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  2. I've only seen PMY in WWWSK and HPL (have only seen clips of her other dramas), and I think she's a good actress, certainly one of the better ones of her generation. She has a great screen presence. I wasn't a fan of the first two episodes of HPL, but what I did like in those was how she was able to establish Deokmi as distinct from Miso. I felt right away that Deokmi was an entirely different character, and not just because of the writing. And she seems to be the kind of actor who can elevate another actor who's in a scene with her; not too many can do that. I hope to see her in more adventurous roles (KJW's impact! ), but I do acknowledge that the roles written for women aren't as diverse or plentiful as those available for men. I'll definitely check out whatever her next project is, especially if it's a drama (those are easier to access).
  3. Thank you for pointing these out. There are so many loopholes in the mother story that it is very frustrating, and I have very little sympathy for a woman who thinks it's safe to leave her son alone in a strange place while she does something else. I really wish the drama hadn't gone this route. There were other ways to resolve this issue, so I'm a little disappointed it had to go all melodrama on this. I honestly wish the drama had chosen another reason for Ryan's inability to paint. Except for Deok-mi's dad, who's not much use, none of the other dads seem to exist. Sure, Eun-gi's father seemingly abandoned him, but what about Shi-an's father? Also, Ryan never once called/texted his adoptive parents while he was in Korea, but presumably they have a loving relationship from what he tells Deok-mi. I find it really odd. There is so much to explore that it is annoying the drama has to fall back on childhood connections to make it seem Ryan and Deok-mi are fated to be.
  4. 190524 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update "Everyone!! People!! Humans!! Superhumans!!! Our new EP is arriving soon, so get ready!! NCTzens!! Get excited!! -SUPERBABY JOHNNY"
  5. May be Lee Sol situation kinda similar with this story? https://adoption.com/meeting-my-south-korean-birth-mother. She could be bedridden for months, and I am sure that she went to the police, when she find out about possibility that her son was adopted out, there slim chance to have even an information about his whereabout, add to the fact that she was not the one who release her son herself. Many parents who want to reconnect with their adopted kid only able to do so when the kid itself make effort to reunite.
  6. I agree with you. Mostly people just comment on how good KJW is but they forgot to mention how great is PMY. I mean, KJW able to potray such character seamlessly must be complement by PMY herself. How she able to potray the character of Deokmi might triggered KJW to potray the character of Ryan Gold as real as possible. Yeah I thought so @luvcrabbieshinhwa at first I postponed to watch this drama because some netizens commented that it looks similar but then I remember my love KJW. I felt in love with him since Coffee Prince days and too bad I didn't follow this drama since beginning. Thankfully that I join this when the drama barely 6 episodes. And now I am already having withdrawal syndrome Anw, I just want to comment how beautiful Deokmi on 14 episode I mean her hair in Ep. 12 & 13 are not fabs as usual but still pretty tho. And also I love these outfits of hers. The white one tho, she just posted her IG with that outfit barely 3 days ago...They literally on live shooting now..must be tiring and sad that this will come to an end already. Even though the drama ratings didn't do justice, hopefully tvN will still give them reward trip. I wanna see their real interactions out of characters. I come up to melohwa's blog but the spoiler article of Episode 14 still nowhere. Hopefully she will update cause I am dying to see K-Netz reaction. Lastly, my hearts was pounding during the painting scene. How can such scene looks so mature and intense. I love it when both of them wearing the V Neck shirts. It just looks fatale and fabuluous on them. It shows maturity and I do like their collarbone hahaha it looks sexy.
  7. Early this morning at work, I saw a post from a member that said today’s episode was the most boring episode she/he has seen? I was very curious but I knew I couldn’t cry or laugh out loud at work so I waited til later to watch ep 14. my first reaction was: “Was that person freaking kidding me!? Please don’t do that to me again, ever!” I absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to the writer for solving all the problems in such a good timing manners. What I love about this drama: no stupid misunderstanding (other than Ryan thought DM was lesbian), no unnecessary breakup, no crazy mother in law, no crazy rich parents, no lingering exes/crazy female lead. Everyone just seems to deal with things in such a mature way. I love it!!!! And I know as much as I love our couple, today’s “bed scene” was really just enough, actually perfect for me! For me, it’s the feeling, the love the two of them share is sparked through their eyes that I enjoy the most. Sometimes, less is really more, and I really like it that way. And for that, big thanks to the actors for delivering the emotions perfectly. KJW, my man, you have stolen my heart for the 100th time again! As for the rest of the story, I think with the characteristics of Ryan Gold, DM’s mom is gonna reveal the story to them, he would be totally understanding. Actually he would actually be glad that he met DM the way he did, instead of becoming her family so he wouldn’t be treated like the way she treats EG. Fate, people! That way they could fall in love! The fact he knows that he wasn’t thrown away and was actually cherished, he knows everything happened back then was due to circumstances. Ryan is Gold and he would see that clearly. I believe in him! I am 100% certain everything will wrap up beautifully and 1000% can assure you guys a happy ending for all! now, let me go back and rewatch all the episodes again!
