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[movie 2006] Typhoon 태풍

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Jang Dong Gun, Lee Jung Jae, Lee Mi Yeon
Typhoon (태풍) 172652.jpg Source: kr.news.yahoo.com Director : 곽경택 (Kwak Kyung Taek) Cast : 장동건 (Jang Dong-Gun), 이정재 (Lee Jung-Jae), 이미연 (Lee Mi-Yeon), David McInnis, 김민주 (Kim Min-Joo) Website : http://www.typhoonthemovie.com Theatrical trailer : mms://vod.cine21.com/cine21.com/movie/trailer/2005/11/typhoon_tr_700k.wmv (Source: cine21.com) Produced by : 진인사필름 (ZinInSa Films) Distributed by : CJ 엔터테인먼트 (CJ Entertainment) Rating : TBA Release date : 14 December 2005 117011.jpgposter200507071703581.jpgposter200507071704251.jpgposter20050825_lmy.jpg Credit to: http://www.jang-donggun.com Synopsis ***spoiler alert*** In July 2004, an American nuclear ship was attacked by the pirates. All the crew on board the ship were killed and the secret weapons stolen. The attack was led by a cold blooded pirate named "Ssin" (Jang Dong-gun). Ssin lost his parents in childhood and was separated from his sister. He later went to Thailand where he became a pirate. He was filled with feelings of hatred and vengeance for his former native land. Kang Se Jong (Lee Jung-jae), captain of special unit, is investigating the case. The highlight of the movie will be filmed in Vladivostok. Ssin fnds his sister (Lee Mi-yeon) and meets with Kang Se Jong. Change of heart starts to occur to Ssin.. At the end of the movie, the sister dies of incurable disease and Ssin goes back to his wrong path. Extracted from http://www.dv.kp.ru/ (translated by YoonEe & Dreamer from http://www.jang-donggun.com)

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Typhoon Shooting (Article from Sankei Sports)


In the hot summer sun, Ssin (JDK), the eagle-eyed terrorist runs away from the Korean navy officer Sejong (LJJ). trying desperately to capture him. The film shooting was held in Pusan's Yacht Stadium. 400 extras (including 250 from Japan) participated in an important scene where the two actors met and had a chase for the first time.

Typoon is a navy action film. In this movie, a terrorist who wants to carry out terroristic attacks on the Korean peninsula and a navy officer, is shown. The fatal confront between the two are described. The film is a great work using 1.8 billion yen, the most highest budget in Korean film history.

Reading the director's scenario (whose father was born in North Korea), JDK decided to act in this film because "I was deeply moved and was also shocked by the story, which was not thought by the mind but occurred from the bottom of the heart."

In order to express the life of a man burdened with deep saddness, JDK completely changed his image by marking a big scar on his right cheek, had tatoos on his neck, wrist, and arms. He had lost maximum 9kg to show dauntless. The film had been on shooting terms for 9 months, in Thailand, Russia, and Korea.

***unrelated news omitted***

Source: http://www.sanspo.com

translated by Mari (JP), from JDG Everland english board

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[sBS].Live.TV.Entertainment.생방송 TV연예.51회.051012.LQ

^^Interview with Jang Dong-gun and Lee Jung-jae.

Check my CB... ;)

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much gratitude to dreamer for the translated news! :)

Translated from :

http://news.chinatimes.com/Chinatimes/news...ontent/0,3546,1 10511+112005101300382,00.html

2005.10.13 Chinatimes, Taiwan

Japanese fans formed Typhoon Experience Group to attend JDG’s party

(Report from Pusan, 2005.10.12)

The Taiwanese people are wary of typhoon but the people at Pusan participated warmly at “Typhoon’s Night”, staying on well pass 12 midnight. Movie “Typhoon” played by Jang Dong Gun and Lee Jung Jae will be released at year end. It held a promotional party towards the end of the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), making the most "shining" closing for the film festival.

The smiling JDG wore a stunning velvet jacket. Lee Jung Jae looks thinner wearing black frame glasses. Lee Mi Yeon dressed up very elegantly. Typhoon was directed by the director of “Chingu” Kwak Kyung-taek, with the production cost of US15 million, the highest ever in the Korean movie history. Its distribution fee to Japan is US5 million.

