you said will not happen. I really want this pair to be in the same drama for a long time. I hate PR because it really did trick me many times Thanks for your sharing your opinion.
  15. woah can't wait for this, i've been absent fr soompi bec of waiting for his other drama Four Men and what happened to that one? Missing PHJ truly! thanks for this new site for his drama! hello to all!! Just hope u can open the link below i've come across from twitter page PHJ https://www.vlive.tv/video/123714?channelCode=F42161
  16. Bcoz i'm boring.. i just watch yin kbs cool fm volume up with guest iu, her bff.. its so funny to see n hear they chat n laugh so hard.. yin is really a good friend n sister for iu.. There always interesting "incident" that happen between them when travelled to italy together.. since yin is a sincere person, i think iu bcome comfortable n trust her so much.. but i cant stop laughing when i watch their chat.. sun-cream "incident" was d most funny story.. all i can say is being with inna, you will always laugh n happy.. yin also is a very considerate person and take care of iu.. she maybe really an innocent person and can "touched" easily but she can take a "lead" to protect her beloved.. such a true friend indeed.. I think she should get someone who take care of her as much as she did to others.. pokes oppa ldw..
  17. no ....I like KNG but I am not that excited to watch his previous dramas. As to movies , I rarely watch k movies as hard to get eng subs. @ktcjdrama brace yourself ... 940
  18. #CHANYEOL Instagram update: “D-2 190422 (Eng sub) TVXQ! 동방신기 콘서트 제작 VLOGㅣEp.3ㅣShimworld #XIUMIN
  19. thank you! and it's ok. even just clicking the link alone helps tbh with the spoiler thing lol
  20. Agree!!! minus the eye glasses (again), he really looks like a teenager, and so carefree without any mask!
  21. Agree so much like Jung ll Woo is the king Yeongjo.. Stress last week still not yet watched..
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