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Stage Name: Xiah

Real Name: Kim Joon Soo

Job: Mid-High Vocals

Age: 20

Birthday: December 15, 1986

Birthplace: Kyung Gi Do

Education: 3rd year of College

Height: 178cm

Weight: 60 kg

Blood Type: B

Hobbies: Games, singing, piano and soccer

Special Ability: Singing and dancing

Awards: The 6th Starlight Academy Casting System (casted through here) | SBS Saturday's Here (KangTa, Moon HeeJun's Showdown of the Century) | Kang Ta's Team - Lead Vocal

More Informations on Xiah

Born on January 1, 1987, he is a capricorn. Has the middle-high vocal part in the group. The group labels him as an innocent and bright boy. On the other hand, he makes a 180 degree change on stage and performs with great charisma. Maintains order and balance in the group when they face difficulty. Possibly because of his long 6 year training, he is very empathetic and thinks a lot about people's feelings. Plays the piano well and is very poetic -- he enjoys writing poems. One of his dreams in life is to have his writing published into a book. One of his motivations in his singing career is the unachieved dream of his mother, who once dreamed of being a star.

100 Things About Xiah

01) Name: Kim Junsu a.k.a Xiah

02) DOB: December 15th, 1986 (so the truth comes out..stupid SM)

03) Nicknames: Borisu, Chicken...etc...

04) Bad habits: I clench my jaw a lot.

05) Religion: Christian

06) Fav. Quote: Give my all to things I'm working on.

07) Bloodtype: B

08) Height/Weight/Shoe Size: 170 cm, 49 kg, 265 mm.

09) Family: Dad, Mom, Hyung, and Me

10) School: Neung Gok MS.

11) Hobbies: Piano, singing, dancing...etc...

12) Specialties: Singing, arguing with Hyukjae.

13) Sleeping Habits: Using my arm as a pillow.

14) Something good about myself: Everything, I'm too perfect.

15) What I think of myself: Perfection.

16) Fav. number: 2

17) Fav. Season: Autumn

18) Fav. Food: Almost everything.

19) Least Fav. Food: Most of the things Hyukjae likes to eat.

20) Fav. Singers/Celebs: Kangta, N'SYNC

21) Fav. Sport: Everything, especially soccer. (But the kids don't let me play with them)

22) Fav. Flower: Pumpkin flower

23) Fav. Colors: Blue, Purple.

24) Thing I do to pass time: Play computer games.

25) Places I go most often (excluding home): SM, School. library, book stores...

26) Most confident thing I can cook: Ramen

27) Songs I like these days: Polaris- Kangta.

28) What do you prefer: coffee, milk, soda: I don't like them all, but from that list: soda.

29) Most important being in my life: Myself...

30) Person I like least: Hyukjae

31) Kinds of people I detest: In one word: LEE. HYUK. JAE!!!

32) Something I'm worried about: Hyukjae keeps talking back to me.

33) What I think I was in my past life: a prince!

34) If I could be reborn: awoman.

35) When I want to get married: when I'm ready and my life is all in order.

36) What I dowhen I'm mad: Go and beat Hyukjae.

37) Places I want to fix on my face: I'm too perfect, there's nothing to fix.

38) My dream/goal: Singer, song writer, owner of a managing company.

39) Dream Salary: 100000000000000000000000000000000000 won.

40) My least liked feature: I like everything. ^0^

41) Something that happens everyday: Hyukjae steals my clothes!

42) I like/love someone right now: Nope!!!

43) Jinxes: None.

44) Something I could go back and do: Go on the stage while singing and dancing.

45) What I most regret in my life: Not hitting Hyukjae when I had the chance.

46) If I left a will before I die: hi!! Hyukjae!! ^0^ (TN: I have no clue what that is)

47) Prized Posesstion: My cell phone.

48) What I want to say to people full of themselves with Prince/Princess Syndrome: Keep going on like that and you'll die!!!

49) My ideal mate: Someone that gives me a strong feeling.

50) -

51) What do you think of ladies who try and find seats when there are none in Subways or Buses: .....

52) Do you ever want to beat a small kid: Only if they're like Hyukjae.

53) What kind of kids scare you: bad kids.

54) If you were to dye your hair, what color would you die it: Black.

55) Most memorable Movie: titanic, armagedon

56) Most memorable day during MS: First day of school.

57) If you were to be in a drama what kind of character would you want to play: Hyukjae's older brother.

58) When do you most not like your friend: When he talks back (ahem, Hyukjae, ahem)

59) What do you think of guys who wear makeup: it's okay as long as they don't wear a lot.

60) Makeup vs. No makeup on women: no makeup.

61) favortie book (comics can be included): Slam Dunk, I read it with Hyukjae...

62) What can you make with green onions and eggs: ramen

63) Country I want to visit most: France, the city of love and art~

64) If I could get any domestic animal: Dog (I want to name him Hyukgoo)

65) Favorite song to sing at karaoke: I hate singing karaoke.

66) Things I stress over most: my voice.

67) Someone I want to meet the most in the world: Korea's first king.

68) What would you do if you found 1000 dollars in the street: I'd give it to Hyukjae, aren't I sweet? ^0^

69) Something different about it being 2001: One more year and it's world cup time baby!

70) Do you believe in ghosts: Yeah, no wait, no I don't.

71) -

72) Do you think there's a time in your life when you can be happy anywhere and anytime: YES!

73) Do you sleep over at people's house a lot: Not really.

74) Something I need right now: Synthesizer, things I can compose music with.

76) What game am I best at: Anything, Hyukjae always loses to me.

77) What would you say to someone who's about to die: BYE!!

