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  2. SALT POST(2019.04.19) [#박신혜] 신혜 꽃이 활짝 피었습니다♡#Mamonde #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ [URL: http://naver.me/GDeMrlQh
  3. @bLaZe2 I was intrigued too. The transitions in their relationship can be a little abrupt at times. I wonder if any of their scenes were cut because of the adjustments they made to Hao Lan and Lu Buwei's storyline.
  4. I read English by reading with my eyes. My eyes follow the text and I don't have to read every letter or every word. We don't read every word when we're fluent in the language anyway. We just recognize the word. But Vietnamese? Forget it. I have to read each word and then by the time I'm half-way through the line, somebody already said something else. I literally paused at every sentence during those sweet Wuji and MinMin scenes to make sure I don't miss anything. Those politics scene I just let it play--whatever words I catch, I catch. If I don't, I get the gist from their body language. I'm suffering from major withdrawal of HSDS. Should I read the novel? I was actually reading the translated novel in English but it's so boring in the beginning that I put it down and haven't picked it back up since.
  5. OMG!! Shawn sings too, he sounded really good!! https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDEzNzQ2NzA4MA==.html?sharekey=8d23079be18e11f9b39e380f92b5ac4f1 I've been watching From Survivor to Healer and i'm not gonna lie, he is all i was focusing on whenever he appeared and by the end of the episode i'm like - uh..need to replay, wasn't concentrating on the story .
  6. @Zoeyyyy and @bLaZe2 Welcome to the forum! @Zoeyyyy It is called 乱世之爱 If you appreciate any of my posts, pls click on "like" (the heart symbol). Thanks!
  7. Wow @gtLmh0622 thanks for the photos. Lots of Minoz from different countries, including media, flocked around Suseo to welcome back Minho! We're all excited for his return!
  8. ehhhe, I am Vietnamese and am so used to read the subtitles both for English and Vietnamese. It takes times to read and understand fast following along.
  9. I thought so too.. especially on this drama.. since this is pretty much headed by her. there seemed to be a lot of expectations, since WWWSK was huge. She's doing a lot of promotions (even Namoo) compared before. So, yeah she will defintely giver her all on this (whatever the scene may be). I mean there's something between them that people loves and respond to. Just see it and appreciate it for what it is, to enjoy watching the drama (and make the ratings higher!) Just calm your PPC hearts! the captain is in character, and she's doing a really good job!
  10. Sorry dear, can’t help you in this respect. @tibba @heyyoooo @joonminfan @idleee Yes to glasses but not a big fan of the facial hair . While watching Rebel , I wanted to reach out to my screen & shave him . I don’t think there’s anything off screen btwn him & SM but definitely they have great chemistry working together. I’m not sure if I like him playing second fiddle to Kang HN. Especially if it has a love triangle. If he does take up the drama , I’m hoping for a separate love line . He did turn down the main lead for Perfume very quickly but seems more interested in Camillia. So there must be something meaty about the role that appeals to him Park Kyung IG update
  11. Oh wow! Hi! Are you my soulmate? Haha girl I totally understand. Reading Vietnamese subtitles... the struggle is so real!!!!! I literally paused after every sentence WJ/ZM says so I can get the whole thing, watched an entire episode like that, and then went back and rewatched their scenes so I can fully enjoy the acting after knowing what they’ve said Hahahahathereisnohopeforme.
  12. Yes so excited to see sy struggling with the lobster. I immediately think of wy- YY couple in Busan meeting his mum. @mbackelly7263- so happy to see u (standingtallyy), finally u manage to start another account. Ya finished watching latest episodes- must say sy has incredible chemistry with Kim Dong wook- very believable they are married couple and the scene where they both hid in the dark room, I can feel their attraction still. Just hope they end back together. Sy is so pretty with minimal makeup- just shows she doesn’t need to dress like a rich girl to get your attention. I will rewatch her scenes with kdw
  13. She is dressed perfect for Bangkok in that dress! I have never seen another celebrity like her who doesn’t dress up for the airport. Even those celebrities who wear casual athleisure turn up in outfits chosen by their stylists, she is truly different. The bruise on her wrist looks painful. She was trying to hide if with her coat but the media caught it.
