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Yg Family Official Thread

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My reaction when I got the text: "EWWWWWWWW" A Pimp named Mr. YG got to her when she first started out.

He kept it a secret this long; why tell the press that his gf was not in the business and no plans for marriage then come out with this last message. Seriously YG.....

Let's break it down on the pairings:

Perry and Lexy = True. They were together for while.

Teddy and Lexy = Not True. This was a rumor spread by the fans during her "Let me dance" promotions.

Teddy and CL = Not True. CL has a crush on him.

GD and CL = Rumor. Speculation during their GD/2ne1 TV special.

Wheesung and Gummy = True. Gummy said that Wheesung was the love of her life and will always feel close to him.

Seven and ParkHanByul = True. YG outed; Se7en confirmed.

Glad to see YG got some new producers cause maybe they can stop putting out whack beats. I'm looking at you Teddy.

I want TaeYang album NOW!.

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I actually didn't know that WheeSung and Gummy were together. When did they date?

I know that they both came from MBoat back when they were sister companies. Kinda makes sense that they could become closer.

But I've never really been into WheeSung's music. Plus I have a small grudge against him because he didn't have the go nads to tell YG that he was leaving and instead he let the press tell YG.

That was just an unhonorable move, if you choose to leave, at least have the common courtesy to tell the company you're leaving. Okay I'll cut off my rant.

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my fav family!!

happy for mr. prez....even though it's sorta weird haha

hahaha i love cl's crush on teddy

and i don't really believe the whole cl and gd thing....there's waaay to much sibling love for that to happen

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Yayyyy, my first post in YG Family thread..!! kekek

I always been a lurker in here.. hahahaha..

I found these clip on Entertaiment News that talked about

YG's love confession to EunJoo..

I found its cute, sweet and very memorable..

they even shown clips of YG Family photo shoot moment..!

100315 Happy Day - Yang Hyun Suk and Lee Eun Joo Love Story

100315 Good Morning - YGE CEO Yang Hyun Suk Love Confession

C : SuJuBang2NE1@YT

C : DaraGonSkittles@YT

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Does this go here? News about YG Entertainment's profit history. Good news for all YG-shippers. :)

YG Entertainment records biggest profit in history


YG Entertainment (YG) — considered one of the top three talent agencies in Korea alongside SM and JYP Entertainment — saw its most successful business year to date last year, recording the biggest profit the company has ever seen.

According to the annual audit report YG submitted to Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) on Friday, the agency recorded operating profits of 7.39 billion won last year with a net profit of 4.16 billion won, the company’s biggest profit yet.

YG’s total sales for 2009 was reported at 35.69 billion won, up a whopping 93 percent from the previous year to breach the 30 billion mark. The figure had continuously been on the rise since standing at 11.48 billion won in 2007 and 18.52 billion won the following year.

The increase can be attributable to the success of many of its artists including idol group Big Bang and girl band 2NE1, both of whom raked in significant income from their album sales, music downloads, commercials as well as earnings from the members’ individual activities.

Meanwhile, SM stood at No. 1 in terms of net profit, posting gains of 4.47 billion won while JYP Entertainment (JYPE) reported a net loss of 4.08 billion won during the same period.

Industry experts explained however, that JYPE’s net loss came largely from the company’s significant investment in the overseas debut of popular girl band Wonder Girls, whose musical activities have yet to bring in profits.

YG, which stands for Yang Goon, was founded in 1996 by Yang Hyun-suk, a former member of popular Korean group Seo Tai-ji & Boys.

Yang is credited with creating and managing the successful careers of many K-pop artists including 1TYM, Gummy, Jinusean, SE7EN and Wheesung who started his career at YG but left in 2006.

The agency also manages several Korean actors including Kang Hye-jung and Ku Hye-sun of the “Boys Over Flowers” fame.

Reporter : Cho Bum-ja anju1015@asiae.co.kr

Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

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I miss 1tym they need to come back with some like re-edition album or something or like

special album cause idk how many years since they are gone but i am missing them more and more

every day we need more hip hop groups =__=

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Yg family thread xD

Awesomeness :D

I cannot wait for everyone in YG to just COME BACK XDDD

I'm so sure it's Gummy who's coming back next x3

Even Dara's promoting the YG website on her Me2Day

That's what I call family love right there <33

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These photos are from the Me2Day account of YG's official trainer, the one you see on YGTV (BBTV/2NE1TV)


YGym에 최고의자랑 천장! 진짜 이쁘당^^

Translation: YGym's ceiling is high! Really pretty ^ ^


오늘 하루만큼은 칼로리를 따지고 식사합시다! 물론 스트레스가 될수도 있습니다! 그래도 조금 신경쓴다면 다이어트와 건강에 확실히 도움을 줄 수 있다고 봅니다^^

Translation: The required calories per day! A healthy diet can help you de-stress!

credit: YG's trainer Me2Day and bigbangupdates.com

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YG Entertainment boycotts Dream Concert?

