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  2. Omg!!! Look at the way he looks at her, Cr: as tagged
  3. Here's a long interview of Ryota's during the promotion period of The Prince of Legend and the filming of 3A, should be sometimes earlier this year. He mentioned Tao and Anikoma again here. キネマ旬報NEXT Vol.24 Compared to being happy for being chosen for this project, what he got more of is the real feeling of getting recognized for his hard work all along, that's what Katayose said. "The hard work all along", what are you emphasizing at? Can you give us a more concrete example? The biggest representative thing is that I starred in the movie "Ani Ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu" in 2017. In my heart it became a huge turning point. After starring (in the project) and we started to promote it I would think "Oh, so that's how it is. That's what it should be like!" I got more confidence in the direction that I have been working hard at going all along. In short, it is the direction of this so called "when you look at him you don't see he is from LDH and neither does he have an EXILE style, that kind of person". The producer also said that to me. So I had that thought in my mind and went along with it. Later, it by chance turned out like this (Ryota means that it surprisingly was a success) so to me it can be said to have become a turning point. This result expanded his performance field that wasn't explored before and also his fans' amount. Not only within the country but also in China where Katayose's popularity increased immensely. This (Anikoma) is one of the reasons. I was very shocked but at the same time also very thankful. This really made me gain more confidence. All kind of things that happened before made "Prince of Legend" possible, that's the feeling I have right now. -------------- This time I filmed a 10-episode drama and a movie in a go, so during the filming of the drama I would often discuss with the cast about the things regarding the movie. During the process, the thought of "how should this be acted?" would appear. After we have discussed about it, it ended up with "Then let me try to write it down". I then wrote the scenario of that part of the dialogues. I don't have any experience of writing scripts so I could only try doing that by writing in my way. It turned out that Kanon (the female lead/Shirashi Sei) and Seiichiro (Shiono Akihisa, the actor with glasses) thought "This is quite good". So I represented the cast and talked to the producer which got me some time with the script writers so I could convey the thoughts of everybody to them. The producer and the script writers thought "Oh, so that's how it is? It should really be like this" and they accepted our opinions. During the time of "Ani Ni Aisaresugite Kommatemasu" because the way I said my lines and other things were like night and day between me and Tao-chan so I could only silently gaze at Tao-chan who was reading and analyzing the script deeply layer by layer." After having discussed together and then make the opinions become accepted and being the represenative of the cast to communicate with the staff, this kind of action accompanied Katayose during his road of becoming an actor and it accomplished his responsibilty as a leader. To this Katayose shyly laughed and said: "I do more or less have this kind of consciousness". https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4373391320215425 Credit: 片寄凉太应援博
  4. TAEYONG X SF : Chilling & Mukbang in PIER 39 (Feat. DY) | NCT 127 HIT THE STATES
  5. I thought the ending was very satisfactory and made a lot of sense. Please do give it a try and watch... However, there are viewers who thought some people got away too lightly..... 512
  6. ZWJ to Zhu Er: You look like my mom ZWJ to Xiao Zhao: My mom, like you, also sings beautifully ZWJ to ZM: You're beautiful like my mom (by this point I always think, jfc ZWJ you totally have a mother complex, ZCS is prob crying in the afterlife cos' you never think of him ) On the other hand: XX to ZZR: You cooked just like ZWJ's mom lol (btw ZWJ never confirmed it, he only smiles lol ) XX-ZZR OTP! OTP! OTP! PS: Again joke post, don't kill me
