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  2. I think DM's family ,RG's mom and EG's mom used to be neighbour. Their children call mom and dad to one other parent. RG's mom and RG got in accident coz to run away from grandpa. DM father's business got trouble and he been caught by police. RG's grandpa willing to help DM's family by clearing her father name but they need to rid of RG. This is why DM's mom drop RG to the orphanage. Grandpa told RG's mom that RG was dead. This is reason that there is no missing child news.
  3. kekee... sadly we all feel like that sometime regardless of what our age is. one of the funny things that soompi has taught me is I am romantic. LOL. like @triplem rightly pointed out, am not going to be squealing about any OTP moment and instead posting some random out of the box stuff. but it is about developing the confidence to post your thoughts and just have fun. there is lots of value in folks having different thoughts because it adds variety to the discussion. it adds a different persona. think about how boring it would be if we were all saying the same thing. it is why we surf channels!!! hahahah... so don't worry so much if you don't have much to say sometimes. I don't either when folks are posting about abs. rather than appreciate the abs, I am just thinking of the effort the guy has to put in gym and how much food he gives up -- yes, my aunty brain totally kicks in and I have to refrain myself from saying "please feed the boy some rice!" 706
  4. Hellooo .., welcome . Ooo are you talking about this one ? I read it and wanted to see what everyone here thought about this - he thinks he’s in love with 2 women... ahhh if only I can tell him - it’s the same girl ! .
  5. ..off topic..today..............I am hearing excuses, not solutions.... https://jaimelanistre.tumblr.com/post/185010039631/your-mothers-dead-before-long-ill-be-dead-and
  6. Stay. To keep us oldies young at heart, esp. if we're starting to nag unnecessarily I didn't... I had forgotten why, some technical challenge on my side. But I participated in the drama contest held by soompi. And MLSHR team won, thus the label 708
  7. This will always happen whenever a new OTP born. And more often than not those who leave those hate comments and pressing the 'dislike' button are shipper from the previous drama. And of coz they will claim that they are the fan of the actor/actress in the current drama but of coz by reading their comments it is so clear they are the shipper from previous drama. To be honest, I like PMY and JCW in Healer and I love their chemistry too but if coz as a realistic drama fans, I cannot deny the chemistry of her and KJW in this drama. Tho I am not her fan but I watch almost all her dramas as I think she is one of talented actress in Korea right now. and she is just so good to build chemistry with her co stars. Tho she has many haters, but I cannot let the haters blinded me from seeing her talent.
  8. Me too!! Did you take part in the photo project? We took photos of the 'We love MLSHR' note at prominent landmarks. Who is acting like an adult here?!! I dont see anyone in that category! +2
  9. Announcement: BIRTHDAY GREETINGS PROJECT FOR KIM HYUN JOONG Send HJ Photo with Bday greetings with your name and country on my tweeter private message Duration : May 23- June 04 Any fans or fanclub can participate It will be included in my article to be released on June 6 by 에 linajoong @25edt
  10. .........Because fly-fishing can be done in several phases....
  11. Hello!! Welcome to the thread!! @Lmangla I am interested to see the documentary as well, if you still remember what channel broadcasting it... It sounds like a well-made documentary. Earlier in the thread, someone mentioned about possibility of having a drama that is the opposite - having a lead with super strong memory of faces, and maybe use it to solve crime or stuff like that. Let's hope we see it happening one day. Why is Monday still so far away....?
  12. Hello everyone! I'm just new here I want to buy Koo's Novel too and hoping for English version
  13. Of course darlings!!! He is coming back for his fans!! And I can't wait for the press con & the premiere!!! We'll finally get the chance to see our beloved Daniel in spotlight!!! And I think support roles less appear in movie posters... But since his support role is also present there in the main poster, I guess he will be an important character for the movie!!!! The poster already has giving me so much intense & who will be the Beast they are looking for..???! Can't wait to find out!! Still no release date conformed but it's out in next month & his fan meeting also is in next month!!! I really hope he will manage all the works very well!!! See you at the press con, boy!!!!
