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What Did You Dream Of Today?

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(Sorry if this thread had been created before)

I don't normally remember the dreams I have

and even when I do,

they're always either nightmares with me being chased

or just plain random ones that don't even make sense lol

But during these past few nights,

I've been having some weird dreams...


One night, I dreamt of me hiding years in a stone cottage.

I had never been outside before and this guy would always

stop by to give us food from outside.

So curiosity had dared me to sneak out

when my parents were sleeping

(this was in the dream of course)

there, i was surrounded by a HUMONGOUS garden

with hecka colorful giant tulips, sunflowers, etc...

There was a short but fat yellow wooden bridge that crosses

a REALY dirty river with icky green stuff in it ( :wacko: )

once across the bridge,

i was being chased by a HUGE blue serpent or fish of some kind

that had just crawled out from that river.

the next thing i know, i was home again but a HUGE silver dragon

had followed me home!!!! it was circling the cottage

and i was scared. so i hid in my room, locked the door, and stuff

but of course it crashed into the house and I had to crawl out the window.

I crawled out into the SNOW!!! Wth. It was like 3 feet deep or something

and the dragon had found me!!

It started laughing, "I've found you in the end anyway!"

But then somewhere far far far away, these three weird figures

one tall and skinny, one short and fat, the other is normal i think

they were in weird costumes and had weird gadgets

but anyway, the tall one pointed into the air and was like

"Oh! We've found the dragon!!" and then,

BAM! he pulled the trigger on his weird rifle-ish weapon

and shot the dragon down for me. :mellow:

i was like "whoa. that was so random...."


Just last night, I dreamt that me and these two other girls

(which reminded me awfully alot of S.H.E. XDD the Taiwanese group)

were part humans and part demons!!!

We were birds I think. Cuz we had those white feathery wings.

Anyway, the whole USA was after us.

People were scared of us.

So we had to hide in these trees and while my two buddies

stayed behind, I was supposed to go and find some

"IMPORTANT" clues from the military or the citizens just to know

what they're plotting against us..

But of course time was running out.

I was searching this woman's apartment and she saw me

she was screaming at the top of her lungs

and I was scared too lol so I just grabbed some random stuff and flew off.

(XD the feeling of being able to fly was wonderful although I felt like an amature --sp?? at it)

I was back at the hideout and my friends shared me their lunch

(Er.... it was rice boxes... LOL!! XD Like, carry-out or something)

I showed them the stuff I got and they were like

"What are THOSE?!" XD

I think I got like a pair of tweezers, a nailclipper, and a baby's milk bottle or something LMAO)

Then I remembered I had to save my parents

cuz maybe the military will have them up for hostage or something >.<

so I flew back home-- and mom was sick in bed.

I had to give her a piggy-back (sp) :wacko: HEEEAVYY!!! EEK. XD

the next thing you know, I'm desperately try'na fly with my mom on my back

and dad running after me (im leading them to a safe hideout)

but my dad couldn't catch up cuz his back naturally hurts

so feeling bad, i stopped and told him to grab onto mom's leg

and hopefully we can "fly" all together. lol

and so it got hella heavier. I can still remember the pain.

But I tried reeeeeally hard really really hard

and finally managed to fly my parents to the hideout.

I go back to my friends at the trees

and we are doomed.

The military found us cuz unfortunately

a bunch of scared neighbors had reported us to them

and now our whole hideout is surrounded.

Soldiers are lined all around the neighborhood, prepared with their guns!!!!!

Being brave but stupid, I grabbed my friend and ran out of the hideout,

told them that there's nothing to be afraid of. We'll be able to fly away just fine.

But she was scared, she leggo of my hand and stayed behind

as I flew across the street myself. Bullets went flying.

Surprisingly, I dodged every one of them... I remember seeing the bullets

coming at me!!! I was like

"ok.. there's one below me, fly to the left, there's one above me, fly to the right"

lol it was weeeirdd.... but i don't know if i survived it or not cuz then the

"camera" turned back to my other two friends and i remember

how my "soul" was running around asking people "did i die?!? did i die?!?"

but everyone was running around, crazy so no one answered my question.

then mom woke me up cuz she said we had to go shopping. LOL.

but yeah these were my dreams.. pretty fantasy-like, yeah? lol.

sorry if this post was too long for you to read :vicx:



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i always remember my dreams. i don't know why, but i've met one other person who goes through this every night. it's not very pleasant for me because most are nightmares that keep haunting me during the day.

anyway, last night i dreamt i was walking on a deserted sidewalk with mom and dad. i felt tiny shards of glass fall from the sky onto my face and arms. i couldn't brush the glass off because i was afraid i'd push some of them deeper into my skin, so i just let them be. the end.