78) When did you ever feel like cursing yourself?: When I lost an arguement to Hyukjae.

79) What do you do when you can't fall asleep: I just stay awake, what else can I do.

80) What would you do if you were walking and you farted when it was a quiet: God, Hyukjae that's nasty!

82) Good/bad thing about our country: Hyukjae.

83) Foreign language I want to learn: Japenese.

84) My complex: My voice sounds like Park Kyunglim's.

85) What is there you want to do: I've done everything I want, so nothing!

86) Do you find anything wrong with your face or personailty: Nope!

87) What I do when I'm stressed: Beat Hyukjae

88) Have you ever wanted to commit suicide: Nope, that's bad.

89) What kind of teacher do you hate: Any teacher that's like Hyukjae.

90) Who's a person who gave you the most hope etc: Duhkhyun hyung. I miss you!

91) What would you do if someone grabbed your things and started running: I'd made Hyukjae run after it for me.

92) What would you do if you saw a pervert on the street: I'm used to perverts cause my bestfriend is one.

93) What I think of losers/outcasts: I hate the word.

94) -

95) Are you willing to live your life to the fullest: YES SIR!!!

96) Rain, Snow, Sunshine, Cloudy, Windy which do you prefer: Sunshine!!

97) Have you ever been attracted to someone you've chatted to online: No.

98) What you want to say to your friends: I'm finally done answering 100 Q's!!

99) Future plans: Living life to the fullest.

100) You've finished! How do you feel: GOOD!!


Stage Name: Micky

Real Name: Park Yoochun

Job: Mid-Low Vocals

Age: 21

Birthday: June 4

Birthplace: Seoul

Education: 1st year of College

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: Composing music and basketball

Special Ability: Singing, writing lyrics and composing music

Awards: 2001 American Singing Competition (Virginia) - Best Artist of the Competition | 2003 KBN Teens Singing Competition Special Award

More Informations on Micky

A gemini born in 1986, has the middle-low vocal part of the group. Along with Xiah, he is the middle voice of the group. Is an important figure that brightens up the mood and atmosphere with his funny personality. Perhaps he couldn't hide his talent even when he was little, for he won the highest award at the Korean/American Music Contest and the KBN Music Contest for young adults. Is very interested in composing and wrote over 100 songs, and the members personally like his song the best out of the ones the members composed. Joined the team last year and left his family in America, and he admits that he sometimes misses driving around Virginia. But he says that this moment, right now, is the happiest of his life.

100 Things About Micky

01) Name: Park Yunchun

02) Sex: Male

03) Email address: Won't tell you

04) Birthdate: June 4, 1986

05) Family: Dad, mom, younger bro

06) Height: 178 or 179

07) Weight: 66 kg

08) Something good about yourself: Nothing

09) Something bad about yourself: I have a lot…hmm...I can't forget certain things forever.

10) Describe your personality in one word: Weird or gullible.

11) Celebrities that you like: Hwangbo, Kim Gunmo and Boa

12) Songs you like: I like all songs.

13) Fav. Season: Can't choose between winter and summer.

14) Game you're good at: Jacks

15) My ideal woman: Hwangbo

16) If you have to choose between same age/older/younger: Hmm. Younger, no, same age! No! Older! Whatever... Don't know!

17) Your mood right now: Good, that's why I'm actually doing this.

18) What you have in your pocket right now: car keys, house key

19) Sleeping out: too many to remember.

20) Alcohol tolerance: 24 hours

21) Drinking habits: I can't remember anything after 24 hours.

22) How old were you the first time you drank: Freshman

23) When do you want to get married: I don't want to get married.

24) About my singing: Not that well

25) About my dancing: Not that well

26) Something I want these days: If I say, will you do it for me? I want fan letters!

27) When you're home alone: I compose music.

28) When you're standing in front of the mirror: Oh..Dammit.

29) Clothes you're wearing right now: Shorts and black boxers.

30) How much money do you have in your wallet: 9 bucks

31) What you want to buy for your girlfriend: Kimbap!

32) Does height matter to you: Nope.

33) What song do you sing when you go to sing karaoke: Incomplete/ SISQO

34) What would you do if you had plans with your friend but they never showed up: I'll call them and ask.

35) What would you do if the person you loved cheated on you: Who are you?!

36) How long will you be able to wait for the person you love: 24 hours

37) First kiss: Kindergarten

38) A feature you feel doesn't need to be fixed: Eyelashes

39) Feature you feel should be fixed: Skin

40) People you miss the most right now: Yongyun, Hyosung and BoA

41) First love: Elementary school

42) When you cried the most: 1999

43) When do you feel you're grown up: When I look after and take care of my younger bro.

44) What you don't like: Discrimination

45) When you felt happy: Right now

46) When you were most flabbergasted: never

47) Best looking person of the opposite gender you've seen so far: No one

48) Why aren't you going out with anyone: There's no one to go out with.

49) What you feel towards that person: What person? 50) What would you say to the people actually reading this: Good job.

51) Something you're most worried about: My skin.

52) When do you look most weak: When I can't do anything.

53) How do you NOT get dumped: change the subject.

54) 3 things a person NEEDS: Friendship, love and manners

55)) Your grades in school: No comment

56) #1 on your phone: no one.

57) Phone company: AT&T

58) Phone bill: Around 49 dollars

59) Place you want to go: Africa

60) Favorite TV program: Rose War

61) Movie that pissed you off: Hae-Ahn-Sun

62) Movie you watched with most meaning: Gook-ah-kkot-hyang-gi

63) Most recent movie watched: Boon-no-ae-jil-joo 2

64) Movie you want to recommend: Gook-ah-kkot-hyang-gi

65) If you could become a character inside a movie: Park Shinyang in Pyunji

66) How many net cafes are you a member to: 3

67) Which do you go to most often: Ours.