Typhoon’s location filming covered Thailand, Russia and Pusan. The trailer showed a glimpse of the exciting scenes of the giant cargo ship, typhoon and gun fighting. JDG plays a pirate with no nationality who was refused entry to South Korea when he was young and his sister became a prostitute in Russia. He wants to revenge on his motherland. JDG’s trademark charming big eyes were filled with anger and hatred in the move and no sign of him dressed up smartly in suits in the movie.

JDG reduced his weight by 7 kg for the movie. His movie Taegukgi is currently ranked No.1 in Korea’s box office record. JDG predicts that Typhoon’s box office result will surpass that of Taegukgi. When asked about confrontation between Typhoon and The Promise which will both be released at year end, JDG said he is very nervous.

Lee Jung Jae said he used to make melodrama movies and he is very nervous about the change to play a tough role this time. Lee Mi Yeon said though her role in the movie is only a small role but she is very happy to be able to work with 2 top stars from Korean movie industry.

Because of the presence of JDG, JDG’s fans from Japan and other places formed “Typoon Experience Group” to attend the party and support JDG. Compared with the promotional parties of Jeon Ji Hyun’s “Daisy” and Kwon Sang Woo’s “Running Wild”, ‘Typhoon’s Night” was a much bigger scale event. This shows that JDG is still the top hallyu star


Translated from http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/


JDG gains 4 kg after Typhoon

There was a huge typhoon at the Pusan International Film Festival last night. JDG together with Lee Jung Jae and Lee Mi Yeon appeared to promote their movie “Typhoon”. JDG reduced his weight by 8 kg for the movie. But at the press conference, it can be seen very clearly that his face has become rounder, he has gained back his weight by at least 4 kg.

A press conference for the movie “Typhoon” was held at Busan Haundae’s Grand Hotel at 10.30 pm last night. A 5 minute trailer was shown for the first time. JDG together with Lee Jung Jae and Lee Mi Yeon greeted the more than one thousand press and movie people present at the event with confidence and thanked those from coming afar to attend the event.

Typhoon is the most expensive Korean movie with a total production cost of 15 billion won. JDG and Lee Jung Jae play a pirate rejected by both North and South Korea and a navy officer respectively. Last night they said laughingly that though they were enemies on screen but they were actually good friends off screen.

For the character of pirate in the movie, JDG kept mustache and with tattoo and scars all over his body and reduced his weight by 8 kg, totally transforming himself from his handsome flower boy image. But JDG has obviously put on weight from his look at the press conference, his face has become rounder.

Report from Pusan, 2005.10.12

(Translated by dreamer for Just Jang Dong Gun)

originally posted at jang dong gun thread, soompi by azura! :)











credit jackal35/jangdonggun-club








originally posted by azura at jang dong gun thred, soompi :)




still much gratitude to azura! :)

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JDG Hopes for South Korea's High Box Office For Typhoon


Typhoon starring JDG, Lee Yong Jae, and Lee Mi Yong all attended the Pusan Film Festival. JDG's close to hundreds of Japanese Fans gathered to support JDG. JDG hopes "Typhoon" will surpasses "Tae Guk Ki" and becomes number one in box office. He also expressed, "Typhoon will premier in South Korea on December which will compete with "Promise". So it's intense. He hopes these two movies will be in the tops. Japan has already purchased the copyright, but Taiwan has not bought the right yet. "

Translated by abltmusician for Jang Dong Gun English Forum

Source: http://chinese.chosun.com/site/data/html_d...0051012000003.h tml

JDG : Typhoon can break Taegukgi's box-office record

2005.10.12 10:39

“I would like to break my previous box -office records”

On 11 October, a promotional party for movie "Typhoon" was held at the Grand Hotel, Busan. JDG who was present at the event was very confident about the box-office performance of Typhoon. When asked by the reporter about his expectation for the box- office result, JDG answered : “ I hope this movie will break Taegukgi’s box -office record.”

JDG also said “The character “Sin” that I played in the movie is very charismatic. It can be said that it’s a combination of all the characters that I have played before.”

In the trailer of Typhoon which was shown for the first time today, JDG’s acting as a cold blooded killer speaking perfect North Korean dialect hamgyongdo received big applause from the audience. Many Japanese fans also came to attend the event. This shows once again the great anticipation on JDG’s movie from both domestic and overseas fans.

Sports Chosun Reporter Kim In Ku, Busan, 2005.10.12 10:39

(Translated by dreamer for Just Jang Dong Gun)

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Source: http://news.goodday.co.kr

Jang Dong-gun was showered with applause

[goodday Entertainment, 2005.10.12. 11:08:08]

[Good day News, Busan, Lee Hyun reporter] The car is running with terrifying speed continued with shocking collision scene, the yacht is speeding fiercely splitting the flowing current. Towering against the blowing wind, JDG’s feature looks dazzling.

