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  2. Aww I wasn't worried for the longest. Denial that I couldn't see what I didn't want to see. Some of these behind the scenes of PMY and KJW is crazy. The way they look at each other and their closeness now is undeniable. I am more than surprised dating rumors hasn't started yet. ( they are giving me nightmares) their off screen chemistry screams relationship comfortable with each other. He with her and her with him.. PMY is very warm with KJW behind the scenes and some of that I didn't see with PSJ at all. My head admits it but not my heart doesn't. My heart is praying for a ParkPark relationship. So awe I have to prepare myself for any news that is coming.
  3. KimBi couple spotted at Incheon International Airport, leaving for LA on on 20/5/2019. Credit image : owner, courtesy of IGier.
  4. KimBi couple spotted at Incheon International Airport, leaving for LA on 20/5/2019. The body language speaks a lot of how loving and protective of Rain over KTH, who should be in her 2nd trimester now. Travelling at this stage of pregnancy should not pose any discomfort to her. May they have a wonderful time in LA! Credit image : owner, courtesy to IGier.
  5. Finished ep2. Jeong-In Mom is THE best! The way she got on her husband when he called her "Hey!" was priceless. He even fell down and she got the upper hand. She is such a strong woman who doesn't allow him to look down on her. Such a fantastic scene. Seo-In has bruises? Her husband hits her? Wow. I hope he will suffer for that. Do we actually know how old they are? When Jeong-In mentioned her sisters age, I wonder if she is really is so much younger than the civil servant. She may be late 20s and he is probably early-mid 20s? Doesn't seem like such a big deal. Jeong-In probably is also just a few years older than Ji-Ho I already had the thought in mind that someday JI will meet JH's son, but I would have never thought it would be so early in the drama. I like that a lot, although the pace is quite high so far, the drama keeps is calm nature and tells it's story. I also like her effort to make a good impression. The kid asking if she is mom. Not yet, kid, not yet. But soon. We will get there Did I mention HOW MUCH I LOVE the OST? Gosh, just the OST in combination with the storyline, the actors and the whole vibe of the drama could make this into my all time fav drama. @triplemYou have to watch this! It is so good! SLA all over again. In even better!
  6. Haha a lot of conversation.. i also sleepy at times. But i love the couples.. i think thats the main attraction for me. And i like cheating / moral vagueness drama +2
  7. I hope hansung apparel goes under, Wang Wei comes to the rescue and appoints MR as her right hand on top of everyone. Or Dir. Park spills IS’s secret and the chairman does a 360 against her. Wishful thinking.
  8. @LoveMY1224Your husband doesn't like PMY? I'm sorry to say this, but something is wrong with him, please return him where you got him j/k I'm kinda the same way, been watching different interviews of PMY through the years, love watching the MYLOG vlog series she had a few months ago.. Kinda sad I won't see her new stuff from her in a while given she usually takes a long break in between dramas. Though I haven't finished Busted 1 so I'll probably get to watching that, lol.
  9. @Lawyerh I tried to watch One Spring Night... a bit boring I think... Stopped halfway of ep.2... Will try pick it up again later. +2
  10. Happy anniversary too ev. body, let's continue our support to MOTA and the magical couple.. BTW, Netflix still owe us bts photoshoot!!
  11. Eagerly waiting for these moments CR uploader @richelle yes I really hope writer will clear out this whole issue before jiho and Jung in start their rel.
  12. Few more thanks to amazing people who are making these posts This was cute the way both of them chuckled cute! Heart fluttering Chemistry is overflowing just by them looking at each other
  13. ^Those secret glances, so sweetWhen jung in and ji ho are in one frame, i can't help but smile lol. Those society norms and standards are thrown out of the window when they're together hahaha. I know it's not good but i can't help it. For sure writer will clear everything before both dive in too seriously.
  14. https://www.soompi.com/article/1327248wpp/8-reasons-why-kim-jae-wook-from-her-private-life-is-the-perfect-k-drama-boyfriend Many reasons for us to read~
  15. I admit this is how I feel now after getting over my period of being smitten with the drama Love O2O. I feel that even though the story was very short in the movie, the main leads felt more human. The male lead in the movie grew on me. He felt a tad bit more down to earth. Angelababy’s Wei Wei was more spunky and felt real and their skinship scenes didn’t feel or seem awkward to me. As to the drama, of course Yang Yang is love. He’s so handsome in that show. However, I’m forced to admit that his level of unapproachability was very high. In other words, he felt too perfect and sometimes unreal. My complaint about drama Wei Wei is that it’s like she’s cringing when Yang Yang’s Xiao Nai kissed her in his office or sometimes when he gets close. I get that she’s shy to an extent but the vibe of physical rejection (from the actress it seems like) was nevertheless present and kind of ruins the moment(s) for the couple in my eyes. Still, I have watched that drama several times but can’t bring myself to watch it lately because of those instances where the actress kinda ruins the love moments.
  16. Serious , I give up serious - thank for warning, so I will read your thought about it only lion spoiled me , I need to see only rainbows now 24 /7 or angel that loves cats , someone offer his armpit for emergency -2
  17. MARK X LA : The Late Late Dinner with Angel’s Flight (Feat. JW) | NCT 127 HIT THE STATES
  18. LOL I'm laugh so hard when LKS accidentally touch YJS's breast (YJS is granddaughter) & then YJS interrupt how about it . 00:20:47 - 00:20:49 & 00:25:41 - 00:25:43 : SA mirroring each other. 00:23:27 - 00:23:28 : KJK look at SJH when they turn the games. Very fast moment & KJK's face just half but really clear to watch it. (After that minutes, SJH lost the games, KJK laugh so hard & covered his face with his hand. LOL). 00:29:15 : KJK lost the games it's so funny moments esp SJH's reaction. 00:32:29 : KJK & SJH switch sitting place. Before : SJH in front of & KJK in her back. After : KJK in front of & SJH in the back. 00:36:31 : KJK slighty tap SJH's back. 00:38:41 - 00:38:42 : KJK slighty tap SJH's hand. (After that minutes SJH lost play rock paper scissor, KJK laugh while looking at SJH). 00:45:14 : You must pause it to watch. They holding hand each other. 00:45:28 : They high five each other & SJH's reaction is too cute. Kwangmong moments appear again . KJK pay attention when SJH turns the game. 00:47:42 - 00:48:12 : KJK's hand in SJH's & HH's shoulder. SJH's hand to KJK's hand & then KJK's finger (thumb) to SJh's hand & then SJH's hand grab his thumb. SJH eliminated by YJS. 1:20:21 : You can see, YSC & SJH came to KJK to celebrate their winner & 3 of them out of camera (IMO : it might be they hug each other (?) LOL)
  19. So the bathroom scene will really happen. But why is it the shaving scene instead I want something like DM entering the bathroom with sexy RG coming out from the shower half naked. I really want to see his ABS please... Sorry guys, I am really dazzled with KJW charms and sexiness.. Hahaha...
  20. Omg I'm so happy I can't help smiling right now because of hyoseop's ig post. They look so good together I can feel the chemistry and it feels like they're on a date yaay finally we're getting it I'm 100% sure and can't wait anymore ..
  21. Haha maybe u wont like it. No abs there and drama a bit serious I just took revenge and anyhow tagged u 966
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