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Yg Family Official Thread

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congrats to papa yg...

wow...it was a bouncing baby girl...

wat will her name be?...

and to whom will he follow the baby?..

i mean...like harang..who was like following

taeyang's footsteps or should i say

fashion statement..hahaha...

again...congratulations to them...

yay...another added to the yg family..

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[MISC] YG to open a “YG-Life” blog about Big Bang, 2NE1, & YG Family (100817)


Last time I updated “From YG”, I said I will prepare a new communication system. That has been a while ago. Lack of my expressions made some misunderstandings with many fans. Whether it’s a misunderstanding or true, I think it’s my mistake that I failed to communicate with you, the fans.

Upcoming September 1st, we’re opening “YG-LIFE” blog to communicate with you fans, as our best effort to be a true friend with you. We’re expecting to have some big communication and share a lot of information as possible between YG and you fans to make a smaller gap in our thoughts and status.

As sometimes fans joke about, “Let’s rob the hard disk of Mr.YG!”

I will share the unshared, old information of singers of YG Entertainment, plus everyday-lives happening in YGE, which I, myself watch and feel everyday. As taking some pictures and movies by myself, I will share all with you from now on. For example, a recording or practicing scene of singers who haven’t released their albums yet. I will share all of it with you even if I have some problems that I may have to leak some of yet unreleased musics.

I have always thought that it’s so sad I have to see all the beautiful clothes and shoes which GD wears to the recording studio just all by myself, but from now on I will record it with my cell phone as much as possible. Bom being caught eating “dokbokki” in secret, while Dara is taking nap at dawn, those I will share with you as long as they want me to.

There will be some very important information in the sharing box, which I will update everyday and there will be some so much normal everyday lives. Beside the news of YG artists, I will share everything in the world that I like or I am interested in. It’s kind of like a personal blog, but I will make some singers of YG to participate in and the information which they updated will be with their name on.

Also I will make “YG-LIFE” easily access onto Youtube, Twitter, & other apps, so to make many fans around the world be able to see it conveniently. I will finish “From YG” from now on and make a fresh start with “YG-LIFE”. It will be a small room, but i will make sure it be a warm true-communicative room. I will meet you all at “YG-LIFE” to keep my unfinished story going.

I wish you all the best & take care of yourselves, bye.

Source: YG’s Message 2010.08.17

Translated by & Credit: HuisuYoon@21BANGS.com



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PSY is now part of YG FAMILY...


psy was close to yg family..

but then..i still can't beleive it..


and oh..yeah...hmmm...

i heard that there was this

filipina girl who got into

yg..im still doubting this one..

but..i dunno..

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So it looks like the YG Life and YG Family facebooks are up... woot woot.   I confirmed that they were official by first visiting Tae's solo YGfamily website, to get and confirm his official facebook, he has the yglife as one of his favorites so I am assuming that its official.  Once the YGLife site goes live I will confirm again.

Facebook: YG Family Family Family!

Facebook: YG Life

Thanks everyone for helping with messages for the It's A YG Baby!  The project was a success and is headed to Mr. YG and his family as we speak.  Although there aren't many gifts, we hope that we expressed the love i-fans have for YG Family.

We made a brief vid: 


 The gift labels read: "Foreign Fans Love YG Family!"

Concept: cindy--rox

Project Coordinators: Pedobear & Tazanya

Images Taken by: tazanya

Graphics including Messagebook by: Deanna, vie en rose, peachiimii, and chibimoonpika

Video Edited by: crazyxcami

Gift Wrapping/Staging: DBrown -- friend of the forum

Korean Translators: GEE & Kimchi Hana

Spanish Translator: 2NE1Follower

Music Credit: Swi.T -- I'll Be There [Swi.T was YGE's first girl group and included member Lee Eun Joo aka Mrs. YG!]

and here are some pics.





Apologies to 21Bangs, I misidentified them as a Philippines-based fansite, when instead there staff is from locations all over the world. Also to YGWorld I just noticed you were left off the back of the book, but your included inside the book -- Sorry.

Hope you liked it.  Thanks Again Everyone.

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What is "YG Life"? (Message from President YG)


2010 09 01 from YG

Hello, this is Yang Hyeon seok.

Sep 1st, 2010. today is the day we moved into the new house, “YG LIFE”… ~

We should call it that it is only temporary opened for now because we haven’t unpacked our stuffs properly yet.

But we will update one by one from now on.

To make a short explanation of “YG-LIFE”,


This is the actual main menu of “YG LIFE”, which will be updated everyday.

