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Yg Family Official Thread

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oh my bad i haven't actually seen lexy's face. i just assumed it was her lol.

and ionno if a YG trainee has time to be on soompi lol...

I see, lol.

Does anyone else know who the girl in the middle is?

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I see, lol.

Does anyone else know who the girl in the middle is?

I believe that's the remaining member of Swi.T The other two members left due to their own reasons but I think she's the only one that stayed. She's also in Moogadong? with Baekyung. I think.

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I believe that's the remaining member of Swi.T The other two members left due to their own reasons but I think she's the only one that stayed. She's also in Moogadong? with Baekyung. I think.

Moogadang! I can't believe I just recognized her... -__-^

Lol, thanks!

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&& I also heard about this YG trainee that was a soompier?

But some people are saying that she lied.

So yeah, really confused. (:

Edited your post to what I'm commenting on.

That is a lie, there is no concrete proof. Merely a bored girl posting something and then never being heard from again. So unless YG comes out and says it or she comes out on TV and says it, it's just a lie. Plus that was years ago and she has still never been heard from.

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agreed, yg needs to tell us who is still there. imagine how young the boys were in this picture. gah now it would totally be different.

they def need a yg concert, but they would have to reunite 1tym first lol cuz no yg concert would be complete without em

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^ thank you :]


양현석 "월세 12년 청산하고 YG사옥 입주"

"올해 연습생 발굴에 힘쓸 것"

(서울=연합뉴스) 이은정 기자 = "월세 생활 12년 만에 YG 사옥에 입주하려니 초심으로 돌아가 열심히 일하겠다는 각오를 새로이 다지게 되네요."

세븐, 거미, 빅뱅, 투애니원 등이 소속된 국내 대표 음반기획사 YG엔터테인먼트(이하 YG)가 지은 서울 마포구 합정동 7층짜리 사옥이 완공돼 전 직원이 이달 말 입주한다.

입주를 앞둔 YG 양현석 대표는 감회가 남다를 수밖에 없다. 1996년 서태지와아이들 해체 후 서울 합정동 덕양빌딩 지하 2평 남짓한 공간에서 1997년 양군기획으로 출발한 지 12년 만에 월세 생활을 청산하기 때문이다.

양 대표는 5일 전화 통화에서 "1997년 합정동의 작은 빌딩 지하에서 나를 포함한 세 명이 YG를 시작했다"며 "점차 그 건물 옆방을 하나씩 얻었고, 가수가 많이 생겨나면서 2년에 한층씩 더 늘려나갔다. 연습실을 다른 건물에 마련하는 등 두 건물에 가수들이 흩어져 있으니 작업이 더디더라. 이제 가수와 전 직원이 다 모이게 되니 열심히 일할 의욕이 생긴다"고 말했다.

이사 준비로 바쁘다는 양 대표는 입주를 마치면 세븐, 거미, 빅뱅, 투애니원의 음반을 국내에서 차례로 선보이겠다고 말했다.

또 빅뱅이 지난해 일본에서 '제51회 일본레코드대상'(일본작곡가협회 주최)과 '제42회 일본유선대상'(전국유선음악방송협회 주최)의 2관왕을 거머쥐어 올해 일본 활동에 거는 기대도 크다고 덧붙였다.

그러나 양 대표는 무엇보다 올해 가장 큰 목표는 초등학생 시절 연습생으로 들어온 빅뱅의 지-드래곤과 태양처럼 재능있는 어린 연습생을 많이 발굴하는 것이라고 강조했다.

그는 "연습실과 녹음실 등을 갖춘 새 사옥을 지은 것은 재능있는 가수를 키워내기 위한 기반을 마련하기 위한 것"이라며 "올해는 오디션을 많이 진행해 가수가 될 재목을 발굴하는 데 힘을 쏟을 것이다. 이것이 올해 YG의 가장 큰 목표"라고 말했다.