The scene of JDG cries out anger is continued with his embrace scene with Lee Mi-yeon that displaying the joy and anxiety mixed up with tears.

Military troops are dispatched to catch JDG. It’s followed by large-scale gunfight scene on the ship. The 5 minutes highlight was ended with Lee Jung-jae’s narration, “If 20 years later I meet him in the next life, I would like to be his friend” that following JDG’s shouted words “where should I go?”

Movie “Typhoon” (directed by Kwak Kyung-taek and produced by Zininsa Film) was open to public in Korea and abroad for the first time at 10th PIFF official party “Typhoon’s Night” held at Busan Haeundae Grand Hotel Ballroom, on 11 October at 11.30 pm.

The 5 minutes highlight tells the story of pirate Sin (JDG) who ventures terror in Korean Peninsula after abandoned by both South and North Korea, special officer (Lee Jung-jae) who tries to stop the pirate, and a misfortune woman (Lee Mi-yeon).

That day, “Typhoon” that has production cost close to 15 billion won and considered as Korean movie with the highest production cost, drew public attentions with cool oceanic scene and car collision scene.

Especially, JDG as a pirate without nationality, neither South nor North Korean, was reviewed to perfectly convey the mental suffering of people being cast off.

He showed impressive acting as a tough gangster who is stabbed with a knife In “Friend” and a detective who is dying for the sake of justice in “Nowhere to Hide”. JDG with disheveled hair, displayed self-confidence saying his acting in “Typhoon” was the aggregate of his previous performances.

He glares at Lee Jung-jae with his blood-shoot sharp eyes and makes people’s heart frozen, but we can see him spills a streak of tears for a short moment when he reunites with his lost sister.

The people who watched the highlight applauded, “JDG’s internal acting is glowing”.

(Busan, Lee Hyun reporter, tanaka@gooddayi.com /Photo: Kim Byung-gwan reporter)

Translated by YoonEe for Just Jang Dong Gun

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Translated from: chinese.chosun.com

http://chinese.chosun.com/site/data/html_d...0051017000008.h tml

2005.10.17 11:52

Can “Typhoon’ surpass “Taegukgi”?


The question of whether mega movie “Typhoon” can break the box office record of “Taegukgi” has received much attention lately. “Typhoon” will premiere on 15 December. This movie can be comparable to “Taegukgi” in various aspects.

Firstly, in terms of scale, both “Typhoon” and “Taegukgi” are mega movies with production cost of about 15 billion won and both movies were acted by our country’s highest box office actor Jang Dong Gun as its leading actor.

In addition to that, the 2 movies have top stars Won Bin and Lee Jung Jae as JDG’s respective co-stars. And both director Kang Je-gyu and Kwak Kyung-taek excel in directing masculine movies.

At the same time, Taegukgi and Typhoon are the flagship products of Korean movie industry’s top entertainment companies Showbox and CJ Entertainment respectively. Therefore it is only natural that the issue of whether Typhoon will do well in box office become the focus of attention.

As such, Typhoon has started promoting an atmosphere by targeting at Taegukgi. On 11 October during the promotional event “Typhoon’s Night” held at the Grand Hotel, Busan, Kwak Kyung Taek said, “I have confidence to beat Taegukgi.” JDG who acted in Taegukgi also said, “ Frankly speaking, I believe Typhoon will be a success. I hope to break the previous record.”

It is interesting to wait and see the outcome of the contest between the 2 movies at the end of the year.

(Translated by dreamer for Just Jang Dong Gun)

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10/15/05 – Three blockbuster movies are scheduled to be debuted on 12/15 and they are “Typhoon (태풍)” starring Jang Dong Gun and Lee Jung Jae, “Running Wild (야수)” starring Kwon Sang Woo and Yoo Ji Tae, and “The Blue Swallow (청연)” starring Jang Jin Young and Kim Joo Hyuk. The production cost of each movie is around 10 billion Won. Promotions of these movies have been underway in “The 10th Pusan International Film Festival”.