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Well last night I don't really remember all the details of the dream but I know that the FEELING and the mood of it was very negative and sad.

I was in someone else's house, probably their living room sleeping on the floor very late at night. The room had a blue glow because my sister was beside me watching something on tv. I realized I couldn't talk or swallow because my throat was too dry and I could barely breathe properly. Then my little sister leaned over and bumped her head on a table and she lay on the floor, about to cry..my mom rushed in but everything was silent; I could see her telling my sister not to shout or cry because it would wake me up. So I tried to yell and show them I was awake but they never heard me..that was a really weird bad dream =(

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chriguen: wow. that sux to have nightmares all the time and be able to remember all of them. :( I remember how three of my nightmares had used to haunt me for three weeks straight!! They really freaked me out!! Here's a tip, though it might not work for everyone. But my mom had always told me to never cross my legs when I sleep.

And for some reason whenever she would "uncross" my legs for me (when im asleep) my nightmares would end right there. lol. i know it sounds silly but you should try it. ^^

azn@h3art: OoO that was a weird random one! lol. but i know what you mean. Maybe someone was talking when you were kinda half awake. Cuz whenever I sleep, I hear my parents talk but I would always mix them up with my dream XD i think im telling them to shut up but then again, they never hear me. they would go on lol

thanks for sharing, you guys! =]

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last night... hehehehehe...

i dreamt that the guy i like (also the se7en lookalike in my year ^^) confessed his love for me after i accidentely confessed my love to him as well. :X it was so awesome.. and so cute. i tried to get back to sleep because my mum woke me up, but argh i couldn't! TT

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hmm i can barely remember last night's

but it was really elaborate and weird..

i totally forget haha

but i took a nap like a couple of hours ago

and i dreamed i was sitting across from this girl eating oreos

and she was chewing with her mouth open and i was so grossed out

she had like oreo-ness all over her teeth

i think at the end i handed her a napkin

and then i woke up XD

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lemme see..ive been stress off of my Anatomy n Physiology II class's exam..

so i dreamt of hormones like


antidiuretic hormones...

i dreamnt of my teacher

i dreamt..of B_S!~!!

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i had a dream that... i meet SECHSKIES !!!!!!

i'm so exciting about hearing about their new album if so...

i dreamt that i met them but all my relatives got autographs except me because they had to leave.

eun ji won stayed and signed one for me but... it wasn't happy.

i was so sad.

and then i woke up....

still stress.

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I ate these really really really good chicken wings at a buffet ...

when I went to get seconds, I dropped the plate on the floor and I was sad.


hahaha. :lol:

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i can't remember last night's dream but the night before i dreamt that a friend of mine was really depressed, she tried to cute her head open or something with a pair of scissors and then tried to light herself on fire then she got sent to a mental insitution. I have no idea why i dreamt about her though coz shes not a close friend of mine. lol it was very scary but im over it now & most of my dreams are usually happy dreams (:

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For the first time, I dreamt of my crush actually speaking to me. I can't remember the exact words, but if I'm not mistaken, he was a villain in my dream saying unkind things. Yeah. Odd. But yeah.

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first ones crazy. sounds like.. theres a lot of meanings to it?

uh i don't remember much of my dream last night. i walked to 2nd period with the guy i kind of have a crush on, giving him an excuse that i didnt want to walk with the regular people i did (and in real life, i dont even walk with these people to 2nd period). on the way there, it was just regular conversation. he was more weirded out by the fact that i was walking with him. we were going up the stairs and he started talking to other people and just ignored me so i walked without him and he told me to come back and asked me why i was leaving without him. so i told him and we ended up semi-arguing...

yes... one of my normalest dreams, but still random.

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i dreamed about ice cream.. like i was in my room wanting ice cream, and i ended up at the ice cream store, and getting like a double scoop of some ice cream i never heard of, i walked out the store and drop the middle scoop, and end up with the first and third scoop on my cone.. so i look down and look back up and both my scoops that were left are gone, and i look on the floor and someone is cleaning them up. and i wake up, craving ice cream.. : /

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i dream that i was at school like a normal day. i was getting ready to leave government class when i heard a shot. i ran to see what happened and my best friend got shot. for some odd reason his mom was there...i stood there shocked. so later on i went to the hospital and check up on him and doctor said he was in a coma...T_T...

so this morning when i woke up..i called him right away since he is leaving to go fishing with his family...hope he got my message and is okay...=/

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