With the grand kpop festival Dream Concert just around the corner for many domestic fans, it seems like a certain group of stars will not be joining the event after all. On the ‘finalized’ list of appearance that was posted recently, the singers under the YG Entertainment label are nowhere to be found.

Are we facing another boycott incident?

According to production staff from Dream Concert, the answer is no.

They’ve revealed that although the YG stars are not included among the other performing artists including but not limited to Lee Hyori, Rain, and SNSD, their appearance is still very much possible. “The announced list is not finalized. We are still in discussions with YG about their participation,” said a representative.

Another source stated, “[if YG stars will appear or not,] I don’t know. We are in negotiations with YG at the moment, but they still cannot give us a clear answer due to a conflict of schedules with another upcoming YG concert. If they can’t come in the end, we can’t do anything about it.”

To say the least, YG Entertainment has always been ‘out of the line’ in the kpop industry, refusing to take the typical route.

Whatever decision that YG Entertainment makes, we’ll just have to sit back and wait.



u guys do u know whats this mean~??!! after 3 yrs, we gonna see them all together again~

old school and new school together~~!!! but still, this is an ALLKPOP article

we reading, might have been misleading~ but the thought of having another "YG One Love Concert"

is just beyond great~

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YG Family's "WITH Campaign" Photoshoots


C:: DaraGonApplers@YT


Tabi is a dork~!!!! and look at them being so close~!

they doesnt feel awkward at all~!! YG Family baby~!! :D

and BTW, yesterday Sean posted "Happy Birthday Dae Sung"

on his twitter~!!! I'm so happy to read that~ kekeke

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Inside Scoop of YG Building~!


C:: miseremeiYT02 @YT


Gummy give a little tour inside YG new building and the secret of the building sructure~

its actually YG's initial~ HS~!! hahahaha, I never thought of that~!

i always thought that the design is cool that's it~ hehehe :P

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Inside Scoop of YG Building (Part 2)~


C::: taijizero2 @YT


this is the clips from BIGBANG "Shouting Korea" project~

how cool is YG Building are~!!! u can feel the AWESOMENESS vibe~ haha

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Yang Hyun Suk's girlfriend is Pregnant!

Looks like Yang Hyun Suk’s going to be adding another title to his name: it’s been revealed that the CEO and founder of YG Entertainment is going to be a baby daddy in just a few months!

Today, it was revealed through a phone interview that Yang’s longtime girlfriend Lee Eun Joo was pregnant. Back in March, YG revealed his nine-year relationship with the Swi.T idol and hinted at marriage plans for the near future.

“My exact birthday is in December ‘69, Year of the Chicken, [and] now [i'm] 40. I didn’t think I would ever marry,” Yang said today. “Now I am slowly quitting the solo life. If I get married later, I don’t plan to make it open to the public. If I do get married, it will be quiet.”

Although the news is coming as a surprise for many, nine years definitely shows dedication. Whether a wedding is publicly announced or not, I guess this means there will be wedding bells ringing soon… Congrats to Mr Yang and his future family, we wish them the best!

cr. AKP.


YG Fam..is just..LOL. I dont even know. But, hey Congrats!

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OMG..... congrats YG and Eun Joo unnie ^^

Congrats for ur baby,little YG,right,kekekekek ~

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congrats to papa yg...

wow...little yg will be born...

i am now imagining papa yg's wedding ceremony...

it would be a yg family reunion...gosh...

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Oh This is the reason why they are getting married.

Must be hard having a boyfriend for nine years who won't even acknowledge you and then does cause you're pregnant.


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:o...omg. i actually LOL when i read the first line of the first article. wow, that's....surprising.

but awwww, YG family's going to have another member. he's going to be admire by pretty much alot of people haha.

well congratulation to the couple :]

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your totally bashing. -_-

at least try and be respectful. and your siggy is too..jeez...

i don't understand how that was bashing...it's a fact.

The last message yg releases was around 09th Mar 2010..he announced it public who he was dating..now this article is saying she has been pregnant since Mar..well sooner or later the truth had to come out..

Anyways congrats..whatever makes them happy.

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