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  2. Song Hye Kyo 'Pure atmosphere' [Photoen HD] 2019-04-25 09:16:47 [Incheon International Airport (Yeongjongdo) = Newsen , Exp. (SONG HYE KYO) departed to Bangkok, Thailand on April 25 to attend a promotion event overseas through Incheon International Airport in Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon. Actor SONG HYE KYO is showing off airport fashion and is leaving Bangkok, Thailand. Newsen index Jin Jin @...source credit @http://m.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201904250916363510&r=1&http_referer=https%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FT4Ty06siSM%3Famp%3D1#_enliple
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STnImmDT2jI … Cr : eNEWS24 @enewsjockey
  4. BTW, if anyone finds a good fanfic in English/Chinese about Joseph and Yukee I would read it! (I'm a big ZWJ/ZM fan and can distinguish this very well from being a Joseph/Yukee fan, plus I am usually not into reel-to-real type of fanfic, but I'll make an exception and be happy to just read fanfic that speculates how the actors find love while filming HSDS... a cute, mindless fluff sort of read sounds good! And that fanfic has to include how they deliberately mess up the kiss scene over and over again so they get an excuse to kiss! ;))) )
  5. @bluesky888 I love this scenes so much that I have to translate it. I only translate until ZZR got taken away. The indentation is to show when the sentences changed to a new one. I hope all of you can follow I'll add the forest part later on
  6. In which episode did he say the second sentence? That first line is THE BEST LINE. 1. My favorite was when he was talking to her in front of her grave. Can't remember the exact lines, but Joseph recited it perfectly. His little pause of when he said "If you were here, you would help me figure this manual out..." (pauses and then shakes himself out of it) "No, you wouldn't do that because you don't want your family and me to fight." ... "Who am I to fight this war? I couldn't even protect you." 2. "It is you who does not want to acknowledge me." After he bursts through the door looking hurt and angry and upset all at once. 3. "Hao jie jie" LMAO 4. "Minmin, go over there and pour tea for my Wudang Uncles." 5. "Fighting this war and winning as a goal of mine has not changed. Marrying ZM as a goal of mine will also not change." 6. "Minmin!" (the whole 68 times he's said it : D) BONUS (spoken by JHPP & ZR): "That Mongolian Princess/Evil Woman is your (insert amazing Chinese idiom here that I can't directly translate without it sounding terrifying) most cherished treasure (??????)?" -- They literally said the exact same thing and so many fan MVs played it repeatedly in their videos haha. I LOVE IT.
  7. Seems like DH is planning to run away to China once again, hehehe. How about Soft Rice King? What makes this Korean wedding planner remember this picture. It has been 5 years already, but it stick to her mind, just like any Donghey shippers.
  8. 190417 [TOP MEDIA] ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant 3 - US Edition’ Press Conference: Shinhwa’s E-Chef Is Here! [Eric] E-Chef is here! ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant 3 - US edition’ press conference Let’s go in! Hello, this is your content manager! Today is ‘Will The Locals Eat It?’ US edition press conference Eric was at the production presentation vividly I come to deliver it. For the production presentation And before meeting our shining Eric I watched many “Will The Locals Eat It?” teasers. to prepare my heart [Teaser] Hot dog making ♡E-Chef♡ Behold!! Eric shining in the waiting room His sparkling eyes, And handsomeness glittering like a star Selfie before entering! (Feat. Perfect_Angle) Checking his phone. Like a working gentleman (Whatever Eric does is a pictorial) Yeon-Bok’s apprentice Eric & social life level 100 Min-Woo (next to my handsome oppa I read a handsome oppa) Heart-pounding Eric’s jaw line, Couldn’t breathe with the eye contact Everyone was blooming with laughter A friendly atmosphere Showing off best team chemistry ♡ Even when looking at different directions The charm of cute Eric After the press conference, Came individual interview! Upcoming episodes to be released through tvN channel Please stay tuned How do we wait until the day of the show? All the Princesses of Orange wondering, Watch ERIC'am while we wait [ERIC’am] E-Chef’s ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant US edition’ press conference And it is very important To show certification of Orange Princes’ love♥ Full at the press conference’s site Thank you for the love from Orange Princesses (bows) Thursday night 11p.m. tvN ‘Will The Locals Eat It? America’ Don’t forget to tune in! Bye! [Teaser] Cute kiss + Members who are dying♡ See you soon ㅠㅠ Source: TOP MEDIA Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  9. 190419 ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant’ Shinhwa’s Eric Highly Praised by Lee Yeon-Bok, Lives up to His Nickname “Three Meals A Day E-chef” + EP.1 (Comprehensive) Eric, Shinhwa-member-turned-chef-apprentice for chef Lee, showed his skills and proved his worth of his nickname ‘E-Chef’ from Three Meals A Day. Before leaving for America, Lee Yeon-Bok showed his enthusiasm for Jajangmyeon to the producers through an interview saying, “I want to try Jajangmyeon wherever we go. This style of Jajang-Myun only exists in Korea. I was most curious about how it will be received in China. But now I’m curious about how it’s going to be like in America. I’ve never seen an American eat Jajangmyeon. Let’s try it out even if it fails.” As soon as they arrived in America, they went to see ‘Bok’s Food’ truck which is named after chef Lee Yeon-Bok. He was all smiles after seeing a bigger kitchen compared to the kitchen from last season. The producers upgraded the size of the food truck. There are now four stoves. Lee Yeon-Bok showed his satisfaction by saying, “This is well made. The truck got bigger. The interior is upgraded a lot compared to the one we used in China. I think we’ll be able to work more comfortably.” ‘Bok’s Food’s first menu were Jajangmyeon and Tangsuyuk. The crew sold Jajangmyeon for $7, Tangsuyuk (crispy sweet & sour pork) for $9 and the combo of both for $15. Producers announced that the initial capital is 2 million wons (approximately USD $1,800) and all profits will be donated to charity organizations. The first spot for the food truck was LA’s ‘Hermosa Beach.’ The beach is popular among locals for restaurants and pubs. It was also featured in the movie ‘La La Land.’ The dark horse of this episode was the new kitchen assistant Eric. In a pre-production interview, Eric revealed, “To be honest, coming up with new recipes for ‘3 Meals a Day’ was really tough, especially the setting up. But this times Chef (Lee Yeon-Bok) is here, I’m here to learn more.” When Eric met his ‘LAN cable mentor’ Lee Yeon-Bok, he listened and learnt carefully to every words his mentor said. He was pleased to learn Lee Yeon-Bok’s dumpling recipe. “This recipe is impossible just by looking it up on the internet”, Eric said. He was highly praised for his quick learning and cooking skills by Lee Yeon-Bok. Also in the pre-production interview with the producers, Eric said that he and his wife, Na Hye-Mi, visited Lee Yeon-Bok’s Korean-Chinese restaurant about four years ago. He said, “I personally made reservation and waited for a month. I was looking for a chance to meet him. So when I saw him outside, I asked if we could take a photo together.” Their relationship continued into ‘3 Meals a Day’ when Eric asked Lee Yeon-Bok for his advice on cooking. Eric still admires him as his ‘LAN cable mentor.’ As a kitchen assistant and Lee Yeon-Bok’s right hand man, Eric was busy running and learning. Eric learned how to boil noodles, how to pour Jajang sauce evenly and how to put cucumber garnish for topping from his master. He was also seen tiptoeing over the counter to watch Lee Yeon-Bok when he was far away, showing his passion. Yeon-Bok reacted to Eric’s passion and progress. He improved his knife skills day by day and Lee Yeon-Bok praised him “Oh that’s good, really good.” While watching Eric, Heo Kyung-Hwan also praised, “This is why everybody is saying Eric Eric.” Source: Newsen, News1, OSEN Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  10. Just saw in Twitter that DL will be taping for Happy Camp with The Great Escape cast and Didi on the 29th! Wow! As fan of both Lun and Didi.. I am excited!! Hope we get English subs (request as always) LOL
  11. All except for D but only because we have yet to be shown if DM has a sleeping habit. It is possible though, which led Ryan to shifted his sleeping position to be near her..hehehe. But the almost kissed pic is the trigger for him. He deduced it further through her writing and drawing style (compared to the diary), the text at the gallery, the photographing style (someone mentioned this, I kinda agree too), seemed to make his suspicion stronger. I think later we will be shown how he knew.
  12. Ah ha, he is naturally classic handsome , omg we start to talk about his face LOL.
  13. That's really good start. I didn't expect it that high for cable TV, consider the late time slot during week day. Season 2 had the best timeslot and this is in the upper rating of S2. Hope they can keep up 190419 Shinhwa‘s Eric - “4 Wheeled Restaurant 3 US Edition” A Hit… With 5.2% Viewership Rating On April 18th, tvN’s ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant 3 - US Edition’ had a successful first episode viewership rating of 4% peaked at 5.2% on a paid subscription platform for cable, satellite, and IPTV. Target audience viewership (20 to 49 years old) also recorded average of 2.7% and 3.4% on peak, proving how much the show was anticipated. (Nielsen Korea/Paid Platform/National) “Curious if Jajangmyeon would work globally,” Chef Lee Yeon-Bok with Eric, Heo Kyung-Hwan, John Park’s ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant’ set off to America to show different kind of entertainment compared to the successful Chinese season. From the enormous wholesale market to the reaction of the locals eating Jajangmyeon for the first time, there was a lot of fun to look for. Chef Lee Yeon-Bok and the team displayed their perfect chemistry on the first day of their arrival in LA, getting together to prepare for business. After buying ingredients from local market, Chef Lee Yeon-Bok amazed people by showing his 47 years of experience in perfectly distributing workload to Eric, Heo Kyung-Hwan and John Park as well as preparing ingredients that would serve up to 80 people. The next day, the food truck had its first opening at Hermosa Beach which was featured in the movie ‘La La Land’. It was immediately popular among customers. People used fork and their hands instead of unfamiliar chopsticks to eat Tangsuyuk, all praised “Delicious!” The popularity was so high people were waiting in lines for empty seats. Although veteran Chef Lee Yeon-Bok was initially nervous about the reception of the locals, he was quite happy with the result. Chef Lee Yeon-Bok presented his charismatic leadership. He was seen cooking dishes by dishes quickly navigating through upgraded food truck and never showing weaknesses despite unusual requests like vegan Jajangmyeon. Lee Yeon-Bok’s new apprentice Eric, confident Heo Kyung-Hwan, friendly waiter John Park all showed their tight team work, adding more excitement to the next episode. ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant US Edition’ will be featuring Chef Lee Yeon-Bok’s specialty ‘Bok Dumplings’ next week. Source: 10Asia Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  14. see the delulu in me too!! Extract from the article: When asked who he preferred between the glamourous G.NA or the nation's sweetheart IU, he chose IU, admitting that he preferred cute over sexy. And between veteran actors Oh Yeon Soo and Go So Young, he revealed that he had worked with Oh Yeon Soo in the past, picking her in the end i know its lame since there is an actress with this name whom i also watch her shows now and then....but LDW/KJR pick OH-YEON-SOO !!! and he preferred cute over sexy
  15. Cannot help to love Yang Xiao....Little words yet so cool and charismatic.
  16. this is why i like LDW..he's verrrryyyyy sweet.....obliging..and still smile about it sincerely...i mean i know he is an actor..but u can feel that he is sincere...not just acting sincere if you get what i mean
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