68) What you feel about this cafe? A lot.

69) What you want to say to the starter of the cafe? I'll pay you back somehow

70) You believe it is okay to marry someone else to save the person that you love: No

71) What would you do if your parents didn't bless your decision to get married: Force them to.

72) Do you think you're a player: I hope not.

73) What time do you wake up: 8-ish

74) When you go to sleep: 2 AM

75) If someone you met for the first time asked for your number: I'll give it to them

76) What would you do if you liked someone at a meeting: Act as if I don't.

77) Celebrity you want to go out with: Hwangbo

78) How many kids do you want: 1

79) Something you really want to be good at: Composing music and going on with my dream.

80) What I want to be in 10 years: Song writer

81) Someone you're jealous of right now: Kim Gunmo

82) A word that you use a lot: Suicide

83) What I do when I first wake up: Play piano

84) What would you do if you picked up a million dollars: why not 10 million.

85) What would you do if you became invisible: Isn't it obvious?

86) Singer you think is the best singing live: Kim Gunmo

87) Singers you don't understand why they even sing: Singers who don't even like singing.

88) A kind of man you don't like: A mama's boy.

89) A kind of woman you don't like: 2-faced.

90) What would you do if you found someone you love more than the person you're dating right now: I don't know

91))What would you feel if you met someone you've broken up with: I'll feel glad ^_^ 92) Most important possession: My family

93) What you do when you first get online: Visit our cafe?

94) What surprised you the most: When Yongyun said he was going to make an anti site. T_T

95) What you do when you can't fall asleep: Play the piano

96) What do you think you were in your past life: Harusali

97) If you were to be born again: A turtle

98) What are you going to do after you finish this: Post it up.

99) How honest were you:--

100) What do you want to say: God! Who even made this test!


Stage Name: Hero (Young Woong)

Real Name: Kim Jae Joong

Job: Lead Vocals

Age: 21

Birthday: January 26, 1986

Birthplace: Choong Nam

Education: Senior (Last Year of High School)

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: Games and listening to music

Special Ability: Singing

Awards: 2nd Annual SM Best Competition - Best Appearance 1st Place

More Information on Jaejoong

Born in 1986, he was born with the blood-type O and has the personality of someone with the blood type. Is the main vocal of the group, and is carrying out the role of the "big brother" with Yunho. He gives the most criticisms to the members regarding music. Has deep thoughts and talks straight-forwardly. His neat and tidy personality is portrayed in the dorm they live in. Cleaning every corner of the house is blatantly a part of this trait, but he also is interested in cooking and feeds everyone in the group. Is the 'mother' of the group. Exceptional cooking skills and can prepare 15 kinds of dishes easily. Won the best looking award from SM and is a pretty boy, but his hobby is weight training -- he has a great, masculine body in contrast to his feminine face. Is interested in people's relationships and likes to love.

Hello, I am Youngwoong Jaejoong, a member of DBSG. My name, Youngwoong Jaejoong means to try my best and also it means Hero. I was born on 1/26/1986. I am the only guy in my family filled with 8 older sisters. I am also the youngest one in my family, so I get a lot of love from my sisters. You guys might not believe this, but I wasnt a good singer when I was young. My singing was horrible. My friends made fun of me, so I praticed and praticed. That's how I became a good singer now. Thats how I became a member of DBSG. I really appreciate all the help people gave me. I will always try my best. Please look out for us and please cheer for us too. Thank you

100 Things about Jaejoong

01) Name: Kim Jaejoong

02) Birthdate: January 26

03) Address: Someplace in Seoul

04) Blood type: O

05) Height: 177 m

06) Weight: 63 kg

07) Shoe size: 275 mm

08) Personality: Bright I guess (People say I don't have a very good first impression).

09) Dream: To be a famous and respected singer, and to have my name remember for a while.

10) Specialties: Singing, staying awake, Walking, thinking, playing and playing the 3.6.9 game.

11) Hobbies: My specialties are my hobbies

12) My ideal: A person like HK (I think HK is H.O.T's Kang Ta)

13) Celebs you likes: MILK's Yumi, Shinhwa Junjin, Yoo Youngjin, Hwanhee, Wheesung.

14) Fav Flower: Lily

15) I want to go out with this kind of person: HK

16) Fav. Fruit: Bananas and apples

17) People you don't like:Someone who thinks they're all that.

18) Fav comic book: I like most of the ones I read but my absolute fav is DRAGON BALL!

19) What I'm worried about: Secret

20) Sleeping out: I'll let you make up on your own.

21) Alcohol tolerance: around 4 bottles, but depends how fast I drink them

22) First love: First year of MS

23) Someone I respect: parents, Yoo Youngjin, Hwanhee and Wheesung

24) Sport I'm good at: Running

25) Fav song: I have too many

26) Number of blind dates you've gone on: 3

27) When I look the best: When I've stayed up for a day

28) Person I've liked the best out of all the people I've gone out with: hm

29) Fav number: 2 and 7

30) Prized Possession: My parents

31) Lowest ranking: What do you mean?

32) religion: Atheist

33) What I think when looking in the mirror: MOMMY

34) Fav color: black and white

35) Good thing about myself: I'm nice, but I think my first impression is bad.

36) Bad thing about myself: my first impression is bad.

37) Drinking habits: I think a lot ot myself

38) On a rainy day I want to go outside and get wet: No~! I want to sleep

39) Things I cook well: I'm good at cooking in general.