  14. Is it just me but that 'bow' shirt looks girly?...disapprove but him on the other hand looked very cute and he played the piano too, love his and PXR's voices they sounded really good..
  15. I have a feeling he is helping Mr Jo so can get rid of Tae Soo. If Tae Soo is jailed, the mum will hand the business to him more photos
  16. Minoz from all over the world. cr Logo via 李敏镐铁杆后援会
  17. Thanks for translating!! I will be translating Part 3 Grassland Réunion today. I really wish I can be as creative as you guys to write my own fun and exciting fan fic one day. I am happy that i gave it a try nevertheless. Its a milestone achieved for 38 yo lady like me!
  18. As an avid K-drama watcher, there has been a fair amount of K-dramas that I was excited to watch prior to the release because of the amazing cast. Most of the time, a stellar cast is more than enough reason for me to watch a series. But then there comes that moment – and it can […] The post Great Cast, Poor Script: 8 K-Dramas That Just Didn’t Cut It appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. Hi everyone! I started watching HSDS 2019 three weeks ago and caught up to the show just the day before they aired the last episodes on Wednesday (I basically sacrificed sleep to binge-watch the show so badly!) so I got really lucky that I didn't have to wait every week for episodes. I started watching with English subtitles, but then those ran out so I watched with Vietnamese subtitles, which believe me, makes me miss like 50% of dialogue because I can't read that fast. I've had to pause a few times for those crucial plot-heavy scenes. Then I've been lurking on this forum reading all your thoughts because I just can't get enough of Joseph and Yukee as Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min! HSDS 1986 was my favourite before because I loved Tony and Kitty's portrayal and chemistry, but now Joseph and Yukee are -- hands down -- the best portrayal I have seen (and I have seen several versions before this!). I couldn't even get through 2009's version because I didn't like the camera angles and editing style. Now I've noticed you guys have been mentioning deleted scenes. Any way we could petition for the DVD release to be the uncut version? I really want to own this series on DVD when it comes out. I also believe there were lots of scenes cut because it looks to me like: 1) Zhao Min's brother should have had more scenes from the way he was questioning his own "betrayal" of his sister. Like, the dude's angsting quite a lot in only one scene without ANY context or backstory. 2) Then there's the wedding between ZR and what's-his-face. She claims she'll marry him -- which even to him was a surprise -- then next time we see them they're already married. 3) There's something missing in that scene where Zhao Min's soldiers were all killed by flying arrows on Snake Island (where the heck did those come from?!). 4) YX said he wanted to have a personal chat with 6th hero. Then cut and we don't see anything. 5) Some kind of resolution among YX, Buhui, 6th hero, and the baby they're about to have. Some happy ending. Her story ended too quickly. I'm sure there are lots more. Can you think of more missing plots?
  20. Someone pointed out that she spend the least on online shopping during this period of obsession. Same for me ha ha I been neglecting my shopping cart. But today I bought this. I am seriously obsessed beyond hope
  21. @hahanzyy if Yeongjo and Yeo Ji end up living happily ever after, then it would be a nice surprise. But I doubt it will go that way because it wouldn't be historically accurate unless her character is based on one of Yeongjo's consorts in real life. There is the option of a separation, where Yeo Ji leaves the palace, for the reason that they can't be together, but that won't tie in to her character and her promise to stay by Yeongjo's side always. And I don't think Yeongjo would allow her to leave him anymore. I'm such a pessimist with this couple but I don't really see it ending any other way. And of course, there are those two songs in the soundtrack that speak of a tragic love. I doubt they were referring to Dal Moon and Yoon Young.
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