YG has moved into their new building.

credit: 빅뱅활력소 @ bbvipz

brief translation: Beau @ bbipz

oh wow, i didn't know that the YG rent the old building...i thought it was their property.

so does this mean that they are not working at the old building anymore?....they've been working there for such a long time,12 years..... isn't it sad moving into a new place?


YG office relocation scheduled in late January

BIGBANG and 2NE1 are all set to move into their new YG office building to celebrate the upcoming Korean Lunar New Year Day next month (it’s on 10/02/14 which is also the Valentine's Day plus BIGBANG Electric Love Tour period in Japan)

All YG Family members such as BIGBANG,2NE1,Se7en and Gummy will relocate in this 7-storey office built by the Han River in Hapjeong-dong,Mapo-gu district around the end of January this year.

The company stated that the old office space, also in the same area, which it has rent since 1997 becomes less convenience for YG to expand its own office operation and so does the recording studios.

The new place is worth ₩ 10,000,000,000 with the size of 2,078 square meters and will house YG headquarter, offices, rehearsal rooms and music recording studios and other facilities that represent the unique style of the iconic Yang Hyun Suk.

credit: PinkyPK❤ @ Team.BigBang blogspot

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Since all, but most, YG artists are coming out with their albums and comebacks this year, don't you think YG should hold a year-end YG Family Concert, again? I mean I know it's a little too early to be talking about a year-end show, but it somehow got me thinking since YG is planning to make 2010 [lol] a YG year with all the comebacks and stuf with Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en and Gummy. I hope 1tym comes back, but that's too impossible. We need a new YG family picture with 2NE1, Goo Hye sun etc.

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^I guess he's resting, Sophia?

Thanks for that article, ncly...I hope someone translates it! I think it'd be interesting to read.

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YG Bounce interview with Shaun Evaristo

Shaun Evaristo really doesn’t need an introduction at this point, but for any YG fans who have been living in a cave for the past year, Shaun is the genius behind the choreographies for Fire, Breathe and Heartbreaker, and also created the choreographies for Where U At and Wedding Dress with Lyle Beniga. You can read more about Shaun and his current projects on his personal website.

On top of having some serious talent, Shaun was nice enough to answer a few questions for YG Bounce despite his busy schedule. We hope you’ll enjoy learning a bit more about him and his work with YG Family. [And as a fellow curry fan, I have to mention that the restaurant recommendations were greatly appreciated - thanks, man!]


We hear that you were planning to rest for a while and regain some creativity/energy. Are you still working on anything at the moment?

well in since the year started i haven’t been resting, i’ve just been doing stuff for myself. creating videos, thinking about my next steps, enjoying my apartment, and developing as an artist. i feel like the time for myself is soon running out though, a little bit of travel in feb to spain, and a lot in march. i plan to let april, may, and june be for me again.

How do you stay in shape? How many hours per week would you say you spend dancing?

i try to work out everyday. if not lifting then taking classes or some cardio, i actually was very opposite about a year and a half ago. i didn’t really care too much about my health, it wasn’t until YB and master wong (his trainer) that made me decide to completely change. i like bruce lee and manny paquiao a lot, i see dancers as athletes, and if i don’t train like them then how can i really be serious about what i do. and well i take what i do really seriously….even though it’s a lot of fun. dancers use their physical bodies everyday, it’s important for us to stay fit, train hard and eat right.

How do you prepare before a concert/big performance? Are there any little rituals you always do?

i usually can’t sleep the night before. if i do sleep well then something’s wrong. there are always things to think about before a live show, MV, tour, etc. i feel like people are counting on me to be the go-to guy when things go wrong. and when i’m the dancer as well there’s even more to think about.

It’s not uncommon for dancers to climb up the ladder and become singers or rappers (YG Entertainment’s very own Sean is one example). Is that something you’ve ever considered?

i wish i could sing, lol then i definitely would have tried to become an artist. but i can’t….haha and so dancing and creating is what i’ll stick to.