The information will be updated, organized by each specific categories for the convenience of the users.


As you click the “YG CENTER” on the top of the right side, you can see the in & out sides of the YG building.

Every set is the miniatures made by paper, and we filmed the video of YG singers’ interesting daily lives which takes in the building. We are planning to update quarterly for the various fun.



It will be updated weekly, ordered by the number of hits of the posts.


The menu of YG news updated, which will be on the “DAILY POST”.


The menu of musics and videos updated, which will be on the “DAILY POST”.


The menu of our photos updated, which will be on the “DAILY POST”.


The menu of our personal items updated.


the menu of the items, which we haven’t got. but we want to get or we’re interested in.


The menu of non-YG news. the world news which we are interested in or being a issue will be updated.


“YG – LIFE” is not requiring to log-in for the convenience of more users including the international fans.

We’re planning to make it accessable by some popular channels such as “twitter”, “youtube”, and as an “application”.

The reason why we’re opening the YG LIFE, even we have some problems with sharing our hidden information and the inside lives of the YG building, was from the simple thought. “we might be able to make the world peace, if we communicate with others truly and share all of our available information.“

As the company becoming bigger, and more people participating, the difficulties of communication occur very often.

We will work hard to make it as a place which is giving happiness, and being loved by everyone. thank you.

2010. 09. 01.


yg-life.com & co.kr

Sources: BBVIPZ + yg-life.com

Translated by: HuisuYoon@21BANGS.com

Taken from: bigbangupdates.com

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The guy on the left is KUSH right? He has another name?...E.Knock?


E.Knock, DJ Merv, @jaesonma powerful encounter of God at YG office~!

credit: VanNessVanWu @ twtitter

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There have been a lot of comebacks for YG artists, and they all have the autotune thingy in at least one song. quite frankly, i think it ruins the song because they all begin to sound the same to me. is there something we can do about this???

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[Translation] 100918 YG's First Audition in Thailand


yg's baby is so adorable.

Yang Yoo Jin


credit: jess @ ygworld.net

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[NEWS] YG starts the work to get the company listed on the KOSDAQ (100927)

YG Entertainment, the entertainment of famous group BIGBANG & 2NE1 starts the public process to get the company listed on the KOSDAQ.

Korea Exchange KOSDAQ Market Division said that YG submitted the application document on 27 Oct.

YG Entertainment, music (content) company, earned 35.7 billion won in sales last year, net income was a record 4.2 billion won. The Organizer is Daewoo Securities.

Source: Daum

Translated by: MINZY_J@21BANGS.com

T/N: /!\ KOSDAQ: Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation. It’s a kind of stock market. (

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are you excited? who is going



by YG-Life on Friday, October 15, 2010 at 8:29pm


Name: 2010 YG Family Concert

Cast: SE7EN, GUMMY, BIGBANG, 2NE1 (Guest: PSY)

Place: Olympic Park, Gymnasium (Chejo Gyoung-gi jang)

Date: 2010.12.4 (Sat) / 7 PM (KOR)

2010.12.5 (Sun) / 2 PM & 7 PM (2 shows)

Host: YG Entertainment, Inc.


Reservation: Only on G-Market (www.gmarket.co.kr), Tel: 1566-5702

Ticket Open Date: 2010.10.28 (Thu) 8 PM

Price: VIP - 88,000 won, R - 77,000 won (VAT included)

[2010.12.4 (Sat) 7 PM / 12.5 (Sun) 2 PM, 7 PM - For ages above 12]

**Only those above the age of 12 can be admitted to all three shows.

Your love and support will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you! :)


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Is anyone else disappointed because Danny, 1tym and Jinusean aren't on that list. i don't know, I was hoping for something with everyone.

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don't worry knowing yg/ygfam. they always, always have surprises in store. So, I wouldn't be too fast to count 1TYM/Jinusean out, just because their not listed, js.

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don't worry knowing yg/ygfam. they always, always have surprises in store. So, I wouldn't be too fast to count 1TYM/Jinusean out, just because their not listed, js.

yeah i was thinking that too..when my friend told me about bk's tweet about he & js not knowing about the concert i was starting to question..how on earth didn't they know. I am trying to stay positive cause i have to go. 1tym & js has to be there.

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^ I doubt that they didn't know. Jinu and Teddy are really involved in all things YG these days. Sean and the other members had to have found out some way. Well, that's me just being optimistic. I'm hoping for some amazing surprises at this show like 1TYM and Jinusean on-stage reunions! =D

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