In the meantime, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (해리포터와 불의 잔)” will be debuted on 12/1. The debute of “King Kong (킹콩)” directed by Peter Jackson will be on 12/15. Thus, there will be hot competitions of “Korea vs. Korea” movies and “Korea vs. Hollywood” movies. Originally, Jang Dong Gun’s Chinese movie “The Promise (무극)” and “Typhoon” are scheduled to be debuted at the same time. The distribution companies agree to reschedule “The Promise” to a later debut date.


credits: CindyW88 (Soompi News Thread)

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Just a little something to add, posted by ruffluv109 at jdg's thread, soompi :)

PIFF audiences, “JDG’s ‘Typhoon’ will attract 12.4 million viewers”

[star News 2005-10-18 19:32]

Can “Typhoon” surpass the record of “Taegukgi”? The audiences who visited 10th PIFF answered “yes”. “Typhoon” official booth at Busan Nampodong from 6 to 13 October conducted survey to forecast box-office performance of “Typhoon”. The result was the average ‘number of viewers’ forecasted by 1,079 participants was as high as 12,483,665 people.

(Translated by YoonEe for Just Jang Dong Gun)

And u're welcome freebird, thanks for starting this thread! :)

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Thanks for the updates and pictures, freebird and jisung.

October 23, 2005

[Christmas Season Preview - Part 2] Kwak Kyung-Taek's 태풍 (Typhoon)

(Posted In Action Asia Drama Film News Interviews Trailer Alert )


For many people, Kwak Kyung-Taek's 친구 (Friend) was a very striking introduction to the new and improved Korean Cinema. With touches of Scorsese, using the prototypical traits of the genre as a launch pad for making a bigger statement about Korea in the 80s, kinetic and brutal action far removed from what westerners were used to get from Japanese and HK action flicks, 'Friend' became an instant success. Over 8 Million tickets sold in Korea, with one of the longest theater runs in recent memory - the incredibly long runs of the 60s are impossible now, for obvious reasons - the action film made Jang Dong-Gun a star all over Asia, and brought to the forefront the underrated talents of Yoo Oh-Sung. But it seems like director Kwak Kyung-Taek got the short end of the stick: even though people constantly remembered him for the blockbuster from 2001, that same situation became a double-edged sword continuously hunting him anytime he sat on the director's chair to direct his new projects.

Although some critics considered 'Friend' a mere lucky strike for a director who dabbled in creative but still heavily commercial fare, like his previous work 닥터K (Dr. K), it's clear the director from Busan was able to carve a niche for himself, as one of the most unique commercial directors in Korea. Ironically, many of the major directors dealing with commercial cinema in the land of the Morning Calm start with a K: K like the two Kang (Je-Gyu and Woo-Suk), making history with the technical advancements and popularity of their blockbusters; K like Kim Sang-Jin, the undisputed king of Korean Comedies; K like Kwak Jae-Yong, who despite trying to repeat over and over the same formula that made him famous in 엽기적인 그녀 (My Sassy Girl) does have an unique, very 'movie-like' way of dealing with the tropes of melodrama.

And then we have Kwak Kyung-Taek, who is the least 'commercial' of them all, for the way he deals with the 'Busan-ness', or - regional identity if you will - of the characters in his films. 사투리 (Saturi, regional dialect) has long been used as a quick way to generate laughter, but there are few people who can treat characters with a clearly 'local' identity without falling into the usual traps. Take 똥개 (Mutt Boy) and Jung Woo-Sung's 'stray dog' character. It may cater to the sensibilities of the new generation of (very young) moviegoers, but it proudly wears its regional identity on its sleeves, not taking the dialect like a device to make people laugh, and treating the peculiarities inherent with people from outside the capital with a careful touch. Characters in Kwak's films might all be from the 지방 (areas outside Seoul), but he never goes the obvious way in dealing with them.

Another strong aspect of Kwak's filmmaking is the amount of nostalgia found in his films. From big blocky Betamax Videotape recorders brought from Japan and western styled pop music invading Korean culture in the 80s in 'Friend', to the clothes, hairstyles and especially Robot Taekwon V's song (the one playing while Yoo Oh-Sung runs along the bus) in 챔피언 (Champion). The success of 'Friend' actually started a mini-trend around the beginning of this decade, bringing to the forefront the nostalgia the 386 generation (in their 30s, went to college in the 80s, born in the 60s) was feeling in contrast to the fast moving Korea of the 00s. Films like 품행제로 (Conduct Zero) and 말죽거리 잔혹사 (Spirits of Jeet Kune Do: Once Upon a Time in High School) are a direct consequence of the success of Kwak's action dramas.

