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  2. Thank you to @kembie and @bandi rekha.. haha i'm quite delay about 3years for our lovely Jongjoo. But, it shows that after 3years the feeling that they leave to us is always the same.. I'm the type of person who usually have difficulties to move on from a good drama, but like what i have mentioned before,rarely for me to shipped any couple in the drama..normally i just love the chemistry but don't have any feeling about it..but this jongjoo couple give to me such a deep feeling,that it is not just a normal drama.. Like what you all have mentioned,let us just spread our love,keep on support,and pray for the happiness of our Jongjoo couple..i'm glad that,even with the drama n bts,its already spread love among us..and while reading all the post here,it shows our maturity in analyzing their relationship and be rational with their decision.. Really love this group and by just reading all the post, it have lighten up my day.
  3. @cenching saya orang jowo.... muahahha... 702.
  4. @Lawyerh , @cenching maybe next week will help @sushilicious to watch lion What she gonna do with him 50 shades of grey -2
  5. @Lawyerh Where is your kampung??? Mine is The Glorious Kalimantan.... +2 add. Tangerine flavored Kaya?!?! Kaya combo with marmalade?!?! Those who invented it need to be crucified, burn on stake with those Tangerine flavored Kaya hanging on their necks... No one allowed to messed up my Kaya....
  6. Omo your signature lol. (Ps. Check the previous page) 702
  7. KIM HYUN JOONG JAPAN TOUR 2018 「一緒にTake my hand」 DVD&Blue-ray 6/6発売予約受付中 【FC限定】 https://henecia.jp/news/detail.php?nid=QrSpgyPgG1I= … 【DATV】 https://shop.datv.jp/category/kimhyunjoongjapantour2018_takemyhand … 【Amazon】 https://www.amazon.co.jp/KIMHYUNJOONG- 【楽天】 https://search.rakuten.co.jp/ 【タワレコ】 https://tower.jp/article/feature_item/2019/04/25/0101?kid=psmkpt … #キム・ヒョンジュン by iku
  8. Me too, Kaya in my hometown always yellow. The green one they added food coloring.... +2
  9. thanks sweetheart for the link. I'm dying to check out the validity of this unexpected news. I'll be out for a while, lost in reading the articles
  10. there are rom-coms with strong female leads who are not dainty... one of my fav kdramas was such a riot because she didn't behave anything like a typical female lead -- her dream was literally to save a prince. yup, she saves. not he. ahhahahahh.... this was jang hyuk and jang nara's first drama. loved how she pushes him off the car in the end. hahahaha.. this was the opening for the drama "bright girl's success"; taging also @kokodus .... 700
  11. Say what???? You mean.. I spent my weekend catching up the drama, crying my heart out and that's the ending??? *turns off Netflix and off to bed* @jbying7 ikr? I thought the male lead is doing an awesome job in here and he has his charm that made the pairing possible! This drama got me since episode 1 all the way till the end. But now.. I'm not watching episode 15 and 16 yet since I'm really scared of crying again. For a thriller, I wonder why I'm crying almost *every episode*!!!!
  12. Whew, still have lots of catching to do . But, I just wanna say, I hope YJ doesn't die, (and I still believe she won't). Everyone has survived (yet) so far, so does killing YJ in the end be worth it? If she were, I would have preferred her die in the battle, despite YN's plead not to. And yet all of the supporting characters even survived. Since from the beginning, no one died without any reason thus far. His father, his two brothers' death are inevitable because it paved the way for YN to sit on the throne. And there was not any death punishments given to those who attempted to do something against the former king (YN's brother) that was shown, some may have died but only those insignificant ones. Idk if this is what actually goes in the history, however I am only merely basing it on the events taking place in the drama. This is a remake, so I don't mind if the writer actually let everyone, (at least YN's group), survive until the end, including Yeoji. Just her being YN's side is already enough for him that he wouldn't ask for anything more than that. Even if YJ is fictional, it won't necessarily mean she has to die. I mean, "cruel" isn't even enough to describe that for Yeoning if she does, because she's one of the reasons he's still standing firm despite all of the plots or rebellions against him, or the problems/troubles piling up like there's no end, not to mention the loneliness of sitting in the throne brings forth. I mean, haven't he had enough deaths he'd gone through already? Can he just have the love of his life alive and safe? That they may not actually end up together, but that their presence to each other brings warmth and courage to live? That just a glimpse of each other in the palace is just more than enough? Their love is already as heartbreaking as it is, so I hope a death wouldn't just be the end of it. I mean, I don't even see the point Anyways, that is just my personal opinion, so . Wishing that it'll all end well next week!
