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  2. Hello @meechuttso , yes, our minions army need you. . Sorry, because I got my salary today, so I spent too much time shopping during lunch. (Hope my boss didn't read this forum). I love both symbol. And that makes me recall about this....
  3. yes 'he' looks pretty.....though by close he honestly couldnt pass off as a girl :x
  4. Gorgeous Queen for SESA Living ..."May Event" Summer Gift wowww !! so pretty cto.
  5. @Lawyerh if you are wondering why I’m changing my DP daily. Mainly because I can’t settle with the DP I have. Because...picky lol 700
  6. I was browsing and found a show headed by HCR. It has been a long time since I watched her. It is a good show but I wonder why soompi forum posts only 9 pages for 48 episodes while the ratings have been excellent. Could it mean Koreans have different tastes than non-Koreans or overseas Koreans? Well whomever they are, they have missed a great show. I would like the end to return to the beginning but there has been too much water under the bridge for the couple to get back together. The new husband has also been a devoted father and husband. Rather sad for them, even though they all seemed happy. NK as many others have said, really deserves prison time or worse for her, to be rejected by the little brother. Not knowing Korean law, I am going to conclude that a married woman having a baby with a married man is adultery by Korean law. Perhaps the mode of getting pregnant is not specified. I remember a real case when the parents in their forties had a baby to provide bone marrow for their 20 something. There was a great hoohaa but it was not against the law or medical ethics the AMA. The doctor said the cord blood of the second baby was needed, I wonder why they did not keep the leftover. Then it would not be necessary to get the bone marrow, which I was told to be very painfull
  7. right now....after work i switch off my computer and i dont feel like watching anything :x -2
  8. no will do....i have doubt when i saw that picture i was like is this really a girl? since i dont know who is Kim NamGil is so i guess i qualify as a fair judge?
  9. Yes, You're right ....We should be together
  10. MBN’s upcoming drama “Graceful Family” (literal title) has confirmed its main actors! “Graceful Family” is a mystery drama that will tell the story of a daughter of a chaebol family whose mother was murdered and a third-rate lawyer who is willing to take on any tasks for money. The drama will also follow the story […] The post Im Soo Hyang, Lee Jang Woo, And Bae Jong Ok Confirmed For New Mystery Drama appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. @cenching I like @ktcjdrama didn’t warm to it until episode 5 , if you want true , there isn’t good plot , but I watching because made my own plot , what it feel to be dating our lion Roar Roar @sushilicious my crush , nearly blind me with his fabulous body @ktcjdrama watch it now , Behind scene our lion is adorable again @triplem the kiss was so bad , when they show it in behind scene, I want to cry literally the kiss only make little contact -2
  12. Jiwonie Update her IG with some sweets ...maybe something related to her new drama Chocolate ?? What about her movie that it seems it start filming a few days ago ...busy Jiwonn this year ...can't wait to see her on screen (big and small)
  13. The April 26 episode of KBS2’s “Music Bank” features performances from BVNDIT, ENOi, TARGET, TXT, TWICE, VERIVERY, Kang Xiwon, Newkidd, DIA, DONGKIZ, BTS, Kim Seong Ri, Super Junior D&E, Stephanie, N.Flying, 1THE9, HOTPLACE, HASHTAG, and Ho1iday. Watch performances live below! The post Watch Live: BTS, TWICE, Super Junior D&E, And More Perform On “Music Bank” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. On April 26, Fantagio Music announced through an official statement that the members of Hello Venus will be going their separate ways to pursue their individual careers. The statement reads as follows: Hello. This is Fantagio Music. First of all, we express sincere gratitude to the fans who have cherished and loved the group Hello […] The post Hello Venus Members To Go Separate Ways Following Contract Expiration appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. Some dramas (especially K drama...) do tend to hitched on the main cast previous popular role purposely, free publicity....Similar to TYH where there were many Goblin's side and minor characters appearance and some "shout out"..... +2
  16. It took me till second half of ep.4 to warm up to the drama.... I continue watching only because I want to see KJW... Loving ep.6 so much because he has lots of screen time with varying expressions. I think I can rewatch that episode again and again just for him. I'd be honest it's still hard for me to see the coupling. Somehow I still see traces of Sec.Kim in PMY. They really should've styled her differently when she is at work, eg.just let her have her hair down all the time would be much better. Her image as Sec.Kim was too strong. 698
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