40) Something I want to do right now: I want to go home and wash up.

41) Foreign language I'm good at: Chinese

42) Something I want to do with the person I love: Walk near the river holding hands.

43) A present I want to give the person I love: A piggyback ride on near the river.

44) Things I want: I have too much I want.

45) If you met a boyfriend from the past: boyfriend?

46) A present I want to receive from the person I love: Love and more love!

47) Phone greeting: I can't type in what I want. I broke it.

48) Ringtone: TT_TT

49) Caller rings: TT_TT!!

50) If you found 1 million dollars on the road: I'll leave a 1000 dollars and pick up the rest to save.

51) Habits: thinking, laying down.

52) Sleeping habits: I sleep on my belly.

53) What I'm wearing as of now: Wife beater and jeans.

54) I want to die when: I don't have the nerve in me to kill myself so I think I'd just go one suffering.

55) Something I want to do right now: I want to debut!

56) How many times have you received flowers from a person of the different gender: Do you mean given? is this a quiz for girls?

57) Where I want surgery: What?

58) My charm: If I get closer to someone, that person can depend on me.

59) What people think of me: It's all different.

60) Someone I say a lot: Let's save!!!

61) What I'm scared of: Cockroaches

62) When I was most hurt: When I had a Jangyum (whatever that is).

63) When I feel the happiest: When I say something nice to my parents

64) What I do when I'm scared: I sing.

65) When have you given chocolates to someone for valentines day: once in MS.

66) What I do when I'm stressed: I listen to music.

67) What I like to eat when I drink: Soup and casseroles.

68) What I do when I'm mad: I hit things!!!

69) Things I can't eat: Dog.

70) Time I get to school:

71) Something I want to learn: acting.

72) What I do when there is someone I don't like: Ignore them.

73) When I was the happiest in my life: When I had my first rehearsal in SM.

74) What I think of money: It doesn't grow on trees. (Actually, the answer was a lot longer, but it all narrows down to what I put.)

75) If the person you love ended up loving someone else: I'll let them go because there must be something they don't like about me.

76) Most recent time I've cried: ¡¦¡¦

77) Sunshine or Moonlight: Moonlight.

78) First kiss: 6th year of EM.

79) If someone I broke up with wanted to get back: I'll think about it.

80) Favorite person of a different race I like: I like Koreans. ^^

81) My most favorite thing I own: I guess my clothes.

82) How long I can wait for someone: 3 hours.

83) When I was most disappointed: too long to write down.

84) your monthly allowance: 3 or 4o dollars.

85) Fav animals: Dogs.

86) Fav. Season: Spring

87) Most memorable date: hm

88) What I look at when I look at someone of the other gender: Everything.

89) Nicknames: Boojaejoong.

90) Love is: like a drug

91) When I know the person I love has changed: When the things they do change.

92) What I don't like when I'm going out with someone: ...

93) What I like the most about myself: Skin

94) A wish for this year: I hope everything I do ends up well.

95) Last thing you want to say: I'm done! I can finally go home!!


Stage Name: Max

Real Name: ChoiKang Changmin

Job: High Vocals

Age: 18

Birthday: February 18, 1988

Birthplace: Seoul

Education: 2nd year of College

Height: 186cm

Weight: 61 kg

Blood Type: B

Hobbies: Games, singing, and listening to music

Special Ability: Singing and dancing

Awards: 6th Annual SM Best Competition - Best Singing 1st Place & Best Artist of the Competition

More Information on Max

An aquarius born in 1988, his blood type is B. Is greedy when it comes to music, so sometimes cries when he isn't satisfied with his singing. Because his parents are teachers, he is also very competitive and tries very hard at schoolwork and reading. Though the youngest in the group, he is the most modest and has the deepest thoughts. Can be honest and blunt when he strongly believes that something should not be done. Though shy at first, he is a very bright boy when you get to know him well. Followed his friend to an SM contest and luckily won the Best Singer award.

94 Things About Max

01) Male or Female: Male

02) Birthdate: February 18, 1988. Around 5 AM.

03) Family: Dad, Mom, Me, Two younger sisters.

04) Skin Tone: Reddish tan.

05) Height: 180

06) When were you most sad: I don't think I've ever been REALLY sad.

07) When I was the happiest: When I first walked into SM.

08) Musicians I look up to: Brian Mcknight, Shin Hyesung, Kangta.

09) Places I go most often: School, Learning Centers, bus stops, restaurants.

10) When do you watch the most movies: After tests, summer.

11) -

12) What kind of person am I: I laugh too brightly. I don't get mad easily.

13) Favorite song to sing at Karaoke: Yurisangja - To my bride.

14) First love: No one.

15) First Kiss: I haven't even had a first love yet.

16) Fav. Movie: Harry Potter, most anything that's fun.

17) Favorite flower: ...buht kkot

18) Fav. TV show: I don't watch too much TV.

19) What would you do if you weren't a singer: ....

20) Favorite Books: Harry Potter ( I sound so young).

21) Where I want to visit: Europe.

22) Fav. Food: I like almost everything.

23) Fav. Fruit: tangerines, bananas, oranges.

24) Fav. Color: White.

25) Nicest thing I did: When I volunteered to clean up my school.

26) My most important possession: CD player.

27) Something I want to say: hm...I'll do my best at everything.

28) People I remember: People who work for me, my friends, seniors, family.

29) People I think of: The people I like.

30) If you died: ....

31) Good thing about yourself: I smile a lot.

32) Something bad about yourself: I kind of act sudden.

33) People you respect: People who work hard.