Was it hard for you to adapt to Korean culture and people, in comparison to other countries you’ve worked in?

BB was the first artists that i traveled overseas for. and usually i only travel to other countries for a few days, or a week at the most. so when i went to korea for my first time, i stayed for a full month. it was huge for me to do that by myself. scary actually. nowadays i can pretty much get myself around, esp. in the hong-dae area. lol, but before, i was scared to leave the hotel room. the streets were confusing, there was so many people, i didn’t know what to eat! but now, korea feels like a second home whenever i go. it’s easy for me to adapt over there and i always have a good time.

Do you like Korean pop music? What are some of your favorites?

yes! i think koreans love to sing and dance, and i think that’s dope because Filipinos do too! as far as my favorites….i think i’m biased. i really enjoy a lot of YG’s artists. their sound isn’t too far from what i enjoy listening to, and i get variety from each of them. i feel blessed to have worked with artists that i really like….YB, GD, se7en, BB, 2ne1. as far as other artists…..i really like BOA. it would be great to do something for her someday.

You’ve already talked about Big Bang’s English skills, so let’s turn the tables: Have they taught you any Korean?

yea, plenty! do i remember it all….that’s another question. haha but i know how to say hello and bye, i know how to say i’m hungry and full, haha i know how to ask for rice at a restaurant, and in the studio i know enough korean to get by while we practice.

Have you had the occasion to hang out with some of YG Entertainment’s older artists and producers? What was it like?

yea! teddy is awesome. probably the first guy within the label to really make me feel welcomed. everyone else was quiet. i’m inspired by him whenever i see him. i guess i relate to him the most, behind the scenes most of the time, working hard to make sure everything comes out the way he wants it, critical, and then some. i believe this guy is so talented! sometimes he’ll have a beat that he gives to me, and then i’ll come up with a part of the dance, and then we’ll end up going back and forth to make the same product look and sound great. those moments are always exciting for me.

If you’ve worked with YG Entertainment’s choreographer (Jae Wook), we’d love to hear how that went. Was the language barrier ever an issue when working with him or with other foreign dancers?

language is always a barrier for us, but we get through it and work together great. me and jae completely understand each other though. it’s like we see the same mistakes at the same time, it’s just he says them in korean. what’s great is going back and forth with him as well, if i’m focusing on formations, he’s worrying about cleaning, if he’s doing staging, i’m making up the next section. not only do i see him as a good resident choreographer, but i see him as a friend. good guy and i always enjoy his company, jae is the homie!! if only i knew enough to korean to have more conversation.

Which singers or fellow choreographers would you like to work with, if you had the chance?

as far as american artists….i would say all of the good ones. justin timberlake, I’m too short to dance for him but i would love to choreograph one of his songs or something for his tour. marty kudelka is his choreographer and i’ve always admired his work. usher, i was a fan since i was younger so i think it would be dope to work with him too. his choreographer is AJ, and that dude can get down! i would love to even dance for him, i think it would be fun. there’s sooo many!

ok as far as new choreographers, right now there are a lot that i really love. i suggest after reading this you go and look them up and become fans of them too. because i am.

jillian meyers, lyle beniga, jaffar smith, misha gabriel, damian gomez, pat cruz, jeka kalotkin, the list goes on!

You mentioned being too short – I did notice that you usually dance for YB but never for G-Dragon, even though you choreographed a few of his songs. Does it depend on the style each artist is going for, or is it just a standard thing in the industry to have about the same build as the artist you’re dancing for?

every artist is different. some are picky some aren’t, GD needed a different look and so we went with that. the total package…..fashion, sound, style, swagger, etc. GD’s performance needs to match his style and energy, so for him… everything is a factor. as for YB, me and lyle dancing for him was a good look, we 3 were on the same page and went for it. lyle and my style mesh pretty well so whatever us 3 wanted is what came out. as you know YB loves to dance, and isn’t about being flashy, at least in my opinion. he’s about what he likes and what he wants to put out. just real with it, and i respect that.

