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    • hazelrafael

      Sporran Kilt  | Scottish Kilt Accessories
      The sporran is a traditional part of male Scottish Highland dress and is a pouch that performs the same function as
      pockets on the pocketless kilt. Suited up, casually formal or totally relaxed, a stylish sporran can be the highlight of your outfit and is an easy way to freshen up any kilt. Made of leather or fur, the ornamentation of the sporran is chosen to complement the formality of dress worn with it. The sporran is worn on a leather strap or chain, conventionally positioned in front of the groin of the wearer, its great for storing mobile phones, credit cards, wallets, change & keys and many other man stuff. 

      The sporran kilt you select usually depends on a number of factors: the style of outfit you’ll wear, the occasion you’re attending, and your personal preferences. You may even have a selection of sporrans so you are ready for all occasions.
      Full dress sporrans (or dress sporrans) are the most formal type of sporran. Perfect for formal occasions like weddings, they pair best with a Prince Charlie outfit.

      They commonly feature fur fronts, a fur gusset, three to six decorated fur tassels with regular or cross-chains, and a metal cantle at the top.
      The cantle is ordinarily made from pewter or silver and often features Celtic knotwork designs. It may also feature other Scottish symbols such as the lion rampant, thistle, stag or saltire.
      Full dress  sporrans normally fasten at the rear with a stud on a small flap connecting the front and rear of the sporran. As they are the largest style of sporran, they allow the wearer to carry a range of items.Our full dress sporrans are made of the finest materials and provide a long life and durable.
      These sporrans are full dress and are perfect for formal occasions.Made from quality leather and selected animal skin and stainless steel cantle.Featuring an engraved cantle and finished with 3 fur tassels.They are full size and will easily carry a wallet, lighter, mobile etc.
      Semi dress sporrans are a less formal version of the full dress sporran.Semi dress sporrans are appropriate for both informal and formal occasions. They are traditionally worn with Braemar outfit for semi-formal occasions like graduations or as a guest at a wedding. They are common place in traditional and modern Scottish attire.Our semi-dress sporrans are ideal for more casual events or perfect with your ghillie shirt outfit.
      Top Quality Semi-Dress Sporran will help you stand out in a crowd!These sporrans are also made with a fur front, though not as lofty as those used for full dress sporrans. A semi dress sporran typically uses a hair hide.
      They also feature a leather gusset, three decorated fur tassels with regular or cross-chains, and a leather flap at the top.The flap often features Celtic or Scottish designs and may be adorned with pewter badges to enhance the design.

      Semi dress sporrans typically fasten with a stud under the flap. More expensive sporrans hide the stud beneath an extra piece of leather or cover it with a metal badge so it cannot be seen from the front of the sporran.
      Day sporrans are the most casual type of sporran. As the name suggests, they are great for when you’re looking for a more relaxed look.The unique style makes this a modern classic and the ideal accessory to wear with a daytime kilt outfit for years to come.

      Day sporrans normally follow a similar design as the semi dress sporran but are made entirely from leather.
      Choose from our extensive range of Leather Day Wear Sporrans in a variety of different styles. The leather can be studded or tooled with Celtic designs to enhance each Day Wear Sporran.A Daywear sporran like this would generally be worn with a daywear outfit (kilt and tweed jacket) or perhaps with a Jacobite outfit.
      Sporrans are made from a natural material so colours can vary from season to season.
      The perfect accessory to compliment your highland dress day wear outfit.
      This daywear sporran is an unusual and striking accessory. Made from genuine leather in the shape of a full dress sporran, this is the ideal sporran for the man who enjoys incorporating his own style into a traditional outfit.
      The careful detailing and placement of the leather mimics the shapes and finishes of a full dress sporran to create a modern take on a traditional accessory.
      They feature a leather front, leather gusset, three or more leather tassels, and a leather flap. Both the front and the flap may be embossed with Celtic or Scottish designs, and the tassels often have plaited leather straps to hold them in place.
      Day sporrans ordinarily fasten with a stud under the flap, which is hidden from view on more expensive sporrans. They may also fasten with a hook closure.
      • FREE Chain strap
      • Unique daywear sporran
      • Hardy and long lasting
      • Available wide range of stuff,100% Pure Leather
      • Attractive studded design
      Matching Tartan Sporran
      Finish off your kilt ensemble with a Matching Tartan Sporran. The Matching Tartan Sporrans from Scottish Kilt Shop can be made to match any of your favorite tartans to ensure that you have a clean, sophisticated, streamlined look from top to bottom. This sporran has a spot inside for you to store important items such as cell phones, keys, wallets and more. The pocket is closed using a snap-button closure that adds a bit of detail. Hanging down from the flap closure are three black tassels that sit on the end of short silver-toned chains in order to give them a bit of flair. Each Matching Tartan Sporran is made with the highest quality materials to ensure a sporran that will last for years to come.
        #kiltsporrans #sporrans #sporran #scottishsporrans #sporrankilt      
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    • Ameera Ali  »  Sejabin

      To cheer you up 
      I read this & I like 

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    • Dennis Roof

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    • Sejabin  »  Ameera Ali

      For @Ameera Ali 
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