But then again, 'Friend' is seemingly all Kwak had to his name. His following two films received mixed (gearing towards the positive) reviews, and even did OK at the box office, both coming close to breaking even. But people wanted more, and perhaps the uniqueness of the traits his filmmaking style brought to the theaters didn't completely cut with new sentiments of the viewing population. I might be in the minority here (both in Korea and outside), but I think both 'Mutt Boy' and 'Champion' are flawed but extremely interesting works, with a human warmth and attention to cultural and popular details rarely found in commercial Cinema. Kwak had two years to prepare his chance to avenge himself, to show he wasn't a one trick pony. And that preparation brought fourth 태풍 (Typhoon), the most expensive Korean film ever made.

If you look at the most successful blockbusters in Korean Cinema history you notice a trend: Hollywood-styled, 'universally' themed blockbusters always fail. One of the factors which started the investment crisis Chungmuro came out of last year was the reckless spending of money on fancy eye candy and extreme use of CG and special effects. 튜브 (Tube), 예스터데이 (Yesterday) and 아유레디 (R. U. Ready) all unceremoniously bombed, becoming big headaches for the people who invested on those films. Although I liked some aspects of 'Yesterday' (the look, Kim Seon-Ah's character) and 'Tube' had some decent moments, 'R. U. Ready' was a complete mess and all three lacked what makes Korean Cinema great: a soul.

Of course the biggest bomb of them all was Jang Sun-Woo's 성냥팔이 소녀의 재림 (Resurrection of the Little Match Girl), selling a mere low 6 figures when 13 Billion Won were spent on the project. Of course the film was Jang's way of laughing in the face of the idea of blockbuster itself, and is still one of the most madly ingenious and energetic Korean films of the last decade, but most people weren't impressed (unlike myself, who quickly raced to write a crappy review praising its charm on the now defunct Koreanfilm Weekly at koreanfilm.org). The trend continued until the outskirts of 2003, when 내츄럴 시티 (Natural City)'s failure made investors realize that people weren't interested in this type of action-melodrama-CG ridden potboilers.

That is, they weren't interested unless they changed a few elements. For starters, developing the film with a story Korean people could relate to could change things. 태극기 휘날리며 (Taegukgi) and 실미도 (Silmido) might not have been masterpieces, but the people raced to the theaters to watch those Korean-themed films. The painful history of the peninsula, all the tragic events which lead to today's 'Dynamic Korea' are still a hot topic for the entire population, which is why a large portion of the Top 10 most successful Korean films of all time deal in some way or form with the Korean division. Even this year's huge hit 웰컴 투 동막골 (Welcome To Dongmakgol) dealt with the issue, which is why for the first time Kwak considered the idea of abandoning for a moment his 'regional characters' to focus on the North/South divide, at least as a dominating element for his new film.

When watching 'Taegukgi', Kwak thought that was the kind of film he was supposed to shoot. Why? Because his own father became a displaced person, leaving behind many brothers after crossing the border during the 1/4 (1951) retreat. Using that experience Kwak drew three characters who could embody those personality traits. Elite soldier Kang Se-Joong (Lee Jung-Jae), pirate Shin (Jang Dong-Gun) and his sister Choi Myung-Joo (Lee Mi-Yeon) are embroiled in a tumultuous succession of events, involving love, revenge, betrayal and national identity. Waahhh... sounds like 'Deep Throat' on US Trailers, right?

But such is the scale of 'Typhoon' that they had to make something which had a quick impact on people. Because if you look at the budget (15 Billion Won, 20 after marketing), then things get a little scary: the film will have to sell a good 7-8 Million tickets to see a decent return on its initial investment. Starting its shoot last November 1 in Busan, 'Typhoon' traveled all over the region, even facing natural disasters (Tsunami) delaying its shoot. Bangkok and Vladivostok were just two of the locations the film shot in, and the scale of the project shows anytime you look at still shots from production. A big portion of the crew who made 'Taegukgi' a huge success was brought on board for 'Typhoon' as well, including DP Hong Kyung-Pyo, Special Effects Director Jeon Do-An and the CG Team Insite Visual.

All tried to upgrade the technology and scale Korean Cinema could achieve, through their talent and imagination. In a mere two months, we'll get a chance to see if that will be supported by a decent story, good acting, and Kwak's familiar directing style. Discussing his latest film up for release on December 15 (although it could be pushed to the 23 to avoid competition from other blockbusters), Kwak Kyung-Taek answered a few questions regarding the film.