  13. More videos from official 1. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364982692033946/4364985351623399 2. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364984520511119/4364984853340679 3. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364983782561826/4364984153040439 4. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364983165994180/4364983359819598 5. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364978757555213/4364980285455229 6. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364979496011598/4364979798402568 7. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364978166154299/4364978649347220 8.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364977788663443/4364977861231135
  14. I give up. Need @cenching to step in I already escalate to her. 702
  15. @sushilicious why u no watching Lion Gold?!!!! +2
  16. @sushilicious we still selling the drama @Lawyerh l need to check the bed scene maybe our lion was naughty -2
  17. Longer preview. CR to TVN Drama Youtube. Seems like Sung Mo will go to jail, but it also seems like he got out, too.
  18. Oh, goody! I happen to have Netflix. They sure released it super fast after its time at the box office. Wish Netflix would also acquire the rights to My Ajusshi.
  19. But that's the challenge. a garguantan task. I don't think it would be easy for the cast to commit again...esp. SH
  20. yes its something like that, fingers crossed, i counter checked cn fansite cautious as usual didnt talk about having written parts of S2...haha...prayx3 this is the actual link from naver if yall interested to learn a new lang i cant understand korean at all only asked uncle google, peace!!! <https://search.naver.com/search.naver?&where=news&query=현빈&sort=1&sm=tab_smr&nso=so:dd,p:all,a:all>
  21. I can only apologize for writing something this late...even as the finale is playing right now. I’m crossing my fingers...Pil Seong & Seo Jeong...Hwaiting! Hell-bent evil can’t win!!! Che-bai!!! RL has been so busy for me and I’m somewhat experiencing a kdrama drought even though there are some potential dramas out there...I’m just catching snippets of some. But this drama...wow, so, so, so UNDERRATED!!! The storyline is refreshing even though it’s dark, depressing and evil-filled but yet allows you to see the struggles and the good. And the OTP...LOVE LOVE LOVE...so well acted by both the actor/actress. I hope to see more of them in the future!!! Such heavy-weight and great acting. Even the OST is good!!! Especially the ending song of Ep 15...why it’s not getting the love....*sniffs* Even though it’s dark and at times just horrifying and not quite Master’s Sun drama level, the OTP’s journey is what I really enjoyed most about this drama. It’s poignant, bittersweet yet there’s something so endearing about this couple. I know some have mentioned the male lead is not handsome but to me, that’s exactly his charm - a rough, gruff/grumpy guy with a boyish charm. His love for Seo Jeong is bittersweet and yet so pure. It’s really a very unconventional (as compared to all the mainstream rom-coms and typical kdrama tropes out there) love story...that is the draw for me. I am disappointed that by Ep15, all the beloved side characters have to die...and yes I bawled by eyes out too. I couldn’t believe I could cry anymore but yet I did...even Seo Jeong’s sidekick medium, so earnest and even married his insane, flamenco-dancing love had to die...WHY Writer-Nim???!!!??? When I watched the unsubbed Ep15, I too, like Pil Seong was ready to give up on this (kdrama) life...but I just saw the subbed...I couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole episode, I just fast forward to the last part and preview of the finale. I will hang on for my life to 2 hints: The epilogue showed Pil Seong as a boy, he was brought up by a nun and in church - to me, that means there is a glimmer of hope, no matter how dark the circumstances are and in the preview, even though it looks like Pil Seong will continue to suffer...these lines, “Anger cannot beat desperation...and evil can never beat virtue.” Pil Seong ah!!! Don’t give up! Stay strong, don’t dim your spirit! Hwaiting!
  22. Lol. @Ameera Ali you tagged me in the HPL thread I’m not watching it no. 700
  23. Yup i do notice that some primary fanbases of jk hyung and jihyo noona aren't really into Spartace and do not fancy the ship. Yup i saw posts stating that nasty person has several shipping accounts and hate accounts too.
  24. NCT 127 performs 'Cherry Bomb' and 'Superhuman' 190425 NCT_OFFICIAL_JP Twitter Update "<‘NEO CITY : JAPAN – The Origin’> Memories#19"
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