  7. I agree with your observations, if they are not in a relationship, taking pictures together won't be hard. What's wrong with posing along with just a 'friend'? what more if the world knows you're 'close' and 'comfortable' in real life? But honestly, i found their actions amusing. From our girl's ninja entrance to limited pictures during wrap up party, these things make us pichi shippers realize that: 1. Maybe they agreed on not revealing their true relationship status yet because they want to date in peace?(Like in the drama, they will refrain from meeting in public, instead they will just see each other in confined places e.g her place or his place..lol delulu mode on -level 1) 2. Or they just want to avoid dating rumors for a while because they want to reveal it themselves first before public breakout. (delulu mode on- level 2) 3. Our boy just wanted to protect our girl from bashers (you know, other shippers) who doesn't like her with him. It means he wants to keep her coz their relationship is real and mature. Com'mon! As what i've observed with their personalities, i think both of them are really private people and mastered hiding like a pro. And the fact that they did not accept romance dramas after goblin and came back with touch your heart, then again with Ldw accepting a horror drama this coming august must be telling us something. That YIN must be the only girl he will kiss from that day forward (delulu mode on level 3) lol
  8. @ktcjdrama What do you think??? For me so far so good, plenty of twists and turns, bumps and holes along the way....I marveled at the phenomenal level of hypocrisy of the people involved though.... +2
  9. Does Sky castle have a satisfactory ending? Might bite into it seeing how good reviews have been here. 508
  10. Cool bananas. Thanks for the heads up. I am still up. So going to enjoy watching it. At the rate my life is going will be lucky if I get to watch the subbed episodes sometime this week. Truly excellent news. A writer who writes about a couple in their 30s who behave like adults. These forehead kisses when you have Mr Hottie in your arms are nuts. Man couple rings. That is a lot more than liking a girl a lot when TJ is such a responsible person. A bit harder to brush it all aside as a guy who liked his manager while trying to be ordinary and not a nakasan hire. It's set in Kdrama logic now. First night together... couple stays together. Bar a break up or two.
  11. Oh my heart!! I'm at episode 5!! Do I need to watch the rest or I can skip till latest episode???
  12. Wild speculation. That guy is KW's dead brother hahaha. Imagine all this while KW have been lied too. his father and brother are in fact still alive and they are the mastermind of the entire thing. Then voice 3 would be..a family drama haha. A very makjang family drama just throwing it out here for crap & giggles haha Regarding what you said. I believe it's an act.
  13. Since it revives people into the image of their souls, I'm guessing a person's soul can't change...?
  14. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah it’s laughable and we credit our girl for causing all the raucous! Lol it just proves that she is the king maker like someone said, a real queen of chemistry! We changminers are happy for our girl! When we said we’ll wait and that’s exactly what we are doing! Waiting! and wow #rabbitlovesbunny
  15. Actually to me the most logical attitude is to not assume anything. With what we know, anything could have happened during the filming and from how I approach things in my real life and work, the available data right now can't make me say with assurance that they dated it didn't date during the filming. I am not into believing into things or just assuming. I think it just doesn't fit me. So either way, I don't believe anything. I register all the data and till now, all the data available is obviously not against the two having feelings for each other. And if the day I see anything going against that theory comes, I would accept it and cherish the sweet memories they had. Only time will tell.
  16. hey, i think you are barking at the wrong tree. It’s only you who misinterpreted what other shippers mentioned here. We are all happy lurking, commenting here and you are ruining the vibes. We all love and wish the best for both PSJ and PMY.
  17. kookminclan Yes l agree, the vibes are getting stronger. The subtle messages which both of them have been giving to their fans seem like preparing them mentally for the big announcement/confirmation. Well, on my side l hope one of RM staff remembers the white dog and decides to bring it to Seoul. I think the dog (assuming it's a male) will look good with it's black bow tie and top hat, heheh.
  18. So, some of jjongah acc blocked me on IG because I had a different, and arguably more correct, opinion than hers. LOL (Its not like i cant check their acc anymore) Its like if you disagree with their different opinion, you'd get immediately blocked. It's 2019 now, im not really surprised.
  19. Yes, looking forward to it... especially I like both leads. 506
  20. I would read again light novel book and I can read wortenia senki novel. This is one of the best.
  21. It was in one of the YT preview/cuts videos and you don't really need to know much Chinese to understand his intention.
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