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  2. Nah mate, it's just a very well done cut of 2 different dramas mesh together
  3. 4. Best friend tend to have same behavior towards each other. YIN and IU shared same behavior when they're together. She could be dorky like IU and vice versa, even IU said the funniest person in the world is YIN (I know both are the same gender, so this example wasn't representative enough.) YIN didn't show the same behavior as LDW. So does LDW. We can figure it out easily. But, both of them still comfortable to each other. I bet, she knew her position was not his best friend, because she behaves like her crush/ love interest/ gf.
  4. “On my last day in this world, like an accident, I met her.” Ooo, does it mean he meets her before dying? The day of her accident? I knew it would have bothered me to witness a love story where she doesn’t even recognize his face (Not knowing if she gets her eyes back in the end or not) but if she did ... I’m loving the narration of the teasers!
  5. My interpretation (from watching script reading and teasers), it seems like angel Dan watched Yeon-Seo and developed some kind of good feeling with this girl before she gets blind (probably from watching her dance, or her eating). This may be the reason that he is reluctant to receive this mission in the first place. And it's like he tried to protect her (from the accident ? and failed ?) . Can't wait for May 15th to find out. source : https://www.hankyung.com/entertainment/article/2019042476434
  6. Wait man with beards cant be gentleman? Then what does that make me!??!?!?!?
  7. once the confirmation news out,i read all the comment on each post and im a bit surprise because its different.. i mean they received a lot of negatives response when the news about they might reunite came out.. i guess knetz are really unpredictable. one moment they hate,and the other moment they like..
  8. It seems Ye-jin has several projects lineups but no definite shooting schedules for them yet. Hope there won’t be any problems with the investors due to the dating rumors. There are a lot of postings about her drama confirmation but hardly anyone mentioning about the “reviewing” article. I guess everyone is looking forward to the pairing of hb-yj. Is it just me seeing more positive responses than negative ones?
  9. i cant wait to watch tonite episode..love to watch their sarcastic flirting..rewatch the kiss scene my stomach still full with butterflies
  10. RAIN(비)-2019 RAIN Fan Meeting Vancouver credit : RAIN Company - Schedule
  11. If only I know how to rip and sync the subs as I have access to K+. But unfortunately, I don't know how I'm hoping the subs will be out before episode 11 airing this Saturday.
  12. RAIN(비)-2019 RAIN Fan Meeting Vancouver credit : RAIN Company - Schedule
  13. I found there are many similarities in their lines since they have the same screenwriter. Last month I even made gifs of YX-JXF to compare those similarities and posted them in other forum. I'll share a couple of them with you. 1) YX's self introduction. lol "Ming Cult, under one person, above ten thousand people. Bright Left Messenger Yang Xiao." 2) "I...have never once forced a woman to do anything. I think one day you'll follow me of your own free will. You never know." "In your dreams!!" Their lines are basically the same but how they deliver them is totally different. Edited to add: If you can't see the gifs, click them, they will appear.
  14. I am watching this!! got to prepare tissue as i think i will end up crying ..... hahahahhahahahaha
  15. Saw episodes 9 and 10 yesterday- on to 2nd case about a young girl being exploited by the boss and staff- overload her with work but didn’t pay her. Also Mr Jo helped a group of young deliverymen collect pay from unscrupulous employer. Only interesting part was sy appearing to handle the molester. sy’s kiss scene with Kim Dong wook- now she is an expert on kissing- so lucky she gets to kiss only the handsome ones (sorry wy). Lucky only a peck, I know she wouldn’t do erotic kissing or bed scenes
  16. I liked the first teaser better! But still intriguing ... the parts where HS’s character is distressed and dancing in front of Angel ... while Angel looks all smitten ... it’s exciting. Who originally posted the 2nd teaser?
  17. April 24, tvN’s “Abyss” revealed new stills for Ahn Hyo Seop. The drama is about two childhood friends (played by Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seop) who are brought back to life after their murders by a magical orb called the abyss. They look completely different than they did pre-death, and they vow to […] The post Ahn Hyo Seop Turns Heads With His New Face And Body In “Abyss” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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