  8. @luvcrabbieshinhwaPeople saying her acting is similar in these 3 dramas are blind, I'm sorry to say lol. Deok Mi is more outspoken, mature and outgoing than Mi So, who was basically a passive recipient of the Vice Chairman's affections. Mi So would've never done the "just go ahead and gaze at me, I'll do everything else" scene from the RG seduction scene. Mi So was a fun character but IMHO a bit shallow. PMY wasn't given much to work with there. Deok Mi is a more fleshed-out character, we learn her heartaches, her hopes and dreams, we empathize with her insecurities, we spazz with her when she fangirls, we felt her heartfelt sorrow when she thought RG didn't like her. As for Healer, I'd say Deok Mi had more in common with Chae Young Shin, who was spunky, no-nonsense and a go-getter. But the thing here is, I love PMY exactly because you know she plays strong female leads. She will never be put in as a ditzy, whining, helpless character. She has been "typecast" as a strong woman, and I love that about her roles. I say this as someone who loves WWWSK, and very recently had it as my favorite drama ever (before being supplanted by you-know-which lol).
  9. I'm supposed to be prepping for class, but here I am instead. Finally managed to watch both episodes 13 and 14 back to back. Can't believe we only have one more week to the end of this drama. Just some thoughts on the story progression thus far - Thank you to the chingu who posted the New York Times link on Korean adoptees returning to SK. I forget which page your post was on, but it's a wonderfully insightful article. Adoption as it is, is difficult. To be adopted cross-culturally and cross-nationally must be even more difficult. Granted, as in the article, not everyone goes through the same thoughts or traumas, but the impact of being taken away from your own people cannot be discounted even in lives that turned out successful (ala Ryan Gold). I just wish they had explored this aspect more honestly in the show though. By "honest", I do mean that the reason Lee Sol gave for being separated from him just seems too lame to be credible (to me anyway, not sure if anyone else feels the same about it). How can it be that you lose a child because you got into an accident and he gets so easily adopted abroad? Do local agencies there not attempt to track or trace the parent? I mean, he was 7 by that time. Old enough to give another adult his parent's name, I'm sure. Do they not check hospitals? Next of kin? Police accident reports? Wasn't it like that in Healer as well? PMY's character got sent to an orphanage cos the mother got into an accident and she was simply "lost". If they had wanted to explore the issue of overseas adoption during that era, it would have been better to say that she had been forced by her family to give him up cos she was a single mother. No wonder Ryan himself had difficulty believing her too... And speaking of husbands... Lee Seol's maiden name was Gong, according to the college yearbook. But RG was registered as Heo, so clearly, he got into his father's registry. And SiAn, if that is his real name, is Cha. So he's got a dad too. So what happened to her first husband? Died? What I hope not to happen (as with all these dramas and the tropes they love) is that the discovery that it was DM's mum who left him at the orphanage and whose hand he remembers letting go of him, will not drive a wedge between our OTP. I would like to think that having RG raised American with a largely American/Western world view would make him look beyond DM's parents' decisions back then and not go through some stupid breakup in the penultimate episode. Worse yet - let DM not be the one to walk away, cos she's been doing a mighty fine job being the supportive girlfriend up to this point.
  10. I also noticed that most of the HPL coupling fans are fans of Healer couple.. no offense to any Healer fans here.. ok.. it was just an observation on their posts.. and they said it themselves. Anyway, yeah, I also noticed that some very solid PMY fans dont like PSJ , they dont really say anything about her other partners but they are vocal about not liking to pair PMY with PSJ. and some even say they dont like it because he is younger.. not reaaally sure why.. but thats how they feel, im not going to intervene. Again, I will agree with how the story went.. they lost the focus on DeukMi. and yeah, I always thought a bed scene was not necessary before but I really thought they would push it since they are focused already on the romance of both... but I cannot blame the actors here.. because the scripts are decided by production, not them. All they can do now, is to do their acting jobs well until the end. But yeah.. PMY is really pretty.. right??! like.. seriously! I both love and hate her for being that pretty!
  11. are they planning to release the soundtracks? i saw the ones with vocals but what about the background music tracks? they were amazing
  12. “comfort and relaxed state” .... for me it sounds like someone said “I want someone who makes me relaxed even without doing anything.” ;-) lol
  13. PPC shippers are always branded as negas, bitters and so on and so forth when truth is her solid Korean fans do not even like HPL too and I agree with them. The plot is not focusing on "Her Private Life" anymore.