34) Ideal birthday present: Anything is good.

35) Hardest thing you had to do: Most eveything.

36) -

37) hobbies: listening to music, singing.

38) Specialties: Singing.

39) Habits: goofing off with friends.

40) What I want to do for the person I love: Everything I can.

41) What I want to receive from the person I love: Everything they can give me.

42) What I want to do with the person I love: A lot of stuff, uhm, walking together.

43) Prized Possession: Famiy.

44) Fav. Animal: Dog.

45) How are you dressed: Tshirt, pants.

46) People I don't like: People with bad personalities.

47) When I look weak: When I can't do something I'm set out to do.

48) Stress reliever: Music, singing.

49) When I hurt someone: I don't think I have.

50) What you think when you look in the mirror: .....

51) Something I most regret: When I can't do something.

52) # of kids you want: 2 or 3

53) What's your phone greeting: I can't remember

54) Today's weather: It's dark.

55) Fav. #: 7

56) How much can you drink: .....

57) Slept over anywhere: At my friend's.

58) Have you ever run away from home: no.

59) Ideal woman: good personality, cute.

60) What I want to say to my friends: I'll do my best to make you happy.

61) What I want to eat: Everything

62) Your personality: I think it's pretty decent.

63) How often do you go to the bathroom: depends...

64) religion: Bool Gyo,

65) Do you like receiving or giving: Both.

66) Most memorable day: When i stayed at school until late and talked with my friends.

67) Fav. Fashion: I'm not very good with clothes.

68) Hours of sleep you get: 5-6

69) When you don't like yourself: When I can't do something I want to.

70) When I find myself charismatic: hehe

71) What you do when you're alone: sing.

72) People you've gone out with: 0

73) Where do you look first when you see someone: eyes.

74) What I think of my life so far: 50/50

75) Complex: My skin's kinda dark.

76) You like your mom or dad: both!

77) When you fight with someone: I feel sad.

78) When someone wants to break up: I think I'd be at a loss of words

79) If someone you loved got a horrible disease: I think I'd try my all to make them better

80) If your parents didn't like the person you loved: SUHLDEUK

81) What are you going to do after you finish this: get ready for school tomorrow and clean up and sleep.

82) What you think of couples: they're cute.

83) Nicknames: ........

84) What you have next to you: printer, homework, my mouse.

85) Movies I want to see: Crazy first love, Memories of murder.

86) Movie that I most remember: I am Sam

87) People I see most often: teacher, friends

88) Fav. Sport: baseball, bball.

89) Your hairstyle as of now: I'm drying my hair.

90) Fav season: winter

91) What do you have in your bag: chap stick, books, CD-p.

92) How many cards do you have: my student ID, bus card...hehhe

93) When you're sad: when I'm having a bad day

94) What kid of women do you not like: ones with bad personalities.


Stage Name: U-Know

Real Name: Jung Yoon Ho

Job: Bass Vocals

Age: 20

Birthday: February 6, 1986

Birthplace: Jun Nam

Education: 3rd year of College

Height: 183cm

Weight: 66 kg

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, sports and composing music

Special Ability: Singing and dancing

Awards: 1st Annual SM Best Competition - Best Dancing 1st Place

More Informations on U-Know

Born in 1986, he is also an aquarius like YW. Is the team's leader and the bass vocal-part of the group. Having too many thoughts being a distinctive character trait of an A-blood type, Yunho also carries this trait. Won the Best Dancer award from SM and is the most talented in dancing. His hobby is to choreograph. Has experience as a rapper from Dana's 1st album song--Diamond. He likes to play basketball, and is talented in martial arts (hap ki do) for he placed 3rd in a contest. On the other hand, he enjoys writing fictional stories and has diverse thoughts.



1st single Hug


Release Date: 01.15.2004

2nd single The Way U Are

Release Date: 06.22.2004

`04 Summer Vacation in

Release Date: 07.02.2004

1st Album 'Miduhyo'

Release Date: 10.11.2004

Christmas Gift from DBSK

Release Date: 12.09.2004

Summer Single Hiyaya Summer Days

Release Date: 06.25.2005

2nd Album 'Rising Sun'

Release Date: 10.11.2005

Show Me Your Love (ft. Super Junior)

Release Date: 12.19.2005

Fighting Spirit of the East

Release Date: 06.05.2006

SMTOWN Summer 2006

Release Date: 06.22.2006

1st Live Concert Album - Rising Sun

Release Date: 07.12.2006

Theater Drama - Vacation OST

Release Date: 07.31.2006

3rd album - "O"-Jung.Ban.Hab Version A & B

Release Date: 09.29.2006

3rd album Repackage Version C & D

Release Date: 11.13.2006

SMTOWN Winter 2006

Release Date: 12.12.2006


Stay With Me Tonight

Release Date: 05.12.2005

Somebody To Love

Release Date: 07.15.2005

My Destiny

Release Date: 11.04.2005

Asu wa Kuru Kara

Release Date: 03.08.2006

Heart Mind & Soul

Release Date: 03.23.2006

Rising Sun/Heart, Mind and Soul

Release Date: 04.19.2006


Release Date: 06.21.2006


Release Date: 08.16.2006

Miss you/"O"-Sei.Han.Go

Release Date: 09.29.2006

Step By Step

Release Date: 01.23.2007

Choosey Lover

Release Date: 03.06.2007

2nd album 'Five in the Black'

Release Date: 03.13.2007


Dong Bang Shin Ki - The 1st Story Book 'Hug'

Release Date: 03.30.2004

Dong Bang Shin Ki - The 2nd Story Book 'The Way U Are'

