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  2. 902. @SejabinShe stole your line lol.. @cenching lion thread look like shipper thread. So i dont know the shipper thread look like what haha.... @sushilicious Things will be passing and get better. I hope @ktcjdrama Abyss a bit boring. Storyline messy? No chemistry? Acting? Can't really figure out.
  3. So i just got a bit of time to watch kdrama and decided to watch this and after watching 4 episodes I'm absolutely in love with this..drama.. Just started reading some insights in here by @bebebisous33 and @briseis as usual I love all of them... ( I especially liked where they brought out about water being the ELEMENT and those references in drama ) I really loved Shin hye sun's acting in this scene and she really delivered the emotions to the point that really shocked me as a viewer. cr : idleminds Now that there is no one for yeon soo to lean on or trust I want to see how she will trust on dan and how will she accept the fact that he is an angel?( Like towards the last episode we him saving her right so that means either she can see the wings or she may not see them? I'm confused myself )
  4. @cenching @Lawyerh @lu09 @Sejabin & @Kasmic I was wondering why our lion end in the right side of bed last week episode looking back at his previous attempt in bed he always end in the left side of bed Was it a mystery faith planned by DM
  5. I think only 2 members are chosen to be in the couple dance. I hope it stays like that though because i dont want sa to be paired with other people.
  6. They should watch all of PMYs bts on her previous dramas... There's a reason why PMY is called "Chemistry Queen", "RomCom Queen" and now "Adlibs Queen".. the woman can be paired with Mickey Mouse and people are still gonna ship that! LMAO!
  7. I want time to stop, so that i can rest and recuperate.
  8. Lol, I hope the rest pairings would be Easy Brothers, YSC-JSM, and our lovely SA. Who's with me? Based on the recaps from @Regita M. P it seemed our SA couldn't be apart from each other in today's episode.
  9. I'm still curious about the process to measure rating of K-drama or other Korean tv program too. How can they measure rating at some specific time like audince's behavior can switch channel at any minute? and then it's like they're watching other things and then just know ahead that oh...there will be the ending of this drama that this girl will be saved by the cute angel with his wings, so let's switch channel to watch this. Or does it mean if I open this TV channel and then do something like surfing the net or posting in Soompi while watching, they will not count as a rating ? they will measure only the time when I focus on the program ? ....so curiuos. I'm also curious about how to measure rating for cable TV too, previously I was heard/read many people said you can't compare rating of main channels with cable channels directly because rating of cable should be lower as a they need subscription. If the subscription is a burden for audience not to watch the cable 's drama, why there're some dramas that got 20%+ rating from cable channel (e.g. sky castle, mr.sunshine) but there're the case the the drama that aired after that hit drama suddenly got only 1-3 % . Why the gap of variance can be so different ? What kind of subscription period that those cables TV requires (1-day , 1-week, 1-month or longer period) ? Can viewer subscribe to watch any drama and then just can cancel subscription not to watch at any time of their perference (e.g. like streaming channel) ? Could someone please kindly explain ? @Silver Fall I love you graphic, really nice. I wish I can do that too but I don' t have the skill. Thank you for sharing.
  10. If i could shake that depress cloud off of my shoulder, then I won't feel very tired and stressed out.
  11. that little su mui of his is killing me, that girl need to grow the hell up and understanding what is going on. the rest of the drama was decent.
  12. I'm breaking down mentally again. I stood strong this couple of weeks, but I feel like i'm breaking down again. I really just want everything to end now.
  13. while we are getting heartbroken for MR and TJ with all the secrets and evil people like IS and Chairman Han.. one consolidation is that, they will ultimately be together haha i dun think there will be a plot twist for family drama endings lol this is not Possessed 2019 so its definitely all going to be lovey dovey with the prince and princess lived happily ever after so, should i keep ytd and today’s epi to watch all 4 next week?? will i die of angst?? i shall check here for updates @Dyslexic heart Young Dal should be SJ’s blood brother.. he pooled in his savings which was meant for his marriage to open the ox bone soup restaurant with her.. and, first few epi SJ did nag him about getting married and stuff.. and see how she gets irritated with him for the rockband? haha poor SJ.. apart from all the 3 daughters she still has to worry for the brother!
  14. It was never my intention to suggest that YS and GJP are similar deep down. YS suffered so much more than GJP in her life, she has much more developed backstory, and that's something I dealt with and mentioned in the rest of my post. The GJP-YS similarity I wanted to make is that no matter their motivation they take out their anger and frustration on everyone around them; some may deserve it, but most of them don't. I think that in this respect YS is even further gone than GJP because he was at least nice to his three friends and sister, which he respected no matter what, but YS really does hurt even the ones closest to her - that is her female secretary and Mr. Yo who was always supportive and never gossiped behind her back. It's her greatest flaw and also something which allows for greater character development in the future. Also, LYS's world wasn't cold from the start and that's another thing I mentioned about her. She had loving, doting parents and the devoted Mr. Jo, who clearly spoiled her, and she comes from priviliged background. Losing her parents, maybe even losing Dan, might be what turned her into this cold version of herself, together with the loss of her sight. However, now she regained it and there is not much improvement really in her behaviour. In the end, she isn't the only person who lost her parents or her sight but most people don't react to tragedy like she does - meaning it's no excuse to treat other harshly because she isn't the only one suffering.
  15. YJS & HH ... because HH lost for mission and YJS chosen by random card who get X Card. LOL
  16. Why was the rating for that specific time so high? Was that the time when viewers gave up on Something in the Rain II One Spring Night, and switched to Ballerina's Only Love?
  17. @cenching & @Lawyerh don’t worry girls , I am in my own world , the angel would save me , the problem is when I get angelrhea I wouldn’t find someone to save except the devil - that scary thought -2
  18. Thanks for the info @Regita M. P. Do you know who got chosen for the couple dance?
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