  14. Megaton flower 小 硕 今天 10:33 from the iPhone 6s Lee Jong-suk sent Plus (Rose Gold)  because Lee So wait  Lee Jong-suk D-77 think he thought he think he thought he think he thought he think he thought he think he thought he thought he think he thought he think he thought he think he thought he think he thought he wanted He thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he wants He thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he thinks he wants He thought he thought he thought he thought he thought he thought he wanted him
  15. IDK the scene sequence in the actual episode. But in the preview, DM advises Ryan to come as an art director, if it's too hard for him to come as Heo Yoon Jae. Then, Lee Sol tells him to turn back if she makes him uncomfortable. At the end, Ryan says, "Could you show me the last painting, Artist Lee Sol?" He talks to her as an art director, not her long-lost son. Even if they already confronted each other, idk...it seems a bit hard for them to address each other affectionately as mom and son. I mean, even EunGi who's in a good term with his birth mum still calls her 'Editor Nam' sometimes (though he might be 'teasing' her a bit haha). EH? Which one?? " this drama will end well without any hate or bad rumor unlike PMY's previous experience. " I agree... I've been watching many of her dramas since City Hunter circa... She generates so much chemistry with her co-stars so sometimes dating rumors will surface... *sigh. I hope this time, it can end it well... Sorry for cutting it short.. Just wanna say, I love your essay KUDOS to Jaewook and Lee Il-hwa for the last scene... It was so heartbreaking and touching. Poor Sian gets ignored by his bro and his bro even slammed the door on his face :((( Though I agree that Ryan must see him differently (and a bit angry) now that he knows Sian is well-loved by his mother, something he's never had. He gets lots of feelings to sort out.
  16. KIM HYUN JOONG Official Instagram & Weibo update 2019.5.23 https://www.instagram.com/ http://m.weibo.cn/u/2792518661
  17. 704 learned something new today -- so stargazing also has to do with a ship? @stargazer187 ~ always assumed that you just like watching stars. hahahahah... me and my science brain.
  18. You spoke my line sadly I once settled myself to leave add. I don’t feel needed anymore. (One thing is for certain, age difference. Not throwing any shade, but I feel like all of you are adults doing your own adult talks. I’m a kid, what can I say haha) better yet wanted to leave Soompi about a month or two after joining add. if you wonder why I stay. I don’t know. But nowadays I don’t have any of these thoughts yet. 706
  19. I think they are trying to avoid any unnecessary rumor. If she send food truck, people will start to speculating the rumor about them again. Even if (I hope not ) the rumor was true, I think she won't give support truck to him because they previously denied the relationship. It will be a mess if they denied a rumor but then turns out to be true. And also I think she is busy shooting her new drama now. It's unusual for 2 people who rumored to be dating to send food truck to each other. Unless they date publicly like SongSong Couple that time.
  20. Baidu Li Zhongshuo official blog 5月20日 17:14 from iPhone X  Lee Jong-suk  because it is waiting for Lee after everyone's Gongtongnuli, our public library was finally established it today! We and @钟爱唯硕李钟硕FanClub 's front line have arrived at the school scene! Seeing the cute smiles of the children, we believe that Li actor will be very happy. Our little wish is to make the children in the mountains feel the pleasure of reading. I also hope that the children know that Li Zhongshuo is a good person who brings happiness and happiness to them! @李钟硕
  21. Are you not going to ask me? It's my first ship ever!!! And the scarlet color label Stargazing Fireflies under my DP is also related to that. I have to agree with you... the chasing part took up too much time also And yes, the gore is nothing compared to first season. 704
  22. Oh hoho... PsychoDoctorResurrectedOldMan is smart enough to figure out some rules of the Abyss. For goodness sakes, I hope our AliveAgainDuo can be at least a pace ahead... PS. Are they putting HJ in the middle. As in, she could still go good or bad....
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