  14. Everything is clicking into its place quite seamlessly. I admire the writer and PD for their great job. At this point in the drama, most of the issues and puzzles are being resolved without the usual angst that always goes in a kdrama. The execution is just right for me. For instance, RG's pain was not resolved in one sitting with LS. He had to go through an internal struggle and some soul searching before he was able to accept his mom's explanation and in doing so unlocked his memories. I don't want to dissect every single scene because i'm not really good at this type of analysis. But let me just share the scenes that really touched my heart. One, finding the last painting and RG seeing that it was him who was painted there. Writer-nim cinched the bubble series wonderfully with this painting. I can see that this last painting explained the message in the whole series and finally put closure to RG's internal conflict. Two, I love how Sindy has adapted so easily into her new independent persona. It really cracked me up when Secretary/driver Kim told Director Eom that the woman stole her child after they saw Sindy walk off arm in arm with DM's parents. It thrilled me that the high and mighty Eom is getting a figurative slap when her child refused to be intimidated by her tactics. Three, CSA is such an exemplary son and brother. For such a person used to the masses' adulation, he's content to stay in the background and be supportive while his mom and brother resolve their issues. Four and five and up, I can't get enough of DM's understanding and sensitivity of RG's emotional struggles. I love every interaction they have regardless if it's just holding hands or RG looking intently at DM or DM hitting RG. They're so cute and KJW-PMY do it so naturally. After watching ep 14, i feel full and satisfied. It's like i've eaten a healthy meal and it really warms my heart. Once again, kudos to all the GIFs of the new episodes.
  15. @Nathania SunWelcome /Welcome back . You don’t have to apologize for anything , this is your house/space to talk about anything you feel like to about Park Shin Hye, the actress, in a respectful, supportive and Health way . Show your love! While waiting for her movie “Call” to premier, we are all hopeful she will announce a new project, but we have no clue if it will be a drama or a movie. Fingers cross!
  16. I AGREE She's been a good actress for me. Some ppl said that her acting looks similar from roles to roles... But I don't really agree. She's notably different in Healer, Secretary Kim, and HPL... Though at the early episodes of HPL, she has similar vibes with Kim Miso...but Deokmi gradually feels really different. I must say she did a good act as a fangirl...those squealing looks and moony over SiAn lol. She did a great job, particularly at the last scene... the emotion...the tension...everything TT_TT Kim Jaewook was totally awesome (and it's generally agreed that he's been a skilled actor)...but Park Minyoung's ability to maintain the same level of acting with him is praiseworthy. And why does she keep getting prettier and prettier....esp after she dates Ryan HAHAHA
  17. About the rating, let's see if the promotional pretend-to-kiss scene will help ( I think it's a troll and she will slap him in that scene ). But if it doesn't hep on next Wednesday, then please do real kiss on Thursday. About the cliche, don't know, for my personal view, every show or drama or movie nowadays are cliche, because we can always relate or link some scenes to old works. So it's quite hard for me now to expect anything totally original , so I don't have any expectation. I admitted that I just watch this drama because of Shin Hye Sun .... LOL Any other things are bonus for me (like Myung Soo - such a lovely eye-candy bonus, or ballet, OST, or other cast's acting which are good so far). For Ni-Na's mom, I'm not sure yet whether she or Ni-Na's sister is the one who hire the guy to tamper with the car brake. I think the mom has motive because Mr. Jo is investigating her involvement to obstruct YS for eyes transplant. So she may need to get rid of both YS and Mr. Jo once for all. If she really did that , it's not just about causing accident to happen with other person but it's about murdering people , which is purely evil. Not sure either she's the one who is the reason of YS's parent's death. We will know later. Totally agreed, the yesterday scene when she had argument with her husband and did the ballet pose, make me LOL.... She may be an evil but evil with charming ballet movement.
  18. From your mouth/keyboard to the director-writer's ears. Let's hope they can get the storyline back on track and continue more in the vein of episode 6. Give the audience what they want! Haha at your nicknames. I'm glad we are finally seeing some character development and relationship development as a result of their new circumstances and the humour is back. These are the kind of episodes we should have been getting last week to keep the audience invested in the story and the characters instead of all the focus on the killer and killing these past few episodes which turned a lot of viewers off. I think the same about the abyss which is why it didn't make sense CM didn't even try to get it back, discuss it or at least mention it. Nothing. They just sent YC to jail still with a powerful marble that has caused so much chaos in his pocket. It's like the plot and CM+SY just forgot about it! Those scenes are so cute especially as that is how CM must have always treated her. Just that SY is only starting to appreciate and notice it now
  19. I agree. Plus, though she is evil but I’m still loving her! She is hilarious evil! I like those kind! Speaking of crying ... I forgot to mention .. though everyone said, the first episode made them cry ... I don’t know if y’all really mean it or a figure of speech ... I don’t usually but ... LYS breakdown today really hit home! She actually made me teary eyed. That woman knows how to make you into one!
  20. I do know you don’t wear an outfit like she wore to play card games in. Unless it’s strip poker.
  21. When I saw Eric & Shinhwa did the Snapchat Baby Filter App, I had a feeling Hyemi will try it. Sis didn't disappoint at all So cute! How Mun juniors will be like
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