Release Date: 08.24.2004

Dong Bang Shin Ki - The 3rd StoryBook 'TVfXQ! Special Photo Essay in L.A'

Release Date: 11.20.2004

Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol. 2 - Rising Sun Repackage Story Book : Five Secret Story

Release Date: 11.28.2005


Dong Bang Shin Ki The 1st Photo Book - Travel Sketches in LA

Release Date: 02.05.2005

Dong Bang Shin Ki The 2nd Photo Book - Summer Paradise in Borabora

Release Date: 06.30.2005

Dong Bang Shin Ki The 3rd Photo Book - The Prince in Prague

Release Date: 12.01.2006


Rising Sun Showcase

Release Date: 11.03.2005

All About TVfXQ

Release Date: 02.26.2006

History in Japan Volume I

Release Date: 03.23.2006

Heart, Mind and Soul Tour DVD

Release Date: 10.04.2006

1st Concert Rising Sun DVD

Release Date: 01.28.2007

History in Japan Vol.2

Release Date:


Release Date: 03.28.2007

2007 Japan Calender

Release Date: 10.28.2006

2007 Korean Calender

Release Date: 12.01.2006


1st Artist Book - Tomorrow: 000777days

Release Date: 03.31.2006

2007 Planner

Release Date: Jan, 12th 2007

List Of their MV's


My Little Princess

My Little Princess (Acapella Version)

The Way U Are


Hotmail (SMTown)

Miduhyo (USA Version)

Miduhyo (Busan Version)

Thanks To


Whatever they Say

Hug (English Version)

Magic Castle

Hi Ya Ya (Bora Bora)

Hi Ya Ya (With Fans)

Rising sun


Always There..

Show Me Your Love (With Super Juniors)

One (Movie Version-Their not featured in it)

Holdin Back The Tears

Red Sun (SMTown)

Free Your Mind (Concerts Clips)

Timeless Part I (Junsu not featured)

Timeless Part II (Junsu featured)

O - Jung Ban Hub


Snow Dream (SMTown)

List Of their PV's

Hug (English Ver.)

Stay With Me Tonight

Somebody 2 Love

My Destiny

Asu wa Kuru Kara



O - Sei Han Go

Miss You

Step By step

Choosey Lover

Rising Sun (Japanese Ver.)



ginatvxq3ye.gif Credits to Gina

18mn.gif Credits to Moely!



Q:How come Junsu Xiah Has 2 Birthday's

A: He was really born on December 15th,1986 but his parents registered him on January 1st, 1987.

Q. How come Jaejoong (Hero) didn't participate in the Rising Sun activities.?

A: Because he injured his leg

Q: How did Jaejoong injure his leg

A: He was rehearsing the Rising Sun dance when he injured his knee. His knee cartilage was ruptured and he had to recieve surgery. So he couldn't participate in the rising sun activities for over 6 months.

Q: How come DBSG have so many names? EX: DBSG, DBSK, TVXQ, THSK

A: Well each of them is just a shorter way to say their names in diffrent language.. like..

DBSG/DBSK is korean ( DongBangShingi)

TVXQ is their english name.. and its also what they call themselves.. ( TongVangXinQi)

THSK is their name in Japanese (ToHoShinKi)

Q. What is Cassiopeia?

Cassiopeia is a constellation made up of five stars that is shaped like a W. It is also the name of DBSK's Official Fanclub in Korea.

Which members have piercings?:

Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong and Yunho all have ear piercings. Changmin wore clip-ons during the Always There MV.

Jaejoong have/had nipple and belly piercings. It's been speculated that he took off his nipple piercings; but he still has his belly piercing.

Jaejoong's nipple & belly piercings

Credits: On The Pic & Soompi

Which members have tattoos?:

Yoochun's tattoo from their 2nd Live 'O' concert was fake.

Micky has 2 or 3 tattoos, 1 on his ankle and 1 on his back. some mentioned that he has an angel wing on his back aswell?

Jaejoong has 1 tattoo on his back. His tattoo says 'TVXQ SOUL' and apparently Micky's 1 on his back says 'TVXQ MATE'?!

But we have not seen any clear photos of Micky's tattoo so it's hard to say...

Micky's Tattoos:

Jaejoong's Tattoos:

Credits:On The Pic & Soompi

Is Jaejoong adopted?:

YES he is adopted. The parents he grew up with, his Gongju parents are his adoptive parents. In November of 2006 an article was published about how Jaejoong's biological father filed a lawsuit against Jaejoong's adoptive parents. Jaejoong's biological father claimed Jaejoong was his biological son and that Jaejoong's adoptive parents did not follow proper adoption procedures. Due to the media the information of Jaejoong being adopted was leaked into the public. Due do this Jaejoong was in a lot of pain and had hard times. He cried a lot after finding out that this info was revealed to the public. He also cried a lot after finding out he was adopted. After all this chaos Jaejoong's biological mother revealed the truth on her blog. About what really happened and the truth about the lawsuit etc... Now everything is settled and Jaejoong said he wants to live as Kim Jaejoong not Han Jaejoon (Jaejoong's birth name) as he always did. The lawsuit was withdrawed and now Jaejoong's biological mother and his adoptive parents are in good terms and is happy now. Hero's biological mom's blog entry Hero's biological mom's blog entry PT 2

Did Jaejoong get caught for DUI (Driving under the Influence)?:

YES he got caught for DUI (Driving under the Influence) on April 7th. After having a drink with his friends at 1:20 a.m in Seoul Samsungdong, he was caught for DUI while driving his friend's father's BMV. He was on his way home when he got caught by a police officer who was stationed at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel. The level of the alcohol was 0.071% and YoungWoong Jaejoong was brought in for violation of The Road Traffic Law. His license was taken away for 100 days. Due to this incident Jaejoong wasn't able to participate in DBSK activities in Korea and Japan for a while. Due to this only 4 members did activities until Jaejoong made his comeback. Jaejoong apologized for his DUI at the BBQ concert on April 9th. Jaejoong made his comeback after resting for a while and in no time people forgot about this incident.

