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  2. NYJ is letting LJJ know because he is using the info in order to divert his attention. He has already predicted that either his sister or doctor Han will be kidnapped in order to blackmail him. That's why he will use Seon as pawn. Little by little, more and more people are working with him. Even LJH was interested in this as he knew that the driver intended to kill him.
  3. ..OFF TOPIC FOR TODAY............https://belsmultifandommess.tumblr.com/
  4. Me too, keep checking this site for any update. At work, home OMG. We are deeply in to this HSDS and can't get out.
  5. @kur4p1k4 @graceeedwardmom You both pose opposite yet very compelling POVs. Both are reasons why I struggle (logically) with the last episode - even the two main characters. Thanks for sharing your thoughts...I enjoyed reading them!
  6. ..THE LOVE TIME....https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=yourvoice&no=202436&page=1
  7. Repost Only: Wow she wave to the fans waiting at the Airport she is so sweet in her own way....credit @ny2529
  8. ..THE ARCHIVE TIME.... JShine Lee Chung Suk FanClub Last comment 36 minutes ago from iPhone 7 Plus has been edited [ @ Lee Jong-suk ] 190 424 "weekly resource consolidation Doctor Stranger" # romance with separate volume appendix #  Lee Jong-suk 1, the word see you / ku, need to be set after 3 / members, see other comments L Doctor stranger 02 2 "Doctor stranger" Snapshots Lee Jong-suk Cut word summary 2) [JShine word] "Doctor stranger" poster shooting scene | translation: blowing dream gruel _ | timeline effects: an_xiya | JS ... expand full text c
  9. IKR, we have both fallen for him so badly, keep on refreshing/finding pics from various instagrams, weibo, baidu etc etc . He is so gorgeous to ignore him.. BTW, is the new drama shooting is starting on april 29th or just the prayer session and launching only.
  10. He probably not thinking straight at that moment. So, he didn't do the calculate of the baby WJ age. I need part 4, so in to it now. OMG
  11. ...THE BUSINESS TIME... Lotte Duty Free Shop At 11:16 on April 24 from the ultra-words 乐天免税店 #乐多福# Recently it is really a variety of flowerviewing seasons , go out on sunny days and see the flowers are in a good mood~Sakura, lilies...we only look at the flowers, then everyone knows these What is the flower language of flowers? What is the meaning? Take a look Lee Jong-suk Obama is how to say it!
  12. hnfragile, I couldn't agree with you more - that High School teacher was Kim Chul-Hong.
  13. Cheers mate, I know I probably won't change your mind even I sometimes still think that what the director did is baffling. But to me at the end of the day truce talk even in real history is always impossible to predict. That's why historian still has their jobs I guess to analyse and re-analyse old war and why it happens no matter how much people try to stop it, war will still happen. I guess I just want to defend ZM my fave she's still smart for me. She trust in ZWJ and RYW is probably her flaw I suppose that got used by ZYZ
  14. Fan little yellow duck 13:07 today from the micro-blog weibo.com This .................noona, where are you?!!!!!!!!!!!................The power to cross the universe in an instant.........but.......there are all sorts of problems with trying to traverse a wormhole.......................of course, SF....!!!!!!!
  15. WALBYYZY Today at 09:03 from OPPO R15x  Li Baoying nothing any more, it is quite like youlove
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