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  2. He may hv lots of experience in dating, but his relationship doesn’t seems long, likely he hvnt advanced on the necessary to find out his the bd of his gf (ex-one). That’s why CDI said to EG that she felt that RG this time really likes the girl DM.
  3. I super agree with you. Their interactions and body language is not just purely to dig out the romantic side of being a couple like other Kdramas. Other than that HOT KISS at the workshop, both of them are only having sweet kiss and pecks. Which is so perfect with the situation and places they are in. Holding hands in this drama is beyond a couple thing. Holding hands in RG-DM relationship is to show support and the presence of someone by your side. It also shows that RG begin to trust someone that he can rely on after all these years, and DM will always be there to hold him. When they walk with their arms around each other, it may sounds normal to others. But to me it tells a lot. It tells that how they are supportive towards each other in Equal. No one is over powering of over support towards one another. They had raised the Rom Com couple standard too high and I am afraid I will compare romcom OTP with them after this. (which I already did, I keep comparing TSLOMS couple with them already)!. I know I should not suppose to compare but I cannot help it. HPL is jjang. Chincha daebak
  4. @dolley her Xionghonshu collected more than 100000 in less than a month, whereby her IG took nearly 4 years to get that number. Yes, we couldn't compare it with China population, but this is new app, a commercial app. Anyway wish her the best, bc we know there is movement to throw YG artists and connection out from Korean ENT, so her chances in Korea can be considered 0.0001% at the moment. Even Kang Dong Wan, an A lister has to do Vblog bc of drought season for his career. Their TV stations already released a statement, they wouldn't hire any celebrities that will cause public discomfort. Apparently her friend that she or the other admin kicked from IG has been invited to Chanel event on 28th March, the event with JRW and Yoona. Since then she has many Chanel Collection, and has the same BOY CHANEL as DH but pink in color. My theory-she is now a regular guest of such branded events in Korea, so big chances DH could be invited through her, especially Chanel event. Here come the problem bc we know who the Ambassador for that brand. As a result to prevent future meteor collision between two hot temper stars, they removed her, the same fate with Cody. One time could be considered coincidence or whatever, but this is a second time, another friend who happens to be at the same event with Wookie also kicked out. Delulu or what, it's a fact at least on screen story. Personally maybe another bigger issue that impossible for us to know now. She didn't post it in IG about the Chanel 28th March invitation, but she posted it in her Xionghonshu. https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5cbdb649000000000d037ade?xhsshare=CopyLink&appuid=5cda18940000000011025ec4&apptime=1558575100
  5. Some close up shots of @Minami from Incheon. I love his smiling eyes...
  6. https://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=382&aid=0000733724 https://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=109&aid=0004014609 https://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=076&aid=0003420086 https://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=009&aid=0004361255 @gtLmh0622 thank you so much
  7. Clearly Ryan has had a lot of dating experience, but how could he make such a rookie mistake of not finding out his girlfriend's birthday? That's like one of things you try to find out first when you start dating (or even before). I know, I know, for the "plot." And also I do appreciate sulky petty Ryan (insert gif of Deokmi going "He's so cuuuute").
  8. “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Premieres As No. 1 Drama In Time Slot, “One Spring Night” Takes 2nd Place May 23, 2019 by R. Jun With its premiere on May 22, KBS 2TV’s “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” has taken over the No. 1 spot for Wednesday-Thursday dramas! The drama, which stars INFINITE’s L as an accident-prone angel and Shin Hye Sun as a blind ballerina who’s become jaded and cold, recorded 7.3 and 9.2 percent for its first two episodes, according to Nielsen Korea. MBC’s “One Spring Night,” a romance melodrama starring Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min, also premiered this week, taking second place with 3.9 and 6.0 percent in viewership ratings. Meanwhile, SBS’s “Absolute Boyfriend” kicked off this week with 2.6 and 3.0 percent. ....... Cheers to no. 1 ratings on the premiere episode. What a great start! Happy for the whole production and cast. Our favourite actress is the ratings queen indeed!
  9. Actually is bed scene necessary? That time, under WWWSK, i was wondering why LYJ keep suggesting gg to bed with KMS, is it a way to confirm her love to him to remove his insecurities? For HPL couple, they have been establishing strong support and understanding to each other, work and emotionally, their cuteness and sweetness actually surpass the closeness, and DM has all the while been assuring RG that she will always there by his side. So, for drama to show the bed scene may or may not be necessary, unless the trend in TV drama to boost up the ratings, especially for paid TV channel. An epilogue of a happy family should be more appropriate as it shows the relationship progress and the family warmth that this drama has been emphasizing.
  10. @ktcjdrama ahhahaha got on to insta saw ocn and i saw the comment about how they want KJ and this time round not KW but Kousuke together the table have turned hahaha nice hahaha 680
  11. RYAN It's heartbreaking to watch him like this but can't help myself thinking he looks exceptionally handsome in this scene.
  12. Completelly offtopic: The husband is 13 1/2 years younger than his birthmother ... the actors ages of course.
  13. No worries. Cause everytime PSH name was cast, knetz are all over the moon and so excited. She is so well loved and has the talent to stand out from the male lead. I believe psh was cast in MOA because of her star power. I dont think MOA will have a good rating based on HB acting only. Just my 2cent. HB need a dependable female lead cause after secret garden, his drama is not doing so well and considered flop until MOA. Back to this HB-SYJ drama, i just dont feel the hype because of the script writer, dating news, deny, dating news again and casting news. Just to much rumorsssssss -.- Moreover, people are so hype and their casting news got overshadowed with LMH-KGE casting news.
  14. They are still setting up the story since he has not cheated yet and the main leads only talk a few times to each other
  15. I'm still holding back to watch it... and can't wait for weekend to come. Ratings: MBC's "One Spring Night", which moved to 9PM, came in second with 3.9% and 6.0%. Source: https://www.hancinema.net/ratings-angel-s-last-mission-love-begins-at-the-top-129897.html
  16. The members of WINNER have shed some light on their personal dating styles! On May 22, WINNER appeared as guests on the SBS Power FM radio show “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” where they talked about their new title track “Ah Yeah.” During the show, DJ Kim Tae Gyun remarked, “I heard that [Kang] Seung […] The post WINNER Dishes On Their Individual Dating Styles appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. Lee Min Ho is a top star and veritable global Hallyu king for 10 years. It's rare that an actor have been organized against continuously. Whatever it's done by personal or other actors' fandom or hired by other agency companies, sue it and file it.
  18. 190523 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update “thank you for the wonderful memories”
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