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  2. Just think preview give us misunderstanding again... Why I look Ryan Gold too hot for preview..
  3. Aaaaandd my mind just dove into the gutter (again). @tnl34 I'm sure we'll get a "happy ending" in the last episode. I'm just apprehensive that they'll have Deok Mi (and Ryan) make decisions in ways that are inconsistent with their characterization up to now, like breaking up without telling each other what they really think or feel, or some variation of noble idiocy. I'd feel sad to see their characterization destroyed so stupidly. But then this is just some premature doom and gloom; I do hope the writer is just baiting us and it won't turn out that way. @liltash85 It is, I think it's one of the best K-drama's I've seen (especially if I ignore the last two episodes and just make them up in my head. )
  4. This is truly such a remarkable achievement. Words fail. This is turning into the Daebak drama of 2019! Thanks @immorethant for all the lovely articles and stuff. Soompi is making it easier for us, aren't they? They release couple articles today all translated. Thanks, @butchixanhdotcom for that lovely Kocawa interview clip, also nicely subbed. I guess nothing left for me to do but giffitti! These from earlier events, but these moments of overwhelming desire to touch one another but the fear of 'misunderstanding' barely, just barely, able to hold them in check for now - but well, as we know, further in the radio interview (when they were conscious of the probing cameras) L just can't stop putting his angelic fingers on his noona. If I didn't know any better she's a bit salivating.... Probably my favorite. L says 'Omo' So many treats I didn't even expect on a mere Monday! Happy week 2 of bliss, Chingoos!
  5. Oh Because This Is My First Life. I like that drama as it is so relatable as it tells the story of normal working class who struggles in life and love.
  6. after watching the preview, i am confident they not break up, i think when Deok mi say "i need time" this is to her parents, Doek mi seems guilty to Ryan, and i think Ryan will support and forgive Doek mi for what happend in past. I am very confident, Ryan is logic person
  7. A beautiful hurricane that’s what I’m thinking after watching the upcoming episodes preview. I believe in our RG&DM. They’ve been practicing a healthy mature relationship all the while now I don’t think they’re gonna go on foolish breakup route..No..No.. Just like how DM gave RG some space previously with the whole “momma” thing now its time for RG to return the favour. I’m just going to focus on the “Alkong Dalkong” moments shared between them and ignored the latter part. Part of me wishing & praying earnestly for Wednesday to come fast, but couldn’t bear the thought that HPL is coming to its end now
  8. ohhhh yesss! you dont just grind on someone like that, and put yourself on top like that or slide your hands anywhere like that! lol! and for the lady, you just dont let someone to take control like that... unless you want to.
  9. I do not think it gonna be a break up. 1. it is just 2 episode left 2.I think this time Ryan gonna be the one to comfort DM, because I feel she just need a little time to accept the news, beside her own blocked memory. I got the feeling they in the end gonna talk about it. Beside I think this is more between DM mom and her, than Ryan and DM mom tough.
  10. The coffee truck was sent by her manager (Sunny). She said in her IG message. Sunny team manager, surprise , I love you. 삼행시 센스 I think it means 'syllable poem sense' the way the word in banner was written in 3 sentences from each syllable of name 'Lee Yeon Seo'
  11. lol @park2park we dont like to dwell on one subject for too long.. that’s y we often change them, from armpit to feet to aura reader to 50 shades of Seojoonie.... jst name any subject we got it covered..
  12. On the contrary, TJ should learn how to communicate with his elders well and appear reasonable to them to avoid being blindsided again. Only then he can secretly and truly pursue his own goals. As they say, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. However, i would appreciate it if he explicitly tells them to butt out of his private life this early on to avoid third party cliches. what will happen to the feast sun ja prepared? I hope tj will go meet her there. He knows she seeks her mom whenever she is down.
  13. I already read some comments.. that there's already too much of it! lol! that it gets cringy and boring already.. some are even asking PMY to not overdo it. LOL! But hey, PMY is just following script and directions.. so dont blame her, ok.. ** comments didnt come from me.. so dont hate on me "visitors".
  14. I get that, I am not questioning KWB's actions, but Nam Ok's mindset, will Nam Ok or is Nam Ok really ok with that decision? He seemed to have accepted it at the moment but is there a lingering doubt in his mind? That is what am asking. Maybe not, maybe yes... we shall see Why do they only have the drama episodes only on Saturdays? Couldn't they have episodes on Sundays too? This is getting good especially when the 2 lead guys who are enemies have faced the other.... and is a long way to Saturdy LOL
  15. Finally, KJW showing his skill! Applying lipstick to his gf I think the present might be Deok Mi’s painting. But is that possible to paint in a day? ugh maybe not that. Or maybe he will put a ribbon on his head and make him her present Ans about the supposed break up scene, if I’m not mistaken, Deok Mi’s omma was also filming there yesterday. So maaaayyybbbeee, when Deok Mi about to pull the idiocy decision, she will slap some sense to her. And... OMG Kim Jae Wook in that shirt with rolled sleeves. I am drooling. He looks so sexy. And also love PMY outfits in the last couple episodes too. OMG both of them looks gorgeous! I hope all the mysteries will be solved in ep 15. And as @tnl34 said, just let them looking into each other eyes for 1 hour for episode 16. I even okay with watching them playing go stop for 1 hour!
  16. I like how PPC shippers like to humor ourselves. LOLOL Few mins ago: omg I'm so sad! an aura reader said our PPC are no longer together. Now: PPC are getting down soon.
  17. Ahhhh, I'm so happy that Ryan's past with his mom is now solved and we moved into new challenge for our couple. Just one more week, so soon!
  18. Hello @Cali_Mish ! So nice to welcome a fellow fan to this thread. I became his fan after watching Noble, My Love which led me to watch Five Enough and I was hooked since then. He’s more popular than ever, thanks I think to his exposure from becoming a regular member of I Live Alone (a show which has consistently remained the number one reality entertainment program). I also hope he is offered many more interesting and quality drama roles and really look forward to Level Up. Hope you got to watch his last I Live Alone segment which aired on MBC last Friday with so many lovely nuggets of Sung Hoon, thorns and all (he’s even constantly picking up other people’s litter!). He makes me really proud to be one of his fans and also wish him even more future career success, and health and happiness in his personal and work lives.
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