Press: Many people have high expectations regarding the confrontation between Lee Jung-Jae and Jang Dong-Gun's charisma.

Director Kwak Kyung-Taek: If Jang Dong-Gun is fire, Lee Jung-Jae is ice. Jang might be a pirate, but we gave the character a sort of romantic code, and a lot of followers. As for Lee Jung-Jae, personally I think 'Jae-Hee' from 모래시계 (The Sandglass) [The character played by Lee in the series, which made him a star in 94] just came back. Even the name on his fake passport is Baek Jae-Hee. After playing Jae-Hee he [Lee] could have used his charisma a lot more, and I was curious why he never took advantage of it, but in 'Typhoon' I made sure he brought back that lonely charisma to the role.

Press: How did you decide about the shoot on foreign locations?

Kwak: We planned to show the repercussion of typhoons in all the places that come out in the film. So we didn't only think of Vladivostok and Korea, but also Japan and Hong Kong. But back when we were shooting 'Champion', it looked like shooting in big cities in countries like Japan would inflate the budget significantly. So we decided to give more importance to shooting in cheaper places like Thailand and Vladivostok. Just like I tried to find the places in Busan that reminded me of my childhood in 'Friend', this time - even if it was Busan again - we went for more dynamic places, with a bigger scale. That's what we tried to do in making 'Typhoon.'

source: http://www.twitchfilm.net/archives/003916.html

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Source: http://www.chosun.com/se/news/200510/200510090108.html

Jang Dong-gun speaks Hamgyongdo dialect perfectly in Typhoon

[sports Chosun, Kim In-goo reporter, 2005.10.09 13:51 30]

Jang Dong-gun speaks Hamgyongdo dialect perfectly in “Typhoon” (directed by Kwak Kyung-taek), becomes topic of discussion.

The movie hasn’t been released but the buzz of his acting transformation already spread and drew attention of movie viewers.

An official of “Typhoon” said, “JDG becomes a Hamgyong-Bukdo (North Korea) native pirate. He can perfectly tackle Hamgyongdo unique intonation and accent; to viewers it would add fun in watching the movie.”

JDG already received good review for his acting in Kyungsangdo dialect in director Kwak’s “Friend”. It was forecasted that JDG’s acting would be well accepted and Hamgyongdo dialect would be like Kangwondo dialect that became popular with the recent box office success of “Welcome to Dongmakgol”.

“Typhoon” is an oceanic blockbuster that depicts a severe confrontation between pirate Sin (Jang Dong-gun) who carries out terror in Korean peninsula and Kang Se-jong (Lee Jung-jae), a marine who tries to stop him. It would be first shown to viewers on 11 October at PIFF official party to be held in Busan Haeunde Grand Hotel.

Translated by YoonEe for Just Jang Dong Gun

Source: www.jangdonggun.com.cn


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Source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/news.htm?nam...27/5a701004.htm

Typhoon world premiere in early December – “typhoon class” preview preparation

[sports Chosun 2005-10-26 11:25]

It would be attended by 1000 people from Korea and overseas - consider to lease a huge theater for the preview.

JDG who grabbed the best actor award at last year Blue Dragon Awards, would become Asian press’ spotlight through Typhoon (directed by Kwak Kyung-taek, production by Zininsa Film). Typhoon that also stars Lee Jung-jae and Lee Mi-yeon has been preparing a “typhoon class” preview.

Now they are working on the English subtitle for a large-scale world premiere in early December. Film journalists and distributors from Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan planned to attend the preview. 100 journalists from 35 media were planning to attend from Japan only, it’s forecasted that more than 1000 people would attend the preview. They review the possibilities to rent huge theater to hold the preview from the exclusive management of existing multiplex. Since the highlight scene was opened to public at Busan early this month, overseas buyers’ interest to Typhoon has been increasing rapidly.

The overseas sales official of CJ Entertainment revealed, “We produced 6 minute overseas promotion tape recently, requests are pouring in from various places”. In Typhoon, a blockbuster that was filming at Thailand and Russia with 13 billion won pure production cost, we would see JDG as pirate “Sin”, a character that overflow with distinct personality.

Meanwhile, director Chen Kaige’s The Promise was reported would open large-scale promotion, JDG would have to visit China in the middle of December. With Typhoon and The promise JDG holds two cards to make big splash in China.

<Jeon Sang-hee reporter, nowater@>

Translated by YoonEe

Reposted with permission from Just Jang Dong Gun

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