Just going by your blog entries, you seem to be a bit of a foodie, so: Tell us where to go for awesome food if we hit your hometown. How about Seoul?

well in the bay area, i would say you have to hit NOODLE THEORY! my favorite by far, a really chill spot and there’s so many things to try. if you are in the bay right now, you need to go and you need to tell people about this place. haha

in LA, hmmm. i really like woodranch. it’s woodfired/grilled food. and all the sides are amazing. haha if you go, get the tri tip. lol. or if you’re looking for a more kick back vibe, peep aroma cafe in north hollywood.

now for korea….ok the best thing i ever ate is in korea.lol there’s 2 places, and i probably could eat there all the time. sanchome curry and del mundo. oh man, just thinking about it, if you’re just trying to get your eat on, then go to the first one. but if you’re looking for something a little different go to del mundo. overall that’s my spot! it’s curry as well but they offer other things. i’ve never ordered anything else there though….haha anyway. i should stop thinking about it, makes me sad i can’t have it now. jk

To finish up, can you recommend a couple of good songs to dance to? Old favorites or just whatever’s been inspiring you lately.

i would say alicia keys’ new album, ryan leslie, and drake. i enjoy what they do and it makes me feel good when i hear their music. lately i’ve been also listening to a lot of old skool stuff. late 90’s music and a lot of house stuff as well.

i guess that’s it, i hope you enjoyed and got something out of it. couple links if people wanna get to know more:

youtube.com/shaunevaristo (subscribe)



for event booking:


interview taken from Josh @ YG Bounce

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she's a stylist/make-up artist and she owns that loft where Teddy shot his part in Se7en's "nan arayo" video (and where he took those toy fish pics)

you are right about my loft, but i am not a stylist/make-up artist.

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they already moved in right?...i really want some pictures of their new practise rooms...hope Dara will upload some

anyway i heard that Honey Lee, former Miss Korea is a YG trainee is that true?

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HELLO soompiers!

it's my 1st time to post here in soompi...

and also i'm a new comer in the soompi family...

Hope you welcome ME...

anyways, just wanna ask...

Do you think GD and Dara into something???

because i saw many similarities of them...

try to watch this:

the MVs are actually a compilation of GD and Dara similarities...

Don't get me wrong guys...i just wanna ask you, or should i say just wanna know the answer...

maybe some of you are friends of GD or Dara...just try to get some informations...

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i must say the news of yg & eun joo from MGD really shocked me..but i wish them well. 9yrs wow that was a big secret to have kept for so long. Congrats to them both.

If anyone has the full translation plz post.



* Message from YG [2010.03.09]

* 등록일

* 2010-03-09 오후 4:01:55

* 조회수

* 33216

모두들 안녕하신지요? 양현석 입니다. 꾸벅~

새해 들어 첫 인사인 것 같네요.

제가 FROM YG를 처음 시작한 것이 언제쯤이었나요?

아무리 기억을 더듬어봐도 잘 생각이 나지 않을 만큼 오래된 일인 것 같은데요.

제가 갑자기 처음을 들춰보려는 이유는 오늘이 바로 두꺼웠던 FROM YG란 책자의 마지막 페이지가 될 것 같기 때문입니다.

1996년 서태지와 아이들 은퇴 이후 1998년 단 한번의 솔로 음반 활동이 있긴 하였으나,

워낙 사람들 앞에 나서기를 꺼려하는 못난 성격 탓에 방송 출연이나 언론 인터뷰를 가급적 자제 해온 편이였고 주변 지인들이 부탁한 강의나 연설, 발표 같은 것은 아직까지 단 한번도 해 본적이 없는 것 같은데요.

그런 의미에서 볼 때 두세 달 에 한번씩 찾아 왔던 FROM YG는 아마도 제가 가장 편안하게 생각했던 장소이자 제가 팬들과 소통할 수 있었던 유일한 창구였던 것 같습니다.