The Rumors

Info Credits: Mabe, Uruchai & Sanbi@Soompi

And thanks 2 Pwenzi 4 suggestin this idea


Lee Soo Man abuses/abused the guys - They once said Changmin got hit by LSM because Changmin refused 2 do a kissing/bed scene for a drama called 'Snow flower'.

The Truth/What We Know:

About Changmin, we all know that he didn't take on that role due to their tight schedules; and the main character was given to Kim KiBum (Suju)! So Changmin didn't even shoot a scene for this drama! So that rumour is false.

Also DBSK has always said that they look up to LSM and that he is like a father to them.

People stereotype LSM and SM entertainment too much. Believe what you want to believe but don't spread more rumors about this unless we know the truth… As far as we're all concerned, LSM/SM is innocent until proven guilty.


Changmin is the least popular among the others- During a fansign event, there was hardly any1 queuing up for Changmin. Some fans felt sorry for him so they went to meet him instead of their fave members.

The Truth/What We Know:

Apparently this was a fan who experienced this and she was the one who felt sorry for him so she went to meet him instead. so i guess this is true. But this was back in their debut days.

We discussed this in the thread countless of times before and most of you believe that they are all equally popular as each other nowadays.


Changmin is the least popular among the others - There was even another rumour indicating how one fan of Yoochun was forced to transfer to Changmin's line. The fan cried and even said she didn't want Changmin's signature, which Changmin heard apparently.

The Truth/What We Know:

Once again, there really is no basis whether this happened or not. It seems a fan put this on her blog. But, we all have to be careful of what we read. Also, this rumour surfaced back in their debut days.


DBSK smokes- All members of DBSK smokes!

The Truth/What We Know:

Junsu and Changmin do not smoke. We know Yunho, Jaejoong and Micky smokes/smoked. There are some accounts indicating both Yunho and Jaejoong have quit smoking; and that only Yoochun is the only one who smokes still. There are also some accounts saying Jaejoong still smokes. SM apparently told Yoochun to stop smoking since it affects his voice. In Jaejoong's case, it seems it doesn't affect his voice at all.

Once again, there are no news article/proofs that indicate whether these information are true.

Smoking is bad for your health; but the boys can do what they want. It doesn't matter if they smoke or not. They are still the same! Smoking is not a testament to a person's character anyway.


Jaejoong's Surgery - Jaejoong has had eye/nose surgery.

The Truth/What We Know:

Jaejoong has denied this rumour before and said that he didn't have double eyelids until when he was older. He also said that if he did/will have surgery he wouldl tell their fans.

Others still don't believe this after comparing his debut days photos to his recent photos.. Some say its obvious he had surgery; others say that he just looks tired and said make up does wonders… Again believe what you want to believe.


JaeHo/Couplings – There's more than brotherly love between Jaejoong and Yunho!? Photos of them kissing!

The Truth/What We Know:

There are quite a lot of photos floating on the internet of 'JaeHo' kissing but most of them are Cosplay or photoshopped!! We all know that they both have had girlfriends in the past.

Some fans would like to see them as real couples whereas other just think JaeHo and the other members' couples are cute and don't think anything more of it!


JaeSu Rivals - Jaejoong and Junsu don't get on and they are rivals

The Truth/What We Know:

Don't believe this! People always compare these two members because they consider them as the best singers in the group! They might not show the public they're closest friends; but this does not mean they don't get along! Also Jaejoong have praised Junsu's singing plenty of times. In the Starwatch 24 interview, Jaejoong even mentioned he asks Junsu to teach him how to "express the lyrics/words of the song more". In fact, this issue/rumour might be only circulating among fans; and the boys may not be aware there exists a rivalry. Once again, we cannot be certain.


Jaejoong is half filipino

The Truth/What We Know:

I don't know where people get this idea. Jaejoong is NOT half filipino. He is FULL Korean. As you know Jaejoong is adopted and his biological parents are both FULL Korean. Jaejoong doesn't even speak Filipino language and has only been to the Philippines once for a CF filming with the other DBSK members. In conclusion Jaejoong is FULL Korean!

We can not say whether these are true or not, as fans we can't say we know everything about the guys. Rumors are rumors. We shouldn't believe everything we hear or read. Also, it is alright to talk about these topics. However, important information, updates and links about the boys get lost at times because of repetitive posts.


Cyxion123 Clubbox

TVfXQ Forever Clubbox


In: Complete Fourms

Cyxion Fourms


H.O.T & Dong Bang Shin Gi


TVfXQ Forever Forums

DBSG Fansub Teams

1st OFFICIAL dbsg fansub team; Gods of the East Subbing Squad (GOE;SS)




LJ Community


The 2nd ASIA Tour Concert


Seoul Concert


The 2nd Live Tour 2007 (Japan)

May 2007 - June 2007


Pic + Info Credits: + 1st TVXQ Official Thread

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This is the new DBSG thread. All old rules still applies. Have fun posting.