그런 곳의 문을 닫으려 하는 이유는,

편안하게 생각해왔던 이곳이 언제부터인가 공식 입장을 발표해야 하는 불편한 장소로 변해버린 것 같아, 표현에 서툴고 고백에 미흡한 저의 말투와 글 솜씨로는 한계에 부딪친 듯 하기 때문인데요.

언젠가 다른 공간에서 다시 만날 수 있을 거라는 한 가닥의 희망을 품고

아쉬운 FROM YG를 시작해볼까 합니다.

G-DRAGON 깜짝 이벤트에 관하여

지난번 저의 글에서 조만간 G-DRAGON의 깜짝 이벤트가 있을 거라고 말씀 드렸는데요,

소식이 예정보다 많이 늦어졌습니다.

깜짝 이벤트란? 작년 여름 표절시비가 일어났던 G-DRAGON의 HEART BREAKER에

당사자인 Flo Rida가 직접 랩 피처링을 한 것인데요.

작년 9월, 언론과 방송을 통해 당장이라도 YG를 고소할 것처럼 말했던 해당 퍼블리싱 회사는 반년이 지난 지금까지도 원작자의 한마디 답변을 못 듣고 있는 듯 합니다.

답답한 마음에 작년 10월 YG에서 Flo Rida 측에 직접 연락을 취했고,

11월경 표절시비가 났던 G-DRAGON의 HEART BREAKER에 Flo Rida의 피처링을 진행하게 되었습니다.

더 이상 불필요한 오해가 없기를 바라는 마음에 음원 공개 및 온라인 서비스를 따로 진행하지 않았으며, Flo Rida가 피처링한 G-DRAGON의 HEART BREAKER는 3월 말경 발표할 G-DRAGON 라이브 콘서트 음반에 보너스 트랙으로 수록될 예정입니다. 추후 해당 음원 서비스로 발생되는 모든 수입은 지난 1월 빅뱅 콘서트에서 팬들과 함께 모금한 성금과 더불어 불우 이웃 돕기에 전액 기부 할 예정입니다.

G-DRAGON 라이브 DVD 출시에 관하여

지난해 12월 6~7일에 진행되었던 G-DRAGON의 첫 솔로 공연에 관하여 당시 몇 가지 이슈가 있었던 지라… 무삭제 버젼 DVD 출시에 관하여 팬들의 궁금증이 많은 것 같습니다.

G-DRAGON의 공연을 직접 본 사람들이라면… G-DRAGON을 잘 아는 팬들이라면…

관계기관에서 지적한 문제들을 좀처럼 이해하기 힘든 상황인데요.

저 역시 시대를 역행하고 있는 듯한 현재의 상황에 답답한 심정입니다만,

법적인 기준과 판단은 관계기관의 결정을 따라야 하지 않을까 싶습니다.

소속가수들의 앨범 진행이 더욱더 시급한 상황 속에서 불필요한 에너지 소비는 가급적 자제할 생각입니다.

팬들의 요구대로… 법이 구속하는 대로…

G-DRAGON의 ‘SHINE A LIGHT’ 공연 DVD는 오는 4월 무삭제 버전과 19세 이하 버전으로 구분하여 발표할 예정입니다.

YG 소속 가수들의 앨범 발표 계획

팬 여러분들도 잘 아시다시피 올해 YG 소속 가수들의 앨범 활동이 그 어느 해보다 활발할 것으로 예상됩니다만, 지난 몇 달간 신사옥 이전 준비로 인해 다소 지연된 것이 사실입니다.

아직 정확한 앨범 발표 시기를 말씀드릴 수는 없으나

상반기안에 세븐, 태양, 거미, 2NE1의 앨범 발표를 계획하고 있으며,

하반기인 여름부터 연말까지는 빅뱅의 활발한 국내 활동과 더불어 2NE1의 새로운 앨범 그리고 탑, 대성, 승리의 솔로 활동을 계획하고 있습니다.

이 모든 일들이 원만하게 진행되기를 바라는 마음에 신사옥으로 이전하면서 가장 중점을 두었던 부분이 바로 새로운 프로듀서들의 영입인데요.

이 를 위해 7개의 음악 스튜디오를 신사옥 내에 신설하였으며, 5개의 음악 스튜디오를 외부에 추가로 개설 중에 있습니다. 현재 YG의 메인 프로듀서인 TEDDY와 KUSH, G-DRAGON, CHOICE 37 외에도 오랫동안 미국에 머무르다 돌아온 PERRY가 열심히 음악 작업 중에 있으며 새로 영입한 5명의 프로듀서들이 YG 소속가수들의 앨범 작업에 박차를 가할 예정입니다.

마지막 개인적인 고백

지난 수년간 FROM YG 는 소속가수들의 소식을 전하는 곳이었습니다만,

오늘이 마지막이니만큼 제 개인적인 고백으로 마무리 할까 합니다.

저의 정확한 생년 월일이 69년 12월 생이니 닭띠이자 나이로는 이제 40대 초반인데요 ㅜㅜ

평생 결혼은 안 할거라고 입버릇처럼 말하고 다녔던 철부지 노총각이었습니다만,

저도 이제는 슬슬 솔로 탈출을 준비해야 할 듯싶습니다.

몇 년 전 인가? 여자 친구가 있다는 말을 언론에 한번 말한 적은 있었으나

단 한 명의 여자친구를 9년째 만나오면서도 그게 누구인지? 이름이 무엇인지?

주변 사람들에게는 물론 지누션, 원타임, 빅뱅 등 가장 가까운 후배 소속가수들에게 조차 단 한번도 말해 본적이 없는데요.

9년간 비밀리에 만나온 제 여자친구의 이름은 이은주 로써,

팬 여러분들의 예상대로 2002년 YG에서 발표한 첫 여자그룹인 스위티의 멤버이기도 합니다.

이 친구의 나이는 81년 닭띠로서 저보다 12살 어린 띠 동갑인데요.

9년을 만나오면서 단 한번도 다른 여자가 내 여자친구보다 더 예쁘다는 생각을 안 해온 것을 보면 제 눈에 단단히 뭐가 씌었던가 아니면 흔히 말하는 천생연분인 듯싶습니다.

예전에 서태지씨와 구두로 “추후 결혼을 하더라도 결혼식은 절대 하지 말자” 라는 약속을 한적이 있었는데요.

올해 안에 결혼 계획은 없습니다만, 남자들끼리 한 약속이니만큼 추후 결혼을 하더라도

공개적인 결혼식은 안 할 생각입니다. ^^

워낙 어렸을 때부터 결혼에 대한 거부감이 강했던 탓인지,

9년을 교제해왔지만 평생 같이 살겠다고 마음 먹은 것은 얼마 되지 않은 일인데요.

여자친구의 아버지가 지병으로 돌아가시고 얼마 되지 않아 2008년 어머니 마저 돌아가셨을 당시 여자친구가 많이 힘들어하는 모습을 곁에서 지켜보면서 평생 그녀의 반려자이자 든든한 보호자가 되어주고 싶다는 결심을 하게 되었습니다.

오늘이 바로 그녀의 30번째 생일이기도 한데요.

저의 힘든 고백이 그녀에게 작은 선물이 되었으면 하는 바람과 더불어

21살에 저를 만나 9년 동안 불편하게 만들었던 점에 대해 미안하다는 말을 꼭 전하고 싶습니다.

마지막으로 내일부터 그리고 내년 생일부터는 좀 더 행복하게 만들어주겠다는 낯간지러운

약속과 함께 길고 길었던 9년간의 비밀 연애 생활과 FROM YG의 마지막 페이지를 덮을까 합니다.

여러분들 모두 늘 건강하시고 행복하시길 바랄게요. YG FAMILY FOREVER !!

2010. 03. 09.


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