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awww hope yunho is alrite >.<

i really really want to see the fancam of yunho and donghae

thx eveyone for postin the link and pic of the concert

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omgoodness, my bad boy *YOOCHUN* (ily oppa, u know that.....) :wub:^_^

so *YOOCHUN* oppa & jaejoongie went out AGAIN!? wow~ they're brave, especially going out after a MAJOR concert! lol :lol:

u guys r so fast, how do u get all this message so quickly!?

AND THEY ALL GOT LEXUSES!!!!! r u f***ing kidding me?! :wacko: *going bonkers here!*

wow~ 5 brand new lexuses, 4 5 of the GREATEST guys alive~! ;) they totally deserved it though...rite?! (of course) lol

do u guys kno who got which lexus though!? some1 plz spread the knowledge if they do~ thx!

tama: is it ok if i PM u 1ce in a while 2 ask u questions? would u mind? :D

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I might be somewhat slow, but how did Yunho hurt his waist? :X

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Wow, that was quick. Just when I was about to post in the other thread, it closed and this one opened. Oh well.

DBSK Thread Vol.2

Lets make more good memories~! :D

To continue on with the discussion from the last thread:

Black Lexus are great presents. Lexus cars are so gorgeous, as well as economic. ^_____^ Hope the boys have fun driving around in them.

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OMG NEW THREAD!!!! <333333




ok stop me someone please >_<


I'm glad yunho is better, and what's up with the cars? Anyone knows which brand are they? :x


Ok I read they got lexuses hehehehe... lucky guys lol. But I guess 5 lexus are easy to pay taking into count the fact that they sold out the tickets for both concerts ^^v

*imagines Lee soo man swiming in a pool of money*

Lucky gal XD

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wow. i can't believe we started a new thread.

anyways... i hope yunho is okay. he's had a tough time the past year.

i guess no one can control JaeChun, since they like to go out a lot~

and i freakin can't believe they ALL got lexuses.... well, yes i can. they worked really hard and will continue to.

and the last post Mabe posted in the last thread, is it just me or can you see through jae joong's shirt?

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omg. a new thread. finally.

Well, I hope the cell phone incident wont happen again.

Oh, and I was just at the suju thread and the person who was there at the concert said that other celebs came such as Yongsaeng + Hyunjoong from ss501. Wait do these celebs get special invites? Or do they just come for free will?

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ahaha nvm.

I can't believe it's a new thread already.

Thanks everyone for the pictures! ^_^

YunHoLuv14: lol yeah I think his shirt is see through. it's hot. ._.

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Michelle, Yunho hurt his waist because he fell on his back during his solo part in the concert. I guess some of the backup dancers fell and dropped him, or something like that. Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong.

Okay, I'll ask this again since the old thread closed.

Where can I download their fancams? Like does anyone have it on their clubbox yet? I know where to get Micky's solos already, but I really want to watch Junsu's!

If no one has it yet, that's fine...A streaming link would even be good enough.


...But I still noticed that some of the profile stuff is not up to date, Junsu is NOT the shortest anymore, JaeJoongie is!

And Micky is also not 188 cm cuz that would mean that he was the tallest, and he's not, Max is lol.

I think the correct heights would be:

Junsu 181 cm

Micky 182 cm

Joongie 180 cm

Just wanted to point that out :D.

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I really hope there won't be as much spamming in this one like the last :)

To make the rules more simple for those who chose not to read them before:

1. Each member = only FIVE (5) posts a day in this thread.

2. If your post is NOT related to DBSK, then it's considered spamming. That's not allowed. :)

3. Send PMs to other members instead of long off-topic chit chats here.

4. Answer people's questions.

5. DON'T quote long posts and/or images.

Simple, ei?

Anyway, let's try to help make this thread more informative and fun! :D

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new thread :D woot! hopefully i can keep up with this better now that it's started over. props to you sanbi for making the opening post so detailed!!!!!!

how sad yunho got hurt during the first performance :( i hope hes ok too.. is that why nobody has a fancam of him o_o??

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It's good to hear that other artistes went to support the boys at their concert :lol: So have anyone watch their Tri-Angle performance with Jang Ri In yet? I've been searching for it everywhere xD

Happy DB thread pt II everyone! lol

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This is the new DBSG thread. All old rules still applies. Have fun posting.

I wanna be on the 1st page!! :lol:

Edward.. did u just say ''Have fun postin..''?? :P

Sanbi: Thanks 4 startin this thread off! I like the changes u made so far with the discography piccies and more info of the lads :D

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*SAVES* I wanna be on the first page!



Gah, is Yunho really better yet? :tears:

Ohh, weee. My sister has a Lexus. Drives really good. The dongbangboys totally deserves those cars! <33


800th post goes to dongbang thread! ^^

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Does anyone know if Jang Ri In really performed "Triangle" with DBSK? Are there any pics of her on stage, backstage, whatever? :)

Hehe, and it's nice to know that Ricky was at the concert!! I bet Micky was happy! :D

And they each get a new car!! So luckyyy! [i think I want a Lexus now. Lol.]

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Micky is 188 cm? I don't think he is that tall. There goes one profile error.

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yay a 2nd new thread wow just like tvxq 2nd concert hehehee~

as we speak i hope JaeChun are fast asleep cos its there last concert later in the evening.

more partying for the boys tomorrow night~

SM so kind giving them presents what about the others who dont have driving license??

Good Job Sanbi for the info~

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OMG! A new DBSK thread! Woohoo! And it was created on my birthday too! ^^


Contributing to the new Dong Bang Shin Ki Thread with old pictures :sweatingbullets:

Group Photos








Hold on....still uploading...





credits to: soompi...and the other place i got these pics from, which is i dont know where O_O;;

Ok, i can't upload anymore now, my mum is telling me to get off the computer... T_T

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